Catching a Baby Screaming Bunny

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This is a video of me and my neighbor catching a baby screaming bunny and then it starts screaming

Sly Cooper
1:07 Baby Rabbit: Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!
TheAllMightyTom // Angel The Thief
That's so sad :,(
Rabbits scream when they're in pain or know that they are about to die.
May be cute, but that level of stress is extremely unhealthy for them, in some cases deadly, so if a bunny starts squeaking when grabbed, release it INMEDIATELY!!!
TheFrancisco2 Oficial
1:09 That is inadmissible
That Pasta Girl
Ending: "who eats Reeses?"
Evie Leigh
Just to make it clear, I have seen tons of arguments over whether this is wrong or not. And if you do at least 2 minutes of research each on YouTube and Google, you will see that rabbits only scream if they are frightened or think they are going to die. Incase you cannot be bothered researching, I'll copy and paste all of it below. Rabbits can scream. But I've only heard it when they think their going to die. Breeders call it the death scream. It's very disturbing. I've never heard of one doing it when their not scared. Maybe she's just feeling insecure. Try to leave... and here is some more: Screaming or loud squealing. This indicates great alarm or extreme pain. It sounds exactly like a small child's scream. Some rabbits will never scream, but many will do so at least once in a lifetime. If your rabbit screams, offer immediate comfort and stay close for a few hours. Check for any dangers or injuries The sound of a rabbit screaming will send chills down your spine for two reasons. First, it sounds eerily close to a terrified child. Second, rabbits only scream when a predator is chasing them down or they're dying. It's never a false alarm when a rabbit screams. And some videos on it: Some good rabbit youtubers that will give you information on rabbit dangers and tips: 101rabbits StormyRabbits BudgetBunny Lennon The Bunny. If you are interested in getting and looking after a rabbit PROPERLY:
Ann ProductionsTM
Michael Stack
Red letter media is going to give all the screaming bunny videos a boost
Briti Lilaramani
I'm quite angry because when the bunny screams it means it's frightened and they can die from loud noises and being stressed and all you guys are doing is like "oh it's just going to make noises" and "Let's show the kids" that is NOT how you treat a rabbit
I got an advertisement for a Chinese restaurant...
You know if rabbits scream it means they think they're going to die
Shreya Chakrabarty
Redlettermedians unite
Vids by V
A wild bunny can have a heart attack and die if it is frightend like that. Please be careful
myakka fuel
Dont touch a wild rabbit. Their are many reasons why you should not
Martin Dresler
Bunny screams are the most uncomfortable of all animals :(
Dont mind me !!!
PLEASE STOP !! YOU’RE SCARING IT. IT ONLY SCREAMS WHEN IT FEELS LIKE ITS ABOUT TO DIE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ಥ﹏ಥ I am an extreme bunny lover and seeing it scream like that (may be adorable) BUT IT STILL MADE ME CRY. Just... this much ‘👌’
Claire Lego
Came to the comment section for the "animal abuse" comments. Was not disappointed.
I speak rabbit and that little guy just yelled so many racial slurs.
Country Style Videos
The scream is the distress call
Imperator Augustus
Who else is here because of Red Letter Media?
Tilly_tato_ 72
You know when rabbits scream like that it means they think they’re going to die
It's Jacob
One like equals one rabbit. I'll start: 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰
Casey A. S.
Aww! if only bunnies can survive getting squished I'd do it all day! You cute little fluffy ball of cuteness!!
- Harmony
Shame on you.
mr anonymous
Rabbits can die from such a stress, and who knows how much energy it lost before he catched it, there's a cut in the video. Some people simply don't have any empathy towards animals, others are stupid.
Sammy Fox
Congrats, you scared a young rabbit shitless AND sullied it with your own human scent so there's a good chance its mother didn't recognise it anymore and then rejected it, likely condemning it to death by predators or starvation, whichever came first. But hey, anything for that precious ad money right?
Rabbits scream when they are terrified or dying, so you actually scared the shit out of that innocent creature P.S that is a horrible way to hold a rabbit due to it wanting a supported bum so it can feel calm and not be stressed out completely (From a rabbit owner what I recommend is if you want something cute to own and hold, buy a rabbit from breeders, or better yet, adopt one from an animal shelter. Domesticated rabbits raised by birth will be less terrified when picked up)
SquidHub Central
This comment section is saltier than a pack of McDonald fries.
Kathryn S
It looks to be a very young black tailed jackrabbit. They are born fully furred, eyes open, and able to move around within minutes. I’d hazard a guess at the age of this one being between one and three weeks of age. While the screaming of the rabbit (hare actually :P) is indeed a sign of severe distress for the animal, I do wish other commenters would stop demonizing this video, or the people who made it. Not everyone has owned or been around rabbits - Wild or domestic - And when you see a cute bunny running around the yard, it’s understandable to want to gently detain the animal to share a neat experience with the kiddos. While the best policy for wild animals is to remain hands off, wanting to hold a small baby creature, and being ignorant of rabbit stress behaviors/consequences, isn’t evil.
I am legitimately surprised at how many people are ignoring or even trashing all the "vegan" comments out there. These people aren't idiots like everyone else blinded by how "cute" this encounter was. Rabbits are highly intelligent animals with complex thoughts and emotions and squeaking means that they are absolutely terrified and think that they are about to get eaten alive. The guys in the video were completely insensitive and had no consideration for this rabbit's well being at all, absolutely disgusting. Just leave the poor creatures alone, Jesus Christ.
