WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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Sir Mooosey
Ive watched this an unhealthy amount of times
I Love Sasuke Uchiha So Freaking Much
Imagine seeing your elementary teacher becoming a dictator
Hitler invaded the USSR... Which enraged Stalin, who punished him severely.
The Night Sky
Describe how the USA works with the rest of the world in one sentence. ”You’re gonna trade with us, and you’re gonna like it.”
saad khan
Germany would of won the war if they used *_SKILLSHARE_*
Thurairajah Rajah
But oversimplified Churchill didn't discover Skillshare *The vikings did.*
"Make me prime minister, or I'll make me prime minister" "You and what army?" "This army" "Fair enough" Mussolini dressed as a woman ready to escape to Switzerland: Hippity Hoppity, Italy is now my property
Utkarsh Pandey
Chamberlain: So no more wars right? Hitler: yes *Hitler invades Czechoslovakia* Chamberlain: 𝗢𝗢𝗢𝗼𝗢𝗼𝗵 𝗡𝗢𝗼𝗢𝗼𝗢𝗼!
Mein Feish
whoops, looks like Switzerland got the recipe for the Invisibility Potion that last 6 years.
Best Fat Friend
No more Hitler jokes, they're out of mein kampfort zone
"You lied to me." "What did you expect? I'm Hitler!" Lmao
FinnX 001
Churchill was a man with many talents.... Me: ah shit, here we go again. edit: cheers for 200 likes
Jayceekieffer Felix
Germany:*Starts Another War* Switzerland:Ohh Time For Another Movie!!
shakir johnson
Only the truly informed will know that ww2 started when mussolini decided to go bald.
Ich am da boss
The amount of times you watched this video 👇🏻
ON Dickson
This is officially the 8th time I've watched this video... Like if you've watched more than once too
Some_Random Guy
Oversimplified is doing animation without legs Which enraged the SkillShare members, who punished him severely
Shout out to you for highlighting Japanese war crimes in Asia (i.e. Nanking). These don't get talked about enough.
Thenerdicat 134975
Poland: Exists Europe: It's free real estate Me: KURWA!
Wakil Hamidi
Hitler was born This enraged his father who punished him severely
If the German Population had used SkillShare, they could have gotten out of inflation!
Jannis Hoermann
3:55 bro those are belgium flags not german flags🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Joseph Pavelka
Did Hitler use his war tactics from the skills he learned on skillshare?
13:13 "Hitler kinda shot himself at the foot there" *"Just the foot for now"*
Switzerland eating popcorn since 1815
Nobodys talking about the fact that at 3:55 it's not the German flag instead the Belgien? Okay...
Snackosaurus N
Me: *plays Battlefield 1 and 5 and watched all OverSimplified Videos multiple times* Also me: *You know, I‘m something of a historian myself*
Vincent Tatin
I may add a little thing that isn’t very well known about war in France in 1940 : after Dunkirk’s events, the French high command saw only that all their men died to allow the British to flee (in their eyes, it was cowardice and... treason). Something France struggles to admit is that a HUGE amount of high command officers, enraged with Britain’s behaviour, simply gave their troops orders so that Germany would take France easily, and so they can be sent to invade the UK. Not all French generals were actually fighting Germany after Dunkirk. This is also why the English destroyed the French fleet in Mers-el-Kebir, with the help of « traitors, sympathizers with the enemy » (Britain here) who sabotaged the French ships. Otherwise, many French admirals would have taken on war on the UK, and the French battleships were very feared (like all others ! It is just that this fleet was one of the best at the time). Britain did a very good job at keeping the haters in France at bay, as it was split into two sides, two hates. History tells the story of resistance, but damn, many (not all) French people hated the British and actually let Germany come to gain power. That’s all :D Bonne journée à vous, messieurs et dames !
Hey can We Blitzkrieg Area 51
Laura Reyes
Hitler lost WWII Which enraged his father, who punished him severely.
Cielitos El Azulito
Germany & the USSR invaded Poland Which enraged the allies, who punished them severly
Dayran Playz
This is how many times I watched this video 👇
Shahira Omar
If Germany is the Fatherland and if Russia is the Motherland, does that make WW2 Domestic Violence?
Very ironic when the UK tries prevent another country invading and oppressing another, usually it's Britain that does that.
Germany : FatherLand Russia : Motherland So was WWII A big Divorce
Huntrah Films
But oversimplified the Germans didn’t start WWII, The vikings did
Hitler lost the war. Sooo… are we supposed to call his book " *nein kampf* "…?
Gaye Keen
How much do I love the vein on Mussillini's skull!! Germany coughing. omg...so funny...am I drunk?
Man, your videos actually made me pay attention better than I ever did in high school history 😂😂
"You lied to me." - "What do you expect? I'm Hitler."
JC Inc.
Germany *starts ww2* America: “you could not live with your own failure, and where did that bring you? back to me”
Charley Wymore
Mussolini's hairline probably retreated faster than his armies.
Doc Klu
6:11 "I want that thing." Haha, it's such a cute way to show such a horrible period of human history.
Squiddy Boy
The only reason why the Axis lost was because they didn’t play HOI4
Fliyo MB
Italy in every world war. Germany: OK Italy. We are losing pretty badly, because of you. Italy: Don't worry guys. Italy: I have a plan. *Italy has changed teams* *Italy has left the game*
Dean Sama
3:57 i just noticed that the German flag is slightly wrong and thats actually the flag of Belgium
maybe a normalhuman
Now, I have one question. Why doesn’t he have as many subscribers as Pewdiepie?
ShadowCat 1442
I may or may not have memorized the script up to 2:45...
