Kyon - Barfi! | Ranbir Kapoor | Priyanka Chopra

'Kyon' from 'Barfi!' is a song that will teach you how to be happy in the simplest of ways and how never to give up on the people we love. The song depicts the wonderful moments in the life of Barfi, played by Ranbir Kapoor, who is mute and deaf.The Film also starts Priyanka Chopra as Jhilmil who is autistic. The song is sung by Papon and Sunidhi Chauhan, the movie's music is directed by Pritam. This Bollywood romantic comedy-drama is directed, written and co-produced by Anurag Basu. Song Name - Kyon Movie - Barfi! Singer - Papon & Sunidhi Chauhan Composer - Pritam Lyricists - Neelesh Misra Music Label - UTV © 2012 UTV Software Communications Limited Subscribe: Vevo - /> Like us: Facebook: Follow us: Twitter: />G+:

Chinggis Han
I may be 90 years old. And my grandson is showing me this. Reminds me back when I was a young boy before Pakistan separated from India. How I miss back then.
Booty Smacker
Pc was great in barfi,but ranbir totally stole the show.The guy did not hav a single dialogue in the film,yet beautifully pulled off a loud and emotional performance.
Pamuditha Chathurnadee
1.8k dislike??? something is very wrong with humans these days
360- All In One
Mr X
This movie and it's songs...... It was an experience... Masterpiece
Abhiroop das
Barfi, Rockstar, Tamasha, Wake up sid... These movies had been blockbusters had they bee released right now. Ranbir's movies are ahead of its time. PERIOD!
Chương Vũ
we love india ,love bollywood ,India will be my great adventure in the future . i am from Viet Nam
About That Pringles & Nutella Life
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 . I love this song so much. Love from Nigeria 🇳🇬
Robin's of jammu and kashmir
priyanka deserve Oscar for her role in barfi
Thuy Hua
i will come to India oneday, with love from Vietnam
Robin Rahman
what a great Indian movie! hello indian friends from Bangladesh
gogo gogogog
Hats off priyanka . You are a girl with look and talent
Eddie Langsu Nwkhong
Anyone in 2019 from Assam Papon Da fans?
Victor D. Avendaño
This song and the entire OST are so beauty 👏💚 i love this movie, Ranbir Kapoor it's a great actor, all my respect for him. Cheers from Mexico to India !! 😀
Bruno Lara
I remember watching this movie when I visited India ( I Am from Uruguay, south America). A friend from bangalore showed me the movie, it was awesome, there is nothing like India. Hopefully I will be back.
Offelia #
I met Ranbir and Priyanka at this movie. They are acting amazing ... Love from Turkey 😍😍😍
Amit Mahato
2:25 me goosebumps every time :) popon u r great
Nowdays this talent is getting compared with Ranveer Singh 😂😊
Awesome acting! Love India. Cheers from Turkey! ❤
How come no one seems to be praising Priyanka? I think she did an amazing job playing this character.
Faizan Khan
Still listing in july 2019 from Peshawar Pakistan
Samia Anna
Papon❤ seriously man u have beautiful voice 💚💛💛
Feel the chill
What an Acting Done by PC she deserve an Oscar
Sarang Chafekar
How lovely song yarr. Singers to bhot dekhe par ye gana "only suitable for 👌Papon👌"
Rohan Jaiswal
This song gets only 7m views and Kala chashma and dheere dheere se get 300m. And then we blame Bollywood!
anil sanap
There are actors, there are good actors, there are great actors and then there's this guy...RANBIR KAPOOR. Usually we all say the industry is blessed to have so and so actor without actually meaning it but in case of ranbir it is not so. The guy is truly a legend!!!!!!!!!❤
kanika ag
Ranbir is underrated man...his choices of movies have been way ahead of his time😇 I hope he gets his due...he is supremely talented and deserves much more 😇
leo 17
I dont know you guys are feeling it or not but there is a hidden pain in this song which connects you from the depht It reminds you when you were underdog and now you are not but still you remember those days
Sadaf mirabi
Indians are always great 😍 lovely india 🇮🇳❤
*That year the Filmfare should have been for priyanka chopra but it didn't go for her. Nation knows this was the best role pc has ever done apart from kashibai from baajirao mastani 💖💖💖 PRIYANKA CHOPRA AND KANGANA RANWAT ARE THE QUEENS OF BOLLYWOOD REST ALL ARE NEPOTISM KA PRODUCT*
Ravi Sinha
Pata nahi RANBIR jaise itne achhe actor ko aaj ke youth ne jyada pasand kyun nahi kiya. Mujhe to lagta hai RANBIR ke blood ne hi acting aur emotions hain. I love you RANBIR
Gülden Arlan
izlediğim en güzel aşk ♡♡♡♡
monika pradhan
Priyanka is incredible like i cant feel that she is priyanka her acting is so natural ..what an actress.
