ONCE UPON A TIME 7x07 & 7x08 Recap: Hook's Daughter Revealed - 7x09 Promo | What Happened?!?

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ONCE UPON A TIME 7x07 & 7x08 Recap - In this recap I break down Season 7 episode 7 and Episode 8 in which it's revealed who Wish Realm Hook's daughter & baby mama are, an old flame from Jacinda's past comes to town and more. ("Eloise Gardener" & "Pretty in Blue") Riverdale 2x06 Recap: />Bad Mom's Christmas Interview: /> We've got more cool stuff for you! Subscribe! ► /> Follow Lisa! /> /> />Snapchat: silentasian Daily News ► />Follow SO-M ► />SO-M Instagram ► />SO-M Snapchat ► shineonmedia Become a Fan ►

Killian's Swan
when I found out that Alice was Hook's daughter I screamed "I KNEW IT!" 🤣
Shelby Foster
Where the hell is Emma in all this I'm so confused and I don't mind spoilers this show has gotten so confusing since last season 😩
To be fair, the original Rapunzel fairy tale did have rape in it.
Simone Umba
I happy danced when he named the baby Alice. The twist was unexpected and crazy. I bet Zelena is in San fransico and the finale is when Henry wakes up
Marie V
I like the actress that plays Tilly/Alice but am I the only one that remembers the Alice from Once upon a Time in Wonderland? Kind of miss her too.
Savannah Tuten
I actually love the whole how Alice was born story. It show two people who's hearts were full of revenge and the different paths it can take. Mother Gothal kept going with revenge and hook gave it up for his girl. It was sweet and very up lifting.
Supercorp 45
Hook is such a good father
Amber Senecal
I have read alot of these comments and for people who claim to love the show, there are some stupid comments. let me spell it out for you: Rogers is Captain Hook from the wish realm that Regina's evil alter ego sent Emma too. In the wish realm, that evil queen lost her magic due to the charmings, who had not had Emma yet, which meant that Wish Hook was way too old for WIsh Emma. its not that hard to understand as long as you watch every single episode
cale james
I hope there is some big epic finale that brings back all the original characters.
Jamal Jackson
I love your episode recaps! Alice and Hook could also break true loves kiss.
I don't think the cruse has been cast for very long because Lucy was in Season 6, Henry gave her the book and told her to run and someone will believe. So he knew the cruse is coming... and the dragon too but what happened to tiger-lily?
In the one clip of the promo makes me wonder if frozen characters will come back.
Maria Silva
Please don’t call her Roni. She will always be Regina
Teddy P. Gray
Lucy came into play last season's finale so she was born before the curse was casted. Lucy knows Henry is her father because her mother told her to get the book to her father just before the spell took effect
I might have an idea as to why they recycled the baby plot. We know that Robin is gonna be introducted later on in the season and now she'll have a point in common with Alice. They were both made out of a deception, so maybe there's something there. Kinda like the opposite of being the products of true love maybe?
Theory, Jack is from the real world. Dah dah dunnnn. Jack is Henry's brother? Hook and Emma's baby is Jack. probably not. But that'd be cool.
Bryan Jovel
Will they do Star Wars this season 🤩
Supercorp 45
Rumple only care about himself
Supercorp 45
Ivy is so evil I love it.and we find out what she did to Henry in wonderland.
Kyoka Jiro
Am I the only person who thinks Lady Traimane is Rapunzel?
Gonçalo Diniz
so far im liking the revamp of the series with the exception of jacinda, i hate her character, she's always mopey and her relationship with henry seems really forced.
Roxie Rocket
Thank you for posting! Love your recaps! I live in Australia so I don't really get what's happening but your really clear things up! Thank you!
Supercorp 45
I thought zelena and Regina make up , why they hate each other again
Supercorp 45
OMG Alice is Roger and the witch daughter one night stand
alia aaice
I agree with Regina "what the unholy hell"
Jess S
Could Rogers’ obsession with Eloise be courtesy of Druzella. She seems to be playing a long game and we know from the series the person who casts the curse gets to create all the details of the town so could Druzella’s plan be to free Gothel on the town, or at least use her to get revenge on Victoria? It would make sense to set Rogers on that path and create the connection to more or less force his hand (with a side of twisted irony).
