61 Year Old Teacher Brutally Attacked By Student

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Possible use of brass knuckles.

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Why no mention of hate crime? If this were the other way around it would be.. Why the double standard yet again?
Aven Brauer
That cop is legit were gonna burn your rear end
Sir CurseAlot
he dindu nuffin he a good boy
2 young black males attacking an authority figure.
Beaver Patrol
Desegregation was the biggest mistake ever made in America! This is exactly why segregation actually worked for our society! Nothing more disruptive than a bunch of blacks in white schools! It's like having a baby in the back of the class room continually screaming at the top of its lungs! How are the other kids going to get a proper education when these little chimps won't knock it off?
Her nephew Dominick Harris dindu nuffin! He a good boy. Throw em all in prison. The mothers and aunts too. Better yet ship em back to africa .
Russell Schie
Why is it anyways black teens attacking teachers I've seen one video of a white chick fighting a teacher compared to17 different black teen assaulting teacher SMH #fukyoblackthugs
Beaver Patrol
Gotta lub dem lil jiggaboos!
more Uneducated nobody's waste of life just kill them we don't need these kind of losers
Hola Senior
black people need to learn to take responsibiliity for their actions.
john connor
I don't want to condone violence, but I'm glad the teachers are now also becoming victims of school bullies, for yrs teachers have did little to protect their students, they've taken an ignorant approach that its the parents problem. Well its becoming theirs lets see if they finally act upon it. Its a shame its resorted to these lengths, but they've only themselves to blame.
I used to be liberal I`m sorry
Knowing the races of these 2 assholes before even watching the video makes me a racist or a realist?
Ming Pengu
why are all these attack news, only african americans?
Obese Forever
10 years in prison is not even a fraction of what they should be facing, this is sad, let them rot in prison
James James
The one kids family member is the definition of ignorance.  1:55  "It's wrong cuz my nephew (muttled words) is not in a gang and......he works all the time."  Oh ok, so because I also work all the time and I do not belong to a gang, I can go around punching people for whatever reason?  You commit crimes, you have to be responsible for them.  Period.
Mai Ta Xiong
No offense but a lot of theses seem to be African american kids most of the time. & in school, majority of the time, i see African american kids always talk loud, really rude, always have attitudes, and fighting . Not saying I never seen any other race like that too, but we all know they're like that.
Ian Shively
Almost always black kids
thomas p. galvin
Monkeys dindu-nuffins;
I'm a cop and I saw the pleasure of a thug like these kids getting shot and killed last week. It was beautiful.
Stanley Keith
the parents need to serve time with there kids. for the failure they are
Great White Rabbit
our youth are becoming evil minded people,instead of helping someone being attacked they record it....
Alvellé Porter
as a black person were not all stupid they deserves to be punished.
Pero Juric
10 years on prison for attacking the teacher? In my country murderers get less than that. Way less. Around 2-4 years.
jerritta jackson
Were is the respect for our elders.kids like that should get the maximum penalty
Ben Rossi
Why did the guy who got it on tape get in so much trouble? And why did the cop have to compare them to Chicago and LA gangs?
Saw this on reddit
abc cba
abc cba
Lovely drama i hate school
Lmao they cant prove thats him, character assassination i say
Ryan Rush
These kids need to learn how to behave
So what happened to the teacher? They didn't say anything about that. Did she die? Is she at the hospital? WHAT HAPPENED?!
sanchit kalhan
i know teachers get on nerves, and that too real bad, but to hit a woman, damn ! shame !
@MindlessBhaviorLuvn only cowards pick fights with 61 yr old female teacher...
Kiera D.
I Know What The Problem Is Teachers These Days Like To Mess With Kids. Think They Can Get Away With Fucking With us. Now We Fuck With Them Back See how They Like It. They Yell ? I Can Yell Back . Seriously. But An Elder Though!? That's Low.
frosie happy
What is wrong with this kids. Parents have no control. I blame the parents they don't care.
Vincent Chase
Thank God for Zoo keepers...AKA the police....what ever
Vincent Chase
Your stupidity is quite astounding....That MEANS WOW IN YOUR WORLD.....I enjoy seeing how stupid you act. Makes me love my 10 year old son even more knowing he has more class and education then a broken home(probably ghetto black) illegitimate person of society like your self. Most likely a lot of this you couldn't comprehend so i'll say it in your trashy language......YO DAWD, DAT IZ SUM DUMM ASS SHIT TTO SAY....YOUIZ STOOOPID......btw, please don't reproduce. ........I can't stop laughing
Racism is judging people by their looks/skin, NOT their actions. But this kind of bullshit is almost ALWAYS pulled off by black people.
Sly DeVekio
Hey now , that kid did assault that 61 year old lady. and now that he faces prison for the attack. you wanna cry racist. that's just plain criminal act, he deserves what he gets. if anything he is the racist , beating up on some old ass white lady. stupid fuck.
Jordan Morello
The morons below me are rascist fucking idiots.