is The Meghan Markle Prince Harry Marriage Good For Black America? (SupaSly75, AM1, Edward Anderson)

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Today's Guest: Supasly 75 his channel is below: /> Edward Anderson: AM1: /> /> SupaSly75: /> BLack men Taking Our Community: /> Welcome back to another episode here on the Oshay Vlogcast Channel. Today we are discussing the situation with Meghan Markle marrying Prince Harry. Some people believe that this "historic" marriage symbolizes something great for African Americans. Is this a milestone? Youtube Channel here: /> British Monarchy introduces the African American Experience: /> reports: /> reports:

Has no impact whatsoever. 2 wealthy people got hitched. Lets not act like affluent men of other races are going to be settling down with Shaniqua from the block.
She ain't even black lol
EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary)
Smh what a stupid question lol. Why would a mixed female marrying a White man be good for America. We really have an inferiority complex. The white savior lol.
nikesha Morrow
Why are BM so bothered about Megan Markle marrying Harry?Black men in US still marry twice as much as black women. The Royal weddings are always televised and made a big deal of. Look up Prince Charles and Diana wedding. The Royal weddings getting a lot of attention is not new. Most biracial people marry into the white race. Look at Quincy Jones and Harry Belefonte daughters. They're all are married to white men.
Most black women don't even know she's 36.
1st all it's not bout us. Who gives crap who they married. Once you get 6th cousin it doesn't matter. 1st-4th almost like bro n sis. All the presidents are also related to British heirarcy. So they have been running America anyway without our knowledge. Start reading yo Bible. Plus he is so far from throne means nothing.
Gisella83 Indigo
Believe it or not , Meagan Markel is not the first woman of African American descent to marry into a European royal family. If you do research online , you will find that there have been several others in the past 10 yrs, whom aren't biracial, nor do they come from aristocratic bloodlines.
It is not really "white privilege" it is majority privilege. Every country has a group that is in power, and in a democratic society that group is the one that has the largest numbers. It is a function of democracy that the largest group gets what they want and structures society to benefit themselves more often than the smaller groups do. That is what it means to be in a democracy as majority vote wins. Sometimes these groups are based on ethnicity/race, sometimes they are based on language, sometimes they are based on money, etc and the specifics vary by country. But with the US while it appears to be racially based, it is predominately democratic numbers (whites are the largest singular grouping) and money that dictates privilege more often. Using the correct label for things lets you discuss it is wider context as well as more accurate contexts, and it removes some of the pejorative and racist connotations that are lumped with your other label.
Cornelius Edwards
The 52 fake out was ran on Black folks a couple of months ago when they showed Obama hanging out with Prince Harry.Send Obama in to soften them Negroes up.
Hockey is NOT no where as violent as Football!!! WTF are you thinking...Football players are more larger and stronger...the owners would lose money if their star players were to fight......
Cozy Jones
ABL is great! Oshay, you better keep him around if you know what’s best for you.
Mary Jane
Yes! Uncle Al Sharpton said racism is leaving the building. Half WHITE biracial Meghan is about to create black children with WHITE Prince Harry. We made it, MLK would've been proud! #racistonedroprule
Trey Jones
ABL "The white man is always right, unless they are liberals, but I digress"
Matto niy
Loool you guys are so misinformed, she's his cousin like 1000 times removed
Suede Component
Tbf, Zazie Beats is mixed too.
Whites don't claim half breeds because they have a standard and love their people. Blacks get stuck with EVERYTHING and we accept it for some crazy reason. It comes from the one drop rule in America which was racist. But black folk, mainly black women really, secretly want to be white and seel a European standard of beauty, hence weave and skin lightening. This changes NOTHING for black women. And the majority of women claiming that this is a come up for black women, don't look like her, meaning they're over weight and not as pretty and not as light skinned as her. So they gained NOTHING 😂
Eugene Fisher
2:34 What's sadder when you attempt to teach black folks about all our history, we don't even care and we ignore. But what's up with that love n hip hop? It's what will occur.
Eugene Fisher
I heard a black you tuber say it's more like "white dominance", not supremacy
Caren Akunwanne
I am native born and from an offspring of a slave in the USA and I am not a shame. Brothers have a false self confidence but when you are with each other. You b s and that's how people see you.
Eugene Kayofe
ABL is suss bro
Raynold Cherry
The replay video gets out of sync ..
2p vibesonic
great show
Only a chump will think that just because a person is black that all black people that's currently locked up is supposed to run free and be let out
Jenny Kevin
Meghan is mexd race, she's not balck, and she doesn't look balck at all,
In the U.S the richest demographic is not white people but asian people. Were asian people the ones who made a constitution serving asian people, and who occupy the legal system to make laws benefiting them. Of course not! The majority of the systemic issues facing america are related to choice. The single motherhood rate of the african american community is 70%. It has increased since MLK's era. Is America more racist now? Single motherhood is one of the largest factors contributing to poverty (along with high school graduation and getting a job). The fact of the matter is that if you do not wish to be permanently poor in america you only have to do those 3 things. The issue is that poor people continue to make poor life choices and blame it on white privilege to absolve themself from personal accountability. Name me one law in the U.S that is inherently discriminatory against african americans and we can talk.
one way
I was loving the conversation until ABL got on and diverted it to a caping for white supremacy thing. Can he talk about anything else besides defending white ppl?
