Celine Dion - Star Spangled Banner Live

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Celine Dion singing "Star Spangled Banner" I only found the sound file, so I had to put a few pics together... very bad quality, but it's just all about Celine's voice ;) I put a goodie in the end... ;) So, what would you say about her perfomance compared to those of Whitney and Mariah? p.s. Celine sings a capella!!!! (¯`v´¯) .`·.¸.·´ ♥ Celine Dion ♥ ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·.0 Love And Peace!

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Everything was almost correct until you said more diverse! Celine's voice is much more diverse than Whitney's. Whitney just had a lot of soul in her voice and was very limited in genre. Celine can sing anything literally! Celine can sing ballads, a little bit of rock, gospel, reggae and she has sung songs in 9 different languages. But other than that you're right! And Celine is amazing either way.
michael evanson
Celine Dion ,,,, I accept you as an American you deserve it ,,,, yours is the voice of freedom,,,,yet only Jesus teaches real freedom
Celine will ALWAYS, without a doubt, sing covers without ruining it. Star Spangled is definately ... the most wellknown songs in history and Celine didn't mess it up. She is a natural beauty :) x
Ram Ticman
celine all the way
Don't get what the controversy is here with her being Canadian...If Celine Dion sang MY national anthem I'd just be grateful. Ps I always sing star spangled banner when I'm drunk for some reason, and I'm Irish. So there.
Andrew Francis
OMG those "GLARE" and "FREE" notes just can blow anyone away.
Frederika Katuuk
I love her voice..3 she sings evry high note effortlessly..
Antoine Bourassa
Do you know what an internet troll is? Well I can't find anything that define best what you are lol Please keep your hate for yourself, don't you have anything better to do of your time than try to take down every single person who prefer other artists to your slut Mariah Carey (which is a damn load of persons lol) even in the United States, the favorite americans artist was Celine Dion, while Mariah wasn't even on the list lol she's nothing anymore, doesn't sell concerts, nor Cds, so stfu
michael evanson
being an American,,,, is being from another nation and joining in the idea of freedom ,,,and joining the fight of goodness and compassion,,,, and the molding into one people of the identity of love and not race ,,,,,,,I have a dream,,,,martin luther king
Stavros Kostopoulos
Celine was named "America's Favorite Musical Act" in 2010, and in No.2,3 and 4 were: U2, Beatles and Elvis Celine's WORLDWIDE tour is the third best female tour (after madonna) in history. Celine's concerts in Las Vegas are still sold out. Celine's latest FRENCH album in 2012 sold 1.250.000$ (which is really hard for a non english album in 2012..)
Singing "for the land of the FREE" in chest voice!... not even Mariah and Whitney dared doing that in their versions. Apart from Celine, I think only Faith Hill did "free" in chest voice, and Faith's version i must admit was the gold standard, along with Celine's....
Keep in your mind that Mariah still better than Celine in everything.This is not my opinion,but a fact that I can support anytime !
I remeber seeing a full video before the Youtube era, I downloaded it from Peer to Peer shazam, but I never found it again after that. 
Sounds like she said flight instead of fight?
People have to accept that America barely has its own culture! Like everything has roots to other countries, other cultures. But we claim it as our own. We have always been the melting pot, and always had different cultures living here. Why is it different now. Celine can't sing the National Anthem, she's canadian! OMG Beyonce has foreign descent; she can't sing it either. The Mexican-American boy can't sing it because he has Mexican descent but is American..? These things don't make sense!!
Andy Saenz
The best gift Canada ever gave the world is this extraordinary singer! Love you, Celine!
she really has amazing control of her range. almost every singer out there trips up on the last pass of that song but she pretty much nails it.
Wow....she's young....I can tell...I have all her albums....this isn't a recent performance.
wat???? celine dion is not american she is canadian
and anyway, she sang this i think before the 1990's. her voice was different back then. very young, not to mention she can't speak english back then ^_^
it was celine dion. she sang canada's national anthem first and then the star spangled banner. i tried uploading it but sadly it was rejected because of copyright violation...T_T
that's because she was very young back then ^^
it's celine dion....when she was younger that is.
not bad for no music...
Frank Cole
Of course! :D
Frank Cole
I recognize Celine as a great singer and I know her work well, but Whitney reached higher notes at her prime, and with more clarity... That's a reality! ... but of course people have diferent opinions. This is mine!
