James Harden HiSTORIC 60 Pts, 11 Asts, 10 Reb TD 2018.01.30 vs Magic - Career-HIGH! | FreeDawkins

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James Harden AMAZiNG 60 Pts, 11 Asts, 10 Rebs, Triple-Double Jan 30, 2018 Houston Rockets vs Orlando Magic Magic - Career-HIGH! | 'FreeDawkins NBA Video' "Harden notches first 60-point triple-double in NBA history.James Harden surpasses Calvin Murphy for most points in a single game in Rockets history, recording his ninth career 50-point game in the process." --Like And Subscribe For More! Follow me on Twitter - />Boxscore - /> DISCLAIMER - All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended, all videos are edited to follow the "Free Use" guideline of YouTube. __ __

Zachary Meo
we all should be grateful for living in this era of insane basketball
Rockets didn't have Ariza, CP3 and Eric Gordon tonight. Harden doing the group project himself 🧔 🏆
I am BLESSED to see this man doubt every comissioner, every GM and every agent that thought Harden wouldn't be good nearly 5 YEARS later. 60 damn points, while shooting 19-30 from the Field. Also to go with 4 steals and a block, and the best thing ever, *Calvin Murphy applauding of the now broken record* . I can't even do this sht in 2k on All star bruh... MVP hands down. #MVB x #MVP 🏆1️⃣3️⃣
This proves that the Thunder made a huge mistake.
Harden better not get robbed of MVP again this year
Zachary Meo
Boogie Cousins
101 rebounds i swear if he don’t win mvp
DeMar Derozan
Couldve got 70 but i felt bad for them after i walked in the lane the first 20 times
Asher Andrew
So dropped 60 points his new career high. (Set it twice this season btw) Set the franchise record for most points scored in a game by a rocket Gets the first 60 point triple double of all time. (60,11,10) Does this in almost 50 minutes with no chris Paul, Eric Gordon, and Trevor Ariza And in total had a good defensive game today as well Ended the game with 60,11,10,1,4 He is the mvp this season and there is no debate especially when the guy who is supposed to be leading gets blown out by the pistons without Blake
SouthSide Itachi
He’s simply better than Westbrook. No debate whatsoever
Ssj4 Randy
Harden is the best offensive player in the league
oh my ass off
People take this man for granted. Easily one of the best offensive players in NBA history. Hopefully he wins a few championships, my favourite player to watch right now
DeMarvelous DeChosen
I can't even do this in 2K 😔😔😔. Harden gotta sue if he doesn't win MVP this year not going to lie.
ema 4l
60 point triple doubte on 30 shots and people are still gonna find a way to hate.. MVP!
Stephen Curry
Give the man the mvp award already
MR 07
Harden just making sure no one comes close to stealing that MVP trophy again from him.. #TheBeard
MUI 13
If this guy doesnt win MVP, the nba should be sued
Every MVP has that one marquee game everyone can recall, James Harden just had that and it was historic af who the hell gets a 60 point trip dub sheeshhhhh 🔥🔥🔥
Cameron Baker
Ok NBA... Let's get Harden that MVP this year.. I'm not a fan but the basketball seems to be
unbiased Leking james fan
Harden has had arguably the 2nd best prime of any shooting guard ever. 2017 harden alone is just as good as 2006 Kobe 2009 wade and 2001 Iverson. 2018 harden is probably better than all 3 of those seasons. Since he came to Houston he's averaging 28-6-8 on 44% and 38% no other player in the nba is doing that in the last 6 years that's insane. Kobe from 2003-2010 put up 28-5-5 on 44% and 35% from 3. Wade from 2006-2011 put up 26-5-6 on 47%. And Iverson from 2001-2006 Put up 29-4-5 on 43%. I'm not saying career wise he's better but in terms of talent and in their primes harden is just as good. Right now he's the 4-6 best shooting guard ever and top 30-37 player ever.
James Harden winning the MVP period!
Mr. Nobody
He aint cooking no more, he is eating!
Javian Johnson
Bro this man James Harden has been playing amazing these past 2 seasons. Its just a ridiculous triple double hype last season robbed him of what was his since his team was a Top 3 team, and it had EVERYTHING to do with him. Did you see how efficient he was tonight? 19/30 shooting! This is HIS YEAR. #MVP
Nosa Uzamere
Harden is putting up NBA2k stats first player in NBA History to have a 60 pt Triple Double. MVP this year and Should have gotten it last year too. 💪💪💪
Klay is better Right? Lmao #MVP
I Am A God
101 rebounds, that's tuff
Elias Guimaraes
woooow... the real king james. He was playing god-like tonight
Jay B
Man has he came along way from his okc days. You would’ve never thought he would be doing shit like this dropping 60 point triple dubs. Being the only person in history to ever do it. He’s definitely mvp this year ain’t no steph and ain’t no lebron getting in his way just give the man his trophy he deserves already. 💪🏽💪🏽
Ryan Dupont
Folks here's your 2018 MVP
Slightly Biased Kevin Durant Fan
Harden is literally the real life version of everyone’s playmaking sharpshooter on 2K lmao. Real life cheeser 😭😭
D-GOAT#3 #heatnation
Massive L for the 101 rebounds lmao
Spiritual Mystic Order
james harden mvp! hands down first ever 60 point triple double game in nba history god-like ! go rockets rep houston
AGE 28 Harden 31 PTS, 5 REB, 9 AST, 2 STL, 44/39/86 % Kobe 31 PTS, 6 REB, 5 AST, 1 STL, 46/34/86 % Harden is better
He said "Yall not about to give another one of my MVPs to Steph"
The Wallstar
Harden a top 5 sg ever already idgaf and he the best combo guard ever
Kenny Johnson
First ever 60 point triple double in the NBA and he also beat the franchise record in points where the previous record was 57 set by Calvin Murphy in 1978. Just give this man his long overdue MVP already.
