Otto Octavius Tentacle Arms Demonstration | Spider-Man 2 (2004) Movie Clip

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2:38 Look at that Tommy Wiseau clapping
Adam Malkovich
1:05 Doc Ock - "How right you are, which is why I developed this tiny fragile piece of sorry cheap plastic hanging exposed at the tippy top of the backbone of these arms, so if someone was to simply pull it out the tentacles would wreak havoc on the first person they see. " "Now, on to the main event."
TK Yang
Seems like Otto was better at cybernetics than he was at nuclear physics.
Kelvin Mendez
13 yrs later & the CGI still holds up to this day.
An Autistic JoJo fanboy
This film had the best design for doc ock's mechanical arms imo.
Garrett D.
The funny thing is, I bet a demonstration on his arms would've been just as successful. They're practically the ultimate exo-suit.
Captain Obvious
in another dimension, there is a Spider-man 4.
"The power of the the palm of my hand..." -Otto Octavius
Alan gols
3:21 me talking to my parents when i fail my midterm exams
Sleepy Cerberus
Otto Octavius: “Let me just build these amazing and totally never seen before arms with the greatest A.I. intelligence imaginable, and design this almost revolutionary brain monitor device that allows me to sync and control the A.I. intelligence of these arms. I’ve built all that so I can built a small sun on earth.” Otto Octavius has already won the noble prize.
Almost like a Greek tragedy. Doctor Octavius proclaims he holds the power of the Gods (the sun) in his hands... and then his downfall comes soon after.
Señor Jalapeño
And no one is wearing any safety glasses... my kind of party
Back when Tony Stark haven't developed the arc reactor
Even though it wasn't his intention, Otto's hubris and refusal to pull the plugs and end the experiment got his wife killed. They could have both survived if he just listened to Peter or ended the experiment right when things went wrong.
God Raimi was so well suited for the horror/tragic scenes of Spider-Man. Amazing job with this one. His horror roots made him perfect for Venom as well, I never understood why he hated him.
Christopher Binder
Hey look a good Marvel villain. Take some notes MCU.
The odd thing I find is that he wants to complete that dangerous experiment when he’s already achieved something pretty groundbreaking: neurologically controlled arms with artificial intelligence!
Bound Dragons
I'm JUST NOW noticing that two of the arms are different from the other two. Wow!
Helios Knight145
4:06 I love how Otto says “What are you doing” in a calm voice
The Avatar
This scene is Legendary. They just don't do the birth of the villain like this anymore. Things are supposedly going well, but Danny Elfman's haunting score has you on the edge of your seat, and in fear of what'll happen. The acting, cinematography, score, CGI, sound design, action, stakes, etc... All perfect in this masterpiece of a scene. I still don't know why some people think the MCU has made a film as well crafted and told as this one.
"Keep calm! It's only a spike."
noah stump
The cgi is great
Mr. RevanHood
As much as i like tom holland and homecoming, this film and the 1st will always be better than homecoming
Poor Spider Man. He saved two people's lives and neither thanked him.
DJ Gamer
Octavies : Rosie!!!! GETS A ELECTRIC SHOCK
Omar Perez
4:01-4:03 Harry:"This doesn't change anything" Spider-Man:"I'm done trying to convince you"
Hei Darkfire
You know... Otto could have EASILY made a fortune in prosthetics... If he'd worked on new prosthetic limbs for people instead of nuclear fusion, he'd have safely made a fortune. Honestly, the arms were more impressive than the sun. Though I guess I say that because of how wrong you knew the experiment was going to go... But still... Makes think about how different his life would have been if he'd actually gone into prosthetics and medical research rather than going into nuclear physics.
Thank you for uploading Spider-Man 2 scenes. This was my first superhero movie when I was little
Rocket 205
Before we start has anyone lost a roll of 20 dollar bills in a rubber band?
Chicken Draws Dogs
That inhibitor chip looks suspiciously like a phone input jack.
This part always mess up on my DVD whenever I played it
Gameking 49
He should have used a rubber band instead
“I made these arms to control fusion reaction in an environment no human hand could enter.” Literally stands 3 feet from the reaction in a room full of people with no barrier
Ogrunt the Hairyfaced.
Ya know what NO ONE seems to address about this scene? The fact that there's absolutely *nothing* standing between Otto and a friggin miniature SUN! He says the arms are designed for "an environment no human hand could enter" and yet there's no glass shield, no barrier, heck all he's wearing is a vest and he's fine! EVEN THE AUDIENCE IS FINE! They should all be dying from radiation poisoning by now.
Doc Ock and Vulture are the best Spider-Man movie villains in my opinion.
0:05-0:13 thats alot of needles. what bugs me in this movie, the top light chip(Doc Octs metal arms). its so exposed, and can be damaged so easily. there is no protective cover.
Ethan Dedicatoria
0:10 how the hell did the audience see him getting stab in the back
Kal-El fan 49
The power of the sun, in the palm on my hand.
J Lee
Tritium is hydrogen atoms, with two extra neutrons in the nuclei. Hydrogen is a gas-im fairly certain tritium would be too. So unless this tritium is embedded in some sort of metal carrier system, that ball of metal is inaccurate.
