Placebo - 36 Degrees (Live at Rock Werchter 2006)

Placebo performing '36 Degrees' at Rock Werchter Festival, Belgium on July 1st 2006. Subscribe: /> /> #PLACEBO20 ————————— /> /> /> /> /> />————————— This is the official YouTube channel of Placebo, on this channel you will find all of the official video content from the band including music videos, full album playlist, live show footage and more. PLACEBO was formed in London in 1994 by singer-guitarist Brian Molko and guitarist-bassist Stefan Olsdal. The band has released 7 studio albums to date, including: Placebo - 1996 Without You I’m Nothing - 1998 Black Market Music - 2000 Sleeping with Ghosts - 2003 Meds - 2006 Battle For The Sun - 2009 Loud Like Love - 2013 Placebo have released over 30 singles, including tracks Nancy Boy, Pure Morning, Every You Every Me, Taste In Men, Without You I’m Nothing ft David Bowie, Slave To The Wage, Special K, The Bitter End, Meds, For What It’s Worth, The Never-Ending Why, Too Many Friends, Loud Like Love and many more. In 2016, Placebo will celebrate their 20th Anniversary of the release of their debut album. #PLACEBO20

Emili D.
sometimes I see that Placebo added a new video, but I won`t watch it. Cause I`m a Placebo fan, and I know what a Placebo music and lyrics can do to you + plus all the memories you have with each song. So I wait for a right moment, cause there is always a moment for Placebo song in my life.
gaski grant
продал бы душу, лишь бы побывать на одном из старых концертов.
Твою мать, почему я ещё живу?
Isaack C.G.
This version of 36 degrees is the best
Melinda Jane Harrison
omg. I should not have played this one. I will be in this rabbit hole of Placebo for another hour. I love this song.
choir of furies
my first placebo concert... *cries* this changed my life
Obituary Tube
Aww man he didn't said the numbers, thats my favourite part of the song 😞
na me
Someone tried to do me ache... << such an perfect lyric
Monica Barbolini
every time a new point of view
Lucas Henrique Alves
Algum brasileiro? Poxa vida, dificilmente acha alguém que goste desta maravilhosa banda.
Вася Пупкин
placebo in my heart <3
Yhon Ortega
Es asombrosa esta version en vivo de 36 Degrees me llena de melancolia e imaginación, me hace recordar buenos momentos de mi vida cuando me sentia feliz junto a una persona que por mucho tiempo fue y aun sigue siendo lo mas importante para mi. Ojala algun dia esa persona lea este comentario y por un breve instante sienta lo que ahora estoy sintiendo :´). Lo unico que quisiese es que hubiese durado un poco mas... Te Extraño mucho mi Yin :)
Sema Ibrahimova
what even is this? what dimension is this?😭😍
2x Speed to listen the song like the original!
Julie P.
Summer nights, childhood memories with long golden sunsets that lasted... an artwork of biblical proportions. Thanks Brian
Detlef Davis
1.25 speed gives you the perfect mix of studio and unplugged
Дмитрий Федин
Wow!!! Stef's playing WYIN intro
Santiago Medina
its what i am afraid of
Martina Kappa
It's breathtaking! Pure perfection! I love you guys so much!
Birgit Weigelt
I love this version of this song very much and the original is legend.
Nomori_ Aveu
Maraming Salamat Sa Musika Placebo!! Absolutely love this Band <3
:[ omg its beautiful.. True musicianship
Raquell Tesfaye
Glenn Duffy
I absolutely love this band pure class
Natália Zsoldos
oh God I can't live without Stef 😍
Jack Ousley
What a great version :) thank you!!!
Ch R
They definitely feel the music..!
За здоровый образ жизни!
I love this version of 36 deegres! Placebo for life <3
Lisa Thompson
Come to Utah!!! I love this song!!!
Стьюи Гриффин
Omg!Placebo is life
Alice Sabena
Ma che perla è!?!? ♥
Silver is turning to blue, the box is coming unstuck, still here, still breathing through the ache, you made me whole when someone hid me from my self - or something x
Norma Alarcón
I thought the new version was fiona's arrangements
M1kael Wesker
Бля, это охуенно.
Ana Lourenco
Adooooro!! ♥
molkodiversity molko
Mauliha Sharafutdinova
это просто восхитительно!!!
Yan Moore
soulmates, what's the name of his guitar?
Glenn Duffy
I'm 36 degrees
Alex Wu
So sad that Placebo couldn't come to Shanghai
Margot De Smet
Please let Placebo come back to Rock Werchter this year!!!
zer0 95
am i the only who doesn't like this 'slower' version of 36 degrees, i tried to like it, but i just simply can't...
Митин Алексей
Сказать что это восхитительно - не сказать ничего! Placebo - лучше всех!
Adam Knight
Hate this version, they should just play it how it is on the record more upbeat and rocky this is just over dramatised and dull as dishwater in my opinion.
Paola Campana
Leco Silva
I miss you in Brazil! Two times is too few. 💗 Come back, will ya? Wanna spend some tears with you again.
TheTasyaOcean /
это было восхитительно!
Сергей Чекулаев
я снова здесь...