Prince of Persia (1989) MS-DOS PC Game Playthrough

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One of the oldest and the best platform games. It also launched the wave of several remakes and additional continuations of story of a prince from Persia. LINK TO GET THE GAME:

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Lets Mash It Up!
I loved this game! I always died quickly but i still loved it
I remember computer shops were demonstrating it with high-end PC luxuries, 486DX + VGA display + SoundBlaster with ear piercing surround speakers. I thought I'd never own a PC powerful enough to play it LOL.
What a man will do to get laid
The Opinionator
37 mins? this game took me years to finish :)
Those who never played this game or say shit about this game, you do not know the meaning of no internet. we played this and way more fun than gta games!
Xayde Gonzalez
This game was ahead of it's time
The good old days when you couldn't look up a walkthrough online, but had to figure the whole game out yourself.
Méli Mélo
I remember watching my father play this game when I was a kid and he told me the girl was his sister... Yeah sure. ^.^
This game kinda scared me with its creepy static atmosphere
kaner Vid
man the animations are so good for being a pretty old game
First game I've ever played. I was scared to play it alone. :c
Bobble Head
Ah... the memories of dying over and over and over again >_>
Video79 Productions
I played this when I was a kid on a 486DX 66
Poliglota Latino
Are the couple still together?
35:07 - Your greatest enemy is yourself. Great aspect of the game.
This is: 10% Luck 20% Skill 15% Concentrated power of will 5% Pleasure 50% Pain and a 100% Reason to remember this game
Iraqiaaaa 1
First game I ever played. My sisters and I used to take turns to play this Beautiful childhood
Great game, they dont do PC games as before
Niroop Matta
Finally I know how level 12 ends. I never completed this game when I was a kid. Thanks for the upload
Xano Trevisan Kothe
This game is insane hardcore
Kidwaryod Production
10:08 Princess lying down in bed like watching TV haha.
oh man , so many memories . RIP my old PC , I used to played this game with no windows OS , just DOS  :D
Abby Tabby
So many of my childhood memories came alive. I used to play this game after coming from school each day. I must have been 7-8 years old then. It was so addictive and I wanted to save the princess no matter what. I remember the steel blades used to give me heart palpitations and whenever he used to die on those thorns it was a deep anger. But finally after a lot of tries I was able to complete the game. It was an awesome feeling. I also loved the tricks and some special magical powers in the game like the mirror effect and the mouse etc. This is the best game I have played ever. Thank you so much for uploading this video. Almost made me have wet eyes remembering those days. Thank you.
I was too young to play this game back them, but I LOVED seeing my older brother play it. And I got even more pissed off than him when he falled down to the swords...
Alex Shiva Botez
the first computer game i ever played as a child, i think it was back in '91.
this game is cool for a 1989 game :)
tears fall for my face, this is my first game that i played. thanks for upload it!! 
Fariz Paulana
Old game : your lives are gone, back to the start. Current game : your lives are gone, don't worry, just load it again from the last checkpoint. 😁😁😁
Tomislav Rom
22:55 I just thought "haa haa, what now smart boy?" And then that little prat came... :)
Cavin K
that fat guy
Homophobic Horse
I wonder if Tomb Raider was influenced by this.
11:49, 16:47, 22:20, 24:25, Enemy chopped in two!
That music still gives me goosebumps. My favourite game, still today. Watched the whole video with my 3 year old to show him what a real game is. He didn't get off the chair. Moving on to watch PoP2.
Talles Woorx
Never played the level 2! I thought that game had just 1! So difficult for me. X_X
Berserk Knight
I seem to recall that the fat guard was a LOT tougher than that back in the day. I specifically remember me being the only kid in the area to be able to beat him in a straight up fight (everyone else just tried to push him over to the loose tile), and even then, one attempt at an attack from either side usually ended up with 5 consecutive parries on each side before either one of us actually land a hit. Nowadays? I tried it recently and the guard didn't fare any better than he did in the video. Curious. Did he get nerfed?
Krishnan RV
jeez that music. Memories. Or rather, allah that music
Kaushek Joshii
Man! This game was pure gold. But I wish it had a better ending if you know what I mean >:] I wanted to see the Prince have some fun time with the Princess on the bed. Yea? Just me? Ok.
Karim El-Deghedy
I still remember the cheat command, just load the game using the following command  "PRINCE MEGAHIT"
I remember playing this when I was really young. 28 now. Help time machine.. :(
Memory lane man... wow..
Tears in my eyes. I used to play this when 9-10 years old, along with my brother. Thanks for the memories.
Man! I was so close to finish this when I was 10! I always killed myself at the part where you fight your own shadow... I never tried to leave him be with one hit left and wait like in the video. I was sooo close. :(
Anton Khvorov
Thanks you very much for refreshing memories. Also, you are a great player, sir.
andrei sumpayco
I cant believe i watched 37 mins of the game xD
Old PC Gaming
Real pro. This game is incredibly difficult.
Ferraro La Reine
Remember playing this when I was 6 and now the nostalgia makes me want to play it again
Errol Chaves Moya
I remenber playing this when I was 5 years old. I played the one with the letter potions, monochrome. I remenber it was so difficult, because I didn´t have the manual
Sati-Marie Frost
I coulda sworn there was a scene where the mirror boy steals your potion. Am I misremembering? It's been 20 years or more since I played, after all. Very nicely done - I could never complete it, but you made it look easy.
After almost twenty years I finally see the end and it's... so oddly sweet.
Eduardo Montero
You will never kill the bad part of yourself, since this bad part will enforce you to face different kind of problems. So do not regret what you did in the past and take advantage of what you learn.
