Can I Play With Madness By Iron Maiden - Guitar Lesson Tutorial

How to play Can I Play With Madness by Iron Maiden For the past few weeks I have be posting lessons on how to play all the songs from the album Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. Here is Can I Play With Madness The song is the sixteenth single released by the band. Released in 1988, it was the first single from their seventh studio album, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988), and hit number 3 in the UK charts. The song is about a young man who wants to learn the future from an old prophet with a crystal ball. The young man thinks he is going mad and seeks the old prophet to help him cope with his visions/nightmares. The prophet's advice is ignored by the young man and they become angry with each other. The song was originally a ballad named "On the Wings of Eagles", written by Adrian Smith. The video of the song was set at Tintern Abbey and Chislehurst Caves, and features Graham Chapman; this would be one of his last appearances on television before his death in October 1989 of cancer. In the video, Chapman plays an irritable art instructor who criticises a young student for including Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie in his sketch of the abbey ruins. The teacher then falls down a hole in the ground, discovers an underground vault and finally encounters an animated version of Eddie, who leers at him from inside a refrigerator. The band appears on a TV screen showing footage from "The Number of the Beast" video and the Live After Death concert film. Adrian Smith is shown playing left-handed, suggesting a reversed image. Here is a link to all my Iron Maiden Guitar lessons /> ****Check out my new Premium Channel**** The channel contains all the guitar harmony parts, the guitar solo, backing tracks, tablature and a cover of the song. /> The premium channel is a monthly subscription for only $6.99 a month you will have access to everything I post to this channel. I am adding new content all the time including lesson never posted on YouTube. Cancel you subscription at anytime. ************* Please Like and Subscribe!!! /> Udemy Course A1 Guitar Course For Beginners /> Introduction To Using Guitar Pro 7 /> Mastering The CAGED System /> Play In The Style Of Joe Banamassa /> 5 Classic Iron Maiden Guitar Lessons /> TrueFire Channel /> Free Beginners Guide to Major Scale Music Theory please click on this link /> Skype Lessons /> #guitarlessons #ironmaidenguitarlessons #rockguitarlessons

I found your channel a few days ago when I searched up heat of the moment by Asia guitar. Thanks for posting these videos.
Bob Nilson
Thanks for the lesson. Can you teach Plush by Stone Temple Pilots? I really like your channel.
Itz Matty
Thanks mate great video helped me a lot love ur channel 🤘🎸
Learned the whole song in 2 days because of you. Thanks man!
Jonny Tootalll
Excellent channel mate, any chance you could do a lesson on stranger in a strange land? I can't find any lesson on YouTube at all. I'm a massive maiden fan and I'm loving the Seventh son album lessons. Keep em coming
can i buy your guitar? lol its sweet
Jeremy Dyer
Thank you very much for this!!!! Up the irons!!!!