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You shouldn't flush those things. That's how New York got giant alligators in the sewers.
Villiams 2613
I'd make a joke about the new 52, but the ending of the video did it for me.
Unknown Assailant
2:19 My reaction when I am about to be killed in a game and my followers stand in the way. Seriously, this is why I prefer lone-player games.
The Hall of Doom flies and Luthor never told any of them. Now that's evil
Marcello Martinoli
The guy who plays Grodd voiced Lex Luther in The justice league animated series LOL
I laughed when killer croc came on screen
Killer Croc and Swamp Thing had the funniest bits.
Scrooge McFuck
Maaaaaaaaaaan Adult Swim is on point with this stuff! Keep it up!
Some Swamp Thing recognition! Cool.  Though he wouldn't be talking to animals they are of The Red.  The Green is strictly plants.
I swear Scarecrow is going to make me tear something if he keeps being this funny.
Wait, doesn't Swamp Thing fight against the devil and his agents of hell? You'd think he'd be accustomed to fire by now.
Bird Up
I think the part where swamp thing dies was probably the hardest I have ever laughed at a robot chicken sketch. It was just so out of nowhere.
Fol Imon
Lol Swamp Things death just made my day
Has anyone else noticed that half of the Legion of Doom is made up of Batman villains.
Quentin Coleman
The funniest part of this skit is the idea that someone can actually kill Swamp Thing
Sexx luthor
Andre Banales
"I've got a case of trench foot that's marched halfway up my balls!"
Bradley Clark
Why does Black Manta sound like a white guy, when he's supposed to be a black guy?
Swamp Thing died the moment Alan Moore stopped writing the series.
Yang Fox
What's Arkham Asylum Killer Croc doing here?
Adam Mahmood
We need black adam darkseid deathstroke bane and zod at this table
Jiří Krajňák
beautifully animated
Caleb The Dogman
Who the F*** are you?! Best part XD
Lord Decibel
That ending lol
Venom Bane
Do you smell gasoline lol
Timmy Nguyen
Captain Cold flushing Starro and Gorilla Grodd obsession with Lena Luthor makes me laugh?
Who does Starro's voice, it's so damn familiar but I can't place it.
I love how Grodd is trying to be all hip in this special
2:00 XD
Zaire Ash-Shafii
The poor Swap Thing...
That swamp thing figure is killer, own two of them
Jonathan Sotelo
Now to replace him, will be Swamp Ass Thing the Boy Wondering how to fix that dire problem he has.
The Imperial Combine
Ok Truth be told I didn't know there was a action figure for The Arkham series Killer Croc
Skip Noo
I love this league of evil shit
Animals don't summon swamp thing because they are of the red and swamp thing protects the green
LOL Swamp Thing.
john banks
that swamp-thing part is hilarious!
Scarecrow lost the battle to trench foot on Jan 21 2017. He will be missed for the love of fear gassing Gotham City's citizens.
Alberto Vasquez
Swamp Thing can't die he will just regenerate
Pedro Nogueira
wow animation is waaaay smoother now!! Twice the work? Thrice?
Dan Wells
Sadly, this is the only time killer croc ever got an appearance on robot chicken...Just 4 words
No matter where, Starro is always so adorable
"Grodd, close ypur legs, i can see your D" 😂
Swamp things epic
timothy schreiber
poor calvin
What's Catwoman doing there
Now _this_ is a twist ending done correctly! Take notes M. Night Shama-lama-rama-lama-ding-dong!
Rourke Bar
2:11 justice league dark (2017)
"I've got a case of trench-foot that's marched halfway up my balls!" Sure Catwoman ain't ta blame? She does roam through alleys and lick dead rats (and live Bats)...
wallis victor
Swamp thing can't really die he is connect too the green and the green is ominversal
Wow, some of the nerds here don't seem to get that it's supposed to be COMEDY. Who gives a fuck which version of Killer Croc they used?  When Scarecrow said he had a case of trench foot that had marched halfway up his balls, I had to stop the video because I was laughing so hard.  Man, RC's Star Wars and DC parodies are better than the originals.  The first time I see them, I usually can't finish them and have to re-watch several times because I'm laughing so hard.
lol Killer Croc
Villiams 2613
I love killer croc
poor swampthing.
The Green and The Red what?
Rarely do I make sound at any funny vids or pics, but the swamp thing actually made me lol.
Swamp thing ? Man that is old school I can't believe they remember that ..
Aidan Randall
Where did they get that Swamp thing figure
Rob Graves
2:12 to 2:24is so funny like omg to funny
Lycan Seijin
Pfft! Swamp Thing can't be killed that easily. Especially when his remains are left in the swamp water where he can regenerate.
Henrik Magnusson
Big deal, Swamp Thing can just reform if his body is destroyed
you smell gasoline?
Wasn't Swamp Thing 37 the one with the potato?
Noah Crawley
10 saddest anime deaths
Brandon Coates
Omg! They killed the swamp thing!
lol Killer Croc
Swamp thing....
Retro Pixel Lizard
Swamp Thing already got killed, but when the corpse they discovered something very shocking and surprising.
Love Grood from The Flash, love it most here in this clip
Princess Matrix
Was there like, another DC comics special? 
1:00 *notices a distinct lack of Solomon Grundy among the Legion of Doom* ...or did he finally head out to find those pants that he wanted? :-)
"Got into a staring contest with his brown eye." WTF ,LMFAO!!!!
Petar Djurisic
0:58: Croc:OH YA FINK SHOOO?
Vincent Sartini
The death of swamp thing Me: wow I’ve never been so sure a company has given up Since Sony made the emoji movie
Ace Jones
Fun fact swamp things body can die as many times as possible he still won't die as he is nature meaning as long as there's even grass or just a tree on the planet he can come back instantly
pink show and purple show
dc villains
love the ending
XD oh brainiac
Tim V110
i never seen this part.....funny as hell
keynan martinez
I almost lost my life laughing at swamp thing dying.
Dakota Guin
Well technically swamp thing can’t die.
Meme Man
Is that last Scene a Platoon Reference?
Adam DeMeulemeester
Best special since the first one I have extremely high hopes for the next robot chicken dc special
Andrew Denney
Adult swim these videos lately have been really really good keep it up guys!
Gilberto Julian
Honestly. Why is Catwoman there?
This is as good as the real thing
Adam Lapidus
2:19 Why wasn't this bleeped on TV, but the same word gets bleeped later in the same episode?
Prez Plant
Killer Croc is just a guy with skin issues. Hate that he's not an actual croc but ye
Charles Bootjarm
dez holmes
Mad characters are on here! :O
oohh, you think so??? :D
not as long but sucked more to make up for it
when can we watch this as a full episode?
Lochlanne de graaff
does anyone no what lina is backwards
The Hall of Doom. It flies. LOL!