Saab 2000 Braathens Regional Take Off at Bern Airport - Nice Turboprop Sounds!

Saab 2000 of Braathens Regional takes off at Bern Airport in Switzerland. This was a charter flight to Gothenburg, Sweden. On board this twin turboprop aircraft was the BK Häcken football team who played against FC Thun. In January 2013, the Swedish regional carrier Golden Air changed its name to Braathens Regional. So you can see the new brand. The Saab 2000 is a regional aircraft, Swedish-built, carries 50 passengers and is one of the fastest turboprop airliners. Its high cruise speed is near jet speed at 680 km/h what gave the Saab 2000 the nickname "Concordino". This turboprop regional airliner is powered by two Rolls-Royce Allison AE 2100A turboprop engines, each driving a six-bladed propeller. Video Editing Software: Final Cut Express and iMovie Camera: Sony VG10 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY matthiashaenni ©

Over 20 years ago, I wrote some of the flight control software for this airplane.
Kage Krôss
It looks better than the ATRs and Q400s. What a beautiful aircraft! Great video! Thanks!
Steven Berry-Brown
That my friends is one very sexy
Gerardo Ramos
Absolutely beautiful aircraft
100 % music in my ears!!!!
This is by far, the most polite comment section on all of youtubedom. Yay!
Brian M. B. Pedersen
01:52 Eargasm :-D
John Davis
The Sound of Pure Power
Karsten Lane
That sound... 
I love how the camera's frame rate lets you see the props bend and distort under take off power.
Aximus Roh
Very nice turboprop sounds indeed 🤗 thank you 👍 and greetings from Australia 🐊🤠
AE Project
1:55 Using Headphone😂
Saab makes a very high quality airplane. Flew them for two years with American Eagle and I think I only had one mx cancel.
Tobias Lindqvist
Swedish Quality shit from the hoods of Linköping, SAAB is a car & aircraft manifacturer. The cockpit and avionics on-board are state of the art.. I´ve landed and sat behind the captain and her copilot when CROSSAIR had these back in the day.. Amazing lady with character and attitude.. Cockpit looks like as modern as a jet, and flight 700km/h at high altitude! Go Saab Aviation
Adam Hlali
I study to become a flight technician. And my school has the second SAAB 2000 prototype. I have seen it in ways no one should see it. I have even spun the prop with my hand and it's so fun. And the spinner, it's huge. But to see that baby take of. DET ÄR UNDERBART
Web Surfin
Prop-jets are the most enjoyable airplanes to fly on.... not many of them are flying on regular scheduled airline passenger routes presently... what a loss for the flying public!
an 147
Beautiful and fast take-off.✈
Mr Robins
Amazing thrust
София Агафонова Saab
Interested Surfer
Prop-jet commercial aircraft is absolutely the best!
01:54 hear, tha sound!
Philip Schmidt
Great video! I'm flying with Braathens on the SAAB 2000 next month, and then I'm going to stay one night in the Jumbo Hostel :)
Beautiful plane and great video!
Karin Junker
Yes ~ I had a wonderful time in Austria ~ and excellent overseas-flights both ways. And ~ as always, I loved the vigorous take-offs! Hugs from Canada!
Awesome video friend! I like those props :D
I love it!!
Toll gefilmt. Klasse Flugzeug, das man in Hamburg leider sehr selten sieht. :-)
Karin Junker
GREAT show ~ thanks!
Those props look spectacular, great sound, aweome video man!!
Awesome plane and great filming work! very nice job mate!! very big like from me, and have a great weekend! :)
Nice to see that plane in Bern, but I do apologise that Häcken was playing in your town, I hope they lost :)
Awesome! I didn't know that Braathens Regional used the Saab 2000!
Christian le Bordelais
Bon travail.
Very nice sound! Great footage!
Nice close up shot..! Excellent camera work..! Well done..! Liked..! :-)
B.L Videos
Really sweet sound, i agree! Nice catch of the flying footballers!
Aviation NZ
Very nice airplane and great camera work, Matthias! Well done!
Blue Red Yellow Green
Very nice video!!
Tito B.A.
I hope that when I visit Switzerland I can get in a regional flight like this.
Wonderful aircraft!
Pcorf Creations
Gotta love those Saabs!
wesley mccurtain
A beautiful aircraft!!!
Julian Northeast
Great takeoff nice turboprop engine sounds
Excellent video, thumb's up !
Connor McKinlay
I love alrplanes Please make more
Allen Hampshire
Two turboprops at 6 blades each? A screamer!
Marko Trifunovski
Beautiful aircraft!
CJ Ever
They should revive in mass producing this beauty.
Juan Cirer
Very good all your videos. Congratulations.
lmao mexican and guatemalan air travel companies use some of these and theyre loud af inside
Schwanzel Stock
She's a beauty!
CJ Ever
I love it when the propeller sounds become more like a helicopter on the takeoff run.
Alex Saab
I love you!
What makes me wonder a little bit is, why she didn't became a success like the Dash8 Q-400
Sarah Bennion
these noises trigger me lmo, flown on these planes too much
Kinda like a longer version of the SAAB 340, which is a great airplane!
samuel kevin
hopping one day, can fly with the airplane such as like that.,sometimes is boring flying with the jetz
Erik G
Love when the throttle goes beta...maooooo
How big are those propellers, 4m diameter?
I want a Saab 2000 Neo
Stephen Dailey
An excellent video and what is the take off speed?
Patric J
Very nice video, I like such videos. But just a kind advice: don't zoom in too much when the plane goes further away. It's no problem if the plane becomes a bit smaller in the field of view. It is worse if it fills up a larger are; it shall not be bigger at longer distance. You loose the perspective, in my opinion.
My Corner Space
This plane is better than the Canadian made bombardier because of it's design which makes it more stable.
LikedGecko 315
A dash 8 with lower wings.