Massa's pit accident at Singapore F1 2008 (Spectator cam view)

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Massa pulls an elephant nose with him...

Canadian Normie
Cost massa the championship
Most ridiculous moment in Formula 1 history?
Windson Alves
I hate Ferrari
Matthew Coupe
Rediculous, someone should have helped! could of potential caused more harm than what it did
Very nice work Ferrari :)
Macedonian Pride
massa and ferrari got what they deserved.
giuseppe clemenza
Vi prego non permettetevi di proferire parola nei confronti della Ferrari, sciaquatevi la bocca PERDENTI
Ethiopis Abrahamovich
Massa was always useless and deplorable. And he wonders why he lost WC.
Hernando Perez
Its a ferrari
Sums up how they decided to drop refueling in. F1
And here it is in case you did not hear it: Woooah!
I'd say Lewis Hamilton's last-lap pass of Timo Glock cost Felipe the championship.
Marco Guadagno
E oggi Kimi è tornato
This incident + motor failure at 3 laps to the final of the Hungarian GP 2008 cost him the championship
i dont know how often this happened. its good that now they can´t fuel the cars at the bitstops.
Faheem Dar
These people are idiots...Don't just come to watch the race if you don't know shit about the complications and technological aspects of it. This is bound to happen and its unfortunate that it happened to a potential champion.
Dein Meister
You all idiots, his life was in danger in that moment. I'd like to see your faces when you drive your car with opened fuel tank
There's never one incident that costs a championship. Every point counts equally and there was many occasions where he lost points. But this was really stupid, yes.
Crise Right?
Bah nem me fala, eu tava na mesma Badvibe.......
Erick Costa
Because Massa is brazilian
Massa deserved this hose up the arse!!
Because it's Massa lol
You cant see it very good, but the left guy is smoking^^
Tang Tee Keng
wait how the fuck is that ever funny
Hegedűs Tibor
What are you laughing stupid,his life was in emergency,the fuel tank was open on that hot car
David Peng
It takes 10seconds for the pit crew to realise that the car was in front of them
No sometimes its Maldernardo but most of the time it is Lewis's fault.
Always blame hamilton dont you, you fucking ferrari fans. Do you realize in your pea sized brains that not only hamilton causes incidents. Stop blaming mclaren all the time
Roger Gonzalez
LOl, not idea about f1,..they think they are in a Tv show...hahha, whos this, emmm ferrari, yea, but can be Massa or emmmmmmmmmm...ahhahaha great knowledge to go see f1
and championship went...
Fernando is faster than you
stewards verdict Hamilton to the back of the grid
Desagana Diop
Hamilton's fault.
WHO!!! WHO!!! WHO!!!
No offence man, but you couldn't tell who's Ferrari it was? If u couldn't see the number just look at the cam color on top of the engine air intake. Kimi's cam is red. Massa's yellow.
Devin Pense
true but i also think in 2010 when he was leading Hockenheim and Ferrari had Massa so Alonso could pass and win the race help contribute some
Sir Kanye of the West Country
With at least 1 death every other race?
how many italians to remove a fuel pipe?
whats with the WOW WOW crap..., sorry but your stupid addition to the video ruined it...
of course you know ah singaporeans are kiasu one which means never seen before
1:10 The ultimate walk of shame for a pit crew! And having to pass through ALL the other pit crews with their hose on their shoulder. The shame! The ridicule! You think they're still hearing about it from the neighbouring teams?
I think he was referring to which driver it was. But I get your point.
Talal Taha
fukin rich people .. he get the place,, and he dunno if its fukin ferrari ...
Harvey Lee
fark renault, Massa only chance to get worldchampion 2008 destroyed by them, poor Massa no more hope
C.K. Gould
WOW! A bunch of people that no nothing freaking out over a mistake. STFU and actually think for once in your lives.
Essa anaconda de 5 metros tirou o titulo de massa! xD
hmm i think he might be angry after this
Nícolas Costa
For who doesn't know, was this what it took the his championship.
Gilberto III Padilla Diaz
@JontieDesario I have thinking the same... this and his horrible accident really change his life.... is one of those"what if" histories
Aisya Zainal
@madgeek999 What did you expect? A Singaporean speaking British accent?