"So Hitler kinda shot himself in the foot there... just the foot for now" *_OOF_*
Geo Graphy
2:34 Mussolini gets a haircut Tchaikovsky be like "nope dude"
Bro I used skill share and actually learned how to make a fricking amazing quesadilla
Alexander Cappiello
Imagine that your elementary school teacher becomes one of Europe’s strongest dictators.
Odd Future
7:05 ya see is moments like these that make me love your vids bro🤣🤣🤣
taken username
Pretty sure I watched this countless times from 2017-2018. Took my national history exam at the end of 2018 and got an A 😊 Although it wasn't all the content in this video (of course, as the exam is alot more and much more complex), this channel helped me appreciate history and made it enjoyable for me. Thanks Oversimplified! ~ just a love letter from me loving history because of you
When you realize that hitler’s room at 3:54 is covered in Belgian flags😂
Carter Birchfield
Wait Winston Churchill didn't load his computer to go on skillshare, the vikings did!
Oliva Stevens
4:32 : *_It's rewind time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_*
Aniket Maurya
Germany loses WW1: Also Germany: Ah shit here we go again.
Alvin john Alcantara
*Believes they are racially superior *Feels hostility against the ally *Wants to militarize and take more stuff Must be CHINA today. I think history is repeating itself in different way.
If Germany had used Skillshare, they wouldn't have been in such economic ruin.
pro f
TEACHER: "why is Russia impossible to invade" ? STUDENT: "because its big" , "WINTER: AM I A JOKE TO U" ?.
Jax10000 [GD]
Hitler started WWII This enraged the allies, who punished him severely
The Local Goalie
Hitler helped start WW2. This enraged the allies who punished him severely. (I'm sorry if someone posted this before me. I didn't see anyone post this.)
Aksh Shah
"You're gonna trade with us, and you're gonna LIKE IT"
Color boss 77
Hitler didn’t invade the U.K. Which in raged father who punish him severely
it would have been a great video if not for the cringe-worthy bit about churchill in the beginning. As many armchair historians do, churchill is overrated and sugar coated here.
Mussolini could have brought Italy to it's glory during WW2 if he learned more about logistics, military tactics, and means of keeping his charisma to boost morale. . . . *_All of which he could have learned if he had Skillshare._*
The Witch King of Angmar
Switzerland: this is an even better show than that time in 1914
Justin Greenleaf
Thanks Youtube for making educational videos censor Swaztikas. I'm surprised you're even allowed to say "nazi" in a WW2 video. Is the world a better place yet? And what happened in Nanking? ughhhh
Person: Why did you do that thing? Me: What thing. Person: Eating all my ice cream. Me: What do you expect? I'm Hitler.
Quest For Destiny
Who lets a dude who’s been arrested 3 times be a teacher? Ok buddy.
Jack Van Patten '26
Stalin: lets invade poland Mussolini: but that means war Hitler: **smiles**
Enrique Diaz
Hold on The Swatcica/The Nazi sign,was it blurred out now?
Dragon Cars
I enjoyed the South Park stick of truth reference
A animator
Government 1 : monarchy Government 2: freedom Government 3: communist
Dank Memes
Everyone’s comments are about hitlers father punishing him severely. Hitler tried to stop these comments This enraged his father who punished him severely Holy hell thats the most likes I’ve ever gotten oh my
Das Toast
3:56 is he a fan of belgium?😂 No hate, just something i‘ve noticed after watching this Video like a thousand times...😂
Cash flow
Lounging around in a freakin tunnel like "when will this war end already im missing the latest episodes of leave it to beaver for this crap"
Lone Wolf
This is actually really good! 👍🏾👍🏾. Now subscribed 🙂👍🏾
Golden Memories Of Reality
If anyone deserves to go to heaven, it's poor China- O H W A I T
Joshua Taylor
"The French still used horses! " nobody used more horses than Germany! Germany was not a hyper mechanised army at the start of the war like everyone seesms to belive.
Roses are red Hitler wasn’t cheery This enraged his dad Who punished him severely
Burning Heart Photography
Brilliant video and a random shot of The situation made me piss 😂
I love Norway when it’s a stick figure 😂
what you did in 14 minutes, my history teacher couldn't the whole semester!
ziahn t
3:07 The boys storming Area 51
Sean Denapoli
Switzerland: GRABS POPCORN
The gaming Shiba
3:41 the German was living his life as a normal person THIS ENRAGED THE BRITISH GUY WHO PUNISHED HIM SEVERELY
blackout betty
Don’t mind me. Just binging -Netflix- OVERSIMPLIFIED
Joey Abbadessa
Austria: exists Germany: hippity hoppity this is now my property
Indrawan Asamin
I love your kind of joke OverSimplified.. The only addictive joke I think
Ny Phan
”New phone who dis”-Norway, Sweden. Lol I can't 😂
Bel1al Playz
So in other words, hitler has the idea of playing risk with the whole world, and he just used blitz to consistently win. P$$sy
You smooth f**ker the way you just transitioned into that skill share ad was so smooth
15 videos 2.2 million subs *you sir, are a genius*
falloutrim 8998
If only Napoleon conquer Russia same with Hitler :(
Hitlers room looked like the belgian flag than germany's lol
Dreamy Mouse
I'm guessing Switzerland is fine with world wars and it being just good with it
Muted Poison
7:28 when your friend spoils a movie but you know when you get mad at them they feel some type of way so you act like your excited
Dan Of The Dirt
"Hitler kind of shot himself in the foot here..." ... *"Just the foot for now."* *Was that a reference to his death or-*