Broken Heart | Minecraft Private School [S1: Ep.18 Minecraft Roleplay Adventure]

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xblueArrowx _2017
Does anyone else have a feeling that the moms will fight each other
Lovey Archangelo
What if Maggie's husband is the new cinema manager
I really hope Maggie changes her mind in the next episode, I really want Amanda and Edward to get back together
TeemingScott 94
I feel so bad for Edward.
Solo HD
Ok please don’t make these soooo short
Guardsmak OS
Hey can Maggie DIE in the next episode
Maven Boss
first 💯 likes gets subbbed by me
DampTheChamp 11
It’s ok ed she wasn’t nice in high school and that’s why
gaming panda
Burt u need to make these episodes longer because I hate being stuck on a cliffhanger PS you're doing great with these videos
My job is done I killed Maggie!!!!???!!!!! 😵🔫
Ehh I am kinda early but NotificationsSquadWhereYaAt Well I Know I am here
I thought she was going to slap him after when he said i love her
Weston Pohl
For some reason I just couldn't stop cringing throughout this whole video................ Anyone else?
Liz vs Maggie next!
AdamGropper AG53
Poor Edward.
anti reviews
Cool idea transformation dark form
Crispy Bacon
I love her 😜
Edward you need to talk to your dad about you and your girlfriend break up because he might know what to do about it
GavinDoes Fortnite
30th like
The lost island
Hi i have been watch sence first episode of minecraft high school
Original Network
But i love herrrr herrrrr herrrrrrrr
Zahid Miah
That cliffhanger doe
Korynn Goolsby
Joshua Peel
He should date Sarah's daughter
Erica Landphere
67th like
Jackie Wattam and drew awesome
What are the chances Sarah will make a come back
Katon Roar19
I hate it when there's a good or interesting and they leave to the end and say to be continued
who else thinks edwards is going to do things maggie did to get amanda back
Cyborg Penguin Kamroo
break up
adrien plays
Why im i watching this
Jaylen Eskridge
lol! "Maggie was a NICE PERSON" Oml!! if you watched all the episodes edward.. xD
donnie lortie
Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry. Wow who would have thought Maggie would be in mine craft private school. Like if u wish Maggie was kicked from mine craft
Ooooo maaaa goood I’m desperate to see the next episode on this!!!
Nathanator 2000
I'll bet the ending totally dropped a bomb on Maggie by the way she said "wait, what?"
Me: At the start Eddie: I am a good boy. *Calls his dad Idiot I hate you* For a girl that decided no my Love isn't strong enough to keep it together and refuse she just denied him 100% Heh.
Hailey Darling
Hehe I'm very excited to see what will happen😈 plus I knew from the beginning this was gonna be interesting! I said "Wouldn't it be funny if Edward's girlfriend ended up being a rival from high school"
IIOmg Wolf
Nah I agree Edwart and Amanda should be together but does it have to be Maggie for real due why
Kristin Wiebold
the thing is, he and she are only in 6th grade!! I understand why maggie would be worried that her ex's son might do the same stupid things he did in highs school eg dating tons of girls, getting one pregnant and then getting married as a senior. I wouldn't want that for my kid and would say no dating until 16 or older and then only group dating or thing where an adult is watching.
Retro Gaming
Oh snap. It's about to get CRAZY!!!
Issac Moreno
Dude ive been through these to my dad was dating a girl in college and so i started dating a girl and so i met a girl so you know
The king of all Things RITZ
I think that the the husband is the new movie manager and that Edward and Amanda get back together in the end, plus his videos are so short
The Youngsters
Ok so in High school she was mean.Then she was nice and gave Liz and Josh a $1,000.Now she is mean.She has deja vu
_ JabarDaSavage _
First sarah,then maggie,then liz damn burt you pull hella girls
Dark HunterKun
Wow Maggie's tone of attitude and Liz tone of attitude now you sound like a child complaining while Liz is talking like an adult
Seth Campbell
When he says maggie is nice Me Hahahahahahaah
Connor Gaylord
How much you want to bet the next episode is back together
Rory Hall
Maggie needs to let go of things because if she lets this go too late Edward will have a new girlfriend and it will leave Edward in the same position that Burt was in between Sarah and Maggie
Nightlock Dreams
Dude he said he loves her! If a kid said that about my daughter at that age i would be mad!
jak vlogs
I hope that Maggie does change her mind and let Edward and amanda be together
sci labs gaming pc
Hahaha talk about paying for the sins of your parents
marc najera
I was first because when I got here there were no views and then it made me the first
Koala Lover
He is saying he hates his dad. But he made him. So selfish. Only caring about himself.
Aaron 17988
Thats life you fell in love broke up and fall love all over. Again sometimes
kay morgan
Here is Maggie 💩 here is every one else 😑😑😑
God dammit to be continued at the best freaking moments
Phantom Stuff
Almost cryied at the end good show Burt good show
Make the episode longer!!!!
superdark Isaac1234
I feel your pain eddy
Matthew Arbegast
Edward, this thing you call "love" is a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard. Then it slowly fades away, leaving you stranded in a failing marriage. Your parents went through it, I went through it. Fight the system. Rise above the rest, focus on science.
Jack Allaire
7:35 so much for Ryan and Joe lol lol lol
Brandon Orellana
Why is the videos so short put there really good
Rebecca LuGrain
Add 16-17-18 to playlist please
Dragonzzrule Gaming
That was way to quick, i didn't want it to end
burt i am really hating you right now whyyyyyyyyy u leave us on cliff hangers and then it takes forever to upload another one
marc najera
Because I am the only view
jack Marq
Uhh ohh there's trouble I can smell it
Tristen and tTrentons Hotwheels
omg memorys
Tristen and tTrentons Hotwheels
or maggie and liz fall in love jk hella nah
Aidan Macias
Joseph Watkins
Nice cliffhanger lol
MastrofGame 325
ohh boy !!!
itsmee spoonn
He is in middle school and he still sounds high
Brion Brown
Now this is getting interesting
Why everyone says first
Animated Drawer
I knew it it would happen :)
Finally 😂
Dragon ball Aaron
Ahhh Burt stop making videos so short I mean Burt dude sorry but please 😭😭😭😡😡😡😡😭😭
Multi Gamer
Anna Panda
Ahhhhh noooo plz upload so excited
Kaleb Pembleton
Damm Edward
Jenna Foster
What cliff hanger I am so mad
CoolDog 10462
38th comment
Rarnis Edward
It's about to go down
High5 Killer
Why are you're videos so short
KilaFalcon Gaming
Darn it why did it need to end
Can anyone give me some feedback on my videos??
22 viewer
Space Hydra
To young any way
Lets get burts subs to 500k :D
She fence ta kill Eddie
Ghost Killer8416
Bankai Bleach Geek
Kat Holloway
Ryan's Music
Skeet Skeet
wow 8 min video 😒👏