2:34 - Johnny Gat is a scientist now. What a badass.
klloyd plata
I wish Doctor Otto Octavius is going to have an appearance on Spider-man PS4 because he is the member called "Sinister Six".
The Name's Revan, Darth Revan
Why didn’t he have proper shielding orotund the core to contain the reaction?
nice clip mate! this film and spiderman homecoming tied for my favorite spiderman film, I can't decide which one is better
2:11 And then Pendulum - Fasten Your Seat Belts starts playing.
Phatomz 87
that moment when u realized, the chinese guy from hawaii five-o is at 2:33
*3:47** when ves a tu hermana poner un trap*
Cola Anillada :3
I like it because it's a natural villain and natural acting
The woman just straight up questions the AI in the arms but he never mentioned there was AI. All he said is nano wires linking up hid cerebellum let him control the arms
2:32 Johnny Gat
I anticipated the bass to drop at 2:13
The Asian asssistant is the inventor from Jurassic Park isn’t he
Clonetrooper Fordo
you know rosie's death was so avoidable I mean if she would moved to the corner less than a couple feet away instead of standing there like an idiot she would have fine
Michael Ingber
The best spider man the only spider man is Toby McGuire
alex jackson
Ive seen enough hentai to know where this is going
francisco villamil
And this is why u don't make the Sun,because it will turn off one day Or in 3 minutes
Mack Funzy
Give me the blue light rosie....... The blue light Rosie....... The blue light Rosie....
Folande Kalan
El Tio Zombe
I love this scene
I Despise A majority of human creations
If you think about it, otto is one of the few if not only villain who could've actually destroyed not just humanity, but earth, and it wasn't intentional.
Nega Goku
Otc he kind of created artificial intelligence.. kind of like Jarvis, he talks to the arms
ImHandsome Plays
came here after seeing spider man ps4 ending
The Scandinavian Gaming Channel
Those arms still look bad ass today!
Is Otto one of the 8 smartest people on the planet in the Marvel Universe? I've always asked myself that.
*2:54* *Otto Octavius: The Power Of The Sun, In the palm of my hands.*
Mr. Pedrool Pro
Apagalo otto apagalo!!!!
jimmy perkins
4:06 no spidey sense...why?
martin yachev
When rosie died doc. Oc lost all humanity in him
He should be called Doctor Quadropus
2:08 fresh hair cut so he can tell us about the chip also the haircut was purposely done too high lool
Anthony Lopez
This movie is a classic what ever u like or not
Collins Darkwa
I remember this part
Chethan M Naik
I came here for the rubber band joke, disappointed 😶
Best spidey movie :) second homecoming
Scott Reacts
2:33 that dude needs to play Martin Li aka Mr. Negative if they were to put him in the MCU. Also thats Johnmy Gtad voice actor
Matthew Fisher
Just how Benedict Cumberbatch was born to play Doctor Strange and Robert Downey jr was born to play iron Man, Alfred Molina was born to play Doc Ock. I've always loved this movie.
Long Phan
Am I the only one who like this version of him than the comic and animation version ?
Agent 47
4:09 *LAW AND ORDER THEME PLAY* thats becauase he abused a boy named peter parker
Brandon Yamamoto
When the guy with the glasses behind Harry says this is a break through beyond your fathers dream Does that mean Otto or Norman
Zakaria Shalih
The Anunnaki finds the fusion power of the sun too primitive and underpowered, so they gone with the power of Quasar
liem thanh Nghuyen
He killed his wife, and he put all on spider man....
Makoto Mikami
-Reporter: "you mean that you've somehow invented true A.I. and you haven't reported your discovery?" -Otto: "huh..."
Yosef Penn-Ari
3:18 on proof magneto was responsible ;) offscreen of course
lordlossize GG
1:11 just the one though. just that one chip, in a very vulnerable spot, in a very fragile glass casing.
kermit 999
Dock, i think those metal arms would earn you the nobel prize itself just saying.
Joe Curry-Stodder
"He's wearing goggles. Should we be wearing goggles?"
Anyone else hear a woah when the thing turns big?? 2:30
Screaming Fury
I dont know why I read "testicle arms" in the title 😂😂😂
Since 1997
...which is why I developed this inhibitor chip...
Greater Grievobeast 55
I know some people were a bit put off by the arms having a mind of its own but I thought it was AWEOME. Each one seems to have a slightly different design or function maybe Octavio's imprinted some personality on them that got imbedded into the Ai after the incident. Kinda reminds you how in real life each one of an octopus tentacles has brain tissue in it.
quirky Chad
Ya know I'd find the mechanical arms properly graphed into his back more interesting.
0:20 when you're about to go supersaiyan
Arek Kocot
The original trylogy of spider-man is best
3:54 I"TS MY MONEY!!!" And I NEED IT NOW!!!!
Xeno Gaming
“.....To control fusion reaction In a environment no human hand could enter” “The power of the sun in the palm of MY hand “ 🤯mind blown🤯
vengo por el meme
Black Burninz
Apágalo Otto, apagalo
Dindinu Azzopardi
0:33 awesome Doc Ock image