Sick Puppies - You're Going Down

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Sick Puppies You're Going Down

Hunting Hawk
This is what I loved about the old Smackdown vs Raw games, they introduced me to amazing bands like Skillet & Three Days Grace & Sick Puppies
Extreme Rules 2009 <3
Dark Reclaimer581
Anyone still listening in 2018😎👍
Panda Wizard66
*rainbow six siege when there is two hackers but in different teams*
Jeff Hardy V Edge Extreme Rules 2009 Who remembers?
Andres da Costa
Back when WWE games were good
Você Achava Que Era Outra Pessoa,Mas Sou Eu DIO
*T E K K E N*
Santiago Villa
You're Going Down" Define your meaning of war To me it's what we do when we're bored I feel the heat comin' off of the blacktop And it makes me want it more Because I'm hyped up out of control If it's a fight, I'm ready to go I wouldn't put my money on the other guy If you know what I know that I know It's been a long time coming And the table's turned around 'Cause one of us is going One of us is going down I'm not running, It's a little different now 'Cause one of us is going One of us is going down Define your meaning of fun To me it's when we're getting it done [The explicit version: "Is it fuckin', druggin' or guns"] I feel the heat comin' off of the blacktop So get ready for another one Let's take a trip down memory lane (Do you remember me?) The words circling in my brain (And what you did to me) You can treat this like another all the same But don't cry like a bitch when you feel the pain It's been a long time coming And the table's turned around 'Cause one of us is going One of us is going down I'm not running, It's a little different now 'Cause one of us is going One of us is going down This is hardly worth fighting for But it's the little petty shit that I can't ignore With my fist in your face, and your face on the floor [The explicit version: "When my fist hits your face and your face hits the floor"] It'll be a long time coming But you got the message now 'Cause I was never going Yeah, you're the one that's going down One of us is going down I'm not running, It's a little different now 'Cause one of us is going One of us is going down One of us is going down
2:07 - 2:10 BEST FACE IN WHOLE VIDEO!!! He looks mentally insane for a few seconds.. It looks awesome
Zachery Smith
That bass player good god she's gorgeous
Ленивый Грузин
I think these kids are taking this water fight a bit too seriously
Gerald Schober
when Sam Winchester takes a break from hunting demons
TV Trek
Fable Wolfe
This is the song that would be playing when I see a spider.
Dick Johnson
the singer publicly stated that this song was about the first time he recieved head from his high school janitor
Pamela Harrington
I just saw these guys last Saturday!!!! #989bearbirthdaybash!!!!! My pics came out great!!!!!! Hi Emma!!!!!!
Jack Goncalves
2:00 To 2:05 That Line Never Gets Old
Phoebe x
He looks like the guy from stranger things
Spike Films
Smackdown vs Raw introduced me to bands like these!
Love seeing all the WWE fans here. I also agree that the old Smackdown vs. Raw games had such amazing soundtracks when compared to the more recent titles.
TheBreakdancing Giraffe
Man, that chick rocks with that guitar. Almost better than most guys. Lol
Bromley's Aquatic Life
Badass song
Soul Crusher
The most perfect song when you're getting ready to fight someone.
bandoned_ boy
Who knew water guns were so intense
Tia Emma-Chan
No body
2018 !!!
Thanos the mad titan
knight shade
this deserves way more views I mean I have watching it for the past 3 years my views are in Ks
That dude in the thumbnail looks like Leon from Resident Evil
*smack down vs raw*
Smackdown Vs. RAW 2010 anybody?
Jonathan Doe
Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 anybody? I see no comments about it.
Chris Meyer
Listen to this 2018 <3 #SvR10 Love this Song 😍 Happy new Year Guys!
Asvp X Snipez
AlienBull Productions
ummmmm Tekken Movie anyone??????????
Ash Red Ketchum Fire
And now at&t wwe extreme rules 2009
Momo Kanjaki
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 anyone?
