Lady Gaga - Million Reasons (Live At Royal Variety Performance)

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Romy Hernandez
Never been a big fan of Gaga, but I gotta admit that after watching Gaga Five Foot Two , she has a new fan in me. 💜
Ordox 56
Anyone came back because of "A star is born"?
Marilyn Jane
*perfect voice*
Lisa Andersson
Someone else who is having a lady gaga marathon after seeing A star is born lol
Moran Uliel
After a star is born I'm so addicted to her...
Trent Welch
Her best performance of Million Reasons 🙌🏼
Gregory Keith
63 year old guy here. NEVER ever have I heard anything so beautiful as Gaga's voice. Bad Romance best pop song ever, and this from a Beatle fan. Gaga authors her music, sings it, acts, and oh she is a great person, supporting the military and everyone not "mainstream". She is our outlier hero, the person standing up for everyone including the outliers, the lgbt community, the unfortunate, everyone. She is a good person and has a heart of diamonds, not just gold. Goddess of the Universe.
Cheryl B
She may be only "five foot two," but she has a towering spirit.
Eric Knowles
I’m seriously in love with this girl... omg.
Kochanski Lori
Probably one of the only singers who actually sounds better live than recorded!
Divo Galindra
The more I listen her singing the more I found out something special, in every performance she gives us something new, that's the true artist, a great singer not only stuck the same with the version of the studio, Gaga is going to be a legend one day, incomparable! No matter you hate or love her but you have to admit that she is amazing!
Inayah Cee
I think she's reached her peak potential, she's incredible. I cant imagine how she could get any better, but Im sure she will.
fuck, im speechless.. just wow
She is the most talented vocalist, artist actress woman out there. She is beautiful. She has created such a foundation for kindness. What a platform to stand on and be remembered for. #BeautifullyElegant
2 years since this video was uploaded! (20.12.2016)
Rizzih Vlog
Flawless. ♥
Fem Pao
Mother monster gives us a million reasons to love her... Little monster can i have your share of likes into my comment?
Azeem Dilani
She looks so beautiful by just being simple, not that I don't like her with her loud outfits, but I like her more. with this. Who else thinks the same?
Nick Greek
Best vocalist/singer of this generation....she has beyonce and all those so-called "Divas" for real
Vessy N
After seeing A star is born Gaga got a huge fan in me. This woman is pure magic of endless talent. What a Lady!!!
6 Grammys 13 Guinness World Records 1 Grammy Museum Artist Award (2016) 3 Brit Awards (2010) 2 Diamond awards 31 MTV awards 1 Golden Globe (2016) 1 Fashion Icon Award (2011) 1 Bambi Award (2011) 1 Contemporary Icon Award (2015) 1 National Art Award (2015) 'Women of The year 2015" by Billboard Oscars nom (2016) 4 albums #1 Billboard (2011, 2013, 2014, 2016) 150M singles sold WW 30M albums sold WW Worldwide concerts tours = +500M $ Performances: Grammys x4 (2010, 2011, 2015, 2016) Oscars x2 (2015, 2016) And now... 2 SUPERBOWL ! (2016, 2017) Lady Gaga doesnt need to prove anything anymore. A LEGEND.
Kay Slusser
I became a fan when she sang a tribute to Julie Andrews...amazing
been living under the rock for years it seems :) Just adore her for this song itself, her voice is beyond words, this is pure emotion, sorry for misjudging you for years
Joycce Fernanda
Não me canso de ouvir!
mandee Dennison
AMAZING!!! That dress omg... So classy everything is perfect about this!!!!!!! Love you 💪🏼❤️
Maddy Maes
Jesus she’s amazing
Robert Curtis
To be honest I didn’t know much about lady Gaga or what she sung until I happen to watch a Video of her at the super bowl on YouTube .wow was I surprised ! that lady can sing dance and entertain and writes her own music ,she was brilliant and since then I am sold on her .
Frederico Gama de Oliveira
There are no words to express how gorgeous this woman is!
She looked so incredibly beautiful, I can't even... LOVE HER!
