Kaleido Star Season 2 Episode 20 [Part 2]

(。・ω・)ノ゙ READ ME PLEASE! Kaleido Star Season 2 Episode 20 "The Amazing Fated Duel" ♪ Opening song: "Tattoo Kiss" by r.o.r/s┊"Escape" by r.o.r/s ♪ Note: I'm sorry guys i will mostly likely be uploading the whole 2nd season in parts since youtube is no longer letting me upload the whole entire episode. ------------------------------------------------------------­­------------------­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­-­­-­­­­ I Do Not Own Kaleido Star All Credit Goes To The Creator ©Junichi Sato & The Japanese Studio Gonzo Digimation Holding . I'm Just Sharing It With Fellow Viewers On Youtube.

Hesperos Ae
I really prefer Leon over Yuri. Leon hides his good heart under a cover of coldness (I don't justify his mistakes, though); but Yuri is the opposite and in fact worse, because he hides a cunning and ruthless nature under a cover of charm. Even when he regrets it and forgiveness is always better, he has a responsibilty on Sophie's death. Even his way of making Leon react was cruel. Leon proves here he has great restreint, it took too long for Yuri to make him react violently.
ArtFox Naru
I like the showdown between Leon and Yuri, the art is so fluid and it reflects the emotions in the atmosphere.
Dhuri Bualli
When Leon's crying it looks like he's choking
Why is Sophie always glowing like a glow stick
Jean Prieto
Anyone stop at 7:17? Or am I the only one ?😂 real nice angle.
woa they are fighting for sora ooooooooooooooooooooo :D nice
Aww I wanted Yuri to be Sora's partner
levios rainnor
sora crying in dub english is... ew... sora crying in dub japan is still better.
Even the cast members hate may xD wow.
Saad Ashraf
But i thought sora and yuri were both perfect together
Ok but if Leon had killed him then they would be screwed cause Im pretty sure he cant preform from prison
Is it bad that i paused on 05:17 and laughed for 5 minutes straight ?
Nightcore Girl Loves Songs
the people who was telling Sora to beat May sounds like kids
Emily Orr
I loved this anime, it was so beautiful!!!! I wish there was more😭😭
Aesha Natsuki
Running away...
Aesha Natsuki
Isn't yuri who is the coward......4.06
yah.. dissociative identity disorder
Jasmine Miranda
this is scary
Salimah Muhammad
Omg this girl either your goin believe in yourself or get depressed Jesus she's pissing me of
Fiona PM
Oh Fool......
Destinee Hung
I feel my hatred for Leon evaporating away...
Irritated by the accent sorry
LOL now I no longer hate Mei XD I really like her. Just like how I hated Layla at first and then grew to love her
ダリツマ アルボノス
Lmao poor Fool. The abuse he goes through :-D
GiGi Maker
O.O sora is rencarnation of sofia i think or she is just epic it takes two angel to make an angels manover
Jadia Nightbane
the tears! the tears are flowing! T.T i love this anime and i love this episode so much! all the people i didn't like are becoming really good characters too, yes even May.
Kim Nguyen
I wish yuri and Leon were real 😍
May Rose
yeah... although then again how did Layla and Sora in the first season? I think it's something they had to learn for the stage. You know, fencing/swordplay
Men(sigh)...really Yuri? Why did have to provoke Leon like that?
Well atleast we know why leon was such a jerk
Hope Etta Wachtel
T.T Sophie. I'm so sad :'(
Vivian Eze
She really looked like an angel , lucky her
yeah... (sorry its been 3 months sence I've seen this.)
Gillian G
the dance of death is usually called the danse macabre.
Mandy .W
They r like dancing together. a dance of death that is so beautiful and dangerous
Joy Hale
Yes people that understand that Leon went insane when Sophie died
yeah! cuz on minute hes nice and friendly like a big brother then the next he looks like hes about to go phsyco killer
AWESOME EPISODE!!!!! It was funny when they sprayed Fool. XD. and Yuri its sad that you think of yourself as a demon or ether one of them to think that.
when i was watching the episode that's like so similer to what i was going to right!
Ana Cruz
i totaly agree!
i still hate yuri and his name sucks
i think yuri has multiple personality disorber
Thank you for the uploads!!!!!!! 😭 this make me cry, I liked how Sophie was in Sora's shadow at the en though😂
I really wanted to cry during this whole episode! So emotional!!
Kandace L
Sora can fly!!!!!!!
Yuko Oshima
omg cant wait for ep 20
.... theres no episode 20... I need episode 20....
melody biosah
So damn INTENSE!!!!
The BlackRose
lowkey cried 3 times during this episode
When I hear Yuri...I can only ever hear Gojyo... I love you, Sha Gojyo! <3
5:42 I paused here and started crying with laughter 😂😂
Soul Lord
I li,e this episode it is awsome :-)
Saad Ashraf
Hey guys the evil yuri is back
Wilson Medina
Yuri Is Same Actor Yuri Lowenthal
Vanes benov
I really like it with eng sub
Tacyana Lee
why Yuri why was all those kind thing you do was fake
Crystal Schuster
I feel like sofie and sora would be really good friends😍😍😍😍
Leon's voice reminds me of Jakie Chan
Рума Абдуллаева
блин мен так бесит Лейла она партнер Юрия 😢😢
Wilson Medina
Sophie Died Leon Is Promise Her
Isabella Flores
I love Mia's version of a cheers 😂
Radiant Beary
Ooh the thumbnail makes it look interesting
Nightcore Dream
The truth is revealed
Keke Kenel
Go leon love you kisses and I would break up a fight with anger not tears and Yuri go somewhere I watch this a year ago but it is so much drama could not keep away
Wilson Medina
Leon Crying
Wainright Mckenzie
layla is coming back
Mohim Khan
1:44 is so funny
Рума Абдуллаева
скажите пожалуйста что за серия? такое чувство что они дерутся из за соры, как бы я хотела чтобы Юрий и сора были вместе но наверное такого не будет
Sadam Rascal
2019, July 24
Rose Thorn
Wow these guys are hot 😍
Noussa ines
that's not a toast, its a shower!  PFFFFFFT!!!!!
Joice Casil
leos girlfriend is sophie?
Mel M
I don’t think yuri is evil at all. I mean in season 1 he was but that was because he thought he was doin right by his father and right now I think he’s doing it to bring out the best in Leon to be soras partner and also to help leon grieve. I really like yuri 💛
Sora is such a pussy her crying voice is so gross