@TruthDroveCove When I find the source i will send it to you, I saw it few months ago online, is it a reliable source I don't know, second when you watch hockey games played in Canada or USA singers always sing both National Anthems. Perhaps they should always choose someone with dual citizenships to satisfy everybody.
@TruthDroveCove She's an American citizen since 1999.
Celine Dion is from Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada, therefore, she has been living in USA for years like many other Canadian and international singers. You would be surprised to know how many actors, singers and Hockey players from Canada living in USA.
@jipicdm Yes you can have dual citizenship, I'm American-Canadian, I'm born in Canada to Americans parents.
Yes, you´re right, but is ridiculous singing The Star Spangled Banner only to exhibition... and Celine do it!
the answer is because Celine Dion/Rene Angelil have to copy everything that Whitney Houston/Clive Davis have done.
@OriginalAcrimonious you are CRAZY for putting Mariah, Whitney & those other amazing people in the same category as Roseanne Barr.
@MSDragoon711 no she is just canadian but from the Quebec (the french-speaking part). ;-)
Sullivan Alpa
we have to remember Celine is YOUNG here. Amazing...though.
I gotta say she's good. But MC's,Whitney's, and Cher's versions are fab great done ;)
Kirsten Cardon
actually i liked celine's version of the anthem better than whitney houston
@ohouui oh no....she sings very good in 96 but now.....she screams all the time like aguilera
@ohouui i saw her taking chancec dvd ) i can't listen to her voice now - voice is too nasal, with slow vibrano and all that screaming......no celine 2010 is not for me
what song at the end????? where can i find this perfomance?
Rodrigo Granados
Horrible... a bad day for her, I think...
Pascual Miguel Díaz Ferrer
look.. different versions!! different people!! differente voices!!!!!! christina aguilera is amazing, but her version of the national anthem sucks!! celine dion is amazing... mariah is ''ok''.... whitney is espectacular... beyonce espectacular too!!
awi wiw
uhm,,is she a french-canadian bred?
Christian Schonberger
Hmmm... She has difficulties with her pitch. Some of the passing notes are not quite in tune. Perhaps she was trying too hard. Carrie Underwood (even though in country/pop style as opposed to Celine's gospel/r'n'b -ish style) did a way better job with the pitch. I won't comment on her accent. She's not American so that's kind of forgivable.
@ohouui celine sings awful now....her tone is horrible and she has no power
Lucas Batistussi
She is the best Canadian person of all time!
@PaTudie yep. whitney hella rocked this song~ Celine doesn't sounds right . in this song anyway.
Vickie Lee
my opinion the 1# star spangled banner is whitney houston, 2 Christina Aguleria, 3 celine dion , 4 kelly rowlands, 5 beyonce' 6 , jessica simpson
Josias Ara
She is from Quebec which is next to canada but owned by the french and they speak french
Carlos Felipe Rodriguez
Lol, yep, she did a mistake but, hey, she's Canadian, it's not her national anthem. She should've learned the lyrics though.
If you know Celine's voice and are a fan which im assuming youre not. It is most certainly Celine Dion's Voice. :)
Whitney's version is the best...Celine 2nd...and Mariah 3rd. I love all three...all three women are mega talented. Celine is the best person overall, down to Earth, humble, and a very classy lady!
Manuel Campas
@lloya630 WTF!? It doesnt matter who sings it! An AMERICAN couldnt even get the words right! *cough* xtina *cough*....i would love to watch her sing it at a superbowl no matter what nationality she is....
damn. she sang the SHIT out of this song. I've always loved her voice. her voice is so powerful and has so much range. too bad she screwed up some of the words.
Dannyell Canazart
Celine Mon mailleur ami!!!!!
David D
She had just finished getting her English classes actually in the hope of making it in English Canada and the US (did it work?? lol), therefore the sometimes awkward pronounciation and the "perilous light". lol. So all that, the recognizable voice, the French accent. It's her. I really don't see where you could have winced. Everytime someone sings the US anthem, you kinda wince when the high notes come. When they're not whistling, reaching those high notes is always a toughie for any performer !
David D
Nah man that's Céline for sure. Her voice is unique. I remember exactly where that's from and the video used to be on Youtube but it was taken down. That was in 1991 or 1990 at the NHL All Star Game, I'm pretty sure of that. If not the All Star Game, it was an NHL (hockey) match. She did both anthems, the Canadian and the American. I haven't heard Céline sing the Star Spangled Banner often. Actually that's the only time I've heard her sing it. And it is OBVIOUSLY Céline Dion singing.
