Strange Musical Instruments Never Seen Before - Man Invents Hundreds of them - The Anarchestra

The Anarchestra is set up as an interactive art installation that the public gets to play. It can be tuned all to the same key making it hard to hit the wrong notes. You don't have to be a good musician to play it. /> />

Voice Of Reason
sounds like post apocalyptic tribal instruments to me
John Malkovich spends his free time making fart noises, cool
Joe Bloe
you have to smoke some pretty serious weed to make something like this I bet
christopher rojo
These instruments are like the type of ideas we have while we're stoned but never follow thru with... It appears he's committed.
sine moderamine
I bet this guy's neighbors just looove him...
Playing For Change
I wish more people had access to unusual instruments! I wonder what children growing up with these instruments would make as adults.. so cool!
Dylan James Vight
One man's junk is another man's instrument.
William Stephens
Tom Waits needs to go to this guy's shop and make an album.
Anirban Maitra
Most of the sounds produced are creepy. Can be used in the background of a horror movie
I really like that Dron.
Vanilla Titties
pretty sure this dude did a lot of drugs in the 70s
Nathan R.
this man is a genius. I personally love his creativity, he could even make a small fortune if he decides to sell them to the right people. But Oh My God his Dron sounded awesome!!!
because traditional instruments are too mainstream
ralph van tilburg
great for horror/psychedelic or culture movies/sounds/music...
Some Dude
Good job these are made from scratch it's obvious this man is smart
So this is how it feels being John Malkovich....
Antonio Borjas
as a music producer this would be heaven when coming up with a sound/drum kit!
I think Tim Burton just found his music composer
The jam session part sounded a lot like something from Zelda :D
Arman Hatamkhani
oh please this takes hipster to a new dimension
Stephen McAllister
I'll take the DJ Farttables for $2,000
These are awesome. It's so amazing to think about how different we all are from each other and what we each are capable of with our different styles of creativity. There's a ton of undiscovered, beautiful talent among us.
Angel Irizarry
so this is how they make the soundtracks for the zelda games
Devin Attia
get a team of musicians to work with all these instruments and u could probably create some of the greatest effects and emotional tones for movies, games, or anything
Stevie Ruhle
Alot of these instruments sound like they could make a Zelda temple theme lol
Andy is flat-out brilliant! How I would love to go see and even play his works. Thanks for sharing this video.
paul chemaly
any concert using those instruments soon ?? :)) great job man
imagine combining some of those instruments as a band
Gareth Alford
Sound very like fallout wasteland band feel to it
Some of these sounds reminded me of post apocalyptic video game soundtracks.
Daniel Redman
2:45 my right ear had an orgasm
Martin Rioux
This man should work on the next madmax movie.
Casey Vander
Some of these sound like something you'd hear in an old 60's Sci-Fi movie
rozsa matyas
ghost in the shell ost 4:24 o.O
maxochist 28
someone has to make a crazy song from this
Dolce Dolente
I could listen to this stuff all day long...
2:07 That's actually how a sitar basically works.
Fire Tom
lol all the negative comment. this musical instrument are better than computer music nowadays
If Frank Zappa was still alive he would immediatly invite this guy to come over and invent some things for him or he would go to the guy's workplace to start recording for a new album.
sounds like klingon opera to me.
John Malkovich Plays Tom Waits Songs?!
4:24 you old goat you, no you did not just play the theme to the twilight zone.
Abner Anaya
Konami should contact this man for the soundtrack of their next Silent Hill.
Colin Heeregrave
I think the red hot chili peppers would have an awesome time with this guy and his instruments
Keith Mailhotte
would love to see Blue Man Group play with all these.
Sam Personguy
Question does he do performances cause I would see that
matt krischke
tom waits should record an album here
1:24 sounds like some Zelda temple music.
Odek Thurios
John Malkovich's long lost brother?
mortishyn 666
Hendra Awaw
its sound like indonesian tradisional music instrumen, you can google it,, but its awsome to make some new revolution of music
Randy Butternubs
Terrible narrator. Why'd you put on a weird fake accent for the last part?
This is nuts, and the names he gives to his instruments are beyond epic ahah! Hendecq, basok, sprymbal, kyzyl kym, I love that guy!
Big Hek
I would love to buy one of these things
peter veillon Mr. V
I like his reason for creating these works of art. way to think out of the box
Idunow ?
his neighbors must love him
1:36 - now i know how The Bog of Eternal Stench sounds were recorded
So glad this guy doesn't live next door
4:09 sounds like something from oingo boingo
tobias_ rieper69
mad max orchestra starter pack
I really want the one called dron!
If I was a 60's or 70's pothead, I'd be saying far out man, that's groovy. But I'm not.
Igor Ray
This Music for Mad Max: Fury Road
Sounds like a Primus song
What song was he playing on the one that sounded like a sitar at 2:03 ? I know ive heard that melody somewhere.
3:26 That's Bruford's rudiment from King Crimson's Discipline...
'Anjaana' 'Mimi'
I could play breaking bad intro with 2:07
+5:28 that guy started jammin!
Mauro Sixtos
I feel like this is how music in a far away alien civilization sounds.
my head aches when i reached 5:20 LOL
Obviously Colton
love that Zen sound
Szimipek 02
These sound like the ost for machinarium or samorost
My favourite is the dron
Nire D.
the lead singer of tool needs to visit and work with this man.
2:07 I for sure thought he was going to play system of a down - (toxicity)
V9Monsters Arts
He's probably a hippie
Taylor Wayland
this reminds me of those animated videos with crazy machine inatruments that I watched in band
Karol Yang
i like the dron
These are actually all very cool And my best friend's name is Soren and is there any way I can buy that instrument or have him make me one?
Marshall Husvar
I want a klem.
I want one Dron, please.
1:50 to 1:59 made my night
Alan Angel
Sounds like something Tom Waits would talk over.
Hawks twisted
I want the Dorn
He looks like a homeless verison of John Malkovich. Awesome instruments tho
Corey Kleppinger
he should try to team up with local cities and incorporate this into local parks
Vagner Jr
perfect sounds for horror movies
Ante Tomas
2:07 toxicity
No Neck
Finally...... the answer to Tom Waits question.... " What's he building in there?"
Gojifan54 Gaming
I'm a drummer and I like the "Dirty old hary"
Cormac Holland
Breaking bad on that sitar thing, I see you
Jordi Llach
00:54 That one looks like a trimmed turbofan engine exhaust mixer, like the one in Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofan.
Maxis art 09
THis is so cool !!!
Charlie Newman
imo Great this stuff. This guy should be in touch with the Nihilist Spasm band. imo
Sophie Morgenstern
I love the dron
Mike Fortier
The Soren is just a big flexatone
"This one is DJ Flatus" "It sounds like farts!" Flatus: gas generated in the stomach or bowels
If I lived in the world of Mad Max, I would have this guy on top of my car!
Niels Schellekens
That thing at 2:05 sounds amazing. Like one of those Western cutaways themes
matt linthicum
mofo needs to set up in COSI in columbus OH and get to it. OR The rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland outside