Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen - Maureen - STORY Part 1 - NASTY

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When I'm about to tell someone a gross story or something like that, I wanna start it with "WARNING. This... is a HORROR story."
Drake !
My favourite part of the story is when you go past the gorilla
Drake !
Listen Man U r amazing ur so funny xD
you're a legend Mr. Rosen
Jackson Aills
This guys a legend
Jay H
Keep up the great work.
Harrison Merrill
Mr. Rosen this is a warning here it is,I subscribed
And thus the bakerloo chronicles continue
Hey first comment! Love you Michael!
I'm 20 and I enjoy your poems. ☺
Ridiculous Lists
Oh yeah, more stories! Never get tired of hearing these!
I am Lofi
And first
I am Lofi
Great story!
Milroy Desousa
Butter Knife
what does it mean "give a flash on his light" I am not british what does that mean help me
Random Space Marine
Hmm so the bakerloo chronicles continue I see? This will be interesting.
huskies Channel
waring this is a horror story
Jack Gentile
You are my favourite novelist
the nerd shack
WARNING! this is a plumtastic story, love ya mike
Jere Jauhojärvi
I wonder what will happen the next time.