Joker's first appearance in "Return of the Joker"

Just a small sample of the awesomeness of Mark Hamill's Joker. It originated far back from 1992, and this being his "final" ground-breaking episode/movie. Your Joker will not be forgotten. This clip is from the movie "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker" and yes, this is from the Uncut version. Be sure to watch it. You won't be disappointed ;) (gotta love Ghoul's Christopher Walker impression too) This film is property of Warner Brothers, Bruce Timm and anyone else involved with the film and "Batman: the Animated Series" Enjoy!

Sage Ninja
I love how Joker is actually allowed to kill in this movie.
Tony Mirabella
I heard in the director's commentary that they had to tell Mark Hamill to tone it down a little, because when he used to go into Joker mode he would just let rip, and they wanted the Joker to be darker and more calm in this movie.  It works though.  "Bonk?  Oh, right.  Dead.  Deedee, be a lamb and sweep out the trash."  No one has ever voiced or will ever voice the Joker as good as Hamill, although Troy Baker is pretty damn tight.
Jo Machin
Mark Hamill was FANTASTIC in this movie...
Schlock Jocks
"That's also how we did it in my day..." Classic.
"Ah, brave new world, it has such putzes in it!" The fact that the joker can twist a quote from Shakespeare's "Tempest" just makes him that much better!
The Joker is F**king terrifying in this movie, more than usual and that's saying something.
Cassius Coleman
So apparently Ghoul's alter ego is Christopher Walken... never noticed that before.
I love it the Joker in TAS was charming while being twisted, but in this film Joker gives off the feeling of a evil tyrant who's become the urban legend. A terror that was never forgotten in this time period. The tone of his voice is full of age, hated, malice, but it still comes off as manic as the clown acts. The red eyes while cliche glowing in the shadow give off the glare of murder and madness...
Kids Lara
Mark Hamill is the best joker ever.
"Losers, all of you, a disgrace to the name Joker". It´s funny because it´s true.
I laughed when the Joker said, "Oh right... dead." Does that make me a sick person?
Gold Joe
Now that's how you do Joker.
2:34 "Y'know, Joker, what we need is more cowbell."
Rogue T-Rex
It's amazing how we all grew up with this guy... we know his antics. We know his face. We know the musical tone of his voice. When this movie came out..... it was frightening. All those years we had all been charmed by and loved this crazy clown despite his unimaginable oddly funny crimes.... something that despite it all we were all happy to see. But the moment we saw him here (or at least me) I actually cowered in fear. Everything about him was somehow wrong... it was like seeing a ghost that had crawled out from hell, possessed by a demon twisting an already twisted man. This was by far one of the best things to come from this series and an oddly surreal and fitting way to finally draw the curtain on THE greatest arch nemesis in history. Here's to you Joker. The single villain who's return actually made me tremble.
Wonder if that bang gun is the same one from the flashback
Macro Mondo
Rules to deal with the joker: Number 1: NEVER, EVER take your eyes out of the Joker. Number 2: no rules ever apply to the Joker
The DVD commentary for this movie is really interesting. It turns out the animation director worked on Akira. Somehow, at the same time, there are ton of Akira similarities in the movie. The huge satellite laser is the obvious one, but it's funny how the Joker forces his way into a clown-based gang, sits in a huge chair, and plays with pill-like candies just like Testuo does.
The twin girls are hot
0:52 They looked ready to rebel. But then the Joker showed he's not all talk.
Joe Kerr
2:07 Bonk? Right dead!
Brising Conan
"Ho yeah, but think of the fun ! " That's badass !
The Roi of Names
Ghoul sounds like a young Christopher Walken
Rocksteady shouldn't stop with Batman. They should really make a Batman Beyond video game.
love that they showed of Jokers human in combination with his homicidal tendencies...the dark shadowing over his face with his glowing read eyes are definitely a plus... "Bonk? Oh right....dead"
throphos melvic
Joker, the best villian of universe of dc
Agent Other
It's not about money or control it's about burning the world
I expected him to sound a little happier like how he always was and even give us an awesome evil laugh too. Did love the soundtrack of him sitting on the chair. Made em BAUS
2:40 Joker: Hmmm nope, nope. Oooo not that black line
That troll face when he says "DEAD" LMAO
Michael Myers
Another reminder of why crossing the joker is a bad move.
