Ships Flown: Myrmidon, Dominix, Hurricane, Drake (HMs), Drake (HAMs), Maelstrom Every fight before the last one is pure solo, no links, implants, scouts etc. The last fight... well it isn't. EVE FORUMS THREAD: />FOR BETTER QUALITY DOWNLOAD HERE: /> Track List: Pretty Lights - Total Fascination Pretty Lights - You Get High Nina Simone - Sinnerman Woodkid - Iron Pretty Lights - Understand Me Now Enjoy!

Solo PvP
Such a classic!
Dado R.
great video, but why shoot the thrashers, in local he said assist kov, I know eve and all but still... In the last fight what were the guardians doing?
You should do a nereus video.....ive had alot of luck with pvping in mine, its got a strong enough ( no implants, unlinked ) tank to take on destroyers, ive killed catalysts, coercers and even assault frigs in it
Really amazing!
Stayed for the music, very nice choice.
Israel Larson
And you definitely don't need t3 bonuses. That's just silly and pessimistic.
Israel Larson
Maybe not with ASBs, but people still do these things. Just different fits. It's how it's always been.
Israel Larson
Most of this stuff can still be done. Just requires a different fit. As far as I'm aware, even some ASB fits still function. Don't be one of those people that assume soloing is dead. People have been saying that for years.
Pete Molkenthin
Awesome video m8.
Antnony Von Der Vellen
My new hero. I'm gonna study hard and take care of some pirate campers in my home system XD Minmatar FW FTW!
Antnony Von Der Vellen
My new hero. I'm gonna study hard and take care of some pirate campers in my home system XD Minmatar FW FTW!
Daniel Juhl Kristensen
Oh god I love just putting this on while I write term papers.. Also the pvp is cool, teach me :)
Awesome video!
The Daily Electronic
that first fight was awesome
epic butthurt copyright holders, please post a fair use disclaimer in description, this is clearly fair use, and not subject to copyright bullshit.
what happened to the epic sound? I really liked that song :(
last fight is awesome! mate, you realy cool!
был бы я девушкой, я бы тебе отсосал)))
ГЕна Смит
Ебать ты красавец !!!=))
Base Ten
Your target management/switching skills are unbelievably good to a hisec carebear like myself, as is your perseverance while fighting in hull. Kudos sir.
Fine work, And cool tunes. Good job
found the new hero tank fit for the mael..... :D
nice ;)
Good fun. Some of my favorite fits on there.
Kartik Mathur
hooww!!!! just HOWWW??
at around 10:20 you are selecting to reload cap boosters in your asb, after what looks like you tried to click it three times. was it bugged or where you flustered and selected reload instead of turn it on? Love your video's. I especially like the minmatar stuff. See you in space.
Watching those dual ASB maels >.< changed small gang/solo so much, and makes armor so incredibly weak in comparison :<
Brilliant video. Loved the music
Matt Bartolomeo
great video.. almost makes me want to play again :) Rgds - Osiris Occido
Motor Madness Wales
Epic i need to try some solo! ill most prob die allot tho ::P
Niall Lynch
Best EVE PvP video of all time. Someone finally knocked Garmon from my number 1. Good job sir!
Motor Madness Wales
Man epic video wish i could be this awesome lol
Jester Black
I fought you a bit ago. Even though I won (with a bit of help which I didn't call in for a specific reason ;) ) I still think you are a fantastic PVPer. Awsome video and the music/editing is fantastic.
Epic doesn't even begin to describe this video. Love these solo pvp vids Kovorix, reminds me of Farjung back in the day.
Roy Mustang
Iron is a sick song. Awesome taste.
Wesley Webb
Kovorix, respect man... This guys video's should be way more popular. Good video as always man.
Follow the link in the description to the eve-o thread, and look on the first page
omg plzz can we see the maelstrom fit used in the end?
Lol, at first I thought you were boosting with a cap booster.
Jarod Dunbeck
When I grow up I want to be Kovorix. You guys recruiting? :P
Eric Tergerson
awesome. classy. nice to see new fits. super interesting to see the orca escort and that whole situation. Heard about this on the podcast and couldn't wait to get home to watch the vid. these vids, and the podcast are about the only thing keeping me playing EVE at the moment- only because I have so much RL stuff going on. Ive been having a blast pvp'ing lately ^_^
PanamaReefs Daniel
You are a master.
Robert Webb
Charges take 60sec to reload. He barely missed it.
LaIslaGrande 2
oh bytherway...waht happened to the active cane? it never reloaded the charges? it too ages.....bug/\
LaIslaGrande 2
nice one. really enojoyed it.
10:30 two brave thrashers? i bet they were die kute and aeronik
Hello. I had a look at your KB and the video has inspired me to ty that cane fit. Cant wait. Would you also mind sharing the maelstrom fit? Thanks
Good shit. Awesome video, BTW.