Also so what if OUAT in Wonderland's Alice is Hook's mom????
Harlie Quinn
i think jack is cinderellas mouse or jack incredible
Heyitz Matt
I’ve always new Alice was hook’s daughter cause the chess piece and they keep playing chess with each other and hook and Alice keep on having a lot of sense with each other since hook was on his mission to find Eloise
Tamia M
Well from the last episode of the previous season I think, we knw that Lucy was born in the realm. Remember when Henry was like "the darkness is here, run,run, run! " and then that fairy told her they would meet again
Supercorp 45
Ivy got one over on Victoria
People keep complaining about 'repeating storylines' - it's a fairy tale! of course stories repeat. these come from oral stories and moral tales from all over the world., so of course their will be duplicates, esp if they are of European background.
Rachelle LeBlanc
I <3 New Order ...Bizarre Love Triangle....excellent song choice for this episode lol
Carrie Elise
This season's characters are mirroring the ones from before. Regina is Snow White, Henry is Emma, and Lucy is Henry. If this is true Ivy is Regina and Cinderella is basically Neil, and we all know what happened to him. My theory is that Ella will die at the end of this season in order to break the curse. And Ivy will become good. I'm just wondering who will be Henry's "Hook" (true love).
Boring. Needed for Rumple/Gold, Weaver --- whatever you want to call him, because I think Robert Carlyle is THE ONLY redeeming quality of this show currently. And this is coming from someone who has been watching Once from the very beginning. What a sad way for this show to go out, because I do think after this season, that's all she wrote for Once Upon a Time. Sorry but I'm one of those people who think it should've ended after Season 6.
I didnt really liked that she disguised herself as Rapunzel. I would have liked it better if Gothel was an older version of Rapunzel.
Hannah Muller
I think that alice is the missing girl because Rogers saw a picture of a tower is her diary, and alice was left in a tower
Magaly Gutierrez
This show had gone down the drain... A pity. Used to liked.
Awkward Potato
Did Hook and Emma break up? 😭💔
Leigh Silver
The thing with Gothel and wish realm hook is not rape. Fraud maybe not rape.
Bente Spiegelaar
i rewachted all 6 seasons and now i need to wait 3 weeks... 3 WEEKS... i don't know if i survive this...
Vincent Le
I wonder if we ever get to meet Hook's mother, Alice.
To be fair they hinted heavily towards both Alice (chess) and Rapunzel (trapped in a tower), but congrats to those who stuck to their guns and said it would be Alice (kind of make sense now with both characters' British accents and liking of eyeliner). With Zelena and Robin's entry into the series, I'm imagining an older Wicked Witch since the actress who plays Polly from Riverdale will be portraying Zelena's daughter. Unless Zelena and Robin pulled a similar stunt to Regina and Henry.
ariismyluvxx X
Like I just don’t understand how Roggers has no idea that Tilly is his daughter like surly he should have been woken up allready so that he remembers that Tilly / Alice is his daughter I just hope they wake him up in episode 11 in a couple of months beacuse we have wait till March
i hope Jack IS the real dad...I STILL KINDA WANT HIVY TO HAPPEN
Ilona Kaltner
Wait, i'm missing something.. Who poisoned Hook's heart? For me, the whole poisoned heart thing came out of nowhere.. Can someone please explain this to me?
EP Reviews
What about Emma swan
Lily and Lilac Marshmallow
What if mother gothel and rapunzel are the same person like Mr.Gold and Rumpleskiltskin.
Meagan Vogelsang
i found it interesting that Rumple as Weaver was protecting Hook in a way which is very uncharacteristic of how he normally would treat any version of Hook. I need to know what that's about lol. and also Regina protecting Hook as well by throwing away the cake before he ate something that could be dangerous to him. While Regina and Hook have always had a more friendlier relationship compared to Rumple and Hook, thats still a bit out of character for Regina since she normally goes at any Hook with sassy quips... clearly this version of Hook has done something to earn the protection from both Rumple and Regina
Once Upon A Monster Fighter
I want to know when Jared Gilmore comes back for flashbacks with henry and young Jack
lihi amir
Nicole Carson
Good video :)
John A
So Ivy is basically the new version of Regina and Gothel is the new version of Rumple. Does that make wish realm Hook Belle? And I'm starting to think Jack is Lucy's real dad. Also, why would Zelena be in San Francisco? I mean, she wouldn't have had her magic or been called to help Henry so she should have been in either Storybrooke or back in Oz, right? Why would she have been impacted by this version of the curse at all? And I'm sort of disappointed in Regina/Roni. I mean a baseball bat to replace her fireball? Why not a knife instead to remove Drizella's heart? If you're going to make and Evil Queen threat to protect your son, do it all the way, Regina.
