Nocturnal Graves - Satan's Cross (2007) Full Album

1 Aggressive Exterminator 2 Rotten Cremation 3 Skullthrone 4 Whore of Sodom 5 Nocturnal Maniac 6 When the Demons Feast 7 The Pestilence Crucified 8 Satan's Cross

Mafei M.
for me, one of the best records of the last 10 years. 666
К. Марянов
foda pra caralho
El Cid
I listened to this because of Shrapnel but I dont think it comes anything close to as good as Destroyer 666.
Kurtis Dragosani
No goat you don't even fit stop trying to get in you don't even like jesus omg
Ghost Rider 666
[6]he Nin[6]h Ga[6]e: The Nine Gates Of The Kingdom Of Shadows
LJ Morgan
this band rocks!
Francisco J Camargo Liévano
Naaaa listening better, is pretty damn bland
Junior RL
Really good shit!
Some of the best thrash tones i've heard from the revival bands.
Mac Tíre
been listening to this for years, can't believe it doesn't have more people checking it out when comparing to some of the some neck exercise to this one
Oh yeah yeah
Cover art reminds me of Nokturnal Mortum. like a lot.
Francisco J Camargo Liévano
Freaking shit
James McKeown
Pre order the vinyl
Enrique GS
Blackened thrash metal
Greg Payne
Bonafide Classic
Ghost Rider 666
🤘 😈 LCF 😈 🤘
1. Aggressive Exterminator 6:46 2. Rotten Cremation 2:38 3. Skullthrone 2:55 4. Whore Of Sodom 4:33 5. Nocturnal Maniac 2:33 6. Where The Demons Feast 3:01 7. The Pestilence Crucified 4:07 8. Satan's Cross 3:50
hijo de putin jr
Johnny Fachorn
Kool. fuckn CD. covers they go with. the. jams
Soso Spacesheep
Thrash? I can't hear thrash here. Black/death metal
Dimitris Bariamis
Exxxtremely awesome . . .