Snoop Dogg - Let's get blown (Pharell)

Released 2004 From album "Rhythm & Gangsta" [Chorus: Pharrell Williams, Vanessa Marquez] Can I get more thrills? You know you want some more girl, so come on Can I get more thrills? You know you want some more girl, so come on Let's get blowwwwwnnnn.. let's get blowwwwwnnnn.. [Verse 1: Snoop Dogg] Looking at the ladies, all of them fly I don't know which one I want dawg I can't make up my mind, girl So won't you make it easy on me? Take this drink, then hit this weed Two step wit me, let's slip to the dance floor On and on and on and on we go I'll dip you if you want me to You see I really wanna get a little front wit you Bigidy bump wit you A nigga wanna hump you and then just comfort you And then I'll pop the top and lay you on the cot And get you nice and hot Yeah yeah, it's all to the real We could do it like Guy, c'mon girl "Let's Chill" [Chorus: Pharrell Williams, Vanessa Marquez] Can I get more thrills? You know you want some more girl, so come on Can I get more thrills? You know you want some more girl, so come on Let's get blowwwwwnnnn.. let's get blowwwwwnnnn.. [Verse 2: Snoop Dogg] Now you can fly the friendly skies With the S-N double O-P D-O double G-Y Now don't ask why, just keep looking good in the hood Damn girl, you so fly! We could do what you want to You say you drink Alize or was is Malibu? It don't really matter though You remind me of the time when I had a ho She kept telling me Doggy Dogg I gotta go So I let her get in the wind and co-macked her friend 2 plus 2, it equals 4, this is some shit that could last forever more I'm trying to put my bid in, naw I'm just kidding Come on ma get in, and don't ask where we going Pimping and hoeing, drink pouring and weed blowing, you know it c'mon! [Chorus: Pharrell Williams, Vanessa Marquez] Can I get more thrills? You know you want some more girl, so come on Can I get more thrills? You know you want some more girl, so come on Let's get blowwwwwnnnn.. let's get blowwwwwnnnn.. [Verse 3: Snoop Dogg] I've been looking at you, from the corner of my eyes Checking out your hips, lips, tits and your theighs I've been wanting to do you, for a mighty long time You make a pimp wanna sing I - I - I We'll head to the hills, your dreams I'll fulfill We could do it how you want, cause I'm oh so real Tell me you, naw I won't squeal You wit Da Big Bo$$ Dogg so seal the deal Pharrell got the Babyface and Snoop got the Whip Appeal So name the place This love I bring to you, on the real baby girl Won't you do me a favor and sing for Snoop [Chorus: Pharrell Williams, Vanessa Marquez] Can I get more thrills? You know you want some more girl, so come on Can I get more thrills? You know you want some more girl, so come on Let's get blowwwwwnnnn.. let's get blowwwwwnnnn.. [Outro - Pharrell Williams, Vanessa Marquez] You know you want it!! (if I got it I'm a give it to you) So come and get it!! (if I got it I'm a give it to you) If I got it (if I got it I'm a give it to you) (Then you can get it) Ya know! Hey!!! Oh!! Can I get more thrills? .. Can I get more thrills?

Atiya Fields
This will def be one of those “y’all kids don’t know nothing about this,” type songs 🙌🏾😂 .
Fjdjdbbddb Dhdddbd
My mom used to have this shit on repeat when I was growing up.. It all makes sense to me now..she was high af
JV ck
i miss this kind of music
KeepsIt REAL
That part when Pharrell goes "let's get blownnnnnnn" 🔥🔥😍
skiptomyloo Cleveland's Finest
I can imagine snoop snapping his fingers.
Mike Will
Still bumping this 2019 RIP nipsey hussle
Liota Rose
this song is so smooth
Brittany Leslie
This is my song lol, I wish snoop and pharell made another collabo
Salkis Re
I don't smoke weed, but this makes me want to try. Llllol
Travis Slaughter
Ramon LeBlanc Harts
One of my fav beat sample ( from funk group Slave "Watching You" ) with Snoop
dlewis11380 L
man this song brings back some thoughts from back in day when I was at my worse, this music would get me threw it though still to this day, in a better place bumping this song now, peace and blessings to you all
amanda rodri
Hope u n mom are playing this in heaven lil brother. I love n miss u both.
New Jack Forever
this beat is straight fire.
BlackK GMS
This was the beginning of "Sexual Eruption"
Chenyata Kendall
Still banging 2018 baby!!!
What a slap this was! And it still slaps in 2016! Man I miss the 90s and mid 2000s music.
Sim ?
"can I get more thrills??"
Jererica Sanford
Who still bumps this 2019(while getting high)☺️vibing😎
Marcus smith
Neptune beats never get old ! still listen too in 2015,16,17,18 ect
Chuck Barry
Snoop Dogg is one of the greatest rappers ever!!!!!slim shady can't make you dance like the big Snoop Dogg.
Chris A
still bumpin in 2016. pharrell killed the beat
Abel Alvarez
Let's get blowwwwwn!
Ooh! The way that bass kicks and the chill flow and tune of the song is just *AMAZING*!!!
cameron rose
senior year in high school miss those days
Kay The MilkShake
Looking at the ladies... all of them fly .....
Jordan A.
classic ...... make you wanna get a dope girl and just cruise
Kayy Hernandez
Came back to listen to this after Keyshia Cole re-tweeted about this song lol never knew it was her on this track. 😻
Slave- Watching you
Kyle Guwop
Anthony Cobb
2005 was a fun year I was 20
Alexise M
I remember buying this album lol
Dontrell Hicks
This song goes hard I love it
gettin blowed right now..
