Zac Efron On Lopez Tonight Part 1

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god i cannot stop staring at his eyes.He has grown up so much over the past few years he is almost unrecognisable
christina vernon
oh yeah! when he tried to make the shot, pants to tight, and the audience goes BOO! poor zac
People still play that game in gym. I'm in 7th grade and in boys play it when they try to protect them self i look at them like wtf like what is wrong with you?
christina vernon
poor zac! got hit in the nuts! now that hurt
Anita Chavez
I would fuck him so hard. LOL
Jessie Styles
god i love him!
so love zac efron. I've watched this video about eight times now. he's got more courage than I do. no bugs for me.
Tania LV
love u zac
shana zahra
i love him so much i love you zac <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mirane Boeuh
" Oh my god Zac Efron just ate a scorpion, oh my god " xD
i still play sac tap! <33
genesis santamaria
"they still freakin' hurt!" omg i repeated that part like a guzilion times!<3
Shanara Sadeque
justin took zacs old haircut then he took his spiked new one
Megs White
George: "my daughter has that poster of you all jumping up at the same time" Zac: "so do I !" hahaha he's too funny ! <3
i love his laugh!!!
George didnt want to let go of him lol
i wud french kiss him even after he ate all that crap he is so gorgeous
that nut game is still around n it funny to watch guys at my school freak xD
i love how G-Lo throws the worms at the crowd jajaja!!!
Tiger Sharks live in shallow waters. Can't Jet Skii on shallow waters.
@1313yeahboy lol
I really love zac , but hes eyes are scaring me :s
beyonce knowles
zac efron must be the hottest guy ive ever seen.
Juvencio Carvajal
Thank you for the good quality :D
Julia Montalvo
so hot!!!
Ashley S
I love Zac Efron!
MoOora Hanna
Like this's my 101 time to watch's so funny I can't stop laughing
alana terrel
he got hotter with age
Omar TOB.E
George Lopez makes his return to cable t.v. on the fx channel in his new sitcom series "Saint George" it premier's on march 6,2014, Spread the word and make sure you don't miss it.
krystle mcgee