Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR FQ-360 by HKS

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In this video I show you my pride and joy, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR FQ- 360 by HKS. To my knowledge this was the last one ever made, number 220. As I said in the video, some people are saying that there are 225 made. If anyone can confirm this, please let me know in the comment section down below. My car is pushing out around 420 bhp, but I am going to get it remapped and when I get the official figures I will be making another video. Stay tuned to my channel. Subtle changes to the specification of the 1997cc 4-cylinder 4G63 twin scroll turbo engine have created a car that delivers an even higher level of performance. True to Mitsubishi's philosophy of providing "overall driving quality, the engineers in japan have made subtle modifications to the turbocharger. The introduction of titanium aluminium alloy turbo fins and reduction in the compressor wheel inlet diameter have improved the engine's response throughout the rev range. There was further work carried out by Mitsubishi Motors UK's turning division, Ralliart, and the independent specialists, HKS. The Lancer Evolution FQ-360's performance underlines its reputation as the most affordable supercar on the road. This is a practical, five-seater saloon car that can sprint from 0-60mph in just 3.9 seconds and on to an electronically limited top speed of 157mph. Extras: £1000 upgrade for the IX MR on front seats Ralliart titanium pedal upgrade Gear knob upgrade Bilstein and eibach suspension combo Blitz nur spec exhaust with bottle neck removal conversion HKS kevlar belts Speed density ecu conversion with switchable maps, maff has been removed Apexi boost controlleron HKS Camshaft Pulley Cosworth Cams K&N 4" induction kit AMS intercooler 80 Series turbo with Forge actuator Magnex manifold #GrumpyMan 'sREVIEWS #Honestreviews #Grumpymansreviews

Danilo Espinoza Rios
"Mitsubushi"? Nice car!
Aise Don
you wrong they made 225, last one is RED for sale in Belfast, good luck
Marc V Bmw
awesome car
Somebody who does not know much about cars picks up the greatest car ever made??? You lucky;) Enjoy it its an awesome cars keep it and it will appreciate in value!
Aise Don
The missing 5 came in pearl white. Very rare
Obaid I
I have evo and I love it
Ali Khan
Awesome car
Dream Dimension
Nice car! I'm getting an Evo in the future. Right now I'm riding with my g35
Yes mate 225 uk supplied think 115 in grey! I have number 71 in grey to had it from 2009!! enjoy!!
Would like to see more videos on this car
Wow that's really nice (:
Foto Video Jkt Sweet17 fotosweet17
woww. awesome.
Jay Ali
This guy sound's like a b. D dealer!
Advice With V
liked ! I've had many cars just over the past 4 years but this car looks pretty cool and drives fast but drive safe!
Alex Jai
Nice car man!
Bankstown Bulldog
I hear ur assistant whispering in ur ears
Natalie Gracee
sick car!!!
Emac The God
I subbed
Yes Now What A Beauty 👌
Dhirendra Singh
Wow that is great 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇from yashashree
RustySkull Productions
That's better, a real video lol. A set of 255's would suit those wheels and the car better... I couldn't see the dump valve, but I heard it doesn't sound like you're running one? That's how I killed my RS lol. Lovely car though, I almost bought one myself... If you ever sell it let me know.
Mohammed Mahmood
after watching this video....I want an EVO 9....feel free to donate peeps...Very informative video
Marcus Castro
Are you the GradeAUnderA guy? Haha
My favourite car 😍
I own number 183. My pride and joy. Totally awsome car. A lorry reversed into it this week. Might be a right off 😩
Davna Films
Wait!!! U were driving it?!! Wow! So fast!
Obaid I
Not 220 mate because if I have one
Davna Films
I really like this review, it has inspired me to do a review on my car, can I borrow your idea? I just won't go that fast
One of my favourite cars of all time such a beast you're lucky to own one, good review 😎
Rajender Yadav
Awesome. But i do not have enough funds to have a car like this. Jocking
The Real Prince Club
I can hear the cops in the background are looking for you because you were speeding in your awesome car?
Is this the same 6 speed gearbox that is in the regular MR (non FQ) models?
Fareed Dancer [Fareed Shareff]
super... super.... super..
The Real Prince Club
Congratulations on your car, looks nice.
The Real Prince Club
I don't think they want you to know about the missing 5, because I tried to look up and my internet went out...
Ashita's Kitchen & More
33 like
I subbed nice video and car
KidsToyShow TV
Great Review, nice car!
a real driver knows exactly what's in his or her car