Massa's pit accident at Singapore F1 2008 (Spectator cam view)

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Massa pulls an elephant nose with him...

Massa pit accident singapore 2008 F1 formula Spectator Audience cam camera re-fueling nose hose

Windson Alves
I hate Ferrari
how many italians to remove a fuel pipe?
Soviet Russia
Cost massa the championship
Most ridiculous moment in Formula 1 history?
Faheem Dar
These people are idiots...Don't just come to watch the race if you don't know shit about the complications and technological aspects of it. This is bound to happen and its unfortunate that it happened to a potential champion.
WHO!!! WHO!!! WHO!!!
Dein Meister
You all idiots, his life was in danger in that moment. I'd like to see your faces when you drive your car with opened fuel tank
Hegedűs Tibor
What are you laughing stupid,his life was in emergency,the fuel tank was open on that hot car
Roger Gonzalez
LOl, not idea about f1,..they think they are in a Tv show...hahha, whos this, emmm ferrari, yea, but can be Massa or emmmmmmmmmm...ahhahaha great knowledge to go see f1
David Peng
It takes 10seconds for the pit crew to realise that the car was in front of them
Macedonian Pride
massa and ferrari got what they deserved.
This incident + motor failure at 3 laps to the final of the Hungarian GP 2008 cost him the championship
of course you know ah singaporeans are kiasu one which means never seen before
No offence man, but you couldn't tell who's Ferrari it was? If u couldn't see the number just look at the cam color on top of the engine air intake. Kimi's cam is red. Massa's yellow.
Tang Tee Keng
wait how the fuck is that ever funny
Very nice work Ferrari :)
Sums up how they decided to drop refueling in. F1
Talal Taha
fukin rich people .. he get the place,, and he dunno if its fukin ferrari ...
whats with the WOW WOW crap..., sorry but your stupid addition to the video ruined it...
C.K. Gould
WOW! A bunch of people that no nothing freaking out over a mistake. STFU and actually think for once in your lives.
I'd say Lewis Hamilton's last-lap pass of Timo Glock cost Felipe the championship.
who is it?!?! yellow helmet is Massa la.... red white is Raikkonen
elephant nose???
he ask if its a ferrari, go off the track and watch it in tv u fuckin wasting money , u dont know anything
hmm i think he might be angry after this
took their sweet time getting there...
That cost him the championship.
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Fernando is faster than you
Samuel Rocha
Bah nem me fala, eu tava na mesma Badvibe.......
Camarka Obscura
well, sometimes he makes mistakes, sometimes the team..
It is called a trunk, not a nose, on an Elephant.
Remco Vengeance
From Now on i Hate the Force India Team - Cozz They Didn't Pull it Out !!
Pathetic! utterly pathetic for a f1 team to do such a mistake! Just misses that Benny Hill tune in the background! bwhahahah!!
i just like the fact that some people were laughing in teh background... even if i am a ferrari-hater, this type of mistake should never have happened... oh well...
why was ham turning towards ferrari pitcrew?
There's never one incident that costs a championship. Every point counts equally and there was many occasions where he lost points. But this was really stupid, yes.
Not funny... Idiots
The VIP guests are the stupidest...They were laughing at Massa, I watched their face if they had known that the whole pit could have been burnt down in a moment if a spark finds the fuel... "It's uuuuhhh a Ferra...uuuuhhhh..yeah a Ferrari...Is it...uuuhhhh...Mass....or...uhhhh..the other?"
@jimmyass I do not believe that the ratings should be decreased. If a manufacturer would like to take part in F1, it needs to have quadrillions of dollars, and that's right. I'm really disappointed that the V6 turbo engines will return in 2014, just because Uncle Bernie wants to convince Volkswagen-Audi to join the sport. And the whole FIA and FOM sucks the German company's ass, just because to join. F1 is a luxury sport, unfortunately the dickheads in the video are part of it.
You cant see it very good, but the left guy is smoking^^
Charlie Kelly
whoaaaaa whoaaaaaaaaa oooooooh ooooooooooh
@butterflyee2000 yeh because china isnt a dictatorship at all :')
Grazie Massa per le risate del 2008, anche in Brasile
Mamma mia che ridere che ridere
Remco Vengeance
@mattclfc Alright well tell me why the Brawn GP Team Pulled it out At Algesuari's Failed Pitstop Back in Singapore 2009??
The most amusing moment in F1 history for me.
that guy is fucking noisy . such an idiot
Muhammad Afiq
thats not an elephant trunk it was sumthign like it but it was the fuel changer i think btw nice but just that the pole man is stupid because he go change to first gear so he goes zzz btw im singaporean :D
listen to that dumb bitch laughing in the background ... probably a Hamilton fan
