All That She Wants (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

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Noa Aviyam
his daughter is so adorable!! she is also lucky to have a dad who makes metal covers😂
Aciop Seim
all the great 90's pop songs need to be Moracchiolized! This is great :)
Dwight K Schrute Beet Farmer
You should do The Bad Touch-Bloodhound Gang
Rob Lundgren Live Vocals
Dear God that was amazing :) never stop this bro, you have the groove gods on your side
Ábel Simonfi
You should do every breath you take in metal version. That would be awesome! :D
Frank Conquest Jr
Ace of Base would be proud
Александр Николаевич
как всегда зажег и поднял настроение! thank you Leo!
Wyatt Crow
this was a HUGE hit in Russia in early 90s
Ну ты вообще, мужик,молодец)) Уважаю!!!
Jason Beamer
Metal cover of pixies, where is my mind would be awesome!
Pumped Up Kicks Cover for the next cover PLEASE !!
Killing Time
that was badass! I love it when you do 90's stuff.
Jordan Webster
It would be amazing if he remade Ushers, yeah
Kishore Shenoy
Queen cover please. They are legends of rock and it will be a tough but worthy challenge for you. THE SHOW MUST GO ON. (It has great vocals and awesome instrumentals for you to show off with)
This is the most metal cover in a long time, awesome!
Saint Yak
Please, make cover on Boney M - Rasputin
I wish there is a version of guitar hero only with your cover songs.
Marcel Piotrowski
One of the best so far! Keep it going Leo!
ivan canovas
why i like so much all your songs ? all of them are amazing!!!!
Best Thumbnail ever, R.I.P this night full of sleep^^
That pear shaker xD And the brasses sound xD I'm loving it! \m/
Andrew Watson
Red eyes ... incredible skill. Leo hasn't sold his soul to the devil ... he is the devil
Пуська Мартыська
What about Happy Nation?
Naomi Vallon
Dude, I would really like one of your shirts with the rainbow colours behind the frog with blue eyes, please? Thanks!!!
Joe Pache
I got a feeling this will end up on sirius XM like the Hello cover! Thumb if you agree!!!!
Leandro Arnold
This is so great! Greetings from Germany!🤘 Keep on Rockin'💪
Carey Turner
I need a bigger thumb. Can't like this enough.
Julia Jaspers
Sorin M
Daaaamn, fucking awesome cover. Love you man
Hope he gets around to doing a Steam Punk Giraffe or The Prodigy cover, that would be amazing.
Nick Selig
You should do "Burning Down the House" by Talking Heads or "Rock the Casbah" by The Clash
Emmanuel Gorn
I'm sure that this girl got one of the best dad in the world! Long Live FrogLeap Studio!
Jugadas Destacadas - Overwatch
some blink 182s song (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)
Vlad Swan
Do Simple Minds - Don't you forget about me, please :)
i heard ace of base did a cover of this
Marcel der Motovlogger
My brain has melted. That is THE best cover yet!
Aaron Broyles
Wait, does this mean.....nah.
Kristian Newton
my misses hates your videos, but I still play them every week when I'm in full party mode. you sir are my legend.
Leo, you are a beast! Great guitars, drums, vocals, visuals, editing, creative, we even get a f*cking sunset, holy sh*t man!
Karl Ryan Erikson
Hell Yes!!!! Love this cover. Great Job!
Péter Lukács
Best pear performance I ever saw. GG man.
Zubair Zulhaj
Leo .. bro ... you so sick u dont even know it 👊
Muhamad Hiram
hey Leo, would you make system of a down cover please? i wanna see your cover that hehe
Womble Gizmo
I am actually watching this with no clothes on lol 😂
Purple Rain metal cover!
Paul Qii
Exactly the way I've been wanting metal-covers-of-pop-hits to sound like.
Incredible, again!!! Respect! That refrain is awesome!!!! \,,/ :D
Cj Andrews
The bad touch Pretty fly for a white guy Lol Just bumping what was mentioned before because I'm unoriginal lmao
Life in the Fast Line- Eagles Metal Cover by Leo Maroacchioli......i can see it now
Bradey Goegan
This is so sick!!! Rock on Leo!!!! Hope to see you in Canada one day!!
