My Best Friend's Wedding Alternate Ending

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This is an alternate ending not featured in any of the releases. It includes Julianne calling George, who is at home and meeting a new man and dancing with him instead Link:

Thanks for posting this make appericate the Other ending a lot more
Glad they went with the final film version then this one. The ending they chose was cuter and more upbeat with George being a true friend who knows Julianne is hurting and is there to cheer her up. Julianne seems genuinely happier dancing with George in the final film ending. It makes more sense that the band played that paticular song because George requested it , rather then it just being a random and convenent coincidence. The film ending is thankfully more realistic with no singing and dancing wedding staff. It's also more realistic that Julianne is not being rushed into finding someone so quickly after just conceding the man she loves. The whole point of the ending is that she redeems her scheming behavior by showing that she does truely love Michael and everything she did was out of that love. She would not be ready to move on so quickly and George as her friend and confidant would know it. This is why it works so well in the final version that he is there to support and comfort her. The film ending with George taking over the role of her best friend now that Michael has moved on with Kimmy is far more touching then her symbolically moving on by dancing with a random guy. With her pal George there to support her it leaves the viewer knowing that eventually she will move on.
To people that say THIS IS THE BETTER ENDING: do you not understand that shes not supposed to find someone YET. Shes gotta process all the emotions that she closed herself off to for so many years. Dating this new guy will make her realize that she still wants the other guy. She gotta give it time to heal.
The original ending is WAY BETTER!!! The original ending definitely puts a smile on your face.
Michael Sindiong
The original ending is so much better... Jules loses Michael but keeps her gay best friend George. Life goes on, hoping that she finds the next perfect guy for her... kind of like how life is. In the meantime, there will be more dancing until she does!!! :-)
Melissa Labance
is that aiden shaw from sex and the city hitting on jules lol!
terrible ending. So glad they went back and re-shot it with her gay bff.
Sinar Bulan Purnama
seriously now... don't you think Michael might be running looking for his best friend whenever he has problems with his wife?
Mark Cavanaugh
Awful! Glad they went with the other ending.
London .CHANEL
Wt*... where did you get this from?
Y Li
Love this movie so much.. This ending doesnt feel like its an ending tho😱😱 Much glad they used the actual ending, love it with all my hearts ❤❤
James Ludlow
No I definitely prefer the original ending. This felt a little bit off and a bit forced, lacked chemistry between the two. Also it's harder for the audience to relate to this other guy as we've only just met him, but we've seen George throughout.
Chisty A
John Corbett would have to have shown up earlier for to this ending to have had any real meaning. Maybe hitting on her at the rehearsal dinner or something. Anything really... Also, the singing wait staff was a little cheesy.
Julie Muniz
Oh, I love John Corbett since Sex and the City and The Greek Wedding...he and Julia look great together here. They could've made an Alternative Ending with Jules & Michael together, it would be perfect.
I prefer the other ending. The song "I will be ok" during the credits really goes with the whole idea.
The real end is one of the best in comedy. Gosh 🤤 whstis tjis? 🤢
Humorous LOL
You can see the many elements of the original ending here. The obvious difference the dance isn't with George. Honestly, this ending seems off. It doesn't make any sense when compared to the original ending especially with that unnecessarily long final shot of the cooks dancing. George was her other best friend, and it made sense for him to come back when she needed him.
Victoria Lopez
Omg!!! Can’t believe I’m just seeing this now!!
Prime Cruz
bad ending. good thing they decided to change this
fiona d
I love the ending of this movie . George is so funny.. also says she doesn't need a man she has george always.. that would never have worked
Angharad Keltik
This is an infinitely better ending.
Nah. Puts me in mind of the ending of a school musical. Like the one we got instead. :)
I like both "endings"
Candy Guerra
This is cute but I'm glad they went with the ending that they did.
glad they went with the other
Mojos Bigstick
Rupert any day!
Shannon McCullough
I love this ending too!!!!
As much as I love John Corbett, this ending just falls flat. The one they went with is so much better.
Lidia Colin
Me gusta más el que quedo en la.peli.
Matias Bernal
Has anyone seen the ending where they end up together?
margot m
so racist!
glad this wasnt the ending
Mónica Martínez
mejor fue el otro final
Wai 2205
wouldn't it be more fun if we, chose the ending (from 4 or 5) we want from start?  haha, oh I'd love it
K Horoski
I prefer this ending.
