Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets | Season 2: Episodes 1 – 10 | Disney

Season Two, full 10 episodes of #WhiskerHavenTales . Harvest Haven: It's the annual Harvest Haven, and the pets gather biscuit bones for the Feast in Whisker Woods. But during the festivities, Petite gets lost and the Palace Pets must find her! Pets on the Hunt! It's the first annual Whisker Haven Scavenger Hunt, and the Palace Pets have split up into teams to find all of the clues! Whisker Haven Masquerade During the Whisker Haven Masquerade Ball, Pumpkin and Berry try to meet all of the new Palace Pets! Chowing Down The Palace Pets have a mystery on their paws! All of Mr. Chow's kibble has gone missing and Fern, Aurora's owl, is on the case! Whisker Haven Buddies Day It's fall in Whisker Haven and Petit pairs up with Nyle, Jasmine's monkey, to go through the hay bale maze for Buddies Day! Where's Taj? The Palace Pets play hide and seek in the pawlace with Jasmine's baby elephant, Taj! Helping Hooves When Pumpkin can't find her bows for the primping party, Truffles, Rapunzel's baby pig, and Bibbidy, Cinderella's pony, help her find them! Whoop Dee Doo The Palace Pets rehearse for the Whisker Haven Whoop-De-Doo honoring Miss Featherbon. Treasure's Island When the Palace Pets have a pool party, Treasure is determined to get a scared Petit to join the fun! Slipper-Sparkle Slipper's sparkles accidentally ruin Treasure's sail! Briezy Does It In preparation for the Royal Pony-Palooza Celebration, Briezy offers to decorate all the bridles and saddles. SUBSCRIBE to get notified when new Disney videos are posted: /> Get even more Disney YouTube Oh My Disney: />Disney Style: />Disney Family: />Mickey Mouse: /> You Might Also Like: As Told By Emoji: />Tsum Tsum Shorts: />Sing Alongs: /> More Disney! Instagram: />Twitter: />Facebook: />Tumblr: /> A Little Disney History: From humble beginnings as a cartoon studio in the 1920s to its preeminent name in the entertainment industry today, Disney proudly continues its legacy of creating world-class stories and experiences for every member of the family.

Hsaw Meh
My Favorite is Sultin and Treasure <3
Falisha Sethi
the pony (idk her name) she reads everything she also reads how to have fun at a pool party lol
LeonieMythical Maddin keeling
Wait... pumpkin (the dog) has the same voice as Abgail in Spirit riding free
Messy Nickles
Do you know this characters? If you know,,, one of this magical animals is a Disney Princess's 1. Cinderella (the dog) 2. SnowWhite (the rabbit) 3.Jasmine (the tiger) 4.Ariel (the orange cat) 5. Sleeping Beauty (cat name dreamy) 6. Bell ( the horse)
Chloe Mac Donald
Whisker haven you are the best character ever!
Sentient Dovah
Treasure's Island, lol
Chloe Mac Donald
Whisker haven you are the best character ever
Edward Walsh
Heidi Cheung
Ever since i was three i love dreamey even though i dont know how to say her name i stil love her😇
little toad
I just started high school but I don’t care, you shall never stop me from watching these!!
Linnea DeAngelis
Sultan is just like me because I'm very energetic and playful
hansraj samlal
I love all the characters there so cute beacause they just cute
Saniya Parkar
Dreamy is my favorite.. I dunno why😵 Aurora's pet😘😘
Brandon Morani
Disney, can you do season 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and much mega more seasons in the future, please!
Jumana Badri
Hello I'm Husaina I love your voice and I'm a big fan of your 😙😙😙😙
Mai Btish
when you're 21 but still enjoy this cuteness :")
Hacker Elite 34
And my fav characters are dreamy treasure and pumpkin
Sushii Mintuo
at the first ep of this Dreamy blushed in 5:32, to see it use the slow motion thingy at 0.25
ZoZoGurlll 123
I love this even if I'm 11, I ship treasure and Jasmine's tiger
Skye Kitty
My favorite is dreamy and pumpkin
Warrior Cat Fan #1
My favorite pet is Treasure
Vanilla suga With tae
I'm 17 what am I doing here? Edit: but this is kinda cute gotta admit hehe
Jego Garcia
Disney can u pls make Elena of Avalor
I ❤ berry ,patite&pumkin because berry is cute&patite pumkin are beautiful
Amayli Kachiguango
never mind do it but it will come 3 episodes that are new
Jaida Maree Rocks
I love you so so good and fun hahahhahhahaah Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolloooooooocool
Despicable MesumMm
The first episode is really good,And my favourite palace pets are: Berry,Beauty,Pumpkin and treasure
A fucking retard
Ferry Hendaya
I also love treasure,berry,petite, windflower,saltine, taj,teacup,bluem,mr. Cau,sliper,Brie,drimy
satish kumar
I love all princess and their pets.