Could you do a metal cover of Footloose?
Mani Hinterwirth
oh man one of the best covers so far good work 👌
Hamza Naeem
Darth vader theme song for rogue one?
nick fulk
10/10 on this one leo really good cover
Dark Naffien
Amazing 👏👏👏👏👏❤
Robinson Jacociunas
espetacular a gravação !! Um pedido vindo de um fã do Brasil PLEASE Tennessee ernie Ford - 16 Tons
Morf iUM
God dammed Leo. Fucking awesome. Thanks For making my life better:)
Le Dernier Gaulois
Ow, great ! I already love the original, this one is marvelous !
David Gilboa
for the love metal please do kiss from a rose by seal
Олег Сушко
As always, LEGEN wait for it DARY!
Ralph DSouza
Is it just me or would a metal version of Mockingbird by Eminem be totally friggin awesome \m/
god your daughter has shot up buddy. man MERRY Christmas
Dimitry Paouk
yooo do a portal cover!! STILL ALIVE!
Matt Worton
Please make a cover of the "The Gambler"
Lowki Darko
Sorry Leo.. Totally naked dude... ;)
Caspalov Rico
Magnificent I adore as usual:)
great cover, you can do thinking out loud
do the cover for "wild boys" by DuranDuran
Epic Twilight
Avril Lavigne -Sk8er Boi
Hey Leo I reckon a metal cover of "we didn't start the fire" by billy Joel would be awesome
I've been starting my mornings all wrong: "Upon awakening, throw up the horns." I see now. It makes so much sense.
Something from the Red Hot Chili Peppers please:)
Andrew Venables
better than the original IMO...
I've always thought Kenny Wayne Shepherd's song Blue On Black had perfect metal lyrics.
Leo any chance of you doing Demons by Imagine Dragons? I have to hear it in your voice, your instruments. Merry Christmas!!!
Weston Wilson
What I got by Sublime would be an amazing cover.
I actually did watch this video with my clothes off...please don't sue me!
Jordi Mora
Pumped Up Kicks 🤗🤗🤗
I love the drums in this cover!keep up the brilliant covers!
Cole Riedel
I dont know the real term for it, but these "metal-drops" are FKN INSANE!
Damn Leo! Even though I love 95% of your music this one is on a whole other level! Insanely good version! Keep it up dude!
Jon Levi
Is this how you publish that your girlfriend/wife is pregnant?? :)
Dude, you combined the two genres I absulutely love. '90's music, and metal. This is friggin' awesome !
Tom Jean
Best mic drop ever! Leo is the man.
Joel Lopes
i've seen a bunch of your covers but this one has got to be at the top. really awsome
Larry Meister
Wie alle Lieder von dir..... RICHTIG GEIL! Großes Lob. Like all the songs of you......INCREDIBLE! Great praise.
Travis Barker
This is the most bad ass cover!!!! I grew up on ace of base!!
Dracona Thor
dare you to metal up Little Drummer Boy
Илья Хохлов
nice!!!!!! from Russia with love, Leo))
Nicholas Lynch
You keep beating the originals! And with some that's no easy task! Well done. You're brilliant!
I'm still holding out for a hero leo lol
You made an already great song even more awesome!! :D \m/
Juan Acosta
My brain has melted. That is THE best cover yet! You should do every breath you take in metal version. That would be awesome! :D
Matze macht Mucke
Hey Leo... not the first, but the best metal cover I have heard of this song... You are great.
Ramon Vizcarra
a behind blue eyes cover pls
Dimitar Dimitrov
this is fuckin' awesome dude! keep up the good work! \m/
Leo, big hello from Russia! we love you!
Chuck Gnarris
Awesome! now lets get a good Jar of Hearts metal cover. please.
Brandi Savoy
99% sure I've listened to this version more than the original. Love it 💕💕💕