TMNT s07e12 Super Power Struggle (WIDESCREEN)

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Zachary D
anyone else notice the green lantern rip off sounds like goku?
Aw, I like the part where Raph said "Tortoise Boy, the Shelled Wonder" and Mikey hugged him. :)
TheEllisesBringAllTheBoys ToTheYard
I love TMNT! Especially 2003!!! I could watch this show over and over and over and over!!!!
Kratos Gaming
Mikey's jealousy ruined it for Raph
maxfield ordman
This was way way better than the actual Green Lantern movie!!! Also Nobody gets a jetpack, that's neat too!
Green mantle more like green lantern but replace the ring with a cape.
Scott Summers
First episode Leonardo and Donatello don't appear in
People need to learn the difference between paying omage and ripping off. You do realize that the original Laird and Eastman comics were made to satirize the ridiculousness of comics in the first place, right?
Damn. This dude looked like Green Lantern in the thumbnail.
Mitch Fletcher
Sean Schemmel has many roles in this episode.
This is Superman, Green Lantern & Greatest American Hero all rolled up into one...
Cosmic Nova
Green lantern + superman = goku voiced green lantern with heat vision and a cape
Jack Yap
did anybody hear the goku blast sound when ralph transform the green mantle
LOL Green Lantern rip off.
daniel victor
greenlantern+superman with goku voice op XD
I don't care if they ripped all those other super heroes TMNT is still the best.
Roei Bahar
and the Turtle Titan is like Batman
10:16 Raph: Sidekicks, Sidekicks everywhere
19:35 ❤️❤️❤️ mikey and raph hug
don't know why the New 52 didn't allow DC comics to merge the TMNT universe but then again Mirage Comics is not owned by DC
Goku vs Silver android lol
3:30. Am I the only one that noticed that is the same font used on the original Spider-Man movie titles?
Jared Kuzma
They should've just called this episode "The Sean Schemmel Variety Hour" because of how often he pops up here. Plus, that's probably the only thing that people will remember about it aside the obvious Green Lantern rip-off.
Juan Lopez
Green lantern faker O_O
Daniel Smith
15:47 that's a stretchy cape! lol
75 97
19:34 soooooooo adorable!
TMNT now featuring the Green Lantern next will be Spiderman
Taliesin Swordsage
Justice force got an upgrade.
Charlie Bell
they ripped off green lantern too lets add that to the list
Thanos Raisin
Really Marvel and DC rip offs lol
Taffari B
Green lantern body goku voice wtf
TheEllisesBringAllTheBoys ToTheYard
15:33 Oh my Goodness Raph 😂 I love you guys!!!! 💙🐢💜🐢❤🐢💛🐢
Naigere Monk
That's not green lantern domie
Guy Bracha
justice league unlimited final scene remake 11:05
Lael Destan
"Al Gordon"? Like "Hal Jordan".
Jhanay the Emoji
I don't like the theme song
Lexter Longsusha
I love this episode
Drag0n Mistr3ss
Now boys, I thought we already had the sharing episode. Didn't you learning anything? ;P
Goku Leo
Bro this bootleg green lantern sound like goku
14:40  Raph telling Mikey he is not responsible is very weird
Somehow this is the most watched video on this channel by about a mile. I wonder why?
Oh man, I forgot how hilarious the superhero episodes can be XDDDD. On a side note, I miss "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" :(.
Call me crazy but I swear that's the sound a Protoss building makes when it's being warped in in Starcraft 1 at 20:37
Uncanny Cancer
i love all the people calling green mantle a rip off. guess they never heard of satire before
Ryan Walker
14:40 i mean can you really blame Raph for saying that? Kinda has a point
Daniel Smith
Low-key Around 10:15 I would've acted EXACTLY like Mikey
ripped off justice league
Tyger Song
Getting superpowers automatically gives you a cleft chin XD
무 나지
Al Gordon- Hal Jordan (Green Mantle) & (Green Lantern) i think the creators of tmnt had something to do with DC like they worked together with some stuff i read it before so the have some references :)
Mega Maggy
List of homaged superheroes in this show: Superman Batman Iron Man Robin (only in this episode) Green Lantern
peppermint cats
They also called it the Justice Force instead of the Justice League. also ment to say DC instead of marvel. oops!
Cheesie freezie
The Batman and Robin thing is what killed me!! 😂😂😂
Commander Shepard
The resistance in the same as it never was time line could have used that cape
MrLonely Reviews
.....why was Goku the green lantern?
Patricia Orellana
My brain was saying "wat da faq" but my face wouldn't stop smiling
abdallah adawe
but how come raphael hates superstuff
Bharat Raghavan
notice how raph's face changes with the mantle..eerie!
Nick Kunwar
So many reference to DC comics, that's cowabunga dude!!!
Loren Rahme
i love ur vids all the time u are my favourite
peppermint cats
This is a TMNT version of Green Lantern but he lost his ring instead of his cape. Also his name is Al Gordan in this version and Al Jordan in the Marvel series.
Chibi Prussia
Lol green mantle. Aka Green Lantern 😂😂
Liam Stephen
originality at its best
Jealous much mikey?
DupStep1584 0
Us are so saw some dude
Neko Animu
Did Raph swear?! Around 2:00
Fabio Italiano
Green Lantern and Justice League rip of
peppermint cats
''Its ok Mikey. You can be my sidekick, Lamo Lad.''
Ryan Braun
This is so cool
bringingback themohawk
I'll tell ya where you can shove em! lol dirtiest joke in the show
Mikey J Gaming
That armored truck was the exactly the same that was in the first episode and the battleshell the first
lame o lad. i love Raph xDDDDD
Pamela Freeburn
Jugs Ok caws
2:49 optimos prime ripoff!
The Rguy
First thought that popped in my head when I saw this episode "oh hey green Lantern"
That's COOL
I love this season programmes
Zeinab Elmahdi
Mikey is jealous
Commander Shepard
I wonder what happen to the justice force in the same as it never was time line
Leonel Sanabria
it's like version of the justice league and a version of green lantern
Cassandra Parker
haul gourden is the green lantern
Channel 6 news in a yellow suit? Waaaaah! I want my April O'Neil back!
the green lantern sounds like goku
Gideon Ugo
I did not know the police man was the green mantle
jordan robins
I like this you what I'll let you know where you going to make a new one
stupid intro song tweenie rock
Wi Hakaraia
Inn b / ft TV gtfncfhdvdgdgn,a&fnkpjklm Kim
Son Goku
Get it turtle titan teen titan Get it
bringingback themohawk
gotta admit this show got very creative with their super hero characters not that they needed to be in it lol
bringingback themohawk
strange choice for the second last episode of a series but I'll take it lol
I miss when the ninja turtles had no pupils in their masks :(
saber uddin
Green Lantern ??
jethro ty
they copied green lanern
I want spider-man in TMNT
the King zoroark
Green lantern rip-off lol ;
Amber Rei
Omg, I haven't seen this version of TMNT for YEARS! It feels so good to finally have the original(or, better than the new version) on YouTube.
I am happy
litell man Me
thay have all kinds of green lanterns and naw thay have a ninga tartel one!!
mikey. >:/
Саша Гусаров
Почему на онглиском
Brittany Rogers
I wish the other turtles were there too fighting maligus at the end there and saw raph and Mikey weakended
Critley King
I'm just not into the super hero episodes. Still like them, but prefer the turtles to stay ninja.