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Darth Vader
Sometimes I wonder how the Jedi weren't able to tell he was a sith with the way he acts
Carter Gates
I'm finding this way more catchy than I should.
Pearl the Gopnik
"Stab a smuggler in the jugular and watch him die." Damn it.
We need to learn all 65 other plans in song form. It needs to happen.
"Kill Naboo's Queen" Maybe Palpatine did use the force to kill Padme.
Ajay Langhorne
You'd think when he says "Corrupt a teen from Tatooine" and "Kill Naboo's queen" that maybe Vader would have noticed something was up
Andrew Chapman
0:34 I guess that would explain how the second Death Star came about so soon after the first Death Star was destroyed.
"Oh susre, Palpy, you manipulated me"
Dovley Hutchinson
I find the emperor the most funniest in robot chicken
I wanna read that PDF. Lol
I would love to hear the full song!
Sharp Revan
The fact most of these happen in the movies really got me.
Order 65 was to kill Phalatine if I'm not mistaken
Lily Zerep
"Corrupt a teen, from Tatooine, manipulate a Gungan and kill Naboo's Queen" was the catchiest part for me. :p 
I love how darth vader was groaning after he got a nut shot from palpatine XD
Eobard Thawne
This is a parady of animaniacs, in case you didn't know
HE Editing
Omg robot chicken knew that Hans solo would die
Order 65 was to have the clones detain or kill the Chancellor but since Palpatine had the chips and all it would never have happened
A topless bar on Mustafar...Well it is Mustafar.
hits Darth Vader in the balls XD
john murray
the emperor is stewie griffins voice right?
The Blue Baron
Someone needs to finish the song, it's hilarious!
Best one I think: "Stab a smuggler in the jugular and watch him die"
Manipulate the gungan Or may be backward
Their Star wars parodies are always, ALWAYS, golden
Grievous the CIS Commander
Order 65 was actually meant to arrest Palpatine if he refused to return his power to the Senate after the Clone Wars by the Jedi.
Alex Painter
"Stab a smuggler in the jugular and watch him die" too soon palpatine
Order 65: "In the event of either (i) a majority in the Senate declaring the Supreme Commander (Chancellor) to be unfit to issue orders, or (ii) the Security Council declaring him or her to be unfit to issue orders, and an authenticated order being received by the GAR, commandersshall be authorized to detain the Supreme Commander, with lethal force if necessary, and command of the GAR shall fall to the acting Chancellor until a successor is appointed or alternative authority identified as outlined in Section 6 (iv)." direct copy-paste from Wookiepedia
Andrew Holt
Yakko from Animaniacs used this tune to teach me the State Capitals haha
Chris Richardson
Better then Justin Bieber
James Reid
Damn it. Why couldn't there be a full version of the song on a DVD? I wanna hear all 65 orders!
Aww... and Poof left about six pizzas in the room the night before.
"Have George Lucas loose credibility, sell our trademark off to Disney. Live off the ton of merchandising funds from Hasbro and Mattel!" Just for an idea to add a forth wall break. In all honesty, Disney seems to be doing an alright job of reviving the series.
Who watched this like14 times
Feinex jester
what's the original song
Justiciar Hux
My personal favorite: Clone a load of cannon fodder out on Kamino! Execute order 17!
Order 65 was to capture or kill the chancellor in the event the majority of the senate believes him to be unfit to rule.
Order 33: Hold A Population Hostage Until A Jedi Surrenders.
Arkus X
Order 65 was to kill palpatine and order 37 was basically massacre
Alicia Qu
Unfortunately he didn't answer in question form
Tuckered Out
Order 6 wasn't completed until Episode 7, unfortunately.
Charles Kintner IV
What music was being played here?
Bruce Wayne
Execute Order 12!
Brendon Tan
Why does he need to find investors? he's the goddamn emperor. Just seize the assets and be done with it
"stab a smuggler in the jugular and WATCH HIM DIE" XD
Michael Star755
General Dodona?From Kotor?!Does that mean Kotor is canon again?
Does Seth McFarlene voice the emperor
Zepp Dude 33
What's the tune of the song? Like it's in the tune of a song, and I would like to know which one
Darth Sidious never manipulated Jar Jar.
Golden Freddy
Corrupt a teen from Tatooine
Tyler Neuburger
I would like that pdf XD
Johnny Doe
0:36 The Death Star 2 should be bigger.
Liam J
Lyrics please.
