Stargate SG1 - O'Neill Destroys A Goa'uld Ship (Season 8 Ep. 13) EDITED

Clips from the episode "It's Good To Be King" Description from IMDb -

if only you knew how bad things really are
2:40 Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?
I miss this show these people and those days and times.
un likely
Lordy. Doesn't matter what Amanda Tapping is in - when she breaks out the smile everything looks like a work of art.
Jack O'Niell
Ahh good ole Stargate, doing crossover episodes before crossovers became all the hype in t.v and movies. Also I love how this particular Jumper is the same one we see later on in the season 1 Stargate Atlantis episode "Before I Sleep." After Elizabeth traveled back in time ensuring that Atlantis survives the expeditions arrival, this must be one of the planets Janus continued his work on after the Ancients returned to the Milky Way. Gotta give credit to the writers, this was a really cool way of rewarding the fans who watched both shows.
You can just see Carter is almost screaming at him are you serious Daniel telling Jack to focus his mind..... he has the attention span of a Labrador
Grumpel Tier
There you can perfectly see how weak Goa‘uld technology is. Defeated by an puddle jumper.
Zach Schmidt
One last trip through the old orifice.
Kuren Wirsun
Does Wayne Brady have to slap a Jaffa?
Ernest Writes Now
This was an awesome scene. Although I can't take Wayne Brady seriously as a Goauld.
Michael Marach
2:41 oh s**t it's wayne brady son!
I half expected it to cut to Colin Mockery as Lord Aries
Great to know that you're still around actively posting SG-1 videos. Keep it up buddy.
Spend a day at work, and it feels like a week spend a week on vacation, and it feels like a day THAT'S relativity!
mike the man
anyone else notice the vines that got caught in the door when it closed but wasnt there when it showed the outside closing
I still love Amanda, she is still very beautiful.
Sam Carter is hot!!!!
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Sam is cute
sean tellier
Wayne Brady, lol.
Kevin Stubbersfield
BRING BACK SG-1!!!!!! I could even live with it if it was a new cast, as long as it sticks with the old school sg1 and Atlantis styles 👌
James Daly
Wayne Brady's In this lol
Frank Montez
Does everyone else think Amanda Tapping is so beautiful like me ??
2:45 Teal’c just thinking: *_AREEEEEES, Destroy my enemies, and my life is yours_*
Having Wayne Brady in there is extremely distracting lol
manuel ramirez
Wayne Brady makes Bryan Gumble look like Malcolm X
UserName Whatever
Damn Amanda Tapping hit that wall hard. Still has the 1000 megawatt smile though.
ted rebel
omfg i never new wayne brady was on sg1 lol!! whos line is it anywaay
Carlos Nayager
Her problem was that Dell laptop biggest pile of crap
Tom F
- Wives ? - It's good to be king.
Team Kuuki Food & Games
Sigh, amanda tapping is so beautiful :'D
Oliver john Kallesoe
Ohhh how i miss This show
I love those puddle jumpers! :)
Cory Bernhardt
Goofs: the plant life stuck in door
Pietro Maira
shields were up , u just killed scotty and laforge
Dimitar Margaritov
Now this is podracing!
Noe Coronado
just "f...........ocus" your mind 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Matthew Mckinney
Like killing a hippo with a very powerful BB lol
Journey95 Far
Man I miss part of the stargate franchise and my favourite sci fi show ever. at least S1-S8
not just a puddle jumper,the second puddle jumper that Janet equipped with a Time Drive this is not the same puddle jumper from Atlantis episode because the Atlantean Council destroy that one, yeah this it's a count as a crossover because this season is episode incorresponds to season 1 ,2 or 3 becausethe last three seasons of Stargate SG-1 occurred at the same time as the 1st three seasons of Stargate Atlantis .
Micheal Medici
Use the force, Luke Skywalker!
"think that was vital?" xD classic o´neill
Darrell Simpson
y'all need to add a lot more full episodes on this view okay
Amanda was such a cutie.
Third World Rider
tapping was hot. 1000 times by a 1000 people but saying so never gets old.
Peterli Studer
daylight is the key?
The Goa'uld love Trelak because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X.
Anurt Ashmeda
-focus your mind. Jedi mind
"Hello. Jack. You're. quite. good. at. turning. me. on."
@ 2:30 - "You're too late to save this world.........but not too late to play Scenes From a Hat! And now, you're host of Whose Ancient Line Is It Anyways? Jaffa Carey!"
Matthew Bradley
1:00 and 1:12 Bird call is a Whip-Poor-Will. A nocturnal bird. Clearly it's daytime outside the ship.
I love the facial expressions Sam is making throughout this scene! 'Smile' just doesn't even cover the fascinating variety of expressions she comes up with!
The Virgin Jack VS the Chad O'Neil
Dave Dumas
Amanda does have a beautiful smile
FitzP Official
O'Neil, Use the Force
was this the wayne brady episode?
Gunnermike MFD
Do ya think that was vital....LOL!
Wait... Wayne Brady was in SG-1!? Aye-ye-ye. I guess that’s what I get for not having watched the show recently or for paying close enough attention to some of the guest actors.