Robert Howe
Honestly I think people need to stop dogpiling the poor guy. Yeah, he did something stupid, but he probably wasn’t aware or was being oblivious to the situation. You go off saying things and view this man (and his kids probably) as an evil or cruel monster, but all I see is a man who thought it’d be cool to show his kids something but did not understand the repercussions or consequences of his actions. As for the “rabbit experts” (I don’t doubt your legitimacy but I do doubt every one of you has a rabbit), stop slamming the guy...y’all just look and sound like a bunch of prudes with sticks up your asses...
Wesley McCraw
"Help! The Titans got me!"
God, all he did was pick it up and people are screaming in the comments. If the mother isn't dead, she'll come back for it. Picking it up for five second won't make the mother abandon it.
Arun Sathish
Sounds kind of emergency alarm . Code red code red. He caught me over . Bleep . haha lol😊😂💕💕 so cute .
Not gonna be all PETA on ya, but that was unnecessary and can be super stressful for a little guy like that :(
Paul V
awww somebody left a perfectly good snack on the door step, how thoughtful.
Erin Brown
the bunny sounded like a miniature car alarm 🐇🚘😂 Thank you all for a thousand likes!!! I did not expect this at all😃
Larry Dietz
The bunny is really cute but if the bunny screams that means that it is scared and that can kill the rabbit
Joseph Joestar
Look at all these cancer comments calling it "animal cruelty." They're the kind to comment "stupid snake" if they saw a video of snakes feeding on bunnies.
Lyre Burch
People are ignorant. Never pick up wild animals. They could have rabies and it's very stressful on them. Rabbit's also have heart attacks very easily. Just leave wild animals alone and let them go on their way.
Matthias T.
Rosanny M
You triggered the poor things car alarm.
Ara Cho
It kinda looks like he was squeezing the rabbit.
Ricorchet the boss
Poor buddy looks like he lost his family or something and is scared! :(
Queen Samantha
Poor bunny
claire speed
Leave the poor thing alone
Jimmy M
That bunny looks like its seen some shit.
Kolby Niles
that was so mean
carl wikström
That's a bunny not a housecat guys. Let it down to ground level, don't chase, don't restrain, and therewith don't touch it if it's wild so they keep their natural scent.
Why are you laughing at them? Like a jerk And then picking them up whether they want to or not and laughing at the noises they make?
Ťåýĺøŕ Føx
You leave that rabbit alone poor thing what the heck is wrong with you guys! You scared the poor thing hes probably calling to his mother!
Why on earth did you pick up a wild rabbit!!!! I know they’re cute but I bet you just killed that baby! They are wild animals and should be left in the wild!!! Please note this and never do it again. I feel so bad for that poor baby!
Baby Angel
0:47 Gotta BLAST‼‼‼
*ThatsWhatSheSaid *
Ok that’s just awful I mean ya it might be cute but have some respect for wildlife and observe from a distance that poor baby was terrified and to anyone who sees a wild rabbit leave it alone
Trinz Martin
Y'all are terrible..... poor baby...
y u bully me
The second I saw the title I knew there was going to be a ton of dislikes.
"Look at me pick up this helpless baby until it screams for its life. LOL!" Good lord.
I am not a sadist, but I think the bunny screams are cute. Don't oppose me.
James Bateman
You should never interfere with a wild rabbit as it can put them under tremendous stress and can cause the rabbit to stop eating properly.
Retro Austin
Bunny alarm activated.
Ariana Lam
When rabbits scream, it means they feel like they’re gonna die. Stop doing what you’re doing if a rabbit screams.
they use scream to scare or confuse predator, for one second before dying.
A bunny alarm(if i have one i can wake up at the right time everyday 👍)
Emily Dorff
Do not hold a bunny like that. I have been raising bunnies for 18 years now and am a great owner for Bunnies and I know you’re not supposed to hold a bunny like that so don’t they have heart attacks very easily. You have to hold them securely so they feel comforted by holding the bottom of their legs like a cup or almost.
He won't make noises- **starts screaming**
Flippedy Skippedy Doo
That's one cute lil' wild bunny you got there! I have a rabbit myself, but I never knew he could make sounds like that, because all he does is grunt when he is mad. Love that bunny!
fly muout 24
A defenseless bunny
Raspberry Cream Pie
Who liked this video, this should get taken down if you don’t want anymore hate going towards you your gonna get more hate then views
King of awesomeness
Damn dat ni🅱🅱a fast
cupcakeFluttershy/ DuckyPlays
when it was screaming I just imagined him screaming"MOM. MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM!"
Upscale Avenue
That poor thing is terrified. You guys should have left it alone.
Gavin Turner
Hey that counts as animal abuse the rabbit was in desires so let him be he is trying to enjoy his time alive. So just let him be.
Cool Guy
1:12 pet the kitty!
pro gaming Sup morgan
Valiant Uways
I kill him instead
Papa Paulo
like dude wtf just leave the bunny alone poor thing
Angel Lopez
When rabbits make that noise it means they feel that they are going to die. Its the rabbit scream and it only uses it in feeling of death or its in so much dangers its going to be killed
Well, today I ran one over on accident on my bike, that squealing it what I heard, I feel terrible :(
Della Clever
This is exactly what NOT to do if you see a young wild rabbit.
Poor bunny! >:c
ShaniaRubyBFF Msp
Susan Zarbock
It screamed because it felt like you were going to kill it! AND YOU WERE SQUISHING IT
Up yours you fuck
i didnt know rabbits can scream *o*
Evelyn Jimenez
That’s not how you handle a bunny oh my god
*aNgErY buN*
bad muchacho b
worm2004 _
I didn't even know that bunnies could even make noises
Omari Johnson
1:07 my car alarm
He can be my alarm clock xD
elsie aubry
wild animals don't exist for human amusement. leave the poor guy alone next time and admire from a respectful distance
Tay win
poor baby
Juste _ Amélie
stop !!!!!