Supercorp 45
What if rumple is Alice father not Roger something seems not right ,
Fluffy Circles4Life
Wheeeeeeen is season 7 gonna be on Netflix??? 😭 I can’t find it anywhere!
Vincent Le
Wasn’t Jack and The Beanstalk already used with James and Jacquelyn (Jack)?
Brian Magee
I'm afraid Lucy's parents and story of conception isn't what she thought she was. Which is why she's crying.
Luís Dias
answers? I only have questions? like wtf how did hook say he wanted to go to land without magic to kill rumpel? we learned that cora and hook tricked regina into escaping the curse and 28 years after they would go to storybrooke. they are forgetting the past seasons treating fans as if we were stupid like them
well they did mention the 2nd time in [7x6 & 7x7] that its been 10 years...something happened in 10 years the curse timeline or something
This doesn’t make sense. I don’t know why the witch is Alice ‘s mother. shouldn’t it have been Emma...this is the Wish realm hook after all. Not another person. This is still Captain Hook
nobody Uknow
So, what are the chances of a Lilo and Stitch cameo. You have to admit, it would be funny. Dragon attacks the kid in front of the blue alien, kid soon has her own dragon skin slippers. I only started watching back episode of this the last week so if they already showed up, please tell me the S&E, I'll skip ahead.😜
lps Juniper
Okay, I'm going to be honest. . . I absolutely hate season 7. I think the show should have ended with season 6. But who am I to talk. Regina would live out her life happily, probably find love and she would always have henry. Snow and charming would of course be happy with neal, and have emma and henry. Zelena would talk to Regina occasionally while balancing taking care of robin. Emma and hook would live together as they say happily ever after and probably have kids of their own. And they would have henry to. Henry would have a normal teenage experience with violet. Young love. Rumple bell and Giddeon will be happy and they will be able to raise giddeon correctly. The dwarfs will work in the mines and still have snow and charming. As for everyone else, they will be happy aswell. There a happy ending. It would be a nice ending for the show. But no this happens and ruins the show for me. Comment and yell at me if you like the season, or just like this comment if you agree with me. Or if you have you're own ending feel free to comment. Who am I to complain. I'm just an ass complainer. Whatever. I loved these characters, but now the shows ruined for me. Yay. If you like the season great. If you agree with me then we can complain together. Whatever, I'm probably just not a true fan. I'm probably going to get a lot of hate comments making me feel bad. I'm probably just going to delete this comment anyway. This show was my heart and soul. Apparently I lost my soul. When I watch this show I cry and feel the pain. I just felt the show deserved a better ending. This whole show was about hope. Is there really hope for a better ending in sight.
Astrid Azanedo
Since, Alice is the daughter of Hook/Captain Hook, but the mom/mother would be Emma Swan, right? Because I do not want anyone to be the mom/mother of Alice that is not Emma Swan.
kaula price
Where is Emma
Fletcher smith
Gladys Serna Salazar
Love your videos
ariismyluvxx X
Hooks needs to wake up and be with Alice agian
Mim Torbell
Lucy Is from the realm, remember the last episodes of last season... That was her
Lucy Kamm 1007
Ok really why do I know so much about Alice before it's actually revealed... I called that she would be one of the LGBT+ characters waaaay back before episode 1, and I called that she would be Hook's daughter at episode 2 (but almost everyone else did sooo...) seriously though theory-wise I have been super lucky with this girl.