Naz Saad
Damn, he shot 5-14 from three as well, imagine if he made an extra couple of those, easily could have had 70+
Chosen One23
And you Stephsexuals think Curry is getting MVP over this man? LMAO
Mariano Tessaro
Best scorer in the game and this year’s MVP
Malik Parks
Just an fyi he probably did this since Eric and Chris didn't play today if y'all didn't notice he scored those 50 pt games without cp
Mikey Mate
101 rebounds on the thumbnail
Kwadwo peprah
Funny thing is manz looked like he wasn't even trying. Geez
60 points with a triple double what monster man 🔥🧔🏾
Derek Heiowre
James Harden is the best shooting guard in the NBA!
Been a harden bandwagon fan since day one😏
Auc 2.0
Nicolás Pizarro
Draymond Green is a role player
Nas. Almxghty
101 REBOUNDS⁉️‼️
Javian Johnson
*IF James Harden doesn't win MVP this season, then imma blame Kevin Love for this*
VLone Vert
The Beard should be a 2 time mvl by now, Unbelievable
I can’t believe the 3 MVPs KD Westbrook and Harden once played at same team
Michael Jordan
Harden reminding the NBA why he’s the MVP
Ramzi Jaber
101 rebs 😮
Ant Chancey
MVP!!!!! I’m tired of him finishing second place the last couple years
Looks like he’s just jogging and going through the motions. It’s so beautiful watching his moves lol
alfonso santos
This man is very underrated.. pure talent
Man if they dont give this man MVP by the end of the season......
A Friendly Hobo
Great game by harden. If he can continue to pull out games likes these and pushes himself to the outmost limit. Then I can honestly see him making it to 2nd place in mvp voting again.
rich yung
To bad he can't play like this in a game 6 or 7
You Can’t Guard Me Larriors Can’t Guard me Lavs Can’t Guard Me Lhunder No One Can Guard Me
Zaire Burks
And people say he shouldn’t win mvp smh
Htown Rockets
No Cp3, Ariza, and Gordon so he put this team on his back and got the rockets scoring record and first ever 60 point triple double.. this man deserves the MVP hopefully he doesn't get robbed again
This style don't work in the playoffs though. His style of play is obsolete in the playoffs when players actually lock you up.
Serena Williams Loves Big White C0ck
LeBum and the Lavs are TRASH 😂😂😂
Harden just walks but still blows by everybody
Kevin DurClutch
Best triple double in NBA History.
MVP , MVP , MVP , MVP 🔥🔥
Houston wins NBA this Year or Boston...
Saleem Abdulmajid
Harden literally just made history.top 5 shooting guard of all time. I would say 3 or 4
Lor Dj
James harden put on a show he deserves that mvp award I don't think nobody else have a shot
Rachel Izquierdo
It looks so easy for him
dryclean eugene
im a gsw fan but, harden ballin better then nearly anyone on my team, mvp in the looks
Easiest 60 points i've ever seen scored. Wouldve taken kobe at least 40 shots to get those numbers lol.
Performance of the year
Raynald Musomba
This is The MVP 🔥🔥🔥
Toni Bauer
That looked way to easy 😂
Alex Benitez
Nigel Farage
Not better than Dwyane Wade, but still a damn good basketball player
brah 60 points triple double if that's not MVP than I don't know what it is. Most points in a game in Rockets history but The real question is, can he deliver in the playoffs? That remains to be seen.
Preston Chandler
Harden has to be one of the most clever NBA players I've ever seen. He's a B+ talent that uses his basketball knowledge to become an A. He goes into the hole with the ball down sweeping up so that his arms are exposed and the ball is far away from the defender, forcing him to foul by reach in or going through his body. His unorthodox footwork puts defenders off balance and slows their reaction time while they process his movement. He shoots a step back 3 pointer leaning forward, thus insuring that the defender will run into him after her releases the ball. That's impressive. Much more than the way Curry just sticks his butt out to the side or falls awkwardly with little contact. Harden uses psychological manipulation wear most people just try to talk fast to confuse you.
Xilo Boy
mvp or else nba is rigged
FEAR THE BEARD - Most skilled player in the league watching him play is like looking at art scoring, assisting, crossing up and breaking the ankles of his opponents, step back dribbles and swishing in ones face! all while laughing in their faces ladies and gents the clear MVP no doubt about it this year.
Koree Advincula
To be the 1st MVP WITH BEARD?
Lil D Rose
60pt TD??? Yea My Mans MVP💯🔥😈
Awesome Beard kill the warriors in playoffs 🧔
You're 100% right
17/18 FT.... how does he do it
all I got to say is MVP!!
Matthew Cobían
Romans 11:1 Romans 8:28 Judges 3:15 Jeremiah 1:5 Matthew 25:40
Dinesh Velmurugan
First player in NBA history with a 60 point triple double 60-10-11 #MVP2018
gift kajiwa
He is the man #fear the beard
Igbo Thunder
They still gonna find away to give the mvp to someone else lol
peace and love
Carlos Medina
101 boards tho 🤔
Yannick Kimenyi
MVP. Top 5 SG of all time
Giannis Anteyokounmposiwndowiukdowommsqowu
Damn bruh 101 rebounds #GOAT
Donald Trump
I'm going to make a new rule that means he can't travel every single time he has the ball.
he can score high just because the defense of Orlando is very bad
Emmanuel Enyinwa
Greatest offensive game in NBA HISTORY. I don't give a rat's ads about some bald dude with a long tongue.