Maureen - Part 1 - STORY NASTY - Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

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Maureen - Part 1 - STORY NASTY - Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen Michael Rosen keeps bumping into a chatty old lady who tells him wildly unlikely stories - like there being man eating fleas on the London tube. You can browse and buy Michael Rosen Books here: /> Please contribute on Patreon to help us make more vids and get great rewards for you. /> ---- Review This was a very strange children's book. It is a collection of linked tales all told by 'the Bakerloo flea woman' an elderly woman the narrator keeps bumping into and who has led a very interesting life. The book is steeped in London in quite a curious but realistic way. The blurb refers to the supernatural and to horror, so not my sort of thing in theory but intended for a young teenager. My son was saying "Where's the horror?" - it would seem that giant fleas and killer wasps were not quite enough for him - and he had rather missed the everyday horror of twins being knocked down and killed on the road. When we came to the plague of mice and how the local wise woman disposed of them however, he was satisfied. From there we moved on to that classic urban 'dodgy burger' tale to a really quite disturbing story of a very unPaddingtonish bear on the loose in the Metropolis. I enjoyed the way it recreated the banality of conversation and the main protagonist being an ordinary woman of mature years doing all kinds of jobs - definitely not the passive onlooker. Who is Michael Rosen? My first book for children was called Mind Your Own Business and it came out in 1974. Quentin Blake did wonderful line drawings for it. Ever since then, I’ve been doing these things: Writing books Writing articles for newspapers and magazines Going to schools, libraries and theatres and performing the poems in my books Helping children write poems and stories Making radio programmes, mostly about words, language or books Appearing on TV, either reading books, or talking about books Teaching at universities about children’s literature Running workshops for teachers about poetry In any week, I might be doing all of these things! To tell the truth, I don’t really know what I’m doing tomorrow, unless I look in my diary to see. #Michael Rosen #Kids #Poetry #Flea

When I'm about to tell someone a gross story or something like that, I wanna start it with "WARNING. This... is a HORROR story."
Drake !
My favourite part of the story is when you go past the gorilla
Jay H
Keep up the great work.
you're a legend Mr. Rosen
Jackson Aills
This guys a legend
VBM Vortex ' '/
Listen Man U r amazing ur so funny xD
Drake !
You are my favourite novelist
I'm 20 and I enjoy your poems. ☺
Harrison Merrill
Mr. Rosen this is a warning here it is,I subscribed
Hey first comment! Love you Michael!
what does it mean "give a flash on his light" I am not british what does that mean help me
I am Lofi
And first
Oh yeah, more stories! Never get tired of hearing these!
Huskies Channel
waring this is a horror story
I am Lofi
Great story!
Dwigt Poop
Dark Lord
Hmm so the bakerloo chronicles continue I see? This will be interesting.
Jere Jauhojärvi
I wonder what will happen the next time.