Ronaldo Barcelona vs Ronaldo Real Madrid ● Best Goals & Skills Ever ●

The 19-20 years old Ronaldo that played just 1 season with Barcelona vs The 25-30 years old Ronaldo that played four and half seasons with Madrid..For daily updates and videos join The Facebook Page: ◄ ► "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." Ignore Tags a lot of majestic Skills, Dribble and Passes Ronaldo Corinthians Brazil Il Fenomeno r9 Brazillina Cruziero Psv Barcelona Inter Milan RealMadrid Ac Milan Corinthiens retired perfect skills moves tricks Manchester Cristiano Messi tricks skills moves dribbles Gol goal hot Timão Red Devils paulista serie calcio liga world cup super liga ligue premier league new 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 first comeback injuries hatrick soccer football legend fenomeno nutmeg panna comp incredible zidane ronaldinho kaka forlan Inter Milan Jose Mourinho champion Phenomenon Brazil Brasil penalty barca barcelona best spanish justin bieber lady gaga accident crash sports elastico hoscus pocus step over pedala flip flap inversoronaldo done two of the most impossible elastico flip flap ever perfect skills moves and tricks Ronaldinho revilinho pele maradona cruyff laudrop zidane romario messi cristiano ronaldo liga clacio seria primier Copa America league bundesliga elastico hocus pocus flipflap inverso pedaleta canos nutmegs panna dribbles real madrid barcelona classico vs versus man u manchester united city chelsea arsenal juventus roma bayern munich fenomeno phenomenon king best player ever barcelona vs versus real madrid 5 0 29 10 2010 Neymar Ronaldo,Corinthians,skills,dribble,passes,playmaker,tricks,goals,2009,2010,2011,Serie,Calcio,uefa,cup,liga,Champions,league,preimier,bundesliga,Manchester,Barcelona,Cristiano,Messi,Fenomeno,Finalisti,C.,R9,hot,campeonato,paulista,santos,Treino,Best,of,Kaka,Pato,Bagio,Beckham,injury,goal,ManU,Real,Madrid,Milan,Brasil,Brazil,comeback,Fans,Training,São,Caetano,Palmeiras,primeiro,segundo,timao,Ponte,Preta,Ituano,barca,psv,nutmeg,step,overs,panna,hocus,pocus,flip,flap,r10,Neymar,2012,Zidane,Ronaldinho,Pele,Maradona,Bale,2013 Real Madrid 2014/2015, Cristiano Ronaldo 2014/2015, Ronaldo Skills & Goals, Gareth Bale 2014/2015,Toni Kroos Iker Casillas, Best Saves Ever, Jesús Fernández, Diego López,Raphaël Varane, Raphaël Varane Pepe Funny Moments Sergio Ramos Fábio Coentrão Marcelo Daniel Carvajal Álvaro Arbeloa, Álvaro Arbeloa Real Madrid, Álvaro Arbeloa 2014/2015, Nacho Fernández, Nacho Fernández Real Madrid, Sami Khedira, Sami Khedira Real Madrid 201472015, Toni Kroos Real Madrid, Gareth Bale, Real Madrid, Gareth Bale Best Skills & Goals Ever, 2014-2015, Xabi Alonso,Real Madrid, Xabi Alonso, Luka Modrić, Luka Modrić Real Madrid Ultimate Skills, Ángel Di María, Isco, Skills, Asier Illarramendi, Skills, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo The Legend, Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo 2014, Cristiano Ronaldo 2013-2014, Cristiano Ronaldo 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo 2014-2015, Cristiano Ronaldo 2014/2015, Cristiano Ronaldo Skills & Goals Pre-Season 2014-2015, Cristiano Ronaldo Best Skills & Goals Ever, Cristiano Ronaldo Best Skills, Cristiano Ronaldo Best Goals, Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Show, Cristiano Ronaldo Ultimate Skills & Goals,Karim Benzem2014/2015, Karim Benzema 2014,Jesé Rodriguez, Future Talent, Jesé Rodriguez, James Real Madrid, James Rodriguez, James Rodriguez Real Madrid,Season, Real Madrid The best Club in the World, Real Madrid Champions League 2013-2014, Real Madrid La decima,barcelona real madrid 2013, el clasico 2013 highlights, Barcelona VS Real Madrid, 2013, Goals, HD, Highlights, El Clasico, Classico, EL Classico 2013, Barcelona - Real Madrid, Barca Real 2013s Real, Alexis Goal, Alexis, Ray Hudson, FCB, Barca, Neymar, Messi, Amazing, Sport, LaLiga, LFP, Liga BBVA, FCBHDWorld

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Alex Lala
best striker of all time
Johnny Jawbone
Barcelona will be forever known as the team who let the then 20yr old Ronaldo leave. They should have moved heaven and earth to keep him. Fools!
