1962 Chevrolet Impala Wagon by Stephanie Bueno - LOWRIDER Roll Models Ep. 32

Losing a loved one is never easy. Our latest Roll Model, Stephanie Bueno, talks about the will to continue and heal.

Much love and respect to you Miss Bueno. I've been a fan of you guys work for a while and I really looked up to Jae and like what he did for this lifestyle unfortunately I wasn't able to meet one of my idols. May he ride in peace he is very much missed. Keep your head up Miss Bueno and I hope to one day get the pleasure to meet you. Respect for being a strong woman and my condolences goes out to you and your family. Keep on cruising Jae is smiling.
Antonio Vijosa
Sorry por escribir en espanol, pero solo para comentar que este canal es EXELENTE las historias son muy muy buenas, yo vivi en Los Angeles como 4 anos y conoci de cerca la cultura lowrider y me encanta! sigan asi cada dia mejorando!! FELICIDADES!!
Stephanie Manzanares
💎🌹❤love these stories!!!🤜🤛💯📸🐞❤ Go 💪Steph keep your head up!🙏💎
Blanca Diaz
These are amazing stories
Rudy Flores
Thanks i just had a heart attack nine months ago died 3 times don't know why I was sent back. They retired me from my job I was a fire fighter and loved helping people. I keep feeling that I have failed my family and the people I helped. Its really hard to adjust to my new life . I've always wanted to build me a low rider and am thinking in starting one soon. Thank you for your words
May a lowrider legend photographer RIP🙏Definitely two amazing photographer's that i looked up too that got me into car photography👍
old man
This needs to be on TV. Such a great story of life and Lowriders. 💖
Dan Na
Fricken Awesome.... you're great Wife , Mom and inspiration , keep it up . 👍👍
Beautiful car miss. And your pretty too. Sorry for your loss.👍🏾💯
Jay Apodaca
God bless the Bueno family 🙏🏼
Timothy Heinse
Inspirational story and a wonderful car. I had a 63 Chevy Bel-Air wagon as my first car in highschool.
ferna cee
Who ever unlinked this vid is super Lame af, 👈 beautiful vid🎥, sR8t, up👆 👊💯👍
Jeremiah Shields
Man everyone of these ive watched someone has died, double edge sword of enjoyment and sadness. Stay Bonita doll, thanks for sharing.
Much love and respect to you Miss Stephanie Bueno. love your story amazing stay strong..blessings. ((DJ LOUIS))
Stephanie Bueno, you are an inspiration to all of us. Keep up the good work and positive attitude, love the classic station wagon. 💕
Jimmie Carter
I am sorry for your loss. You are truly a ROLL MODEL
Adolfo Lopez
Keep your head up woman God bless you
Marisela Muniz
Much love from Tejas💙 I hope to meet you someday
Abel Jr
A truly inspirational story 🙏👑
al Forcia
Both you and your car are beautiful May your husband rest in peace
David Cresencio
Beautiful interview. Thank you for having her do it. It thought me that I cant live in my past. Today I will try to stay positive.. Thank's again. Kind Regards, Dave Cresencio #24
Sorry for your lost stay strong. And She is a beautiful wagon I'm trying to build a lowrider myself that's my dream well take care of much love and respect Bugsy Siegel🌷👍
Mark L
Great Story, Thank You for Sharing! Beautiful car May God Bless You and Your Family.
Mike Campbell
Your story really is a lovely one, God Bless you girl ! much love
Raul Lopez
Love it God Bless you and Family
Dominic Brown
Sweetheart J looking down smiling on the kids, u, and the lowrider. What a sweet great beautiful story. ( R.I.P. J )🙏
Pie Luvr
Shout out from 505 🔥
Paul Castro
The feels. R.I.P. Jae Bueno
Kevin Geraldez
That was amazing Steph... I miss Jay... so happy for you and your kids, I'm sure Jay is smiling right now knowing you did well!
Balance Toe
Blessings of a lifetime, captured by passion of hard work, knowing that memories are simply truth of path....
Nothing but love 🙏❤🇲🇽
Steve Minor
Amazing story, God bless you and your family..
Jimmy Kruse
Wow, so beautiful in every way. Thanks for sharing your story Mrs. Bueno, very appreciated and heartwarming! Much love and respect to you and your family!
Stephanie Lozano
Stephanie! You gave me chills, you're incredible. We love you lady. Bettylyns role model.
armando romayor
Much love and respect to you and your family. You all are a great inspiration to many out there in this world. Keep spreading the positive vibes !
Noh Nahme
that paint job ascends to the heavens!
Heavy Distortion
Amazing story. The car is beautiful.
Charles Cummings
It's a beautiful car, wagons are rare. I wish he could have seen it completed.
Randy B
Touching ....stay strong..blessings 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Isaac Valles
Damn Miss Bueno your video gave me life I can see the pain in the love in your eyes it's a pain love that I've carried with me since I was shot thank you for your inspirational words hard work and dedication it's all Bueno!
Yoooooooooooooooo, I cried. This was beautiful. Long live lowriding.
