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Richard brings his favorite welder back into Gas Monkey Garage—but does she have what it takes to hang with the team? | For more Fast N' Loud, visit /> For full episodes of Fast N' Loud, visit /> Subscribe to Discovery! |

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How much Meth did she want for the photoshoot?
Jack Stewart
She is NASTY!
James R
That's about a 5 on the scale of women. Tattoos all over her body body and she has jacked up teeth.
Smells of stale cigarettes and baby lotion.
Jason Pellegren
She needs to fix the grill ASAP.
Jacko kookamyer
lift the godang car for her u cant fit the welding helmet under there and escpecialy cant lift the face to see the work....amatuers..
Mark G
She would be a good beer assistant.
No fooling Richard likes dudes.
who watched this that actually cared if she could weld or not SHE's HOT
Harvey Weinstein Approved.
Anthony Ciccariello
I love a lady that can weld
Kayla, A day in the life
igh going to go puke now
Jason Kane
But can she weld? Yes she can.
Monkeys can mig weld, not impressed.
Angel Llerda
gas monkey garage is the best of the world
eric sique
What a freaking horn dog loser
the Ray Liotta of women
Gene Paulk
I bet she got her crack welded up with a meat rod !!!
Pushing 4Better
she's gross tatoos and that hair cringe
Bill Head
fast and skanky
tater tot
Wooooow she's sooooo hott!!!
Bobby Lee
She is so freakin hot
Robert Perkins
Rode hard and put away wet way to many times. A '56 Buick has less miles on it than she has.
Chad Meyer
Oh how disappointed so-called "welders" are when they get in an actual welding job where its not all piece work on a bench and they realize you sometimes have to get down and dirty to do the job. And it's not because she's a woman. It's because she's a poser.
David Siler
Of course "SHE'S" his favorite welder!!! Are those boots OSHA approved?
Chad McDonald
She's a cutie! I have a special place in my heart for the unique and talented women of the world, I've found they tend to be the most loyal and the best lovers!
Oisin O Lochlainn
she could do with a good dinner by the looks of her
cause some people are sad and have no life :)
Debbie Wilson
The Plus size comment was not good , To think he has the best taste , his mind is waste .
She is hot. You guys are haters
do they make a gas monkey face mask
Mr. L
Good from far but far from good.
Joseph Deffendoll
i kiss her fartbox everyday!!!!!!😠
Nothing hotter than a dead hooker...
blame who
but you must emit shes nice eye candy
Dan von Volksburg
Freak Girl with disgusting tattoos
Wanna hear a joke ? goes ... women are equal to men .......
Burek Eliminator
Ugly creature..
tweaker whore
Duck Norris
give that poor girl some food
Jesus Is SATAN
One of the worst shows on cable.......
AZ Independent SRT
Damn Richard, that nasty thing is going to give you an itch & burn or worse dude.
she looks like Angelina Jolie from Gone In 60 Seconds. Except with bad teeth, please dont smile again :)
David Ortiz
yo haha she the chick from americas got talent😂😂😂
Арамис Усов
Красивая девушка
Prasino Fasoulaki
Those shoes are such a joke...A pair of flip flops would have been 100x sexier....
Can figure why cute girls spoil their looks with tattoos and bad hair
She seems to have a nice way about her, and isn't hard on the eyes either ! I wouldn't say 'No' to a date with her !
I always was a sucker for blond hairs - gone is 60 sec reference
dyy Fethiiyhn
Butter face
Matt Hagen
What kind of a welder doesn't know anything about cars? Does she do Navy welding? industrial production? oh wait - at no point did they show off any welds she did. All just faked for TV. She has 3-4 more years before the body goes and then with those tattoo's I hope she can weld or its unemployment.
dean farinha
love her!
Beautiful woman. She can come play with my torch any time
Whens fnl coming back? :/
This dude has a whole ass shop why isn’t the car on the lift
Ryan Lange
That girl would blow away in a 10 mph wind. She needs to eat.
No way I would take my car to a shop who gets some prostitute looking chick who doesn't know anything about cars to weld on my car, just so they can get a perv....
Carlos Danger
I think I would take jessi combs this chick doesn't know what she's doing
kentucky 82
I think she needs a sandwich
Dylan Jenkins
Bring back FNL!!!!!!!!!):
Bill Head
she needs a pack on a couple pounds
Christophe Vanderperren
j adore
ss a
strong gone in 60 seconds resemblance is strong
Nathan Pieper
that actually sounded good
This dude says
Hot ? Check welder? check In to cars ? Check Tatts? To many
Holly Lawhorn
she needs leave Richard alone he's mine lol
Ken Alexander
She's Welding!
Aussie Loads
She’s gorgeous
brett andrew carrie emig old car guy
old prevent Richy lolmao u man legs are awesome and other areas lolmao ya u would volinter here Richy u got laughing bro beer assistance pliz 😂
Diezenhoff Aufdrösln
i would screw the garbage day out of her!!!!
wasiq mohammad
she is beutiful but nasty teeth
nathan forest
see that hair on that rag
those jack stands are too tall, do not meet OSHA requirements, I hope the union's steward put a stop to this.
Travis Parker
Hot af!!!
0:44 This man is rolling is eye at her like "give me a break" I love how this chick is wearing the MOST flammable jacket. 10 bucks says her nasty looking hair catches fire.. Stick to the photo shoots..
That;s your opinion, i've got no problem with it
Big bear
This girl is a tramp
Danny Reyes
wtf do you see she looks like an anemic meth head
C Man
How about raising the car on a lift. Any woman can look like that with the Cracknink treatment. Crack-n-ink.
My kind of likey..
Bas bzb
still alive?
Real Person
Welding accidents are one of the top accidents in the shop. And it's not hard to see why in this one minute and 20 seconds worth of video. Blatant disregard for safety equipment being the number one cause of welding accidents. It's all fun and games until you're horribly disfigured. But there ain't nothing in this world like a ball of molten lava exploding inside your pants. As soon as it touches the skin. Instant cauterization. And after welding thousands of plug welds, I will tell you, you never know which spark it's going to be that ends your career.
So sexy
first class junkee
The pitch line he used was, me and u a hotel by the beach, a case of quervo gold, and my lucky rubber.... she went for it hook, line, and shtinker.
All the marks of the self loathing. Vandalizing your own body is the mark of a total failure as human being.
Bob Smith
Crack head skank that can lay a bead. Who would of known?
she's a twit
Jimmy Key
She looks horrable
Done Right Plumbing and Sewer Repair
Why so much hate for the girl? id take her down through there. give me a call girl.
Alan Hilton
Sorry but is that ment to be attractive or something plus she can't weld to save her life.
George Pulliam
She's a butterface!
why so many dislikes ?
awesome opossum
She can strike an arc cool. That 2 secund arc is all it takes for a streetwalker to be famous.
Cobb Knobbler
That girl looks like such a skank. Horrid hair. Horrid tattoos. Yikes.
callum ronald
What's her name I couldn't understand the guy
YAMAHA88 Kawasaki88
Someone get her a cheeseburger.