Am i the only one amazed that the engine didn't cook itself to death after sitting there so long? That's incredible. Really shows how far engine development has come because 3 seasons ago, it would have been dead much sooner. Props to Ferrari for being the best in F1. btw...Ferrari is F1. Go FOTA!
actually I think there's a hose for each driver and then a 3rd one as spare for both of them.
How does he not hold the rights if he filmed it with his camera? it is his own property? I doubt there is any rights on filming a sport?
Seth Eng
a ferrari is.... woaH! WOAH!
THAITAM Industry
WoW! silver anaconda.
Jontie Desario
i think this incident cost him the championship in 08, such a shame because he hasn't been the same driver at all since his accident in Hungary 2009 and doesn't look like he has a championship in him now
Jed Lilly
This was Nelson Piquets fault ,this cost Massa the title...
Sir Kanye of the West Country
With at least 1 death every other race?
Typical 'corporate' seats in the house and knows jack shit about what they are watching.... WooHoo its a..... err.... err... Ferrari a Ferrari!!!!! Woo Hooooo!! Who is it? It's err err .....Dunno could be err,,errr.. Go back and concentrate on the free beer....that is what you came for......right?
Jörg P.
great vid ^^ 5/5
Phil W
Devin Pense
true but i also think in 2010 when he was leading Hockenheim and Ferrari had Massa so Alonso could pass and win the race help contribute some
Money don't buy brains! :))
I think it was not allowed to help other teams that you can say their hands were tied by burnie fucking ecclestone
notice at brazil this year when it happend to mclaren another team helped them why didn't anyone help ferrari there?
why the people at the end didnt pull it out for him is stupid. someone did for honda in 07
Ferrari didn´t lost that championship in brazil it was actually here
@Arai4lpinestars thats what i was saying 1 Minute ago xD
people get pissy with the V6s for no good reason. apparently nobody remembers the last turbo era, or the fact that these things will still rev to 15000 rpm while maintaining the same basic power output. would I love to see the V10s back? of course, that was a glorious sound. but so was the honda engine that powered senna to the world championship.
1:10 The ultimate walk of shame for a pit crew! And having to pass through ALL the other pit crews with their hose on their shoulder. The shame! The ridicule! You think they're still hearing about it from the neighbouring teams?
Ederson Faccini
vai tomar no centro do CÚ quem fez e ficou assistindo esse vídeo!!! __I__
Sam Thomas
The Singaporean who kept saying 'whoa! whoa! whoa!' is a disgrace to Singapore. And I'm a Singaporean.
@tangywangyify How about the win that Massa was gifted from Spa that year? This sort of thing is part of the sport and luck plays into that as well, Hamilton deserved that championship as much as anyone.
That took his world title :(
that guy saying woww is sickening
Gabriel Caral
I was watchin it live and I just wondered, How did they refuel after the accident in the race? Kimi shares the same one too!
Ferrari is dissapointing...
Nils Granholm
whoooooah whooooooah
its human nature to find happinese in someone's misfortunate.
Gilberto III Padilla Diaz
@JontieDesario I have thinking the same... this and his horrible accident really change his life.... is one of those"what if" histories
holy shit it took them a long time to respond to that
i dont know how often this happened. its good that now they can´t fuel the cars at the bitstops.
Nícolas Costa
For who doesn't know, was this what it took the his championship.
@Forzascuderiaf1 the situation was a bit more crucial - the spray set Raikkonen's car on fire. Explosions tend to send people into action.
@tdwtFULLEPISODES that and especially at the last race in brazil when hamilton passes glock in some weird way
loser ferrari
Ahahahahahahahaha I love seeing this so much!!!! It really served Ferrari SO RIGHT after all their cheating and the FIA decisions that went their way in 2008! Hamilton deserved that championship SO MUCH! This was karma :-)
vanessa l
woah, you must be so so rich to be there. x.x lols.
Home TV
Luck is 90% a driver skill imo, some drivers are better at it then others. Look where he is this year, same car as Kimi and doing alot worse. Its not enough to have a great car and be a great driver, you also need a great team behind you and thats not what Ferrari are, so when he's unlucky, yes its because the team who he chose to work with let him down.
stewards verdict Hamilton to the back of the grid
I think overall however Massa was unlucky in 2008.
I think he was referring to which driver it was. But I get your point.
Erick Costa
Because Massa is brazilian
diego velez
Rafał Curyło
how ambarasing:)
James Abraham
Keep pressing 1 it sounds like a chicken! ROFL
this race is fucked up ..... !!!!!
Home TV
It was his teams fault, F1 is still a team sport so Its Ferrari's fault of whom he is a team member, if he dosn't like it he is free to leave when his contract expires. He was gifted points in Spa and lost them here, karma's a bitch sometimes.