Lady Gaga - Million Reasons (Live At Royal Variety Performance)

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Lady Gaga Million Reasons Joanne Royal Variety

Trent Welch
Her best performance of Million Reasons 🙌🏼
Yriimedov Volhebnic
Красотка Браво 👍👍👍
Yriimedov Volhebnic
Очень Красивое Видео 👍👍👍 Песня Супер 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Ced Ced
She is stunning ..... I didn't know this side of gaga
Ben Lambourne
I think it’s so amazing that she can deliver ballads like this, as well as upbeat dance songs and a multitude of other genres and still prove herself to be a supertalent in all these genres
Romy Hernandez
Never been a big fan of Gaga, but I gotta admit that after watching Gaga Five Foot Two , she has a new fan in me. 💜
Melona good
I LOVE this song but I think it's so underated.Anyone agree?
Steve Zanadon
Amazing artist ❤️
Hannah Moloney
Absolutely stunning!
Hello Elo
Lady gaga is the best voice in the world !
grew up listening to Gaga, never been disappointed, not even a single time! <3
Mets4u Adam
Amazing singer 💯❤❤
And this is the reason she is my favourite artist.
cosworth dreamer
jesus this is good
Amazing! She is a true talent of this day and age. One day I believe we will consider Lady Gaga a legend..the same way that Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Julie Andrews etc. are considered show business legends nowadays
Blue Queen
She's an amazing singer and artist with so many different styles :D I love Lady Gaga so much <3
Her vocals never cease to amaze me... and she is stunning.
Majestic! Excellent! Marvelous! Thou shall LOVE Lady Gaga!
Tina Reyes
I love more this one than the original. It is magical! I am in tears.
Mohd Faisol
when you sound better than studio version be like😍😘, love you lady gaga
Dina Eddy
Very beautiful voice, song, dress, beautiful soul.
First time i recognise her beauty and great voice, i am really shocked, who's like me?
john 321
Why does she sound better here than the actual video?
Henk Flowerpot
I'm a big indie, rock and metal listener and I'm really critical on modern pop, but this is beautiful.
My god! She looks insanely gorgeous here! Never seen her so real before! She's stunning!
I love her. This song gives me life. She's helped me through some of the worst times in my life. God bless you Lady Gaga 💙 You are truly an angel sent from God. If it wasn't for you and your music I wouldn't be here
Denise Smith
What a beautiful voice...I had no idea.
Parker Jean
Gaga, I love you so much. Congratulations on your AMA. You give me hope with your words and with your voice- I know that different is beautiful. You have true talent- I’m proud to be a Little Monster.
Elizabeth Mcatasney
She looks stunning
Serefina Germanotta
Vini Almeida
Esta uma Divã😍😍
laura troi
great song , she sings it beautifully
Alvaro David
This is the real Lady Gaga
Uddipta Kakati
sometimes a person does something that is not describable by words . THIS is one of those something.
She has the voice of a angel, just amazing talent, another talent from God to us. She has such a range of vocal expressions you don't see very often.
Caio Oliveira
One of her best performance
Dana Sunshine
Love this song 😍
How can anyone not like this amazing and fabulous woman? She's simply wonderful in every way.
She Has A New Fan in me ,love you
Alex Pantaleru
My Pop Queen!
Gretchel Belando
Bravo lady Gaga,. I like this song
Scott Bradley
WOW! Nailed it.
Deborah Mathurin
Magnifique!!! Coiffure magnifique😍😍😍😍
Mark Brewer
Pure pure quality
Diaa Mohy
she doesnt need to show up naked in her concerts, she just nailed it with this dress ;)
Anthony Momo
What an awesome voice. She truly is blessed and beautiful. I can’t seem to stop watching.
Edna Thackeray
Daniele Valentino
Finally a Great Gaga! She can do Great... even new look is much better... Maybe Dalai Lama make conversion? :)
kaiva firleja
i love that in the end you can see tears in her eyes.. truly inspiring, hard working artist
Serefina Germanotta
3:21 CLOSE YOUR EYES........ ENJOY💖😍👏
Dasy R.
Me alegro por Lady, porque ahora se ve más bonita, saludable, etc.