Felipe Rodrigues
ta louco Brasil só produzia monstros do futebol, esse cara é único
jair marcelo rey gutierrez
Ronaldo R9 = Lo más perfecto que ha dado La Tierra para jugar al fútbol. Fué , es y será un Dios siempre. Pasarán generaciones de generaciones y jamás se repetirá una historia de un jugador tan esplendoroso como lo fué Ronaldo Luiz Nazario. Ronaldo es un mito , es una leyenda viva..Para quienes pudimos apreciarlo en su momento sabemos que es el mejor jugador de todos los tiempos ,aún sabiendo que permaneció lesionado por mucho tiempo y que su carrera fué algo intermitente . Pero repito ,fué el más extraordinario jugador jamás visto en la faz de la tierra . Te adoro R9 ,gracias. Marcelo desde Costa Rica.
Zana scarlet
With all honesty and humility I admit and confess that no one ever given more joy and fun in football than the phenomenon, he was just pure talent, genius, a solo soul running over the pitch traversing all those giant defenders with no fear or hesitation. Always running forward with rocket run and a mind as nimble as his feet. We will never see another like him, not in this planet at least...hats off for the God of football.
R9 Barcelona best ever. R9 Real best ever with one knee.
Alexis Sanchez FanTV
Big ups to the uploader!Best R9 video i've seen online!... It's a shame he broke his leg and never really got his physique back because that agility and acceleration was just absolutely devastating! When you think Number 9 you think R9, The best ever!
I bims Spast
When you just watch the hilights you would think that he was as good in Madrid as he was in Barca... but you have to remember that he played 4 1/2 seasons in Madrid but only 1 in Barcelona. Not saying that he wasn't world-class in Real but it was in Barca (and first Inter year) where he truly was at the peak of his powers.
will Bruvisckï
Ronaldo não se fingia de morto igual Neymar levava canelada e ainda sim brigava em fica com a bola. Ronaldo raçudo
Hitmania Atlantic
R9 is a pure genius. The way goalkeepers and defenders kept falling over each other and chasing air left the fans dumbstruck. Both at Barcelona, Inter and at Real Madrid. Cruzeiro and PSV Eindhoven were ignition years preparing R9 for the limelight. His intelligence was far superior than any player in his generation. At Barca he used brute power and blistering pace as he simply became a one man show 13:00. At Inter he used more pace and skill. And at Real he relied heavily on skill and started scoring from distance to preserve energy. The rest of the Real Madrid Galictico's simply became spectators... After the injuries his speed slowed down and the luxuries of super stardom got the better of him (women, parties and uncontrolled nutrition). Coming from poverty it's hard to resist such temptation e.g Ronaldinho. Had Ronaldo stuck to a disciplined routine the World Cup 2006 was his for the taking. By 2002 Ronaldo had conquered world football and he was only 26 years old. He didn't need the Champions League, CL needed Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are miles behind this phenomenon. Only the genius of Diego Maradona can outshine Ronaldo Luiz de Lima. R9 is a flawless genius.
Ronaldo Barcelona for sure.
19:35 Last time I've seen an explosion like that, Hiroshima was still an unknown city.
Lápis da Silva
It's very, very sad to know that nowadays this RONALDO called legend is compared with players who only have media and marketing, very sad, never CR7 and Messi reached that level, ever! (The messi and cr7 has football, but do not reach the level of ronaldo)
G. L. Oliver
Craig Rodgers
I personally think he was better at real madrid.. he became a complete striker.. at barca he was young and just dashed about, scored.. at madrid his touches skill and movement seems more swift, more control, he just learned more. where's at barca he just thought take everyone on, despite being able too, he brought others into the game at madrid..complete striker. best ever in my opinion.
bergkamp dennis
Its sad that I have to type full ronaldo el phenomeno skills to get his video on youtube...
