Celine Dion - Star Spangled Banner Live

Celine Dion singing "Star Spangled Banner" I only found the sound file, so I had to put a few pics together... very bad quality, but it's just all about Celine's voice ;) I put a goodie in the end... ;) So, what would you say about her perfomance compared to those of Whitney and Mariah? p.s. Celine sings a capella!!!! (¯`v´¯) .`·.¸.·´ ♥ Celine Dion ♥ ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·.0 Love And Peace!

michael evanson
Celine Dion ,,,, I accept you as an American you deserve it ,,,, yours is the voice of freedom,,,,yet only Jesus teaches real freedom
I remeber seeing a full video before the Youtube era, I downloaded it from Peer to Peer shazam, but I never found it again after that. 
michael evanson
being an American,,,, is being from another nation and joining in the idea of freedom ,,,and joining the fight of goodness and compassion,,,, and the molding into one people of the identity of love and not race ,,,,,,,I have a dream,,,,martin luther king
Sounds like she said flight instead of fight?
Andy Saenz
The best gift Canada ever gave the world is this extraordinary singer! Love you, Celine!
Jot Be
she isn't an american lol
Horace Ball
As  Jewish American and proud member of the ACLU, I encourage you all to support his right to not stand for the national anthem. My grandfather was a P-47 pilot and killed many Nazis in ground attacks in World War 2 and he would also support this fine young man's rights.
This really doesn't sound as good as you people making it.
People have to accept that America barely has its own culture! Like everything has roots to other countries, other cultures. But we claim it as our own. We have always been the melting pot, and always had different cultures living here. Why is it different now. Celine can't sing the National Anthem, she's canadian! OMG Beyonce has foreign descent; she can't sing it either. The Mexican-American boy can't sing it because he has Mexican descent but is American..? These things don't make sense!!
Stavros Kostopoulos
SO... I don't care what charts say,I know that people still listen to her. And btw,Mariah's "Memoirs of..." sold 2 millions $ in 2009 and her Christmas Album sold 1.500 millions in 2010. All Mariah has is US (Singles) Chart and American Idol (for this year).
Stavros Kostopoulos
Celine was named "America's Favorite Musical Act" in 2010, and in No.2,3 and 4 were: U2, Beatles and Elvis Celine's WORLDWIDE tour is the third best female tour (after madonna) in history. Celine's concerts in Las Vegas are still sold out. Celine's latest FRENCH album in 2012 sold 1.250.000$ (which is really hard for a non english album in 2012..)
Oh, Christina Aguilera's dad is from Ecuador, so she can't sing it either... *sarcasm people*
Celine will ALWAYS, without a doubt, sing covers without ruining it. Star Spangled is definately ... the most wellknown songs in history and Celine didn't mess it up. She is a natural beauty :) x
Amethyst Shenandoah
Girl, I like you in Titanic
she really has amazing control of her range. almost every singer out there trips up on the last pass of that song but she pretty much nails it.
and I d love to hear you sing it lololol
Everything was almost correct until you said more diverse! Celine's voice is much more diverse than Whitney's. Whitney just had a lot of soul in her voice and was very limited in genre. Celine can sing anything literally! Celine can sing ballads, a little bit of rock, gospel, reggae and she has sung songs in 9 different languages. But other than that you're right! And Celine is amazing either way.
Andrew Francis
OMG those "GLARE" and "FREE" notes just can blow anyone away.
Frederika Katuuk
I love her voice..3 she sings evry high note effortlessly..
Hey idgit. You do realize that singing is subjective and cannot be proven as the best. Besides your argument is weak. Greatness cannot be defined by record sales or Brittany spears might be as "great" as Mariah.
And faith hill??? Really? Not even in the same category
Ram Ticman
celine all the way
Seph Celine's was not in pure chest as that's not possible. It was however chest dominant. And Houston also had chest mix in free. She had perfect head/chest breath coordination. Although Whitney's was head dominant it still had chest. Whitney's version is better. They both sing with perfect coordination. Who is the best is a matter of apples and oranges.
John Varvatos
Bleeding Gums Murphy did.
Singing "for the land of the FREE" in chest voice!... not even Mariah and Whitney dared doing that in their versions. Apart from Celine, I think only Faith Hill did "free" in chest voice, and Faith's version i must admit was the gold standard, along with Celine's....
Keep in your mind that Mariah still better than Celine in everything.This is not my opinion,but a fact that I can support anytime !
These " 30 long posts" you talk about are solid arguments and facts.Not opinions.Could a Celine fan do the same? I doubt about it.Out of the Las Vegas show and her successfull concerts,Celiniacs got nothing to talk about Celine.The problem with Celine's fans is that they deny facts all the time because they can't find even a single one to back up their idol.Celine. Since when Celine has an album selling 10 million worldwide? Since when Celine has an single reaching million sales worldwide?