Michelle Duval Mcgee
i lost my only child in May of 2016 and this song touched me so much ...I have so many reasons not to stay , I wish I had just one to stay..I want to be with my Matthew..My one good thing . My one good reason,
Laura Haertel
She is so beautiful and flawless.
hands down, the best million reasons performance
Remabelle Alfaro
Gaga is afterall very pretty and classy..
Lady Gaga has one of the best voices , when i heard this song for the first time it blew me away. She is really super talented never ever judge a book by its cover. She brought tears of joy to me. She is gorgeous to top it off. This young lady has such gracious stage presence is off the charts. The best part of this is how she reacts after she finishes this song, a thru performer and a pure lady to the very end.
Keith Jones
I am so apologetic for my late amazement. Your voice is angelic. Thank you God.
Bryan Owen
Never been a big Gaga fan until recently. Thought she was just another side show act like so many other modern singers. I admit I wrong, this chick can flat out sing. She could've easily stayed in the middle of the stage during this performance and stole the show but she didn't. She clearly recognizes the orchestra on both sides of her. Class act!
Random Person101
Who thinks she's the best singer!!😀😀🙌🏻🙌🏻💙
Rebecca D
I never cared for her at first but I just love her now.
So natural , she loooks so beautiful 😍😍
Bradley Winstead
After watching A Star is Born, this lady is pure talent! 🌹🌺💯😘👍🏻👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻
Lorraine Barnes
omg this woman is totally inmense👍 her voice is unique.....she's beautiful inside and out ..humble and not a phoney gene insight....she looks beautiful the hair and dress👌👌👌👌
Mei Meii
She is beautiful inside and outside, but she looks specially stunning in here!!
leachim zepol
Whos here after A STAR IS BORN...
Lisa Munoz
Chills all over my body. So beautiful.
Time Runner
Goddess of the Universe!!
Desmond P T
Best performance of this song ever! Far better than the hard-singing recorded track. I'm a new fan.
Anabel cerna
Preciosa!!!!! No me canso de escucharla
Jacob Patrick Poulsen
Flawless performance. I like the way that Lady Gaga delivers a ballad. She puts all her emotions into her songs but especially when the song is simple like "Million Reasons" her vocal talent really shines through. I like the fact that Lady Gaga is one of those singers, that actually often sounds better when she is singing live than what the recorded version of the songs sounds like when you hear it on the album. Lady Gaga is already a legend and she will only be more iconic with time. The woman is very talented and has a voice sent from heaven. :)
Vera Lafortezza
Always loved her these songs will melt your heart cried thru the movie
Denis Russel
Девушка повзрослела. Наконец-то серьёзные песни
Edward Gawlik
How she sings this song is so beautiful
Céline Allais
Lady Gaga binging since two days because of "A star is born". The movie was ok, but she is incredible. Loved her from A to Z. I'm sorry I had to wait for so long to admit she's one of the best!
Valentina Giordano
Bellissima e bravissima
Il Cappello di Irma
🌹 ❤💖❤🙏
Bailey Diesel
Wow, what an awesome performance. That was beautiful.
Tracy Metherell
This is her absolute best song. Simple, powerful.
Kelley Broussard Mackaig
Lady Gaga is truly incomparable. She is a gift to the music industry.
Cleia Oliveira
GAGA, jesteś WIELKĄ ARTYSTKĄ !!!, Cudownie wykonana piosenka, piękny głos, Twój kunszt artystyczny ukazuje wielki TALENT, Kocham cię 🇵🇱 Poland
Henry San P
Me gusta como está dando un giro a su carrera, tiene tremendo poder de interpretación y hermosa voz, hoy no veo a nadie que sea como ella
Mohammed Abbas
My cousin said that Lady Gaga couldn’t sing and that it was all auto tune. Showed her this video and proved her wrong.
Tommy Lee
Thumbs up, no doubt. Love to see gaga to be herself as the best female singer in the world.
Fan-Tastic! Sweden fan 4 ever. Lady, y really make the difference! New generation of singers! Thank y 4 all ,,,of your Music. (saw the Movie of yours 2 Days ago) a star in born was Crying 2 songs....... kram sweden fan 4 ever
Victoria Castillo
Dios mio que mujer!!