Ronaldo del Barcelona hizo que me empezase a gustar el fútbol. El mejor delantero de la historia hasta hoy
Armenak Balasanov
So many skills, tricks and a lot of magic just in one season in Barca..that is just phenomenal.. R9 forever.. Thanks for the great work Beeko!
alfredo medina
My favorite player. The best. Soccer played forward, always, not to the sides, always attacking, fast, and going through the defense as if they were not there. Amazing dribbling, careful and precise shooting. Ronaldo Nazario, the phenomenon!
Jon Doe
Just in case there was any doubt... The Greatest of All Time!
jose luis gonzalez celis
ronaldo lejos el mejor delantero de la historia del futbol, no hay discusión en eso, tampoco esta en discusión que esta entre los 7 mejores jugadores de la historia, y en mi opinion, si ronaldo no se hubiese lesionado, ni hubiese tenido el problema estomacal en la final de francia 98, estariamos hablando sin discusion de el mejor jugador de todos los tiempos, ya que hubiese tenido 3 mundiales, maximo goleador de los mundiales, y muchos balones de oro hasta para regalar. pd: para los que los comparan con cristiano y messi, creo que el futbol ha perdido mucho nivel este ultimo tiempo, y ambos no han ganado ningun titulo grande para compararlo con ronaldo.
Julian Gutierrez
Simplemente "El mejor delantero que ha visto el mundo".
people who know this sport..... respect this man...... Respect
Walid Zerhouni
what a player what a legend ! i will always pick him at any formation of ant generation !
At Barcelona: + speed, + power, + solo effords At Real: + finishing, + technique
Valery Velez
cr7 no le llega a los tobillos a ronaldo
dewayne stephen
speed,power,strength,brains,skills,technique,tactical awareness are all attributes ronaldo possessed..which makes him in a class of his own
Werner Rabello
Eu acho o Pelé o mais completo jogador q já existiu,mas, o Ronaldo Fenômeno, fica bem perto dele, abs
Cleber Tomahawk
fenomenal R9
back in the day when players mostly wore black shoes
Joseph Duku
Blistering Pace, lightening dribbling. Hands Down BEST.
19:35 O.o what kind of hack?
raps maradona
Ronaldo Barcelona was like Muhammad Ali in his prime until 1967 = the greatest of all times! Ronaldo Madrid was like Muhammad Ali in 1974 when he comeback and become champion again when everybody said he was dead! Not in his prime anymore but still the greatest of all out there !
Michel Gardinali
Aqui vai a visão de um brasileiro falando. É claro que existem muitos jogadores extremamente talentosos, gênios da bola. O que me faz acreditar que Ronaldo fenômeno foi o maior jogador que eu vi jogar era a sua capacidade de decidir uma partida. Sempre que Ronaldo estava em campo eu sabia que ele sozinho em algum momento nos 90 minutos de jogo poderia decidir a peleja. Acho que é isso que diferencia o maior jogado. Eu vi Ronaldinho Gaucho, vejo Messi e CR7 mas nenhum deles tem o poder de decidir uma partida como o Ronaldo tinha. Quando ele queria ele resolvia. Era uma sensação do tipo: "Deixa com o Ronaldo." Até os jogadores que jogaram com ele comentam isso! Ele era agudo, direto pro gol, sem muita firula. O objetivo dele era sempre o "GOL" que convenhamos é o objetivo principal de qualquer equipe. Eu vibrei demais com o Ronaldo em todos os times por que ele passou, sobretudo na Seleção Brasileira e no meu time do coração o Corinthians. Obrigado Fenômeno!
