10 Mysterious Giant Creatures Caught on Tape

TWITTER: />INSTAGRAM: />Subscribe Here: /> In this top 10 list, we look at giant mysterious creatures that were caught on tape by a camera. Some of the creatures on this list have been well-identified for years, while others remain a mystery. Whether they're real or fake, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Narrated by: Chills Written by: Kyler Richman Edited by: Huba Áron Csapó Intro by: Jacob Snarr Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) jdgehlert (pond5.com)

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Lord Slamzer
lol that alligator is literally pennywise
Allen Xiao
Surprised the Alligator didn't say "do you want your green ball back Louis"
dkg with james !
*10#* *Chills: look closely at the tape* *Me: my eyes in the screen* *Chills: and you'l see a small green ball* *Me: wait what*
Gemkia27 Plays
Big monster:iconic roar Godzilla:hold my beer
Jerram TV - Theme Park News
When I see number 3: *OMG IT'S CAPTAIN MARVEL!!!*
Tacos are life
I think your voice is a mysterious creature!!
Splashy Is Wet
your voice is scarier than all of this🤣
Horton 780
Bruh the alligator isn't a "mysterious creature" 😂😂
Movie Analysis And Review
The flying dude outside the plane was prob hulk buster iron man
Tristan 453
When you said mouth wide open I thought “MOUTH WIDE OPEN LIKE I WAS AT THE DENTIST”
Sam Nightcore
Penny Wise: I'm the king of this sewer Alligator:Hold my ball
flavius stan
Pennywise: I am gonna be the king of the sewer and I already am. Alligator: *UNO REVERSE CARD!*
gay entwisle
The Second to last monster is literally from Stephen King's The Mist
Matthew Lee
8:27 nice editing but that's the creature at the end from the Mist
Marcus Walker
Can anyone else hear the foot lettuce in his voice
Ken Tendo
Alligator: **stares at a person intimidatingly with a ball, while hiding in the sewers** Pennywise: Am I a joke to you?
stephie bear
This voice is very sarcastic...lol
Constantine Brown
Number two looks like the behemoth from the movie: The mist.
Do not believe in monsters or ghosts, Repent your sins Jesus is coming back soon Be ready
Joshua Smit
The only reason I’m peeing myself of chills is he’s voice, like I’m scared!!!
I can hear the foot lettuce in your voice
Officially Joey
I thought the first alligator was barney 🤣😂
OoGa bOoGa ToOgA gOoGa
Number 2 looks like the Behemoth from Stephen King's The Mist
Lucijan Lewa
Man, nothing is more terrifaing than your voice!!!!!!!🤤🤤🤤😈😱😱
Jared Reboca
Lmao the thing in number 2 is from the mist HAHAHA
Klyntar Kenny
The alligator just wanted someone to play ball with him
William Athon
OH my god this dudes voice has got me tripping hard.
Sir Blue
bro...work on ur voice
Microwavedestroyer 1638
“Giant creatures” The first one is an alligator
Aesthetically ASMR
The first one is why I am scared of sewers
Layla-May Colville
That second one looks like a bed sheet attached to a FISH to me 🤣🤣😂
Masonbarker Games
The first one is not a mystery
M.F.A Moosa M.Fahad al moosa
final footage may be taken from any vintage monster film.😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Khup Mung
The one who was recording the flying monster was another flying monster. 😂😂
Josh Wright
Don't worry there is one giant monster that can save us his name is Godzilla
Sam Ansell
Komodo dragons are 'human hunters' but only hunt them if they are desperate
Bryce Wilson
#1 looked like a giant tree with legs and arms like if u agree.
Hachi's toy review
I have seen a Crocodile Komodo dragon Alligator Anoconda at the ZOO!
Chan's Rubber Ducky
0:27 Pennywise: **Does what is on the movie which is the part where he was in the sewer** Alligator: Imma Bout' to end this whole mans career Lmao
Pain Official
Alligator: You’ll Float Too
Swag Dude Yashmit
Louis: 😓 Alligator: hey do you want this ball back 👿
aaron gonzales
I think number seven is Bigfoot cuz look at that foot
Mrs. Hercules
Wait… At number 1 “Treeman/Tree monster Look close It’s stepping behind the tree or the town REPLY WITCH
Joshua Smit
I would stand in front of that big alligator with a staff saying “ you shall not pass “ and then most probably get eaten
My body bag fill with different souls everyday
Matthias Banckaert
7:46 Iron Man / Captain Marvel The last one is Groot.
venom venom
0:38 that's just a freaking gator and his mouth is fully closed
Kilo Brooke
Anti Panda
Why do I always watch this when I’m about to go to sleep
Maksi Kralj
#10 it`s aligator,maybe??