Luiz Fernando
Musica perfeita, a Lady canta muito! minha loira favorita, um abraço desde Brasil :)
marvin jimenez
Adam Sosa
Hermosa!! hermosa voz, quee talento gaga!!
bear jason
She is very beautiful
Anna Faustini
she is amazing
awang she Avila
I love Lady Gaga😍😍😍😍
John Heidel Raquel
Did she cover up her tattoos on her arms? just curious, cause I was wondering where the trumpet on her arm went?
Jessica Bartlow
this is what a superstar is.
Neto Barreto
Lady gaga WIN !!!!
Khris Leeann
Everyone is talking about leaving Gaga behind, but I'm just stuck right here like I was in 2008, when everyone thought she was weird. Her message has gotten me through so much in this life, I will always be loyal to her💜💜
Susan Les
Voice of an Angel...Loving ''Lady'' Gaga more and more
Banana Lps
I've been listen to Lady Gaga since I was 3. She's always been an inspiration. I went to one of her concerts in November she was amazing, and only made my fandom grow stronger. She really taught me that "I am born this way". Keep it up!
judy gentry
OMG, she is beautiful!!! Her voice is crystal!!!
judy gentry
I think she is probably No . 1 of all singers!!!
Dipesh Basnet
she sounds better than the original studio version she slays 😍😍😍.
Boitumelo Tatlhego
First time ever to listen to Lady Gaga thanx to my younger brother who advised me to listen to this piece, he understands me very well, the type of music and lyrics I relate to and love. Thanx a lot bro Gr8Bionica!
Aneta Weinlichová
2:31-2:37 i love it😍😍
Emma Derth
she is beautiful
Léo Cavalcante
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Ginger Simpson
My grandson gifted me the new LadyGaga album 👏🏻❤️it...
Dwayne Beaver
I have a Million Reasons to just Love this song,Just Beautiful!!
Totally incredible. What a megastar!
Iara Susy Barbosa Mendes
an IS
i love her dress😍😍😍😍
This song is (although it has it's sad notes) so full of hope. No matter how many times or in how many ways the person she loves let her down, she forgave him because love conquers all. I find it very impressive how she finds a way to perform this song a little bit differently every time she performs it live. She is a living, breathing legend. I also tried to cover this song (emphasis on tried), so if anyone would take their time to check it out, I would love you for ever <3
Vanda Lourenço
É estúpido.
mai ka
She's so beautiful
Peachy Roa
Used to Never like lady gaga before and honestly speaking i can not even recognize her face without those drawings and props around/on her face but after watching two of her videos plainly showing her bare face and non auto tune voice, I was surprised. Am a big fan now. Geee, lady gaga! Girl u really have that nice voice. Pure talent.😘
José Ricardo Muñoz
the best voice pop in the world
Jamie Lee
I'm loving her new natural look....she looks absolutely gorgeous!!
Lady iicy
luv this make up 💓💓💓💓
Natalia Ruiz
Una de mis presentaciones favoritas de gaga. Y ese final tan angelical no tengo palabras exactas para describirlo pero es tan hermoso tan inspirador se me eriza la piel jaja que divinidad por Dios.
Iona world
Love you. And you are such nice humain your family Lucky and proud of you ...
North Eve
Recalling good memories back then 2009, first time I met Gaga on yt and my first time knowing that international pop music is far more greater with such variations (but gotta admit, pop nowadays sounds so generic). Still her lil monster since then <3
Rawan 97
Still her best performance of Million Reasons
Cris Ponom
Well, I always thought that Lady Gaga was ugly! Now, I take a good look at her, she's quite beautiful without make-up! So natural, so incredible!
Michael Clark
love my gaga
suka suka
She is cute
Kristin DeNike
Joanne Sousa
A one in a million voice. Love her.
Michelle French
she is awesome so much talent
yara souza
aaa como eu amo essa diva
Akatsuki Misia
She has a million reasons to be beautiful.
Frankie Roman
That final note sounded like early 90s Whitney 👏
she's amazing live, a true professional
Ana PAULA Luis Oliveira
Preciosa,esta canción,pena que tenga Fribiomialgia,una enfermedad muy dolorosa que da en muchas personas,no tiene edad,hay muchos jovenes que la tienen,solo se empieza a investigar,cuando alguién famoso la tiene,lo siento,que así sea!
Samuel Oliveira
Gente que música linda 💖💖