José Augusto dos Santos
Khris C
Everyone is talking about leaving Gaga behind, but I'm just stuck right here like I was in 2008, when everyone thought she was weird. Her message has gotten me through so much in this life, I will always be loyal to her💜💜
Matthew Chaisuwan
She’s probably the only celebrity I would pay to go to a concert to see live, love her so much
Andréa Oliveira Handrews
Não canso de comentar: lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... perfeita................
Carol p.s
Coisa mais linda 😗😗😍😢
Elle L Green
I would like to her sing "Hallelujah".
there is no old gaga or new gaga... this Lady, she is an artist, and artists have the right to do wahtever they want!! and for me i think gaga is one of the best artists in the world she is really amazing she can do everything... and i mean EVERYTHING. bcz she is really talented i mean look at her belting all these flawless vocals with feelings... and gaga was never the same she always changes even through the same era.. this is who she is and you all have to respect what she is giving us bcz its pure ART ❤ (SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH)
Jay Goodman
I'm old heavy rocker.. Shes got the pipes man.. Hendrix to GaGa..
Young Sophy
Lady Gaga is beautiful and very talented voice and music. She is also a tender woman with a gentle heart. But about politics, she is naive. You can’t govern the world only by love
Matt Atkins
I think what some people don't understand, wait first of all I've never been a fan of lady Gaga I never actually heard her or saw her on a video just heard "about her" and wasn't really a fan, but back to what I was people don't understand if that she actually one of the best singers in the fucking world lol
Amadainmortal FrauBeethoven
My god! She looks insanely gorgeous here! Never seen her so real before! She's stunning!
Vladimir Prorabov
Какой Великий голос,это просто паразительно!Вот уж действительно не сонька и прочие алегры-пугалкины.И куда ни посмотри у них ни одной дутой звезды,а тут одни пресмыковы-бреджневы и прочие шмуркоровы-будзовы, фонограмные.Как так то?Одни прокуренные-пропитые,так называемые звЯзды...
eny morgan
Nossa ela está linda
Edwin Casanova
Iam 55 years old iam a madona fan but after a see gaga she is in another level best female singer ever
Артур Родионов
Did anyone notice that she covered up her tattoos for this?
Kirk Davies
She is amazing ! That's why she was the main 🌟 star in a star was born
Krissy Young
Her voice is beautiful, but I have to wonder who she bows down to when she prays. Her stage performancees do not reflect the Lord God Almighty. Such a shame. My hope is that she finds the Truth of our Creator. 💕 I believe she has a beautiful heart.
Sis ter
she is so gracious and such a talented person. She is also so pure. 😭😍
Ray Manbert
Besides a great singer she has great honesty in her work!!
she refuses to lypsinch or prerecord her vocals..a true performer..she can't stand the fakes in the industry..she is the rreal deal..I love her
Sand June
this has to be one of my very favourite songs, so heartfelt and beautiful. nice to hear Lady gaga sing in this way to show her true voice and emotional side and voice. I cried my eyes out when I first heard this. a beautiful person showing through in these lyrics
Nancy Hannan
Like her much without all the weird Costumes. She really is beautiful. Her voice is a real gift. I just started listening to her and seeing her in a whole new way.
молодец =)
I don't understand the 4k dislike... how ?... why ?.... ^-^' explain me, i don't found any negative coments.
Alfred Yangao
she actually sounds better live than recorded.
Артем Кузнецов
Lady Gaga - Million reasons (USA) VS Polina GagaRina - A million voices (RUS)
David Johnson
The "incredible" Lady Gaga? I'll say. Awesome performance...superior to the studio version. And she looks fantastic.
roni solor
Soy argentina y no hablo ingles pero cuando escuche esta cancion me toco el encanto y la traduje en español y me facino la encanto aguante gaga
Пёрл Харбор
Лэди Гага...как вы красивы...когда выходите в платье либо в классическом костюме!!! ))) Очень завораживает!!!
Sebas Vlog
Espectacular!! #Joanne #MillionReasons ... 😍😍😍😍😍 Like si eres latino y estas viendo a la Reina de Reinas.... #ArribaLatinos
Rick Hearn
Oh she makes me want to fall in love just to feel the pain of loss again..
Paula Witkowska
Amazing 😍
Bt Cozer
She is Wonderful!!! ⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🙏🏻❤️
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