Melbourne Storm v NZ Warriors (finals 2008) - part 2/2

Re-watch the biggest upset in the NRL finals history, when 8th placed Warriors beat the minor premiers from Melbourne.

I'm never going to forget that last minute - the Warriors made about 40 metres without the ball lol ;-)
fuck yeah
michael kaisala
this is what the 2014 warriors is missing, offloads and some free style playing, vintage warriors style .
Let's gone Warriors!
Just beat melbourne again yesterday, thats 7 wins from last 8 games
Pretty good.
hows that going for you?
Chris Charlton
I don't know why everyone makes such a big deal out of this, when Parra beat St George in 2009
fuckn hell first time 8 has beat 1? crazy, also, inglis with the drop goal hahaha. go warriors.
One of the most exciting warriors games ive ever seen, considering the situation the team were in being the 8 seed
Dylan Rangitutia
and still havn't won a premiership
Elijah Cameron
2013 our time goooo!!!! the warriors!!!!
You're not alone. Earlier that day, I flew in from London. Was mega jet lagged, but obviously was dying to go to the game. It was my first day in Melbourne and it was a nice welcome. Couldn't believe my luck. Moving to a new city (Melbourne) and we're playing their team. And when we scored that try... Unfuckingbelievable.
The final try is my favourite Warriors try of all time.
Liam Waters
thank you so much for this!
Ahh yes the beard era
Kurt Perry
how's the storm's team. So many stars with Cronk, Slater, Smith, Blair, Folau, Crocker, Inglis, Geyer and they still couldn't stop us WARRIORS!!