Tarja & Liv Kristine (Leaves Eyes) - Don't give up

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20/05/11 in Hannover; Capitol Tarja: What Lies Beneath Europe Tour 2011

Laurina Hawks
Both sing great but the record is bad!
Nice legs
Kira Kuchiki
Tarja con banda o sin su banda muy buena cantante 
son de las mejores cantantes que conosco pero sin sus bandas que la vio nacer no son las mismas
Είμιστι όλ' τσ' Αριστιράς τσ' Προυόδ' κι τσ' 'Ιπρας
This is a cover!! The original song is a Peter Gabriel song (ex-Genesis frontman, taken from his 1986 5th album "So") were he does a duet with one of the greatest female singers alive, Kate Bush!! Check out the original video clip, it is a beauty!!!
Antonio Flores
amazing beautiful girls woww!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ramon Ismael Gomez
Liv Kristine en Thetre of tragedy fue lo mejor. Tarja en Nightwish fue grandioso!! Ambas en las bandas que las fueron a conocer fueron geniales Como solistas modificaron ciertas técnicas y me fasinan igual. Tarja es una ídola total y es extraordinariamente profesional. Liv por su parte fue una de las pioneras en bandas Góticas con hombres que cantaban gutural. genialidades juntas..!!!
Kevin Santoro
Awesome performance, except someone over-compressed the hell out of this video
Alexandre Soares
porra so faltava vibeke steiner
Luis Fernandez
I think that something show up of Liv
yanu labrie
de quien es la cancion
Leonardo Renato
Sempre venho ouvir essa delicia de música, pode passar o tempo que for.
Natalia Alberto
Ashraff Vengeance
Liv was collaborating a song with cradle of filth - nymphetamine. now on stage with tarja ex nightwish with powerful vocal.. damn! i couldn't ask more..
Cafelina Sha
I really love both Tarja and Liv but also cherish the original version of this song... and i am sorry ladies with all due respect you have successfully spoiled the song! Big time! Especially Tarja :(
wayne paine
I would love to see these two talented beautiful songstresses together!!! I live in the US and this is the closest I'll ever get!
!Que lindas Voces! Las amo
bless the "dead"!
Heidi S.
I feel like Liv doesn't have enough power in her voice. She can barely be heard. She sings in a very quiet way.
Игорь Солдатенков
Betty Marquez
Michael Ld
with two godness & a bad song, what a waste
Liebe Epic
beatifull duet!!!! i wish be there and see with my eyes this show T-T
Vi V
Woooahhh!!Two ladies I like in one song!!!!
The Doors
Tarja. wtf. she spoiled all Liv's singing..... )))
Nice skirt on Tarja :)
I bet male audience was really satisfied with this performance.Especialy those in first line
simio plateado
Close your legs girl
Nice and strong comment, it's totally true!!
Nokturnal Lilith
THANK YOU for uploading this!!! Ahh the Goddesses!!! *O*
Sara R
Finally someone said it! :) Although, we can't be so tough on them, because the metal these ladies often sing doesn't give them enough freedom to go as far as Callas, etc... Which doesn't mean they can't sing like that. About this video, Liv looks so candid next to Tarja, so cute! Tarja is unique, no doubt, but I find her singing very gross sometimes :(
Dante Alexandro García
Well said. I agree in everything.
Well, I didn't have a good camera to that time. Be glad I recorded it at all.
Lo lindo de saber q las conocí a las dos :) y sus voces son hermosas.
Katarzyna Choduń
Cristian Echenique
Damn it, I adore the song and seeing this 2 amazing girls together, but i can't stop thinking: "Liv, why you don't close your legs?
And for sure you want the people to think you are so expert, but not. People may think you are arrogant,
Ayde Eguia
=D Me encanto una cover de Peter Gabriel cantando por estas grandes leyendas del gótico sinfónico
Don Cook
Rather than rail on the performers, I would have preferred a better recording of this performance. Love Tarja, love Liv, and if anyone recalls Elaine Paige...love her, too.
Alex Vie
Exactly the point. I also find it ridiculous when some ill-informed clueless people state that Tarja (or any other female soprano who never stood on the stage of La Scala or The Met) is "better than Callas". Such *statements* make me laugh, not the singers though. The singers are all fine, be it Tarja, Lori or Floor. They are talented, probably hard workers with excellent vocal qualities. Just don't even try to compare them to Callas. *That* will make people laugh :)
saying that all those singers "make you laugh" it's an exaggeration. I also grew up listening to Maria Callas but that doesn't mean I will find everything esle "laughable". You're too rigid.
Eduardo Gutierrez
Tarja will always be Tarja,she is great,the only reason why some people doesn't like her anymore is because she's out of nightwish,but she still a great and talented singer and in my opinion NO ONE in nightwish sound the same as her,and liv ,she is awesome with that talented voice!
Wish this had better sound...
Kenneth Alan
Horrible audio...keeps fading in & out.
El marco musical da lastima...eso lo sabe la hermosa Tarja, pero debe hacer de tripas corazon...
Tarja de estar en el Barcelona FC...ahora canta en el club "Once Amigos"
Por siempre Sabines
Yes, of course I said that, because I don't realize Tarja, Liv and most of the singers that I admire (and myself)are, study or had studied classical sing. (Sarcasm, in case you don't realize) And well, Lori Lewis to me is a voice that pales in comparison to almost anyone. She has tecnique, yeah, but to me it's like to hear the ice melting, it dosen't make me feel a thing. She can be trained, but she isn't special, just a grown woman dressed as a teen, pretending and overacting to compensate.