I wonder how Joker would've reacted, if he found out that Dee Dee's grandmother is Harley Quinn?
Scotty Chapman
we all know the jokers gun is powered by duracell ...... :)
Isaac Mounce
He's definitely more frightening and maniacal than is TAS. I'm crazy for it!
The animation capturing all those expressions is just as important as Hamill's work (known for being so very animated while recording). It's the combination that makes it work so beautifully.
Vince V
This version of the joker's voice is deeper less happy as in mask of phantasm, I liked the original way mark Hamilton voiced the joker, like from the very start of the series.
Spark Creative
This scene always gave me the chills when I was younger, still does now.... Something that Mark Hamill had just made this scene untouchable, there's no joker without him.
David Case
The Joker is KEYSER SOZE!!! "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled off was convincing the world he didn't exist."
Mark Savory
Why does Ghoul sound like a young Christopher Walken?
I just figured out that Bonk is voiced by Henry Rollins, who also voiced Zaheer in Avatar: The Legend of Korra.
Ms. Southern Mercy
"Dee Dee, be a lamb and sweep out the trash." Instead of "Dear".
Mr. J
That's also how we did it in my day!
Jamie Olberding
Mark Hamill's Joker is my number one favorite Joker!
Dylan Villain
What's up with Christopher Walken the Scarecrow?
Dan V
It's awesome because this scene has both Mark Hamill and Henry Rollins trading off against each other.
Uhh I sure like DeeDee..
Scott O'Drowsky
"Brave New World, that has such putzes in it." 😆😆
2:08 Isn't that the most darling face? :D
Isn't it kind of weird that Dee Dee always hold each other like that, when scared
Pennywise TheClown
"Bonk?" "Oh right... DEAD."
Jacob Mo-Middilly-Morin
I think Joker’s eyes glowing like that are a reference to the Replicants from Blade Runner
mad hatter gamer
the joker's eye's remind me of frieza...dunno why.
Nicholas Arnold
This is how you do the joker ladies and gentlemen not that abmomation Jared lato played that's not the joker mark Hamill and helth ledger and Troy Baker are the real jokers 😎
Sergio Ramirez
That's also how we did it in my day
Cayak Dawson
God!! I'm soooo old!!! I remember when the commercials for this movie first came out DX
Vishrut Rao
"bong?" "Dead."
The thing I always liked about *Batman Beyond* was its habit of reminding us of one thing: No matter how dark and edgy the new villains are, the classic Bat-villains will *always* be worse. *Joker, Freeze, Ra's Al Ghul,* every one of them were living nightmares that could put the new toughs in their place.
Mark Hamill is and always will be the true voice of The Joker! I loved this movie for so many reasons. One big one of course is letting loose Bruce's most dangerous enemy on the unsuspecting future to cause total mayhem in a way only the one true Joker knows how. Another one is Terry finally came into his own becoming Bruce's true successor by the end of this movie. Facing an enemy more dangerous than any he took on before and defeating the Joker by doing something Bruce never did, by laughing at him and goading him on! In that moment Terry became the True Batman of the future. I hear they are going to make some new Batman Beyond comics, I am hoping for a bit of a reboot to really give future Gotham the gritty edge it deserves. Also they better make Terry Batman because he's a really good character, Bruce Tim is a genius. While I love Tim Drake as a character I felt so mad when they made him the new Batman and not Terry in a few New 52 comics. When I think Batman Beyond, I feel it suffered because it began as a kids show constrained by FCC standards. But even then it was way ahead of it's time. But without any censorship bogging it down I see it as Blade Runner meets The Dark Knight, and God, shut up and take my money; sign me up! Still the show had a lot of great ideas they never got to expand on due to censorship, and you could tell they really wanted to. Terry is a great successor to Bruce, he's a smart ass kinda like Spidey, but he's much darker and has a lot of pent up anger under the surface, which makes him a very unique Batman, but Terry in my eyes is the True Batman of the Future. P.S. I also hope in these new comics they ditch the whole stupid Terry is Bruce's son nonsense. I know a lot of people like that story line, but I felt it forced, convoluted, and not at all necessary. On top of that just when Terry carves out his place out of Bruce's Shadow coming into his own as his own Batman by beating the Joker his way, they force him right back under Bruce's shadow with that forced plot-line. Sorry but no... I don't like it personally. Let Terry be his own person and his own Batman. Though definitely keep Bruce around to guide him in an Oracle/Mentor kind of way, that gives enough of a hook to the orignal to keep you interested. But yeah I really think they should let Terry be his own character, as he is a pretty damn good character who in this movie really showed me he is indeed worthy to be the new Batman.
