Обучение плаванию - базовые техники плавания! MAIN EXERCISES FOR LEARNING SWIMMING

Swimming Training is based on two main techniques that teach students to relax in the water, and hold the correct position for swimming. Only after skill development these techniques, you can move further to swim freestyle, breaststroke or butterfly stroke. The task of our channel is training of swimming children and adult simple and clear! Join to us: />skype triol77777 , e-mail [email protected] Advising: +6695-69-14-970 Just 10-12 lessons from this channel enough for your skill swimming breaststroke. As well as, find out why exercise "sausage" - the main thing in teaching swimming))) Also the courses on front crawl and butterfly stroke will be released on the beginning of the summer. In addition, currently preparing to release a series of lessons on training to swimming of children of different ages. 3 video courses dedicated to children's swimming will be released such as: 1. Baby swimming 2. Children aged 2-5 years 3. Children aged 5 years and over For relax on this channel will be published videos of interesting things. Subscribe to see new videos before others. Music: Alpha Omega by Lino Rise www.free-intro-music.com