Zion - The Way She Moves ft. Akon

AntHony Quinde
infancia papa esto es parte de mi infancia cuando los cantantes de reggaeton hacia buena musica
Pipe Zapata
Que buen vídeo y que buena canción zion vuelve a sacar Temas así
Manuela Meneses
Mujeres latinas naturales, buena letra, buen ritmo! Que buenos tiempos!
Halil Mutlu
The transition from english to espanol is just crazy marvelous:DDD
Don Jarkor
zion & lennox los pioneros el reggaeton verdadero. La sigo escuchando 2016
Funny how I love so much reggaeton, and I don't speak a bit of Spanish.
Joseph Kony
very underrated song of Akon
Gian QP
The perfect melody tremendo disco q recuerdos ...Zion se debería separar de lennox para hacer otro discazo como este
Helena Baaba Ansah
She's like Shakira belly dancing on Grammy Awards Like Beyonce clapping her booty on a M.T.V. Show 😂😂😂😂👌
Khada Jhin
En el minuto 2:12 Akon dijo chorizo sexy!!! :V
Gin & Juice
this song is about 7 years old! can't believe it. still one of my faves though.
რა დრო იყო ბლუთუზით იწერდა ხალხი ამ სიმღერას ;დ
Uff también escuché mucho está canción! Lol. Jajajaj muy buena.
En el minuto 2;12 Akon dice CHORIZO SEXY!! jajajaaja
Morti Deus
Donald Trump 3:43 hahahaha is very crazy
Mishka Shiolashvili
what's name of the woman???
Trashy Phanic Piløt Boy Romance
is that donald trump at the end?....
Valon Lajqi
Still listening to this in 2014 which nearly 5 years this November time flies. Akon is probably the only one that would talk in multi languages to get to hit that,
Diann Reyes
Cuando mi ex me la "dedicó" no se sí me quiso decir que todos me veían o que soy una interesada xD
A que lo ves en 2018 😉
I love music like this
I'm going through all these older songs from when I was a kid and I'm feelin old af haha, especially because I'm about to graduate smh lol
Mr Maxitaple
2:12 Chorizo Sexy
Moral of the story, be a rich white guy to get the hot girl.
Lore P. Romero Salavarria
Alejandro m
Dammn i remember this song from way back . Good old memories :)
Sambit Ranjan Satpathy
hit like if you still listening and enjoying as well
Diana Villacorta
la chica del video es claudia davila y es peruana
Don Jurick
Love it
akon is great singer in this world and miracle person  love uuuuuuuuuuuuu
B Plancher
Freeze time at 3:41 it's De La Ghetto wearing those glasses. Thumbs up for noticing this shit by accident lol!
not sure how this isnt on spotify..
carlos eduardo carvajal
2k16, los buenos tiempos del reggaeton
J3Z .L
Sandy Acevedo
Middle school memories ;) haha
Jessenia Mejia
Zion y Akon que temazoo llego del futuro y me encuentro esta vaina
ya es un clasico :D
marceliitha ortiiz
super cancionsooota kien mas la escucha 2016
Luis delgado ponce
Claudia Davila Modelo peruana beautifull girl
jorge jimenez
Shakira Belly Dancing ❤️🇨🇴
Pizdeci iyo tavis dros )))))))
Karen C
a q lo ves en el 2017 😉
Giovanni Rodriguez
damn, that idea of akon singing in spanish was fire!!!!!! when zion said "she dont speak no english" i thought zion was gon talk to her haha
liih vlogs
Amo essa musica quem ta vendo em 2017 da um like e quem é do brasil comente
The Shubham Jade
Golden Sound
Who's watching this on 2017 <3
Scarlet M
Tremenda rola 2018 activaaa
Who will watch this in 2017 :P
Hardremill Torres
თორნიკე რობაქიძე
08.12.2016 and this song ^^
Atiku Jr. Atiku-Abubakar
2017 and I'm still here
Anand Sali
2018 checked, <3
Ladis Santana
Mucho Retro ⏪
Denner Martins
20/05/2014 Brazil !!! :D
xandervin karvajal
i love the way she moves xd..
Yo tenia 14 años
Louie In Space
Memories ;)
brandon franklin
man I love this song its awesome
Branko Krzelj
Zion la rompería si volviera a hacer un segundo álbum solista como este.
Sixto S I X T O
Like si la escuchas en 2017.
le courage ces la force de l`homme
Marcelo Molina
Staa muy y bueno o
best years :)
aqui hay un monton utilizando el traductor de google son todos unos speak english
Denisse Martinez
Like los q aún la escuchan y la bailan en 2017
musa dukureh
Halil Mutlu
Hey everybody what's her name?
Ray Flores
Escuchenlo en velocidad 1.25 jaja
João Pedro
are there any more regeaton songs with english lyrics like this one
Togba Kollie
my jam when my girl's coming over
Jannah YOUNG
Me to only a little Spanish
João Pedro
in the last minute of the video you can see the true nature of women xD
Sabrina S G
2017 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Lissete López
Creo Que Lloraré💔😭 2015
Thomas Queiroz
algum Brasileiro Aki❤
Hitesh Panchal
i like this song beautiful song.
Makayla Mix
l love this video so much
Alan Farniev
Klarem Valoyes
Diciembre 1, 2015. ¿Cómo llegué aquí otra vez?
Taylor Whitaker
Love this song
Bémba drame
2k16 👌💖
Josie Nieves
I would like this as a ringtone
Tornike Lanchava
Maluko Sincero
B R A Z I L 
Diana Lorena Caicedo
me. canta ese pley
Jose Genao
Listen in 2014
barak p
watch?v=vYNSMaX04xg the hebrew version :)
Elsa Suárez
Mis dos amores♥
Welcome to my senior te of high school
Denis Anders Krass
Killer :D
Bryan Arias Mamani
Did you know that the girl on the video is peruvian? <3 Shorty so peruvian I wanna take you to my crib. <3
Rodrigo Hinostroza
2015 sigue sonando!!
Baljinnyam Dolgorjav
natalie diazgranados
Era una de mis favoritas 🔥
Como se llama la chica del video ?
lmao iknow this was made  in 2009 but does she have instagram now???
denisse crochet
2018 y lo sigo escuchando
David Murray
HE'S HIS OWN BOSS. ONE CD? how's this guy gonna make ONE cd? isn't that what clay (not gonna say his last name, and think there's some kind of privacy rule) and scottie () did. really they didn't even get rich unless they already were, not from the cds, because I think it was like 3 million. and a couple of years ago I heard on the radio you have to have at least 5 million to be rich now. but that was years ago. it's probably more now. but like I was saying zion is his own boss with the company that made his cd 'the perfe...(possibly privacy rules)' that guy he was with before based on a few songs I heard wasn't exactly what this guy was capable of when it comes to music. and how you gonna (one of these singers) get on tv and say you're a Christian to make yourself look good? (I'm not trying to judge though). and in the MUSIC INDUSTRY? in the music industry you CAN tell your employer what you'll wear or say. BUT, you have to get so famous and so rich. that's not the way you start. but if he meant it, more power to him I guess.