Ms east oakland k.cole.. doing the side hook before she blew up the Bay town bizz NO IT AINT BEYONCE
Malik Edmond
Ohh shit man this song and the whole album I had back in 2004 living down south the memories this song gives me Boi if only if I can go back I had this song on repeat like 30x I remember riding on my bike with my mp3 bumping to this it was hot and nice out smh damn. And Keysha Cole and her beautiful voice on this track with the instrumental
Black Ninja Kev
one of snoops best albums since doggy style
Lil Keyshia Cole On the hook
snoop you make music, I've been following you since Doggystyle and your music has evolved. I love this song and life of the party, those are my stand outs even though i love 98% of you music!
Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves
The beat is so smooth and ill as hell. This was meant to be a single lifted off from Snoop's "R&G" album. Pharrell's unique laid-back futuristic beat mixed in with Snoop's slick Cali-flavored rhymes were irresistible to the ears. I miss when this, Common's "Go", 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" & Missy Elliott's "Lose Control" dominated radio & TV back in early '05. So much variety and selections to choose from during this era in R&B/Hip-Hop.
Eli Bryant
Who made this pop up on my feed😂😂god knows I wanted to hear this!
best videos
still listening nearly close to 2019
luis Ramirez
This Album is all around BadAss..
Malcolm Anderson
woke up this morning on monday on my day off rolled a L n put this on,just viben don't mind me lol..
Chris B
2018 and wow the nostalgia I remember being in middle school when this came out! I'ma 90 baby and this makes me miss Maryland so much!!
Final Boss
2017 and we still livin.
SmoovTv Network
this that classic snoop. #SmoovTvNetwork#approved
Jesus of America
2nd year being held back for fighting with an above 2.7 gpa... I thought to myself.. maybe if give more thrills if I was smooth like snoop and pharell
Navarre St. Cloud
Johnny Lerma
Yo what's up Casondra Jimenez this that vato Juanito. Oh u know Juss loving it when we get are thrills...
Jeeby. Tube
2k after dark😂
Still bumping this track #2017
Trenell Woods
brings back memories from 05
Renard Thomas
Can't wait til I get a car so I can be blasting this with no worries at all blowing gas with my lady 💨💯
J Jerez
Underrated album
Young King
This track is beautiful
Johnny Cash jr
👽💨🔥i remember blazing 2 this at p.e class while everyone is running laps im blazing it waliking slow asf blazing 😂😂😂
Mark Edwards
So Fly!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sid Johnson
Do Double G in my Top 5 ALL-TIMES!!
Snoop started as a gangster rapper in the 90's, then in the 2000's he became a funk rapper and now he's a laidback hippie rapper.
The Black Nostalgia Nerd
Like if you lowkey forgot this banger
first black then man
This stay bumpn don't it 👍🏾
That Neptunes boogey
mayafurlan furlan
Snoop singular Doggy Doog best songs 🎶🎶🎶👍🔥🔥🍬💃🍫👏😘👍
Dion Harmon
the best snoop albums are: doggystyle, the last meal & R&G
Martin Gonzales G
still on my top 5 rap artist ever
whoo else
Man, this track is so smooth. A dance-floor filler for sure.
Austin Neasley
Park after dark 2k
Black Superman
about to spark up the blunt with my lady so I played this song #Playa
Sezer Kocak
2019 lets get blooownn🍑🍁
Big Sheed
Lil Duval sent me here 💨 💨 💨
Zexy Wanderer
Stevie Arrington "watching you" omw😏👈🍀🍀💃💃🙏🙏
My inner snoop is out & I FEEL GOOD DEN A SUM BIHHH
Ba Bass
2018 still jamming to this 💥💣💥💣💥💣💥
Breann Bernard
Aries and libra
karl def
Who is back on here in 2019??
Gerald V Woodall Jr
Slave "watching girls" is the origin. Snoop is the touch of bougie ghetto needed. Remember kids, take two and pass it to the right. Don't stop the circle family.
Talbert J
Feb 2019 and still jammin' Lowers my bp every time 😤👍☺ haha
Ken Rajo
Lynda Jose
love this smooth...just like snoop
choco choco
Been smoking out yo this all week 2019shit
2018 AND STILL FIRE!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🎯🎯🎯💯💯💯
Tim Burger
It's 2018 let's get blown
Ashley N Jason
let's get bloooooooon
John Doe
Watchin Boss'n up got me of my favorite movies paired with a classic
Mr. NoChill
"I been wanting to do you...for a mighty long time...u make a pimp wanna sing I i.i.i."
I used to play this as my background music for need for speed underground lol😏
wasn't this a remake? who's the original if so?
Zexy Wanderer
Feels calvin harris...slave watching you, the latter first☝🙏💋🙌
Wayne Barton
Let's get HIGH on this and drop it like it's hot with this hot sound track BIG SNOOP DOGG style.
Professor X
yo snoop, get trump to legalize it.!? $#&+×₩¥
ambi edwards
West coast for life hitta
Prod by TiG
ashamed to say i just found this. pharell and snoop been one of my favorite combos , this one slipped past me
This is one of those song NOBODY knows about lol.
Alrighty Then!
Top 10 best beats in hip hop history. Domt @ me!
"Can i get more THRILLS" i love how they had ladies who can make you FEEL the notes
jsizzle smokesum
lets get the muthafykn moon #2018
Lester Bezuidenhout
2019. And yes, this album was slept on.
Adebola Salako
Bad Ass Combo.2019 let's get blown. 📯📯📯
JonJones PokingBag
Holy shit I was 6 years old and remember the " you know you want to move girl " as a kid it stuck to me untill now and I'm shocked that Pharrell the guy who made because I'm happy was in this lol crazy