Aisha’s tiktok World
Dreamy is my favourite then treasure then Pumpkin then berry then sultan 1. Dreamy 2. Treasure 3. Pumpkin 4. Berry 5. Sultan
thats Cutie!
hey I know this video The video is came for my offline video. 😀😀😀😀😀
Joey Thompson
Am I the only one who Ships Treasure and Sultan
Special Friends
13:07 i thought Taj said coffin, pawffin, then i found out he said pawfect also why does berry and taj have a accent
Herowan Yuma
Ms.Feather bond is like the Fairy God Mother right?
Susette Diaz
Brandon Morani
This year it's going to be Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets / Season 3: Episodes 1-10 / Disney I believe.
Jitlada Puranan
Aww so cute and adorable and kawaii again.👶 ❤️ 🐱
Jacob E
About time Teacup showed up. I still say she should've been a main character instead of Belle's pony Petite (especially since I don't care too much for the Palace Pets Ponies).
Paolo Filipelli
I love dreamy because I am a sleeper
Ruel Pacquiao
He’s actually cheating because the game says no helping at all
beth blake
If she already new who was the kibble krook why did she call the cat the fish and the raccoon I think she is showing of her detective skills
Durga Kusuma
my fave whisker haven pets are sultan and pumpkin and ms.featherbon
Nur Amiirah muhsinah
I like Dreamy cause....she has a brilliant idea when she dream something
Flutterwolf pink
Actually her name is berry
Roopa Devraj
tea cup is not that famous
Samir Paul
lpssophie thecooltuber
I love treasure I love sea it s my favourite thing
Ocha Aether the Alligator [LorettaTheOni]
Let's face facts guys... Dreamy is everyone's spirit animal.
Unicorns :3 Channel
For some reason my buddy always ends up being the most annoying in my class
Snazzy Dogs1
you don't need bows for prepping
itzgacha holly
hiPetsiLLLLLeeeeeeeeeevvvvv kids I love you from Holly
amal shargabi
Helo l like your videos so much
Shrlyn Iizka
I love treasure because she is a swimmer like me😃☺😊😇😃😘😍
Eunice Cahanap
i love treasure she is ariels pet right
Have fun with us
my favorite one is pumpkin because I love Cinderella
araceli baldonado
I love Wister haven I I watch them every day I love you
Fox World
My fav: 1: Sultan 2: Treasure 3: Dreamy
thiti wilaiporn
😈beaver and circus baby love it
Izlin Abdullah
I love dreamy because it is my favourite animal and i love aurora.And she is cute kitten.
Just1n 00n
Is there ever going to be a season 3?
Brave Pup
Lol! Leave it to Fairy God Mother's pet to clean messes up.
Kittygamer Hearts
I love dreamy she is so cute
Arrianne Minecraft
Truffles is so cute🐖
Christinar Garcia
I like pumpkin to because she's kind and sweet 😇😇
Ummer Farook
i watched every episodes just today
The cookies make meh scared ;-; XD
unicorn kitty kitty Pugh
I love this it's my fav
นิตยสารตํารวจเพื่อมวลชน นิตยสารตํารวจเพื่อมวลชน
Toshi and Yohand TV
i. Love. You video somatic
Julie Pie
Palash Raha
if you are not the intended recipient you are not the intended recipient or have you ever want to be a little while and it will take the time to get the best of my resume for your help and advice on how to do that for
Michell Cunningham
It is super fun to watch too.
Abdulqadirq94 Qadir
So cute and I love it personally I like pumpkin and daisy
Violet Plays
I am 12 and these are my favorite things to watch
Kate D.
my favorite is treasure because she is ariel and i love ariel 'cause i love memaids!!!❤❤❤
khai mung
treasure and dreamy is cute
Mohanraj Subramanian
I love treasure and daisy
Christinar Garcia
ilove dreamy because she loves sleeping And dreaming 😴😴😴🛌🛌💤💤and she's a cat🐱and they live in a 🏰castle
hridya sharma
helped my sis keep quite so yeah, really good
Dad:Why r u watching this when ur 9? Me:Fun and laughter,Peace and Joy Dad:Wut Me:Fun and laughter,Peace and Joy Edit:The owl is so cute :3
Ocha Aether the Alligator [LorettaTheOni]
This show is just TOO a-dog-ible! It has such pawfect characterization and they're so memorable! :) Hoof would of known?
Despicable Gaming
I love to swim with my toy Treasure
Dreamy was supposed to be beauty
Honeyleen Hernandez
Raju Gogoi
I love dreamy and treasure
Doki Nokia
A love det wihsker haven pets
Jayde Rivas
I’d love pumpkin she is pretty
BiteBros ASMR
Dreamy is absolutely my favorite!
so cute I love whisker haven tales me and my sister watch it
Gemma Stone
this make me smile
Lyndzi Kelley
I love gimmer spirrkel annnnnd lps ;>
Cat owner Person
My favorites are sultan and wind flower
Laughton Mckenzie
My fav palace pet is dream and treasure
Cutte Cutte
Seru banget ih 😃
Nuura Abdulkadir
What bloom relationship with dreamy
Cassey-Marie Mayamba élève
Watch Whisker Haven Tales With the Place Pets on Disney Junior
Syeda Bushra BNaseer
this cartons gooder than other carons
Rosalina Dio
adikku seneng sampai aku gak bisa nonton video lain