Dóra Kecskés
"Just.... fffffffocus your mind." Someone should cast Michael Shanks as Young Palpatine in something one of these days xD Though he should work on that "good". ;)
Ares was so disappointing in the show.
Jacob Kleinsasser
Who else was expecting Wayne Brady to make a joke?
Let me try ... 😋
I know he's supposed to be intimidating... but with Wayne Bradey as a Goa'uld all I can hear when I see him is another hoedown or a bad Drew Carey joke
Rogelio Regalado
Puddle jumper 1.0
2 drones for a hatak. Shepard uses 3 on a single wraith dart....
Austin Zappas
Sg1 needs to continue
James Monahan
fffffocus your mind. sg1 comedy at it's best
oh yeah also this puddle jumper was left on a jungle plant with thousands of years and when O'Neill try to turn it on , really struggle to turn on blew a circuit but then later it did finally come on on. it proof that Gould technology is weak , to be defeated by fairly broken puddle jumper
Ross Metcalf
I didn't know Wayne Brady was in this. I kept expecting him to break into song.
Peterli Studer
let your ancien(reps) talk about best update sequence with mine.
Use the the force Jack!!
Whose line is it?
Jero Briggs
Can you say padding.
2:41 Oh snap! It's Wayne Brady, son!
oh yeah a fairly damaged broken puddle jumper defeated a Gould`s Mothership with only two drones
Marian Koštek
Dobre je to
Darrell Simpson
the volume is very low I sure wish I can cut the volume back up cuz I love all my Stargate and my Star Trek
Peterli Studer
oic so this was you guys. can you say when its safe to go outside again?
Leon Kernan
Once they had the gene therapy the Atlantis people could operate jumpers pretty easily. It seems odd that Jack had so much trouble at first since he'd proven to operate other ancient tech easily.
Marko L
Great show as all the other Stargate shows. Sad that there is no new shows this franchise. Well at least I got the dvds.
2:30 maybourne went crazy
Matthew Mckinney
Sheppard vs O'Neil with adequate practice for O'Neil who's the better pilot?
cheater >_<
Lisa maitland
Ancient drones: When they impact a shield, they did seem to get through them. 1st one hits the shield the rest walk right through the Goa'uld. this case the Enemy ship did not have shields up. Anubis learn this out the hard way... his subordinate yelled out our shields have no effect. So is the first hit so strong ,it drops the shields? = i don't think so.. When earth fought the replicators, they were firing drones at the human ships. Human ship shields were blocking them.. What i gathered from the show, was human ships had better Asgard shields . About this time 2 of the human ships had the new Asgard beam weapons. human pirates " the female captain" were using some kind of anti-proton energy balls " red". Goa'uld had the plasma energy balls. Orion class: pirate captured ship had Ancient drones, which were hitting shields on the machine ships to. Wraith had energy laser balls " white yellowish". The Asgard beams were extremely effective, and the drones did work but not fast. Wraith combined fire power to over whelm. Pirate humans were mopping up after shield failure on the replicators. Now when a shield is down, the drones can just keep cutting through a ship. = if a lot have been fired. " in that last battle the drones were hitting shield impacts, before over whelming the shield system" So tech was made to withstand them a little bit :).
Junn Kit Wong
an ant killed an elephant, by attacking its vital system ... which is ?
Joe Neri
Yaseil Puig is Jafar?!
Bane BlackGuard
I'm guessing those cannon blasts probably would have had that result pretty much where ever it hit that ship. seemed to overload systems. some spots it would have blown faster other spots it would have taken longer. But i think it would have had the same end result anywhere it hit.
Vladislavs Dovgalecs
that was super cheesy
Ashakari Singh
I'll be honest here. They made Jack way too unfocused/ignorant for his backstory.
base vegeta
I'd hit her vital systems en it right in the bum!!!
I never understood the fear of the Goa'uld. They are supposed to be the cruel evil genius dictators of the galaxy, and yet on multiple occasions, they are foiled by a handful of commandos with comparatively primitive weapons.
Brazoncius Roxfort
It's crazy that the Ancients did not advance anything in millions of years. Their puddle jumpers in the MW galaxy looked exactly the same as they did 5-10 million years later in the Pegasus Galaxy. It seems that the Ancients reached a certain level and then just focused on preserving what they had, helping humans that they seeded evolve and trying to ascend. In fact, it is debatable if the Ancients advanced even in the MW Galaxy, at least for long. They were already capable of creating incredibly advanced devices like the Ark of Truth and intergalactic hyperdrives in their native galaxy when the Ori pushed them away. It seems like the Ancients reached their peak still in their native galaxy or shortly after arriving in the MW Galaxy. Things like time-machines, ZPMs, drones, the Dakara Device, they already had all this stuff in the MW Galaxy many millions of years before going to Pegasus. The only technologies more advanced than what they had in the MW Galaxy that they created were created by Ascended Ancients who regained human form, like the Sangraal made by Merlin. The attempts that the flesh-and-bones Ancients in Pegasus did to push their technology beyond what they had in the MW were failures, like the Arcturus Project. The Ancients had been stagnant for millions of years when the war against the Wraith started. They were still the biggest boys around in terms of science, but they were a decaying people.
Ancient One
I always hated the humor in this franchise.