Mathew Maldonado
Rest in peace from Matthew Maldonado
Surf Team
Jae Bueno Forever
Great video. Inspiring. All the best.
Ride In Paradise Jae... Thanks for sharing Mrs. Bueno...
This was beautiful... 😢😢😢
Again great video, I love this series
Victor Casillas
For real respect u are a true inspiration
Samuel Denehy
Love this story. Beautiful 62 wagon.
Ricky Simmons
Much love friend! Great way to keep jaes memory alive! The Bueno family is my second fa.iky and I am here for you and the kids for life! Live you guys!
Kandy NChrome
Mario Almeida
Pretty wagon, great story of life...
Plant-Based MD
Awesome story nurse bueno, thanks for charing you are an inspiration.
Rest in piece to you're husband🙏
Realvato Realvato
Senora Bueno gave her vato the best years of his life and she likes cars, thats my dream girl
PalmTreeN Sun
RIP Jae!!
Gabriel Giron
You r a lowrider role model
Finally a new episode, sad story but great message.
Gabriel Giron
Sorry for your lost n God bless you
Andreq Dominguez
Beautiful car with a beautiful owner
Lila Orozco Villanueva
Pretty cool video, I hope people can learn about others story life. Photography it’s beautiful it’s one pf the best ways to make art.
187 Foo
That’s a beautiful car foo
the story behind this women and car is sad and beautiful.
Wonderful work of Art....
kyle davis
Brock berrigan-" this way" is the sing in the beginning
Frank Hancho
Whats the song playing at the beginning?
Daniel Silva
Another good story!! Rest in peace to your husband as well .
Oscar Cuevas
Love the stories. Thank you Lowrider for putting it out there so others may see the positive. That were are not gang members or thugs. We're real people w real lives and good examples to our society and our younger generation. Keep on cruising.
David Garcia
God bless
What's the song at the beginning?
My homie just past of stomach cancer... 6days ago. He too was in to lowlows... RIP EGYPTIAN MIKE. RIP TO YOUR OTHER HALF MOMMAS.
Michael Armenta Sr.
Her husband sounded like a good, talented man. She is smart and talented also. Nice wagon, nice looking lady, love that Betty Page look. No disrespect intended, but she looked hot in that nurses outfit.
Frank Hancho
What’s the name of the song playing during the into? Anyone know?
Man this story is very touching and relatable to me I lost my father due to stomach cancer 😪
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Such a great story. A Beautiful ride. I have a wagon that I am still building. Jae seemed like a good dude. Sorry for your loss Mrs Bueno. This story is an inspiration and motivation. Never give up on your dream. My wife also works in the Medical profession. She's not into Lowriders like I am. I grew up around them and I will take it to the grave with me. Until the casket drops. Keep doing what you love to do. Much love to all my Lowrider gente out there. ✌✌
Juan Gaona
Nice family hauler
Angel Martinez
My idea of a bad ass woman right there.
Kats N
great story and great roll model.
Sorry for your loss. was just browsing Youtube and I saw that Firme Impala Wagon and watched your video it was very inspiring, I can tell you're a very strong Women. I wish you the best in your endeavors and Happniess
Jesus Guzman
muy buen vídeo la felisito a usted i así familia siento mucho lo de su esposo no ay mas que seguir adelante
Jea was the homie
danny cervantes
Marcos Ballesteros
Sorry for ur loss, I'm building a car in memory of my sister that died in 04 giving birth to twins
Nick Fiscina
I used to have a 62 Bel-Air same color absolutely gorgeous I started off the paint as a Nissan Bayview blue and added some candy I miss that car n I miss the time my X wife and I shared
Brett W.
Barbara Hernandez
Firme video
Does anyone know what the backsound it is,in the first scene when she introduce her car?? Thank you
Andreq Dominguez
Awsome story
Gabriel Giron
You look great n I'm sure your a great nurse
Arthur Vasquez Jr
God bless u & ur family I know what u been through my mom had cancer & she past away on 5/7/2004 that was her birthday It's still hard on me til this day & that is 1 beautiful car ur husband is looking down on u with a smile stay strong
Gabriel Giron
Nice color n nice yr
Whet happened to her family photography business? Did she give it up? I hope not. She seemed to have  passion for it.
Karley Arakawa
ya'll see that small red and gold and silver emblem above the chevrolet emblem right? damn thing is 80 dollars!! My dad has this 67 chevelle, and the guy who put on the emblem didn't do a good job, and so my dad was doing 90 on kahekili highway and it blew off. We had to wait ten minutes to circle back, and luckily when we came back it was still there, without a dent, but a minor scratch on the back
Dave Nevarez
Fernando Saucedo
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Chris Lore
I can relate to this video so much my father died six months ago of lung cancer he found out nine months before and it only took nine months for it to waste him away to nothing...... he was skinny as a rail but he was the strongest man I know cuz he put up a good fight against it for his family.....RIP dad......and mr jae bueno
Oscar San Martin
Rip jae bueno.
Ricky Simmons
#ripjaebueno #vivabueno #fuckcancer #heyfriend #jaebuenosupporter #cancersucks