Tekken movie soundtrack... :)
Isabel/Hisabel Mirosaki
who's listening in 2017? (BTW this version is different)
Smackdown vs Raw 2010
Aldren Gilana
Angry me: played the vid. Youtube: played an ad. Enraged me: Ffffffuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! *throws phone*
Rachelle Janssen
what if everything in the song was literally translated to a music video of two people in a elevator, in which 1 person goes down
Alexandre Reese
🗣Extreme rules😈 💀
Don't read my profile picture
2019? 🤙🏻
Phillip Sterling
I come out to this song when I fight
Marvel trash
"is it bad that the lead singer of Sick puppies reminds, me of Jason dean from heathers??"
Björn Adriaansens
wwe smackdown vs raw 2010 anyone?
Wow memories smackdown vs raw 2010 fav wwe game im going to my games store and buying this again
Amari Garcia-Nash
Not one person in the world will ever be here for the Tekken live action Movie
Lapis Lazuli Universe
Nathan Sirois
They should've kept this singer
Smackdown vs Raw Anyone???
Станислав Полтавец
This song from Tekken movie
Brandon Mees
The new vocalist SUCKS compared to Shim, y'all know it's true
smackdown vs raw 2010
Jayden Murphy
Best WWE Extreme Rules theme ever
Armando Medina
Extreme rules 2009 theme
Exalted Bunny
Listening to this in 2017, childhood mannnn
Lucas Sala
Qué nostalgia aquellas épocas de wwe
People are laughing at the kids having a waterfight but I remember the intensity of when I had water fights and this song wraps it up well, also SvR 2010!!!!
ซุน โงกุน666th
Wow this song is so rock and good who see with me like
Perfect song 4a new 2021 Dragon Ball Z trailer real life movie !
lia u_u
11:11 pm tue, sept 18 111k
reminds me of the walking dead where rick kills shane
I love how they make a water fight look so bad ass XD
Fuzzy J
my dad won't hurry up and drive me to a friends house so I'm listing to this to pass the time
Patryk Malanczak
Pierre LeDouche
One of the things I love about this album is that at least half the songs have a giant middle finger sticking straight up out of them. And unless you're extremely easily offended I suggest you look up and listen to the original version of this song without the sanitized lyrics. This is hardly worth fighting for But it's the little petty shit that I can't ignore When my fist hits your face and your face hits the floor... It'll be a long time coming, bet you got the lesson now....
Ashton Wilkins
wwe smackdown vs raw 2010 brought me here
XXX Å-BØMB DaCleaner
SvR baybay
Kaneki kane
09-August-2018 ?
Terrier Gaming
Why did they edit this song ? It just makes it sound more weak.
Jafar Jafarov
Azda olsa kefim yerinə gəldi. İstəmsizcə Trainspotting filmindən səhnələr canlandı gözümün önündə.
Catherine Rain
When your older brother steals the remote.
Kostas Spirou
WWE 2010 👌
Salesi Taulepa
Great Theme song For WWE Extreme Rules 2009 Pay Per View
le kirschenbaron
The song is from 2009. Feel old yet ?
Brandon Gonder
What happened to this band lol
The song has a different meaning if you listen while taking a dump.
Connor Henry
some of the best music ive heard in a long time
xXRafaelGamerXx HL1
I can use this song in a vídeo if i give crédits to sick puppies?
Bryan Alcudia Dzl chale
Franco Lopez
So underrated song
Chris Longshore
It's Nerf, OR NOTHIN!
Johnny Wyper
this the typ of rock music i wanna show people
Evgeniy Sokolov
клево мне очень зашло
WWE Extreme Rules 2009 😢😢😢🔥🔥
Gabriel Kaplan
The song you play when your power is out
Schuyler Vaillancourt
This song is perfect for Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 2.
Shane Belcher
I made out to an overweight married lady at Carolina Rebellion to this song
the singer looks alike the old cm punk
Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan
Everytime i heard this song i always imagined two guys beating the crap outa each other, now watching the video ruins that for me
Ecstsy gocrazy
I like how this song is so intense but the video is basically backyard warfare
Rocky Hames
Just to let you know i was offered a singing spot by sick puppies. Because i was singing shinedown 45 at a club in St. Robert missouri called club trinity. At the time i did that song the club was called twilite.
Pankaj Pawar
2018 anyone? Svr 2010