Cachito clips
What an amazing and incredible player he was! Ronaldo is just up there... One day I wrote this following comment below a hosam ronaldo video: "He definitely doesn't have nothing to envy of other great player in history, he's one of them, he is in the highest level of greatness, I would say that you only can put another one in the same level but never above. He's one of the five best players I've seen in my life... Although my favorite player will always be Ronaldinho, I also like that much Ronaldo, he was so brave, He overcame all those injuries and found the way to keep making history. Both are differents players with different roles, and some distinguish skills, Ronaldinho as a playmaker and Ronaldo as a striker, then I find very difficult choosing one above the other. And that's the reason I would never disagree with both sides and neither would have the intention to state who was better... They are Ronaldo, the other name of the sport so called football...
Amin Haq
power is nothing without control
O fenomeno, mas cariñosamente recordado como "El gordito"
Cachito clips
One last thing, at that age of 19 and 20 in Barcelona, no one was better. He was at least the greatest of all of time at young age.
Daniel Argueta
Ronaldo had the Skills, speed, strength... you name it He had everything.. best player to ever play the game ... best striker alive! pure class
César Benítez
Que clase de jugador era el fenómeno un killer era una bestia técnica velocidad regate y esa potencia de piernas increíble un 9 con habilidad de un 10 es por mucho el mejor 9 k pudo tener este planeta y ahí está en lo más alto junto con Pelé y Maradona porque además fue dos veces campeón del mundo y segundo máximo goleador de los mundiales y este si demostró k era un grande demostrando su calidad en todos los equipos k jugo k grande fuiste fenómeno
In his prime He was actually a fusion between Messi dribble and cristiano Ronaldo speed and shooting power he was the one chance goal Even when he miss he barley miss not like cr7 and Messi His ability to score goal inside and outside the box with that accuracy it's so outstanding He was real puncher cause of his speed and intelligence like what he did vs Oliver khan in 2002 first goal This why Jose mornhio said the Brazilian was impossible to mark He didn't say the same thing about Messi cause he was able to shut him down in his prime 2010 inter vs Barca with the like of Lucio and Marco materrazi who can't be consider as top class defender like puyol and nesta This why ladies and gentlemen Ronaldo is the G.O.A.T
Jay Murthy
Amazing video bro! Man i was almost in tears when i watched him retire...
Ngụy Phong
Ro9 very strong, R7 very weak, R9 too much skill trike goal, control ball, techique, important in match, R7 is ,.....haizzzzz, bad beacause defender now is normal
Joao Vieira
Make one of Luis Figo
Tomate 1996
the intro song please!!!!!!!
Mohammed Mo
Amazing I am speechless!!!!!!!
Saul Sánchez Zambrano
no habido jugador como el fenómeno el mejor de todos los tiempos ronaldo
carlos marcos
por lejos el fenomeno fue mucho mejor que las pinturitas que hay hoy (messi cristiano y otros)
Cher Abdou
el fenomeno for a reason, barcelona president was just too idiot to not make him stay longer, he's a pure joy, almost a perfect player, he had speed, pace, power, technique, dribbles, passes, very cool vs the keeper, dangerous inside and outside the box, nice headers, excellent in 1vs1,2,3 and even more, you can say that his career was simply destroyed by his opponents, he always had problems with his ankles ever since he was at PSV, it's a shame he had some serious injuries at an early age, it would have been awesome to see him win the champions league
Raul Cebrero
para mi el mejor jugador de la historia hacia del fútbol un arte
Namaz Panakhov
R9 Barcelona goals more and better in one season.
Ronaldo CR7
Grande ronaldo fenômeno
Waseem Senjer
He is the best striker ever.
dacid kapura
can anyone spot Jose Mourinho?
Cecinho C. Ponce
Ronaldo sólo puede ser comparado con su propio yo ya que a mi parecer no tiene rival.
giuseppe crimi
il più forte di tutti i tempi, praticamente 2 attaccanti in 1. inarrestabile, inafferrabile, micidiale. Se anche a Dio gli piace il calcio, allora amerà di sicuro Ronny. Per me superiore a Maradona e Pelè. Leggenda.
Francisco Borges
R9 melhor de todos os tempos.
Champ In Action
Pre-injury El Fenomeno is the striker of all time. (Playing For Barcelona and Inter)
Stanley Martin Ozor
One Man warrior in fiele. No player can be like him . Best of the Best . all time of football.
