The fastest Women in Downhill Skateboarding | Speedboarders

In the adrenaline world of downhill skateboarding, women compete head to head against the men. Experience the world’s greatest downhill skateboarding race through the eyes of some of the top male and female competitors: /> Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: /> Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end:

MiMi GaTTo
I loved their funky helmets 😍
finally some downhillskate footage!!!
Simon Hein
Instant crush :D
Duxesh Yadav
Gut's to do huh!
Richard Schafer Sk8
Longboards are skateboards. Those of you who think skateboards are just the popsicle shaped shortboards are wrong, those are shortboards. Longboards and shortboards are both skateboards. Even penny boards are skateboards.
Battle Clone
these are longboards, not skateboards, there is a huge difference
Reinis Martinsons
They're longboards not skateboards