Jay Upadhya
This whole series is the Prequel of Ever after High so the Evil Queen goes beyond her Story and attacks wonderland and other worlds so in the Final Episode the Grimm Brothers Seals away the Evil Queen into the Mirror Realm and Ever after High gets Builded
Sandra Reyes
So hook cheated on Emma...I hate that...they we're supposed to have a child
Jan van Es
Love your reactions so much!!!
YouNoSeeMe Junior
This was very intriguing. All the guys look the same to me. Whats up with the woman in the bar?
Niamh C
What hook is in the season 7 world without magic ? Is it the hook that is looking for his daughter not the one married to Emma ?
Lams And More Gacha videos And Hamilton!
😭🤨🤨 Wut...
Irish chick
Alice/Tilly is my knew favorite character from this show my old favorite was Emma but she is not longer going to be on the show
Alohilani Zapata
OK when is this season cooming on Netflix because I'm SO CONFUSED
Catty Laurans
OMG i watched the clip where hook and rapanzul and thought that hook was done with emma not knowing it was a flashback
Lost Identity
I didn’t even see this until I walked into my grandma’s house and it was on tv. I was like “ omg she is hooks daughter!” Then I was pissed cause I didn’t watch the episode
Gordana Vangelova
It's Alice a daughter of Hook who was with Emma or that Hook of that world who is made with wish ?
Ellen Roberts
when I found out that Alice was Hook`s, daughter I cried
Ashley Cox
I didn’t think they could leave HH..? But Roni and Henry are going to California?
The Queen Of Regal
The hints that were dropped about alice are purely enchanted forest base no interwining with the heights which is y hes not feeling it or waking up u gatta do like ivy and rumple
samantha chapin
I predict Lucy is crying bc she learns that Henry will die bc I season 6 at the end is seamed like he was killed in that fight so maybe the curse is why he is alive
I thing the scenes from Season 6 finale are not canon anymore.
Grace Berry
I haven't seen season 7 I'm on the beginning of season 5 so I'm so confused
Virgilia Rodriguez
Theory Victoria is Rapunzel
Harlie Quinn
he has it but in the wrong place
Miguelito Hernandez
NO NO NO NO😭😭😭 WHAT IF LUCY IS CRYING BECAUSE SHE FINDS OUT HER REAL REAL REAL FATHER IS JACK/NICK😭😭 I mean, Jack was looking at Ella really strangely, what if that means... Jack and Ella had a wonderful night and then Ella got Henry to have another wonderful night to make Henry think that Lucy is his daughter 🤷‍♂️
Tamia M
But omg you explained it so well that I'm caught up with everything without having to watch the recent episodes. Now with everything that Ive learnt I'm so hyped for the next episode. But I am confused about something: where is Emma in all of this? Did hey like breakup? Or??
Didn't they already do Jack and the beanstalk? When Jack was a female? What's with all this re-doing of characters?
Jazyia Bonner
Jack is a girl in once upon a time I think
stephanie turpen
So is alice cinderellas mother and is henry not Lucy's father
Elisabeth Salamy
what happened to the black Rapunzel and the blonde jack, they already did the jack in the bean stock
Princess cyan
where can I watch it
Joanne Smith
Miss seeing you on clever videos.. 😁
Brianna Hop
Anyone plzz tell me does hook still love Emma they were the perfect couple
Saya Rose
Funny the guy who plays as jack in ouat plays a character name Jackson in The Originals. Just found this as a pretty funny coincidence!😊
What most confuses me is that there's two Rapunzels (Tangled-based one and Season 3 one) in the same "book" (the original Enchanted Forest). I didn't know multiple versions of the same character could exist in the same space like that. I know Ariel and Ursula were both Disney's The Little Mermaid, but they had different names. Ingrid and Elsa were both The Snow Queen, but Elsa was renamed the Ice Queen. But now we have two young girls named Rapunzel, trapped in different towers for different reasons. And though Alice only existed in the Wish Realm, not the real Enchanted Forest, there was still an Alice in that "book" as well, in the form of the Wonderland spin-off's Alice, since many of the characters in her story came from the Enchanted Forest of the main "book".
I get the show had a "reboot" but I really hope that at some point they address why they changed the actor for Cinderella (even if it being an "alternate" realm is the answer) and now that Jack is introduced, they'll insert some answer about Jacks skeleton that was seen several seasons back.