Luis Gabriel Guevara
The first guard in the level 8 is more dificult than the Vizier
I cannot help but feel that Disney ripped off parts of this game for Aladdin (1992). I mean... A princess, a Vizer named Jafar, a young man the princess loves. The young man ends up in a dungeon. A rat is a animal friend of the pair. Heck, it even has the hourglass, though how Disney used it was a bit more creative.
Carmine Zuccarini
great game and great memories, I remember when I "Met" the fat guard the first time I got scared and hide in my parents room ahaha I was 9 or 10 :)
Cezary Wielgus
this was the game! soo hard ! and u can't save... When u die u start from the very beggining - first chapter
victor grado
omg i was like 7 years old when i played this game and now im 22 XD. this was the best game for me in those time :') !!!DAT GRAPHIC 
Gotta admire the animation in this game. Seems very ahead of its time!
One of the very first games i've ever played !
Apricot Theory
This game was incredibly awesome and incredibly scary for me as a six year old. Also, I don't think Persians have blonde hair :D Thank you for this upload. Brings back so many memories.
Rosdi Kasim
It took me 3-4 game restarts to figure out how to 'defeat' my own reflection. Desperate to win the game I put back the sword (because killing the reflection will also kill me), only to see it also removed its sword... ha!...
Doll Face
This is the first video game I ever played. I was 7 years old and my mom was late picking me up in school. I was staying in the faculty lounge when one of the teachers offered me to play the computer while waiting to pass time. I was enamored! 25 years later and here I am still a video game lover.
Maen Mostafa
i live with this game about 5 years of playing it .. amazing i still remember that day when i have 386 computer with floppy disk and at beginning of CD-ROM drive and multimedia theory when CD-R drive speed was 4x .. oh , never forget these days .. thank you for brining my memory back
11:22 this was a useless waste of time :)
Sai Krishnan
this was one of the first game that I've ever played, i'm 20 now, makes me nostalgic. I remember my dad buying a Pentium 2 computer . I'm so thankful for him for the great up bringing he's given me.☺The other game I played were grand prix, Dave, quake 3D, prince of Persia 2,, mortal combat, Midtown madness . Gamer forever!
Thanks! Sweet memories :)
Gary Meyers
1 of revolutionary (10 games of all time).
Pastilla Ogte
9:16 that damn skeleton gave me so nightmares =(
Watching it and still recall my errors when played it more than 20 years ago )))
I played this at home at least 15 years ago
Rifqy 46
Oh my God ! I wanna play this game again.
Georgy Mikadze
Just completed it without cheats. 3,14 minutes left. Maybe can do faster, but I'm using Macbook and inmossible to go fullscreen. In Level 3 not important to fight with a sceleton, possible just to switch sides with him and later go down without a fight downstairs. Level 10 with 2 steps between razors was terrible, did it only with closed eyes :) And level 12 - fell down about 45 times :)
Shriya B
Why is the Persian prince Blonde???!!! :@
el aynaoui
minute 15:59 = BOBO. el gordo, the fat guy, siempre te saca uno, always hits anyone, gracias
unni krishnan
i like this game and i have finished it in 30 minutes
this building is so poorly constructed tsk tsk
Kayann Henry
We used to play dis Jamaica all di time
joguei muito esse jogo.... era o top hits dá época 👏👏👏👏👏
I loved the swordfights in this game :)
Aww..this was the first ever pc game i played...good old memories! 😃
Nichu sss
I jus wanted to see the princess..finally I did it..after so many years...through this video😁😊
Trump of Persia
M Al-Qassab
Played this on dos when i was 5 years old, in a dark room dying a million times to get to level 3 and never finished it, i'll add this to my bucket list
TimberWolvesX X
used to love blocking with the sword then countering
This Game takes me way back when i was little. Prince of Persia and Mechwarrior 2 were my childhood games. I wasn't afraid of blood in Prince of Persia, but some of the deaths however are still gruesome when i see them. I just cant handle the fact that you can get sliced in half, get impaled with spikes, fall to your death is still horrifying to me even though i'm 15 years old.
архив VHS
Классика.Игра на все времена!!!
Mohd Nazmi
did this game use DirectX or opengl? :)... oh wait it was written in assembly! :)
Lol this guys ways better than me when I played this game XD
FourLeaf Clover times.....used to see my uncle play this game when I was a kid.....
Back when single player games where still a challenge. =)
Wow.. The prince of Persia is blonde.. Very fitting.
This was a scary game when I was in Kindergarten. Wow...brings back so many memories :') This and Dave...those were the days
Emilio Screve
This game😍😍😍 , The best of Prince of persia 😁😁😁
sami sabbir
my first game of life!!i was 5 then...i remember when the time ran out i cried a lot!!!those old good memories...
Panayotis T
Although I was born in '89 I got to play this game a few years later. I never managed to finish it. My version was slightly different though. After passing stage 1, there was an intermediate stage in which you had to drink the two right potions among a few of them. If failing you were dying and going back to the beginning. There were instructions on screen on which are the right ones but since I couldn't speak English at the time I was unable to interpret them correctly. I was lucky if I made it to stage 2.
RimRocker Deezle
Was there some alternate version because I thought I remembered fighting the boss at the area where the hour glass was? Also level 1 looked different to me.
Hmmm....sensing the frog move at 17:59 isn't reeeeeally what one would call "crucial" to getting past that part of the level, lol xD
the music is incredible!! ❤️
Wow this brings back memories. I wonder if I can track this game down again.
Paula Pedraza
The most wonderful moment is when him finally meets with her princess
I was born in 1997 and still got to play this when I was a kid
Pedro Abilleira
After 28 years, it's so good to finally see the end of it XD never managed to finish it while I was a kid.