Stanley Martin Ozor
Ronald please come back to football .The world is dying for you . Phenomenon !!
Fernando Moya
Las patadas q metían antes!! pero igual Ronaldo un Crack un grande en verdad!! pero ahora CR7 y Neymar con un empujonsito ya están en el piso.
Stefo Kovachev
Numeroo 1 Ronaldo Brazilian!!!! Legend all stars!!!!😉😀😇
Astawa P.
messi is nothing compare by ronaldo on his prime..
Samuel HerMan
Ronaldo and Maradona both are from other world the best player I seen no body can compares the other ones just make a good copy even Ronaldiño but he is great too
Lm10Production Reuploads
Good work mate :)
carlos cantero
inigualable un jugador con un talento y dones superiores pocos juegan o jugaron en velocidad de esa manera ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
sisemendog sisemendog
Ronaldo at Barcha was better than Ronaldo at Real Madrid xd
Andres Cordoba
By rom7ooo I come :v
Kiên Nguyễn Đức
My HERO !!!
Eduardo Costa
Ninguem mais na historia teve esse tipo de drible rsrsrs era a logomarca dele rsrsrs de ngm mais!!! Legendary R9
Rowan Sewell
inter Milan ronaldo was way better
- -
This was an amazing compilation bro! :)
Werner Rabello
I think Pele the most complete player ever, but the Ronaldo, is very close to him
Ronaldo wins
martin aguirre
El único que pudo jugar en barcelona, real Madrid, Inter y Milán y ser idolo en todos esos que crack
Ariel Matu Jara
Soy argentino y veo que comparan a este monstruo con Batistuta y nada que ver es mejor Ronaldo años luz .baty te rompía el arco pero nada más
johan cruijff
Amazing.... thanks for the upload 👍
Ilício Francisco Júnior
Best striker ever and ever...for all times!
Sam Rothstein
It's like to compare Jordan's Bulls and Jordan's Wizards
In the white shirt of Madrid he was only about 70% of what he was at Barcleona. The criuciate knee injury and three years saw him gain weight, his body was chunkier, his footwork less nimble, he was slower. At Barca everything was explosive. It's akin to comparing Muhummad Ali in the 1960s to the much slower version in the 1970s (the latter version took a lot of punishment as a result). Ronaldo in a Barca shirt (and Inter) was awesome.
Ghgg Gfgg
Bharat Raghavan
the best striker the world ever saw.....and one of the greatest.....would love to quote from his footballs greatest doc....if only he had tried he could have been the most incredible player the world would have seen ever.....R9 the phenomenon
O melhor que eu vi jogar, quando ele jogava, agente ganhava, se o Ronaldo tava no time, já tá ganho...jamais algum outro jogador me deu essa sensação...Ronaldo + Rivaldo + Roberto Carlos = win
exemplo de superação teve a carreira cagada pela lesão e mesmo assim engoliu a copa de 2002 Na minha cabeça esse jogador é um monstro acima de qualquer outro, sem comparações, e olha que já vi Messi, ronaldinho e cristiano ronaldo jogarem muito
Naab Gomez
La magia pura, jagador como ronaldo no ha habido, y tal vez pase mucho tiempo para ver a alguien con esa magia
Martin Rodriguez
Jk Skills
Alfredo CaOv
Ronaldo mejor que Pelé y Maradona pero su alto nivel tuvo un precio alto.
Sir John Sebastian Veron
Aline Costa
melhor centroavante de todos os tempos
Gorgui Ndione
Le meilleur de tout les temps stp Ronaldo 😘😘😘😘🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭😭😭😭
khánh phát
vanja orlenko
one of the best players ever
Mario Vigil
Solo habrá un Ronaldo, sólo un Fenómeno... sólo un R9
Goddie Hunter
Who are the best? Ronaldo Phenomen, Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi?
22:13 the Gareth Bale :P
Juan Ricardo Hernandez Parra
Excelente video, si pudieras hacer el video repitiendo cada jugada, este video pasa hacer video nivel DIOS.
Stanley Martin Ozor
Lui è il RE per sempre . Ronaldo!!!! È Leone del campo .