Jerram TV - Theme Park News
Number 9 was clearly a creature in a large bag
tge legend of nick the dank meme dank meme
JoS Qx
Number 10 pennywises new pet
Azzer Gaming1103
7:32 that's just captain marvel flying through the skies.
Tania Boo
The person flying, 😂😂 thank you, next
Pyro 6
Number 1 Burger King foot lettuce the last thing you would want on your burger king burger is someone’s foot fungus
Finn Walsh
lianda jane
Number 3 looks like a dementor from harry potter Now i know were they got it from!! EDIT:AT THEMSTART WHEN THEY CAME INTO THE CLOUDS
Grant Murphy
pennywise the dancing alligator...
Neptune !
Who else remembers Burgerking foot lettuce?
Brittany Moore
number 1 was big foot and i am a kid and i love your videos
Suga Sofa
The last one is obviously Howl's Moving Castle-
Nick H
number 1 burger King hair luttuce the last thing you want in your burger King burger is someones hair turns out that might be what you get
old town road
that alligator in the sewer looks like barney 😭😭😭
I dunno if the video is creepyer or the voice😂😂😂 but ya i saw the green ball i flipped everything is freaky
9:46 everybody gangsta until the tree start walking
Katherine Mendez
Um a alligator is not a mysterious animal😂
Dimitris Efstratiou
I love the fact that in most of them he says that the videos 'might' be edited ... BUT IF NOT WHAT IS IT THEN?
LisaThe Gamer
Lmao so basically China went through the Mist
mad nooboi
These monsters are just a reflection of you
0:36 *barney is that you?*
Nicole Vyse
Ok am I the only one that thinks that this guys voice is so monotone it’s actually funny😂😂
Mina Wolf
7:47 It must be a Martian like from The Justice League Martian Manhunter
Gwynhart Caberto - Sick nodes
The last one it's Groot? XD
Primate sarge USA Moyer
How can an alligator get you in a 10 inch gap
•Mint Chipp•
*the two of them hold eye contact* Louis:What are we?
Pretty sure that's pennywise that transformed into an alligator
Johanna Winde
I COULD REMEMBER YOUR VOICE ANYWHERE! I thought I was going to watch the whole video, but when I heard your voice, I was like NOPE!
Playboy Hendricks
This should be titled "Dope CGI"cuz some of these are actually pretty dope
The Venom
The Second Creature are taken a movie scene from Monsters and The Mist
Nia dremzz
Title: Mysterious giant creatures First clip: shows an alligator Me: okay is alligator a mysterious creator?
John Booher
i cant take this guy serious Lol
Lil CinnamonRolls
Dat gator must have eaten too much to be that big
James Cook
heard chills voice muted it and turned on caption just so im not confused on when he is actually asking a question
Joseline Ssntos
Number 10 is an alligator re u kidding me
j daminion
The one in the sky reminds me of mew two from the new movie
fadel omar
Did this dude just say unidentified creatures and then showed me an alligator cmon cuh what is you doing?
hunny seung Wonhoe
i thought #10 was barney
Infamous Austin
Do a Top 10 Saiyans caught on camera
Southern Accents Productions
that gator was like "sup"
Joseph Mestas
Something in the mist! THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE MIST!!
Chamomile Tea
“The Curious Blob” I died 😂
The komodo dragon will not even hurt a person... the guy is lying lmao
roula M
number 10 is a small crocodile any1 agrees like
Riley Hein
The giant snake can't be a titanaboa it's not big enough Also the giant was an ENT if it wasn't CGI
progamer122& cool
the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
His voice sounds like my teacher trying to read a student's run on sentence.
Nichole Breon
Number 10 is an alligator
dehburt29 !!!!
I like how he says fighting for his life ther concrete protecting him