This is my busisness if I waste my time in youtube,not yours.Based on facts "my slut Mariah" is a far greater singer/vocalist, artist,hitmaker and seller than your holy Celine. Mariah still way popular than Celine worldwide,includes US.How many Top 10 hits Celine achieved in US these last 13 years? How many polls,magazine ranks,vocal polls,polls about greatest female artists,Celine topped Mariah? ZERO. Mariah topped Celine in all these.So,facts proved that Mariah is way more popular
I don't care about personal tastes and preferences of anyone.Be carefull with your words.I care about FACTS ! I I am not trying to take anyone down in Youtube.I support my posts with solid facts and sources.Saying "I prefer Celine's version over Mariah's" doesn't requires argument.But saying that "Celine's version is better than Mariah's" is more than just an opinion. It need arguments and facts to prove it
Antoine Bourassa
I just took a look at your profile and saw you have posted more than 30 long ass posts in the 2 last days, it's so sad to be a troll without even being conscious of it. The thing is the persons you defend will never be affected nor considering for ANYTHING that happens on youtube, plus if you wanna make people change their mind about an artist, make them love or hate someone, you'll fail with this full of hate attitude, coz it just makes people more resistant to your lamb's arguments XD sorry..
This is one of the best version ever!!!! <3
How could you be so stupid? Did I even mentioned Mariah Carey's name here.Christina Aguilera and even demi Lovato are already enough to put Celine into shame.So,let legend Mariah alone,since Celine is not even in her league.Mariah's dead voice is still way better than Celine's nasal horse screams.Take a seat . Ignorant? At least,I can give tons of proofs based on FACTS and SOURCES to prove anything I would claim,unlike you that just have only your opinion as weapon.That's what is a shame !
Antoine Bourassa
I won't admit anything I disagree with. I don't understand why mariah carey's fans come on Celine videos to diss on her, do you really have to get there to defend your idol who doesn't even give a damn about how hard you defend her dead voice? you spread hate and negativity in the world, you should be ashamed. I advice you to listen to your music and leave people in peace you sad ignorant.
You may prefer Celine ,but her version is not really better than Christina's.This is a straining version that even Christina's is better.
For your info,Celine was 24 when she sang it.Demi Lovatto sang it at 16 and her version just destroy Celine's by faaaaaaaaaaaar ! Celine sucked here.Have the guts to admit it.
Antoine Bourassa
For your info, Celine was 17 when she sang this. Also, it was for a hockey game in Montreal, opposing a canadian and an american team. She sang the two national hymns.
Andy Saenz
Ironically, the melody for the Star-Spangled Banner came from a song that praised wine! According to the Colonial Music Institute.
Andy Saenz
102 Canadians
Andy Saenz
Because people are really bored and have nothing better to do?
Andy Saenz
You know our country is in serious trouble when a CANADIAN can sing the US national anthem better than an American 5-time Grammy award winner!
Ashley Jimenez
I don't understand why people argue over the Internet. Like, just ignore whoever writes ignorant comments. Live your life, and go about your day and I'm sure whoever is writing to you, will wake up tomorrow and forget they ever even commented. Just not worth getting worked up over. Anywaysss, love Celine Dion. She's brilliant. <333333333333
You obviously dont know anything about singing so I will respect your opinion!
If you know Celine's voice and are a fan which im assuming youre not. It is most certainly Celine Dion's Voice. :)
Doreen Phalanges
Best version for me! Woooo.....love her
Maverick McFarlane
YEAH! Go Ireland! I'm half Irish and half Scottish :). And P.S. Don't sing a song from a queer band next time.
damn she can sing!!!!
Ram Ticman
Maria Roulant
Awesome Voice - Asome Lady - Awesome Song - Awesome Country - The United States of America - God Bless The U.S.A. A Proud American
Andy Saenz
Where and when did she sing the Star-Spangled Banner?
Asked about singing for Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest, Celine said: "First of all they came to me and asked me to represent a country that's not even mine. 'Would you represent us at the Eurovision Song Contest? No pressure!' I was very young but the song was amazing. I didn't look at it that I was representing everyone, just doing my best. I went and I sang my heart out the best I could and everything went so wonderfully well. I'm really grateful and it helped my career" -Celine
She is french learned English to understand what Michel Jackson was singing and to sing herself. and about Eurovision. She was asked to represent Switzerland...so she did and she won.
Shes canadian....not Italian. xD shes french....
Neves Cameron
is the crowd happy?
Andy Saenz
She sang perilous FLIGHT. I won't hold it against her, since she's French Canadian. The rest of it is perfect! Love you, Celine!
Andy Saenz
@Nicole3900 Yes, there is! It's like you're saying there's nothing wrong with loving more than 1 woman. :-P
@Nicole3900 Indeed , I believe a little promiscuity now and then is good !
Don't get what the controversy is here with her being Canadian...If Celine Dion sang MY national anthem I'd just be grateful. Ps I always sing star spangled banner when I'm drunk for some reason, and I'm Irish. So there.
@DancingDarling7 Clearly not since I'm replying to you. I was simply making a statement. Do you have anger problems?
