Mark Hoppus | The Featurings (Full Album)

Tribute Video for Mark Hoppus featuring various artists. These are the songs he co-wrote, played bass or sang beyond Blink 182 Sorry if i forget any other songs. I made this video in 2014 so there are more recent songs with Mark, and there aren't in this vid od course! Tracks: 00:00 The Ataris - My So Called Life 02:41 The Ataris - That Special Girl 04:33 Simple Plan - I'd Do Anything 07:50 Box Car Racer - Elevator 10:34 New Found Glory - Something I Call Personality 13:14 MxPx - The Empire 17:02 MxPx - Wrecking Hotel Rooms 20:27 Motion City Soundtrack - Hangman 23:19 Renee Renee - Paper Dolls 26:46 Vanilla Sky - Nightmare 29:49 Richard Gibbs - Until The Stars Fall From The Sky 32:50 Pete Wentz - In Transit 37:06 Forget The Pacific - Sweet 16 40:00 City Comma State - You Crush My Heart 43:56 Tonight Alive - Thank You And Goodnight 47:00 Owl City - Dementia 50:30 Less Than Jake - Rest Of My Life 54:00 Amoeba

2:41 was half expecting to hear Voyeur
sesiones pop punk
MxPx is great band!
i think this is the wrong version of Nightmare, i dont know where you got the non mark hoppus version but you did
Daniel Pedić
Needs a re-upload with December (again) by Neck Deep and Tidal Waves by All Time Low
All Time Low - Tidal Waves more recently
Recently, in New Found Glory - Ready and Willing II
The Ataris songs sounds so much like Dude Ranch "I'm Sorry" and "Enthused" is what I'm heading
Dementia sounds like a bonus track that could have been on Neighborhoods.
I knew I liked that New Found Glory song a lot. Now I know why...
Johannez Korzo
Awsome, really good job, man, here´s another one you didn´t have here, cheers! Just Stay Home - Something For Rockets Ft. Mark Hoppus
Kynan's Music
forgetting mcbusted- hate your guts
genial !!!!
This is great! Thank you! He will be on the new All Time Low album too!
alfredo flores
MxPx c:
Xamen Kai
I wish I found this video earlier! Thanks for uploading this. :D
+ All Time Low - Tidal Waves
Savannah katirtz
thank you for posting this is really great but i didn't find "forget the pacific sweet 16"
Adriano Mendes
mark é top, nunca imaginei que ele fazia parte mxpx
First 2 songs are great! Where can I find them ? Which Ataris album/s??
disgruntled black man
That Special Girl sounds REALLY familiar to an older Blink song... Anyone else know what I'm talking about here?
Michael Karl
See You Around By Golfinger features Mark Hoppus as well
Fábio Godk
till the present day i have no clue who is Renee Renee
Eugenio Vasquez
this is hot thank you
john besselievre
Sounds like the Blink Carousel Riff, its 90% there, good song though.
Isai Vargas
hate your guts- mcbusted ft mark hoppus
Anmol kalra
i wish there was some link i could download these directly.
Mark Nowak
judging by the nearly hour long video + all the comments mentioning songs not included... Mark's been featuring in a LOT of songs
also forgot something for rockets
Great collection hadn't heard songs like Amoeba and Paper Doll before. Love collections like this. Thanks for taking the time to make it. 
Kynan's Music
also tidal waves by all time low
new found glory i shoud've listened to my friends he sang back up on that
André Neckelbeck
there's also the new found glory song, ready and willing, but i'm not sure if it was already out when you uploaded this, so w/e
Conor Lydon
@ 02:41 i couldve sworn I was about to hear Voyeur
Marek W
That's the wrong Richard Gibbs in the picture that's Richard Gibbs the professor not the artist lol
The intro to That Special Girl sounded just like the intro to Voyeur by Blink-182!
a few of these songs i heard before i even knew mark helped write or was featured on them. and blink is my favorite band! hes just amazing
The Kraken
I had no idea Mark co-wrote Rest Of My Life
Innit Though?
I dismissed most of these, but now that I like The Ataris more than blink, I'm pleasantly surprised.
Nay Hoops
also all this mark is just godly
This is pretty dope, I remember I grabbed all the songs he sang on and put them into 1 album
54:00 GTA 5!
Justin Hellmer
Thomas DeLonge
Daniel Ellis
tom literally only has one feature and its a say anything song
Bruno Holznagel
Youve forgot Neckdeep December again
fail the ataris, is not voice of mark hoppus
Jack Kuerbitz
If Elevator is considered "beyond blink-182" shouldn't When Your Heart Stops Beating be considered beyond blink as well?
michael rudisill
Think it's time to make this again
Vic J.
If I'm not wrong I think that's Mark who is singing at the end of The Juggernauts by Zebrahead but never saw him credited anywhere for this, was expecting to may be see it here x')
needs tonight alive thank you and goodnight 
No McBusted? :P
Ha ive heard this ataris song a million times because i have that EP and never new Mark was featured on this song.
Billy Agusta
all time low
Martin Moser
what about elevator by box car racer? 
Ruben Cires
Nay Hoops
mark and travis have done their fair share of work. not too sure about Tom
Joe M
I love being able to listen to Mark and not having to bear the excruciating pain of Tom DeLongs voice 
this is like putting a bunch of white crayons in one box and trying to enjoy coloring. sorry, blink 182 died after they took the enema