ALTAY MARAL HUNTING (Chasse) IN KAZAKHSTAN 2013 season. By Seladang

Hunting maral in Altay Mountains of Kazakhstan. 2013 hunting season. PH and videographers, Renaud Desgrées du Loû, Gilles Cleaz and Erwan de Foucher. Résumé de la saison de chasse 2013 au Maral dans les Montagnes de l'Altay au Kazakhstan. Expédition guidées et filmées par Renaud Desgrées du Loû, Gilles Cleaz et Erwan de Foucher.

Pascal -
Bonjour, encore une belle vidéo, merci pour ces minutes de rêves...... PASCAL
Encore une magnifique vidéo de cette merveilleuse chasse qui fait rêver ! Merci et bravo pour les beaux cerfs prélevés.
The best 18 minutes after this year's Red Deer rut!
Très beau film bravo !
Vous avez me plaisait  ma semaine!!! Merci beaucoup.
Wath is the name of song
andere Länder andere Sitten
Keven Ferreira
bela caçada
Sébastien Seruzier
Superbe comme d'habitude. Merci.
Timotei Ardelean
or who sing it?
dodi dido
the meat look tasty
Jesus Martinez
esto me gusta
Alberto Urena
good shoots what rifle is that?
Benoit Fasbender
Superbe vidéo, comme toujours ........................ :-)
peter Van den Branden
Like always good real hunting videos , soon i want to hunt with you but first collect some ...'
excelent Shooting ? du hast wohl ne Filzbrille auf.. dem einen Maral wurde der Hinterlauf abgeschossen !!!!
David Galindo Galarza
me gusta
The kind of hunting you are showing us looks great to me.The pursuit of those elk on foot without machinery like quads and other ATV's. It reminds me of our own hunting in the sixties and seventies.We even in most cases had to pack antlers and meat out on our backs.
es hat schon mal wer gesagt : " mei wie schiesst ihr schlecht ihr Franzosen ! "
raju limbu
Wow that was great hunt
jon goodman
Great shooting, accuracy is so important. Love your video
enduro SPIKE
Hello Friend very good your videos I'm from chile and a while ago I do videos, but now I want to be much more continue with this passion and not die trying and I need your help and friends who see your videos so grow and make some better quality... it would be great that you sign up as those who see this comment greetings and still so subscribe and share please!!
kaveh Jamshidi
i like hunting but i will never ever go for Maral, deer or any other even hooves…..and how many you guys shot to satisfy your appetite…? i simply can not see these beautiful animals roll down the hill that ugly… really not a good scene…i love shooting hogs and other look a like, i don't mid crocodiles too…the marls  are the beauty of the woods….it is just very sad shooting them….
Nice shot friend. That rifle, cartridge, weight, type of bullet you used to hunt Elk?
Candice Olafson
Thats some good shooting, really good
William Smith
It would be a lot better video if their web address didn't cover up the animal when it was shot!
مشاري السعيد
Where the rest of the meat goes this binge fishing
angel dia
eyyy yo estoy de acuerdo en la caza, pero siempre que me coma al animal cazado, Aparte de belleza es un desperdicio matar sólo por sus cuernos.
youcef foufou
goooood job
hi i need to know the song who is performing black eyes in this version. скажите пожалуйста кто спел черные глаза, очень понравилаь
Vraiment superbe! Bravo
what was the soundtrack at the end of the video?
HMALOKO Dominique Kahnyapa
c'est trop top ! rien à dire, c'est sûr j'aurais aimé être à votre place ! le grand cerf et les coups de carabine vraiment j' la petite grillade pour couronner le tout alors là ! c'est trop... merci encore pour vos petites images de rêves !!!
Tahir Qazi
hi, gr8 video. can you plz tell what is sound track played at the end of your video?? specific link plz if possible?
jesus llancapan
excelente video buenos tiros
your nightmare
so funnie lot people thing hunting them real bad but can t imagine all the devestation they can do around farms and nature if we not hunthing them ..... but more the deer
jon goodman
Let the thing roll down the hill, that's one way to get it back to camp. If camp is down hill. good video, great music.
Eric Reinert
Tres tres bon tir et ca ces de la vrai chasse
The chap with the pipe must be scaring game for miles around. Certainly better than a white flag I should imagine to get the game's attention to RUN :-{
Timotei Ardelean
What song is at the end?
Everardo Hernández Loza
Mui buenos tiradores da gusto ver estos vídeos saludos desde Guadalajara Jalisco
Russ Russtanov
la verdad a mi me gustaria ser un buen cazador para cazar pendejos de esos que matan animales por puro gusto
Der eine Jäger
Wonderful video and excellent shooting. One day... I want to be there, too :)
Je suis émerveillé par la beauté des paysages, l'intensité des chasses et le dépaysement... Chasseur de Montagne, j'espère pouvoir un jour vivre une telle aventure... J'en ai parlé plusieurs fois avec Gilles Cleaz, qui est de ma région... il m'a même conseillé pour le choix de ma nouvelle carabine, et je ne  peux que m'en féliciter car le conseil était parfait ! merci pour tout et bonne continuation, en espérant un jour pouvoir partir au loin chercher le trophée de mes rêves...
Vasilis Nikitaras
Excellent video!
Fernando Contreras
are this elk native to the area? it looks like they are thriving here. awesome hunts. lots of fun! I hunt them with my bow here in montana.
Marius Chasse
Nice shot, congratulations !
виктор иванов
Французы охотятся да еще и русскую песню влепили, что казахской музыки мало?
vous pouvez mettre le lien de la chanson SVP?
Boxing 101
Stupid to call them in and kill them with a rifle, use a bow. Just too easy you think these hunters would want a challenge. What a joke
Renaud ure a bloody legend mate, to hunt these superb animals is one thing but to be able to present this to the world in video, is in a league of its own, what calibres my friend and what distances?Also i notice ur lil four legged friend always accompanies you on ur adventures, does he travel from France or is he based at your camps. well done and thanks again for sharing...
Anime Otaku Life
son desgrasiado los que matan los animales sin motivo yo me pregunto donde mierda estan los alimalistas que no asen nada p