Once Upon A Time 7x08 Ella in Maze with Alice & Curse & broken Tea cup Season 7 Episode 8

I love how pretty much every character who's had to go to Wonderland states that they hate that place xD It's been a thing since the earlier seasons and I enjoy that small bit of consistency haha
Jacklyn Lawson
"My papa?" Oh...I will never tire of her saying "papa".
superadam bonanni
Alice sounded like Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter when she said "Tea".
I love this Alice and I’m curious if she had a crush on Drizella the look on her face when she said pretty sorceress was a bit suspicious lmao
I actually like this version of Wonderland better than the one from OUATIW. I don't know, this one feels more REAL.
Impossible Films
I'm really impressed with the Visual Effects from season 7. I feel they are much better. Hopefully it keeps like that. Its easier to follow the story
George Weasley
As much as I love Alice....is no one going to talk about Henry's Star Wars backpack at the table even though he's never been to the tea party??
Mikayla Prince-Brown
I officially love Alice now! ❤
Brick Squad
Cupcake Queen
and poor Ella her mother had the same thing Alice has but she just wanted to protect her family also did Ella's mom care for Alice like was a mother figure to her ?
My heart broke for BOTH these girls. They suffered so much. I'm so glad that Ella learned that her mother never stopped loving her or her father.
Reyna Garcia
I am literally seeing the scene from Alice in Wonderland with the exception of Jacinda and the backpack
Irish chick
oh my God that actually made me cry it was so sad she just like I mean the poor girl she can't get even hug her father after meeting him for the first time like OMG 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Alright, so Ella talking about her mum. When I first watched the episode, I assumed it is about her biological mum and her biological dad, but later in the Rapunzel storyline we see her biological mum married to Marcus, so I assume her biological dad died / left and then her mum was really in love with Marcus? Who then also somehow died so all she was left with was Punzel. Wow.
Countess Tune
That star wars backpack the echo of MY OUR MERCH!
vanguard reactor
I love crazy Alice
Lily'sCrazyGames! LCG
Wow Alice really cares and loves hook!
Woo the jabberwocky from ouatiw
Brandon Yamamoto
This Alice in wonderland is CUTE
Tamzin Brady
Hold up so if there are all these other characters that are popping up from the wish realm/alternate wish realm- take your pick, does that mean that Robin and the Evil Queen are there too? Possibility of them showing up?
Lily'sCrazyGames! LCG
The Star Wars back though hahahah!🤣
Christopher Cervantes
So is this a different Wonderland or the one from the previous series?
Man Disney is really pimping the hell out of Star Wars.
Different wonderland or different cgi? I guess we'll never know.
Lara Ramos
LARA Sófia silva Ramos de Sailor Moon de espacito 🦄😍🍉🍓🎄
Milo Solar
How bad acting..
Alice's smirk when she says "I met a pretty sorceress" is everything. Especially considering Tilly admits she has an ex-girlfriend who worked for Victoria Belfrey. ;)
once subliminal
Everyone in ouat hates wonderland😂😂😂
Arielle Payne
Doesn’t it seem weird to put your watermark on someone else’s vids
Nathalie ulas
I’m So thankful wonderland doesn’t look like season 1 anymore i mean Nintendo has better quality then season 1 effect
Satanic Beast
Is that Clementine?
alissandra green
I love how alice told Ella about her mom 😁
Sunn. Spirit
Star wars found
Rossana Boedecker
What happend emma?
Brandon Yamamoto
The babe talking to Alice has nice breasts don’t judge me at all
Louienews Evs