@DancingDarling7 Wow there's no need to be so nasty. I was simply pointing out that Houston did great on this song. Learn to chill, bro
@DancingDarling7 are you kidding? Whitney Houston killed it!
Andy Saenz
Whitney is still the best! R.I.P., Whitney Houston.
Andy Saenz
101 Canadians
Ram Pantoni
There is no way on earth that this is Celine Dion!
I'm not american so I have no connection to this song, but Celine sings it beautifully! I wish she would sing my national anthum too! :)
@MSDragoon711 no she is just canadian but from the Quebec (the french-speaking part). ;-)
@Zoreck2 Are you sure she is a US citizen? Anyway you do not need to be a US citizen to express your appreciation for America and its people as she did here.
@Zoreck2 With all the countries who allegedly hate America, it's nice that someone not born in the country would sing our National Anthem. That says alot!
Forbes MacQuarrie
This might be a shock to people, but they sing O Canada AND Star Spangled Banner if there is a Canadian Team and a US Team at ALL sporting events if there is a Canadian and an American team. It's called respect, and they have the same person sing both - This could have easily been in Canada at one of the NHL games against a US Team.
Wow her voice on "And the rockets red glare" is just out of this world
@Zoreck2 At that time she wasn't a US citizen (1992).
@Zoreck2 No Celine isn t a US Citizen she is only a Canadian Citizen.
@nNet0 I NEVER said that the RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH was "stupid", you jackass!!! It was a plain, simple comment I made 5 fucking months ago....Get over it! I can't believe some rhetorical, schematics would warrant such a response as recently as 4 days ago. I got 7 thumbs-ups.....Someone must have agreed with me.
@mrrex35 lol glad I could make you laugh
@fireman66767 that cracks me up...
97 communists
Neto JON
@wrhs1991 how can you think this right is determined by the country you live?... thats what I'm angry about ¬¬ nor you or any country has any right over a persons opinion... you should stop judging people by the country they live... but it's your right to do so (as well as mine and his)... got it?
@rihannanavydotcom i replayed it several times to be sure, and you're right...she gets it wrong. still...the best rendition of our national anthem i've ever heard.
@nNet0 there is nothing stupid about the right to free speech. there is nothing stupid about the fact that so many have died defending that right (and others). i never said, nor did i imply, that americans are the only ones with the right to free speech. since not every country protects this right, and i don't know what country nikemac84 is from (nor do i care), i do not know if he has that right or not. maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. :-)
Manuel Campas
@lloya630 WTF!? It doesnt matter who sings it! An AMERICAN couldnt even get the words right! *cough* xtina *cough*....i would love to watch her sing it at a superbowl no matter what nationality she is....
Neto JON
best voice after whitneys former voice =)
Neto JON
@wrhs1991 of course they can say whatever they want... but that don't make their opinions less repugnant ;) and nikemac84 has every right to say whatever he wants too about americans... or just americans has the right to free speech? he is not saying they don't have the right, just that its stupid =)
@nikemac84 do not hold my entire country at fault for the actions/opinions of some. americans take seriously the right to free speech. that means if there is something, or someone, they don't like, they're allowed to say so. it doesn't matter if it's a popular opinion or not. that's really what you meant, isn't it? some american(s) has (have) offended you with their words...nobody really spit in your face, did they? they really symbolically spit in your face. they can do that too.
@nikemac84 I would actually go as far as to call Celine more American. She clearly loves it more.
Marcela GC
@Nicole3900 Totally Agree! I was born in South America and moved to the US ten years ago, and I sing both anthems with the same respect, love and pride, because I chose to love both countries :)
contemporary countertenor
@OriginalAcrimonious You put Mariah down twice.
William Schumacher
Although i think Celine Dion singing is maybe the best,i like way more the USA anthem singing by Faith Hill.She's really great
@ChicaBeautje I'm glad you love the USA :) I've always wanted to go to the Netherlands. You seem like a wonderful person. More people should be like you. I don't know why people fight and fight about countries. There are so many wonderful countries in the world. It's okay to love more than one. God bless the USA, the Netherlands, and every other country for that matter.
@OriginalAcrimonious you are CRAZY for putting Mariah, Whitney & those other amazing people in the same category as Roseanne Barr.
How 'bout this: she's Canadian-American. Now stop fighting! There is nothing wrong with loving more than one country.
The best version of the National Anthem! Amazing Celine do it again and again.. LOVE IT!!! <33
It doesnt matter where shes from! Shes american now along with canadian!
Celine Dion Sings her face OFF!
Redhearts4u2 S
she is sooooooooooo amazing ;)
@hummerboy29 it's cant help falling in love by elivs which she sang live during the the colour of my love tour :)
angel forlife
Long live our famous Canadian :)
@hummerboy29 Is it "Falling In Love" a Elvis song. But Celine do is amazing!!! :D
Daronte Boyd
What's the last song?
Christina should take some singing classes from Celine and please learning the words would be helpful too.
Tony Kasper
I love it!
yoana amaya
cool song she is a good singer.