Rozdymka Kolczatka
NO! 😑
Tam DnCt
John Corbett...💗
The Original is better...
Tamara Carolina Rubio
César Abraham Castañeda Valencia
The people in the kitchen dancing were lovely but fortunately it was not include in the final cut
Alia Ris
I feel bad for John Corbett (the guy asking for dance), he got his one chance dancing with Julia Roberts in a hit movie...and everyone, even the director, hated the only scene he's in. But yeah, the ending was crappy.
César Abraham Castañeda Valencia
John Corbett always on the rescue of the bitter spinster
What??? Nooooope!!!!! First of all you can't hear that conversation she has with the guy when she goes back into the tent. I mean Jules is only the main character don't worry... I do love the actual ending and George's mix of gentle comedy and sympathy for his friend!! But I think my biggest gripe is this: Name me the most genius scene in a movie ever? It exists of a restaurant, a giant red lobster and a family, nay an entire restaurant joining in with Say A Little Prayer!!! Now why would they feel the need to replicate that magic with a buncha unknowns at the end of the movie??? The actual ending is waaaaaaaaay better than this!!!
Fashion From my point of view
How many finals the movie have. I saw one video where they talk about Julias caracter alone because people find out , them the final that we got were she is with the friend( because Ruppert mark high scores with the audience test) , now there is these one and people is saying that there is one were there is no wedding ( i want to see that one)
Amy Fanai
this is the ending to the movie when I first saw it. I was surprised that there was a totally different ending when I viewed it the second time. lol.
Sulli Page
no sabia que tenia final alternativo omg !!
Leo RG
where can I find this male version of the song? I love it but can´t find it anywhere
Go Go
Thank god the original ending was considered. This is cute but extremely tacky 90's style.
E Lee
I like the original ending better, but I wouldn't say no to dancing with John Corbett either
Velina Welch
I like the original ending better. Rupert Everett is so good as George, and quite the scene stealer.
Stevie M
John Corbett aka AIDEN asks you to dance and you turn him down? AW HELL NO...
isabel padilla
Es en serio ? Jajaajaj igual creo que fue hermoso como término . Al final la vida siempre continua
Mark of CAIN
This ending is lame. Plus, the song doesn't have the meaning and comedic irony as it did the 1st time or makes any sense whatsoever.
Dear God, that was way too much. I kept wishing the credits would roll.
The Underwood’s
Such a terrible ending for so many reasons. I love the ending they used in the actual movie.
Peter C.
Both endings are great! Thank you for share us! One of best films ever ♡♡♡ Cinderella/Jane Bond should dance again...
je cherche l'or du temps
This is really BAD. I'm so glad they haven't chosen this version. Ughhhhhhh.
I really love this movie! Sad she didn't get the best friend
Autumn Leaf
I still love how the movie really ended
Ugh glad they changed it. This is so dull and unoriginal
Jackeline Lopez
Yeah! I do prefer the original ending.
feelufeelmiss Feel
Love this song❤❤❤❤❤❤
Jyothi Froemming
Does anyone know how to get a copy of this version of the song????? So sad it wasn't on the soundtrack.
RJ Martin
I like this ending better than the original!
Danny Meléndez
This would have been a better ending.
John Corbett!!!!! 😍😍😍 OMG!!!! ❤❤
The phone call lasted too long
z zoila
This final is awesome!!!!!’ Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nah, the other ending was way better.
Val Gibson
Love this ending so much better
izzie smith
Bad ending
Lupita Osorio
WTF no more.
i love the original ending
Heather Velasco
I love this ending better
Blanca Blanky
The best
The Original Ending.
Brigitte Bedolla
This is awful. I'm glad they went with the ending they used.
Ma. Teresta Rage
El señor que sale en el minuto 3:58 es el mismo que sale (creo) en volver al futuro que era el que se casó con la mamá del personaje que interpreta Michael J Fox en el presente alterno. Si no es, entonces se parece mucho a ese señor.
Mella Laa
Haha I love the singing cooks!
Ada Paulina Alarcón
This is boring.
Norman Wong
Hes aidan from sex in the city if carrie found out she will tear her to pieces hahaa