So what you're saying is all classical singers are the same because they receive classical training? Maybe they sound the same to you, but don't generalize. Of course there's room for new things, many of which I love. All I said is Lori doesn't seem “small“ next to Tarja in reply to somebody's comment. I'm a big fan of Tarja by the way.
Trickster Theshadow
Tarja es una pena musicalmente hablando tanto talento que se va perdiendo años de que no me entero de cosas chidas de esta gran vocal, solo los conciertos ay mas o menosy estos duetos donde es la que menos prende. Liv es hermosa!!! :)
Houla Hop
Don Cook
Who says Liv doesn't do 'live'? Kind of a crappy recording, but, hey...
Vitaly Artemov
igor ifelectrik
Liv Kristine sexy...
what an enchanting meeting fantastic can't describe :- ))
Jano West
Que mujeres, bellas y talentosas
.. just noticed the guy playing a cello like a guitar amazing
two very talented women only complaint is sound quality could be better (may be my junky machine tho )
Иван Радулов
Tarja(Nightwish) & Liv Kristine(Theatre Of Tragedy) - Don`t Forget
The best way to judge a singer is how well they do live and in studio. Tarja clearly overwhems any women singer I've seen since Ann Wilson....who btw still kicks all serious shapes and sizes of ass. ButI have to say Tarja has edged out to be my favorite...but I still love you Ann...and always will.
joe smith
rejects need to stick together, just ask tarja. maybe now that bitch is kicking herself for thinking that she did more for NW than NW did for her.
Miha Grasic
Two queen's together! <3
Miha Grasic
and nightwish is much better with anette so i think they all did something good... cause we got tarja + nightwish on music scene... sorry but i really prefer anette in nightwish ;) and tarja on her own
Amy Bourriaque
because Nightwish did not want her to sing how she wanted, They held her back. Tarja is better by herself than with Nightwish
Valeria Zane
Why didn't Tarja put this much effort into NIghtwish? i will never understand that. Tarja fans are so blind..
What color are her undies?:-)
Potato eh - that's a bit half-baked .....
Rick L
nah, that's just the potato it was filmed with - good vid, shitty audio
David R
This is wonderful! The 2 greatest divas of Metal together!! you cannot compare between both 'cause their voices r different: Tarja :soprano lyrica and Live Kristine : Soprano ligera which is my favorite... it depends on your music likes!! :D beautiful!
Mind you - mwouod the backing band have sounded any better with decent equipment?
Thanks - so whats the point of using one at a uber noisy 'Rock or Metal concert'???!!!
Video Camera with bad AGC - cuts out on all the loud sounds.
THIS.Jeez,I had to stop listening because,while Liv and Tarja are amazing,the band sounds just awful.
Slowly dying because eprfection
Luis Rojas
Liv Kristine esta cuadrada
GamerDares wins
This is awful.
Gisel Sorginak
Bourbon Man
Great musical voices, terrible back up band. It's almost depressing seeing what Tarja has to put up with to perform live now
Tung Dao
Heidi Parviainen or Floor Jansen could do that And Vibeke Stene if she didnt retire. Oh wait, did I mention Sharon den Adel? Anneke van Giersbergen and, you will love this duet... Tarja and MARCO HIETALA.
Guillermo Aguilera Carrasco
Por siempre Sabines
Comparing like that...make people fight... They are friends, and they are VERY, VERY different....why? why my dear? why do you make such declarations that would lead you nowhere but discussion? they are different and no one is superior, they are original and they are here to stay, enough said.
Por siempre Sabines
Y tendría que igualar o superar por qué?.... fans ñoños que solo buscan crear pleitos entre las personas con opiniones que ni al caso. La verdad me gustan las 4, y no me pongo a llorar por si una me parece mejor o peor, lo admirable de estas 4 mujeres es que tienen estilos PROPIOS y voces UNICAS, no como muchas comprenderan....mejor concentrense en eso en lugar de comparar duetos...que los dos son buenos y ninguno se me hace mejor, punto.
Por siempre Sabines
Lori seems common compared to anyone...what do you have in her? classical training...and?....there are like thousands of sopranos that can manage to do what she has done... Tarja and Liv are superior to her by far, managing to make their own techniques and styles and use them in their music... Seriously....I'm getting tired of her fans talking about her technique, this is not a classical concert, so guess what? there is place for new things :D.
Aaaah ... !
I think it's the echo in the cell phone recording
siempre hay gente que coloque pulgar abajo, les mando un saludo chinguen a su madre
Jesus Ramirez
Tarja Turunen y Liv Kristine, mis dos mas grandes amores platónicos, mi tarde se hizo con esta hermosísima canción.
i love Liv Kristine
Georgia Noir
χαχαχαχα...τα ελληνικα comments παντα 3εχωριζουν!..
eyaggelos konakas
με ποια απο τις δυο ?
Poor sound, but anyway wonderful to see my two favourite gothic queens together! Heil to Tarja and Liv, true valkyries of the North!
andreas qwazar
Carlos Pardal
but whom of them were choosen to sing with Pavarotti? wasnt tarja...haha so...tarja sux...c'mon
Sebastien M.
Liv kristine don't look small with Tarja, they are similar, the best female voices of symphonic, and gothic metal.....
After Theatre of Tragedy Liv has advanced, made couple of good solo albums (first solo album was a little bit of a miss and learning, at least I think so) and helluva job with Leaves' Eyes. But Tarja has done nothing remarkable after Nightwish. Solo albums with songs that are below mediocre. I just hope she can get much better team and will make incredible album with real smooth & powerful metal. She really has the voice and presense, but hope she will get the songs too.
why post something with sound all fucked up????