Haha you're absolutely right and I actually said exactly this on my podcast discussion of this fit!! I actually counted after the fight and I was only 3 seconds from finishing the reload, and if I had topped up like you said I definitely would have lived long enough.
You had a chance to survive in the ASB Hurricane but didn't take it; you should always try to run out of charges with as much shield as possible to have the best possible chance of surviving the reload. Instead you let your shields run low as you WAITED to put through the last few charges; you should have gotten them off as soon as possible. Don't concern yourself with bait-tanking outside of this; the bait will happen all on its own as your inherent buffer wears down while the ASB is reloading.
Thats a new module..
Gaze of Fate
I havent played in about a year, is it now possible to load cap booster charges into the shield booster?
Spencer Lemay
Tak Tician
lol 18:47 in local "hows the gate camp going"? Well actually,funny you should mention it.....lol
Man... this was SICK! I listened to the chat on this week's BSB cast... PWNSOME! :D
Quinten Sarn
I finally get to see the ancilliary shield booster. I took a break a while back, this together with the new rep bonusses and stuf might be interesting
Really stunning stuff, this vid is great, not just for the insane ass stomping content, but the music, cuts, EVERYTHING is just absolutely stunning. Enough said. I'ma go watch it again. Wow.
Awesome stuff. After having not played eve for around a year I found myself trying to work out how that cane was boosting with no mod to be seen haha, worked it out. Great vid man
GJ. Good PvP footage, good music choice. Excellent
David Carlisle
Damn that orca footage looked fun! GJ great vid<3
I'm thoroughly impressed - very well worked though and extremely stylish video. And the fights are just way over my head crazy. Tx for putting all that work to entertain and inspire us to SOLO more.
Paul .Austin
Very good job on the vid m8.
Your choice in music as well as skills in PVP are the shit :)
Last fight = awsome
Craig Jessup
Very impressive!
Badass Soundtrack is Badass! :D Nice vid good sir, keep up the fine work.
As a carebear, the concept of one Hurricane taking out multiple other battlecruisers just does not compute. How can you not die? To me it just seems like too much incoming DPS.
There are actually 2 different fits in this video, I think clever folks can look at my kb losses and get them ;)
updated the information!
Tung Morris
plz show us the cane fit!
I virtually never over-boost on the shield boosters if you look closely. You're right I do a bit on armor, but that's more because I misjudge incoming dps - activating an armor rep is more of a prediction because it comes in at the end of the cycle. It's not because I use clicking. I'm not arguing that hotkeys wouldn't be better - they would, and I probably should switch. But it's hard in my old eve-age ;)
Use hotkeys for your modules ? You overuse alot of reps on some modules like the cap booster/shield booster because you let them go while your on 100%
amazing micro with rep and overheating
I like that you took 2 maels and demolished a gate camp. Those new Shield boosters are really something
dude i love pretty lights...
Evan Root
Those have to be the worst guardian pilots in all of new eden. Seriously those guys deserve to be forcefully podded until they have no sp left.
Awesome video and awesome choice of music. That last fight looks like "Serious Sam" met EVE. :D
nice micromanagment, just very impressive =)
epic stuff, I havn't played much eve lately, losing the will to fight, not to mention the isk, always love EVE pvp videos though, I honestly think you can't beat EVE PVP videos, with PVP videos from any other game. Think this was your best so far, keep up the awesome work.
Thats a new kind of shield booster, its like a cap booster and shield booster in one, takes a whole minute to reload though.
That New shield booster looks promising, another good addition to shield junkies :) Awesome fights mate, cheers.
Fresh Clip Media
Dat outro.
Why am I sweating!
Abseloutly brilliant! /salute
last fight was fantastic. thanks for the post.
Nathan Lundgren
Gond, you killed my Cynabal and then my Harbringer, we might have had a chance if we actually grouped up and warped to the fight instead of just going one at a time, also i was a dumbass and burnt my guns on my harbinger out right away. lol, but over all it was good fun, really enjoyed fighting you! o7
Lol u popped my rifter bad at 5:30 man ~9:45
5:30 DUDE KOVORIX i was there! kevin reboolf
great job, really enjoyed it :)
Last fight was just plain silly. Guess I'm selling my Navy Tempest and getting another Mael.
v cool
Tak Tician
Amazing video,much respect,keep up the great work!
Excellent! Some very close (looking) calls there at times which just added to the mood. Great work!
thanks for the pew pew ;) btw, excellent intro
Justice Jacobs
Very nice +1
First! That was awesome.
zion kairua
im tryn to do solo got alot to learn nearly got my first solo roam kill today lol just a mater of time got insta warp diruptd at a gate so went for a t1 staby in my rupy  just about got em before i got blobbed x(