With the exception of the V4 countries, whites are being overrun and replaced in every single white country. From America to Argentina to Australia to France, whites are having their territories invaded and occupied. Not counting Poland, Hungary, and a few others, white countries are being colonized. Having your country, economy, and gene pool destroyed by invading barbarian hordes is about as far from privilege as I can imagine. It is closer to endangered species status than anything else.
ABL is so loss it's not worth trying to discuss any topic with him. The IMF which is heavily controlled by White power; pretty much determines which countries remain impoverised. The mere fact that white people control the school system, the court system, and own the majority of stolen land in the US is proof of racial injustice. What's more, whites systematically oppress people of color globally. Malcolm spoke on this during his travel to Africa.
Jenny Kevin
Meghan Markle is such a beautiful Talent very educated successful biracial woman, and don't talk about Megan you 99.9% do not look like Megan, and we all know black people and biracial people they hate each other very much,
Eugene Fisher
By the Government definition, even middle easterners are considered white. My teacher, is black, but puts white on his job apps
bonafide hypocrits will cry that there aren't enough black police then cry when black people join the fake pro blacks are full of feces ...
David W
I love dark meat.. When I go to KFC it's always legs and thighs for me..
bill pyfrom
you have to itellectulise your history it is not exactly like you said , here again you are not taking responsilbilty for our part we played etc,
Ultra Kre8tive
Oshay what’s the name of the guy you mentioned that gives stock picks? I couldn’t really understand you when you said it
Eugene Fisher
I went to the conservative dinner in DC. Lots of black Trump delegates, and supporters
Rogue Scholar
I think you people should google Princess Michael of Kent and see what that family is about,
Storyoftheblackconservative SOBC
I really like Randall but he needs to overcome his police experience. It seems like it has scared him really bad.
Eugene Fisher
I dislike that term. "This shouldn't be up for a debate". Anything can be up for a debate.
Fake Face
Marriage isn't an achievement, It just good breeding. 😉 🐶 Bak! Bak!
Kisha McCormick
I am so tired of some black Americans hating on Meghan Markle. If she were black African or West Indian her people would be cheering her. She represented the black American culture at her wedding and black Americans should be proud
How petty can you be to bring up freAking bagpipes ....GTFOH
Mr. Jones
At 1 hour 18 minutes Oshay hit a grand slam with his rebutal!
Mr. Jones
At 1 hour 21 minutes the brother dropped a large gem. Obama signing the Indigenous act is big. I just wish "African Americans" understand how important that legislation is. The brother is correct when that 2020 census come out Black Americans are going to look real confused! I wish the brother could have went in on that topic alone!
Eugene Fisher
1:58 best way to explain it.
You always crying about "white supremacy" in 2018 sound like simp lame crybabies weaklings....Years ago yes it was more likely to be believable....but not in 2018....Name me a law that's on the books right now that prevents black people from doing what white people can do? And if you can't get a auto or home loan because you're black....raise your credit score shiftless crybaby's.
Margarita Taylor
I don't know about past her prime at 36. My aunt got married at 52. A close friend of mine got married she was in her 60's. Several people are getting married past 36. I know many. So it is possible.
Henry Harris
this was beautiful
Caren Akunwanne
Its call bleeding you out using you as a buck. Plantation
Bigoti Black
Why would white supremacy let black be cops ? It's there system ! This panel is very ignorant, close minded and Nieves.
Eugene Fisher
How do you devine being black? Is it pigmentation?, lack of or more melanin? Is it group think mentality? Specific education? What is it? How do we decide who's black and who's not? Wasn't this the same folks who trashed Serena, for marrying white and a mixed race child? All this gives me a headache.
When i was in school my black friends and me could always agree if a girl was nice looking the mixed race girls were often hot i think we can both agree what makes a nice girl i don't have a racist bone im white but we all like a girl with a bit of tan or mixed race,or latina's there is nothing wrong with a black man liking a mixed or white girl,when black men have mixed babies they produce nice looking people,mixing of races can't possible be a bad thing in the long run,its the hood rats that give black people a bad name.
Chrissy ot
During the colonial times when the British was in Kenya they said that the black men were lazy.... I was in Kenya last year and it is a mess black men have basically not build shit since the British left I am thankful that the British were in Kenyan at least they build some infrastructure and a schoolsystem
Eugene Fisher
Why don't black women marry? 40% will never be.
Jenny Kevin
Meghan Markle is biracial woman, and she looks clearly Italian woman, I don't know why black people try so hard to look like biracial people,
DO THE BASIC MATH....There's more white people in america than any other group..So certainly they are going to have the numbers...Now if america was majority black then you will have a valid point....But some of your points sound dumb...not logical.
Master Mind
It makes you wonder what kind of black agenda their trying to push on their people, just like here in America whit Obama. And all the other things about blacks like ( B.L.M ) black panther, slavery, and so on.
Karl Williams
Did I just witness ABL police brutality victim blame?
2p vibesonic
will u watch my video
whoo else
Honestly who really gives a damn about their marriage? You still gotta take your ass to work in the am.
She white black women,her dad is white come women wake up out of your fantasy world ok,they trying to take you into slavery again Stockholm syndrome,our ancestors went through it,so think black women stop being desperate ok,patient time to find your black man ,god said do not mingle with other nations😃😆you will be worship their White Jesus( our Jesus (black) Rev.1:15 his haead and his hair is white like wool(nappy) ok.
Damn all of that mess. Did yall see the ass on edriss Elba's girlfriend? The type of ass that sends you to the ER!
Anthony Smith
When you talk about being black you have to study your Devine nature .rub your toung on the roof of yo mouth and tell your self how much u love your self# rip BIG PAPA