@JontieDesario fuckk his team sucks no wonder why he gave up this career. Didnt he stop so he team could pull it out ?? but instead they pull it out like after everyone goes passed him lol
Geez guys...spinning out on last corner, last pretty lucky:p
Danial Adibi
@tangywangyify In Interlagos he did not get lucky, Timo Glock was on the wrong tyres so yh, he tried to be smart and do one stop less than Hamilton to help MASSA INFACT but flopped hard. and yh as @XManimal mentioned what about Spa when Hamilton was demoted. How would you describe 2007? Without that early incident surely we would have called Hamilton the double world champion by now. You just need to open your eyes. Of course to win you need luck no matter how talented you are.
@tangywangyify How about the win that Massa was gifted from Spa that year? This sort of thing is part of the sport and luck plays into that as well, Hamilton deserved that championship as much as anyone.
I wish Massa had won WDC. I just cant see why people think Hamilton is such a great driver, he NARROWLY won it in 2008, with extreme luck (Interlagos anyone?). And was probably Massa's best and last chance at it too, as was 2010 for Webber:(
that will teach him bloody twatt
THAITAM Industry
WoW! silver anaconda.
I bet he jizzed himself when he correctly identified that "IT'S A FERRARI." And I really hate his poser of an accent.
Jontie Desario
i think this incident cost him the championship in 08, such a shame because he hasn't been the same driver at all since his accident in Hungary 2009 and doesn't look like he has a championship in him now
The Singaporean who kept saying 'whoa! whoa! whoa!' is a disgrace to Singapore. And I'm a Singaporean.
Ahahahahahahahaha I love seeing this so much!!!! It really served Ferrari SO RIGHT after all their cheating and the FIA decisions that went their way in 2008! Hamilton deserved that championship SO MUCH! This was karma :-)
Why there is so many ppl stubbornly believe turbo will be back? FIA made it clear on their rule book!
that guy saying woww is sickening
people get pissy with the V6s for no good reason. apparently nobody remembers the last turbo era, or the fact that these things will still rev to 15000 rpm while maintaining the same basic power output. would I love to see the V10s back? of course, that was a glorious sound. but so was the honda engine that powered senna to the world championship.
@jimmyass I do not believe that the ratings should be decreased. If a manufacturer would like to take part in F1, it needs to have quadrillions of dollars, and that's right. I'm really disappointed that the V6 turbo engines will return in 2014, just because Uncle Bernie wants to convince Volkswagen-Audi to join the sport. And the whole FIA and FOM sucks the German company's ass, just because to join. F1 is a luxury sport, unfortunately the dickheads in the video are part of it.
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why was ham turning towards ferrari pitcrew?
@tdwtFULLEPISODES that and especially at the last race in brazil when hamilton passes glock in some weird way
this was the moment that cost him the world championship
@Smertyin092 How can you not laugh at the stupidity of Ferrari pit crew? Hillarious! LOL
Seth Eng
a ferrari is.... woaH! WOAH!
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@ImFasterThanTheStig unfortunately they are the ones who will afford those tickets and afford those cars. while the poor gaze on in envy... poorer within because of their unwillingness to improve themselves rather than rage at the rich. not all of course are like that, and those that arent, often aren the ones raging. they are the ones working. :)
lol the envy of the poor... outstanding.
Road Rager
Money don't buy brains! :))
Ugly rich blokes and with their blonde Gold Diggers.............what has society come to?
@Arai4lpinestars thats what i was saying 1 Minute ago xD
he ask if its a ferrari, go off the track and watch it in tv u fuckin wasting money , u dont know anything
loser ferrari
F-35 JSF
ferrari? i know who? i dunno... I know who.. it's ferrari... damnt eh specs talk alot!... F1 2010 Sector 0R Track marshall!
Cisco Zarandin-Araneta
@Arai4lpinestars Yea. Watching in the fields or grandstands is the best.
James Abraham
Keep pressing 1 it sounds like a chicken! ROFL
Sam Thomas
listen to the audience reaction! 0:08 oh Ferrari is disappointing....... hahahhahaaha...... 0:10 WOOOOAAAHHHH W00T WOOOOAAAAHHHH W00T ahahhahaHAHAHA
that guy is fucking noisy . such an idiot
Atiq Hakken
"Massa pulls an elephant nose with him...". you sound like an elephant.
@ThomasNBVB YES, that guy was screaming like animal 555555555555
listen to that dumb bitch laughing in the background ... probably a Hamilton fan
Ferrari didn´t lost that championship in brazil it was actually here
@butterflyee2000 yeh because china isnt a dictatorship at all :')
That took his world title :(
The most amusing moment in F1 history for me.
@RemcoGamer95 you tool, what have Brawn got to do with Toro Rosso ? Jaime Alguasuari drives for Toro Rosso you muppet, don't comment on videos if you ain't got a clue what's going on
LOL FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!