@birlibi2 It's Not hard to be better then her
Álex Pacheco Martínez
But Celine is from Quebec, french-canadian. Why are she singing the Usish national anthem?
Wow she must have been very honored to be able to sing the American National Anthem since she is Canadian. (: She sings it quite nicely of course. (:
Celine? What happened? The next part is DEFINITELY HER!!!!!
im british and damn celine can sing but i still prefer whitney's version
she is French Canadian - don't have to sing well.?
Curtis Lackey
I agree!
she has a dual citizenship so Celine Dion IS AMERICAN
Beautiful! Hands down Celine just has a stunning voice! What a gift from God!! =)
Some people Toss that around a lot but it is not true. Very few are not Pre-recroded or lip synced. You can tell the difference if you have an ear for music. Peace.
No, why? :-/
John Varvatos
Bleeding Gums Murphy did.
StopThe Excuses
Celine and Whitney BEFORE Bobby. Whitney can't sing for shit now. For consistency, Celine's got it all over Whitney, because Whitney flushed her talent down the toilet called Bobby Brown, WILLINGLY.
the best one to sing this is celine hands down
and I d love to hear you sing it lololol
Erin Pickering
I appreciate that she did it acapella. Not many good singers can make a song rock without accompaniment. I enjoyed it very much. She is very talented! Definitely love her pipes.
Jasmine Danielle Brooks
Please tell me what song that is at the end b/c I want that so bad!!!!!!
Mariah's version bests this IMO, Whitney beats em both.
are you seriously rating whitney 3rd?!?! she was by far the best star spangled banner singer and im not even american
Kelly MacLeod
@kegsy73 Alright that's what I thought. ...GO PACKERS!
Seph Celine's was not in pure chest as that's not possible. It was however chest dominant. And Houston also had chest mix in free. She had perfect head/chest breath coordination. Although Whitney's was head dominant it still had chest. Whitney's version is better. They both sing with perfect coordination. Who is the best is a matter of apples and oranges.
Hey idgit. You do realize that singing is subjective and cannot be proven as the best. Besides your argument is weak. Greatness cannot be defined by record sales or Brittany spears might be as "great" as Mariah.
And faith hill??? Really? Not even in the same category
Ariane Ch
LOLE ! Céline jtaime maudit !
Amethyst Shenandoah
Girl, I like you in Titanic
Mariah Carey is Playback...should be shot for singing a national anthem playback...
Guillaume Donnet
She was too young when she sings that ... !
Definitely Celine Dion
I've always wanted hear her sing acapella. It was even more amazing than I thought!! Love Celine. And other peole have said she is not a "selfish, stingy bitch" unlike other singers out there.
Jeff Jenni
whitney blows everyone away and I am a huge celine fan
prunella goodrich
Whitney is the best. Even better than Mariah. Whitney wins it hands down
prunella goodrich
Nope...whitney did it better
Isn't she Canadian?
No, Celine Dion is from Charlemagne , Quebec Canada
Antoine Bourassa
Completely agree;) Céline est Québécoise d`abord...
Antoine Bourassa
For your info, Celine was 17 when she sang this. Also, it was for a hockey game in Montreal, opposing a canadian and an american team. She sang the two national hymns.
Antoine Bourassa
I just took a look at your profile and saw you have posted more than 30 long ass posts in the 2 last days, it's so sad to be a troll without even being conscious of it. The thing is the persons you defend will never be affected nor considering for ANYTHING that happens on youtube, plus if you wanna make people change their mind about an artist, make them love or hate someone, you'll fail with this full of hate attitude, coz it just makes people more resistant to your lamb's arguments XD sorry..
Antoine Bourassa
I have to tell you.. SHE WAS AROUND 14 YEARS OLD WHEN SHE SANG THIS VERSION!! Wake up!, it`s amazing for a teen, and if you think you can do better, well make a video(...)
Antoine Bourassa
Yes she does, maybe not in this almost twenty years old video, but she`s high above both of them now..
Andrea dr. Piros
Kaspara #1
love the part from 1:37 :) she has such an amazing voice!!
how about getting miley cirus to sing the anthem?
Celine's pace is screwy.