Wouter van der Meulen
That soundtrack is pretty great.
Mushroom Head
Now we know the true name of Star Wars Episode 6! Return of the Joker! XD
little Maleficent
Okay...On ALL the people who don't have a freaking clue about "what's going on in this movie (which is also a comic book, I assume)"! ........................ ----------------------- WHAAT THE HEEECK ARE YOU DOING HERE??!! XD
D Puppet Master
Never say you want out to the joker
Quinton Blackburn
Which Joker entrance is better: This, or his scene in Mask of the Phantasm?
Dead's Man Head
The Dee-Dee twins are distracting. Always got me staring like the perverb I am. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Dustin Sova
Extremely dangerous as always
Logan Washburn
Top 3 Jokers: 1) Mark Hammill 2) Richard Epcar 3) Troy Baker
Not gonna lie, it was pretty epic that they gave Terry an enhanced version of the Joker to beat. That pretty much cemented his right to be the new Batman and it was interesting how he tried a different tactic than Bruce wouldve.
Glorious Barber
"Bond? Oh right, dead.(smiles)" So hilarious
remember this from years ago :/
Jorge Trevino
Why does Ghoul sound like Christopher Walking?
Nimi George
the expression on his face when he says "oh right...dead" iis just hilarious.
Dilly bar
No he appears in flashbacks
Superior Icebear
His bang flag gun needs to be in Fallout
Julio Brian
This was where the "Joker Fatality" came from in MK Vs DC and MK 9.
Ultima Yakumo
@Sunny Ignes Apparently, Ghoul came about because the voice actor couldn't use it on other works. I guess Ghoul was made so he could finally have someone to use it with.
professor zoom
Niggah straighten up immediately he sounded so nice and innocent and proper
i like the censored and uncensored scenes, chilling on both ends
the scarecrow looking guy sounds like christopher walken lol
Thumbs up for DC collectibles of Batman beyond
Handsome Heretic
"oh yes... but think of the fun!"
I saw part of this on Cartoon Network once when I was younger, and it was the version where the gun was the laughing gas instead of the spear.
They're Harley's granddaughters but not Joker's. Harley probably married another man after Joker died and had kids and then her son or daughter had the Dee Dee twins.
Michael Rosenbaum doesn't voice Scarecrow. Even though the guy looks like Scarecrow he's actually a Jokerz gang member called Ghoul.
Yes he does.
So because I got one fact wrong, I'm a moron. Sounds about right.
Your a fucking moron.
You know, strange when they introduce a old villein he hows how weak the new ones were. XD
Hamill actually doesn't play The Joker in this.
Joshua Monson
It's also kind of sarcastic, since his skin is still pure white, even though he "tanned."
Nibblesnarf Games
And damn this was pushing it for a kid's show. Maybe that's why modern superhero shows just seem so dull to me know since I grew up with this guy in my childhood.
Nibblesnarf Games
I think it was in the best interest of the universe he didn't apparently.
Sunny Ignes
ghoul sounds like christopher walken
It's Michael Rosenbaum, but he says he did his Walken impression as the voice so you're kind of tright.
Hamill continued his brilliance in the first two Batman Arkham games =]
It's alright, just accept it. Take it in and revel in it! You have become a class of people who rule the world! ... well and also smell like cheetos but that's okay. That's what deodorant is for.
His name is Ghoul, and he's voiced by Michael Rosenbaum the voice of The Flash in Justice League, and Lex Luthor is smallville... oh gawd my nerd is showing.
something something
let me guess Wayne industry
"Bonk? Oh right, Dead!" Haha typical Joker humor
I actually think Ghoul is voiced by Michael Rosenbaum, who played Flash in JL and Lex in Smallville.
Shark Fin Gaming
Michael Rosenbaum, the Scarecrow's voice actor in this movie who also plays the Flash in the Justice League series (and movies) and also Lex Luthor in Smallville, would do Christopher Walken impressions while in the recording studio. They even modeled the character after his impression.