Colin Velius
The official Order 65: "In the event of either (i) a majority in the Senate declaring the Supreme Commander (Chancellor) to be unfit to issue orders, or (ii) the Security Council declaring him or her to be unfit to issue orders, and an authenticated order being received by the GAR, commanders shall be authorized to detain the Supreme Commander, with lethal force if necessary, and command of the GAR shall fall to the acting Chancellor until a successor is appointed or alternative authority identified as outlined in Section 6 (iv)." So basically, things would have been pretty funny if Order 65 were accidentally issued instead of 66.
Caleb Maravilla
B1J4M1 -M
One of the best RC Star Wars
Knowing what we now know from Rebels, you could put a couple really funny Ashoka Tano moments in this lol
Dual Blades Orion
First order... oh oh oooh, man they are bad at following that first order.
Dragon Shadow
who besides me is reminded of wakko's song of all the states capitals....wish this was longer but it was robot chicken
Paul Rümelin
Whats the original song called? I like the music
Adam Kurowski
What's the name of the tune? keep hearing it, but can't remember its name
Joe Perezel
ahh, so this is what sheev does in his spare time.
Conrado Javier
Thanks to Disney Canon: - Expel a Togruta Padawan - Sell your Company to Disney - Retcon the Expanded Universe & Re-Branded as Legends - a Rebellion is started by a Blue Haired Kid, an Ex-Padawan Cowboy, a Twi'lek Pilot, a Mandalorian Artist, Orange R2D2, Purple Chewbacca, & Their Boss This Ex-Padawan now Grey Jedi with a White Lightsaber - Make a Crossguard Lightsaber - Hire a Black Stormtrooper - Hire an Albino Dude with a Spinny Lightsaber
Tytos Blackwood
there were actually 150 orders for the clones that dealt with different emergency senarios. all150 were programed into their brains for them to carry out without question if ordered. for example, order 65 said that if the republics council voted that plapitine was unfit to lead the clones would aprehend him and kill him if needed
Your Average Human
I love how Palpatine planned absolutely everything to gain ultimate power over the galaxy, it's so cool!
Darth Tectrix
Darth Jar Jar confirmed!
David Axelord
Should've gone with Operation Hot Zone Kill.
So the First Order's mission is to capture a wookiee?
The Legend Of Jacko
ryan macdonald
General Order 65 was to arrest/kill the Supreme Chancellor, makes me wonder why the Jedi didn't use it when they learned that Palpatine was a Sith Lord.
Steppan Stepperson
Why is it "Mon Calamari"? What's Mon?
it was only 18 orders though...
Tristan Hopkins
I know he was saying "Taun-taun hot Safari" but for some reason, I wanted to hear him say Jon Jafari XD
Super Trini Gamer
this is now a sing along to me
Space Wizard
wasn't his dong slice off and set on fire
Damon Grimes
I'm gonna watch this every time after the credits of episode 3
Matt Rich
"Stab a smuggler in the jugular and watch him die" Oh a smuggler was stabbed alright just not in the jugular
Yamaka White
i need to have this song as my ring tone
Sumayyah Azhar
but there is jedi that survive order 66 is the jedi that bring pizza..lucky he was'nt there
I wonder about the other 48?
XLegit ProX
I like how no one realizes that they are making a reference when wako named the states and there capitals
Dylan Raul Teokonetl Nexkoyotl
Lyrics, anyone? Please
THB Klan
What is the song supposed to be
Just realized this was also an anima java reference
Soviet UnionBall
please someone put lyrics for emperors order list/song
lol clone troopers wrote "Death to Jedi" in blood
Whats the name of the melody? Ive been looking for eat for years..! Anyone?
Spiffy 84730
HAN...! 0_0....
Dat Tranzit Guy
order 69 Is a huge orgy
Super Trini Gamer
oops my copy and paste
Mr. Gentlezombie
"Commander Cody, execute order 7." "Umm... okay then."
What are the other 47?
W. L. Orodor Calaerchon
0:20 - 0:24 "and kill Naboo's queen..." Vader: "Wait a second...this was your plan all along???"
In episode 7, they executed order 6
Stupid Dr Pepper advert on every video!
Order 65: Should the Supreme Chancellor become corrupt, they should be removed and the Jedi Order be put in charge.
Right then....when I meet Kate Middleton, I shall....Execute Order 02
Scorched Apples
I love it!! I just subscribed