Rini Anjelina
Now Priyanka Chopra has become the legal wife of Nick Jonas. Wish You a long - lasting relationship😉😉
Jisza Castil
I really love Indian movie, songs, instruments all (from Philippines)
Bahthiya Maduranga
its the best voice and acting ….. love from Srilanka …...
pretty chilled
Mrs Nick Jonas?
Weird Al Yankovic
Germans totally love Priyanka!
Jamil Ahmed
It was Hilarious The guy looking at priyanka Chopra legs Ranbir showing his leg 😂
rohan kesh
Ranbir ..deserves all awards for all his films genre god with this lineup he gonna touch oscars
2:27 Goosebumps 🔥 *Papon* your voice is truly amazing
Prema Jadhav
Barfi, is a Indian comady - drama film
Luv Modi
dis guy! Ranbir has seriously extraordinary talent of acting
Emily Lager
This was such a good film. Scripts in general are fully of lazy writing and cliches for Bollywood, this was such a fresh concept. AND it was interesting. Why don't we get more like this?!
Shweta Bhor
Two Gems of bollywood😍😍💕💕
Ahmar Raza
Ranbir kapoor last asset for bollywood
William Chavez
Gracias Netflix, Perú 2019 😍
avenger abhi
The innocence of the character ws well portrayed by priyanka chopra....she knows how to camouflage hrself with the character... Same thing she did in mary kom... Despite being frm north she played it so well that her ethnicity took the backseat..! 😘
Nishant Upadhyay
un underrated song, and one of my favourite. hats off to Pritam and Papon!
Iris Gomis
Alguém poderia me dizer como assisto o filme completo ? Toda a história! Thanks
Saniya amirali
This movie is the BEST movie I have ever seen ..... a very touching story
Animals memes gozz
Ranbir you are the great actor , masterpiece with emotional movie
iAm nadine
i have watched this movie and I was amazed by their acting. i got to say im in love with this from philippines😍
Anupam Biswas
In 18 June 2019
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Papon Ki Awaz Yaar 😍😍😍😍
Pradip Adk
Ranbir is a real actor Just love him 💕❤💕👌👌😍😍😍
Salman Mollik
D.. O.. P should get credits
Vasanth Prabakar
When he sees Priyanka running after him, And that song raises like a charm... GooseBumps.
Sapna Garg
U r amazing priyanka, Tum chahe kitni big Hollywood movies kr lo... Bt ye movie uncompareable h .. You are brilliant ... Love u dear😘
Aditya Dance Zone
fans of Ranbir kapoor hit the like button
श्री Thakur's Boy Ajay AzAy
Emotions through expressions...! Wow!
savitha kartha
So natural their acting is! Who is still watching this in 2018?😍
wangchuck balsubba
Wow evergreen actor of Bollywood...salutes from Bhutan 🇧🇹
siraj khalifa
Dailyyy Attendence :) ❤️🤚💕
Caymann Velingkar
Some songs are simply magical, this is one of them😍💕
اَلْمُ حْتَ رَمْ
Really is the best film I see in 2013 and best song best music From Algeria🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿2019
4:10 😂😂😂, lol, he's so nice and protective of her and that's why they were made for each other in the film, you don't have to be perfect yet they're unique and understand each other
Lord Kronos
From one of the best movies in India Amazing acting, music, script Full package of entertainment
Sam Buddy
Ranbir kapoor is d best actor of this era
Piyawat Tibay
I love this song ... From Thailand 😁😄💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Mahib Alam
Only papon can justify that innocence.. awesome bro.. god bless you always...
Abraham Gideon
A move that did not receive its due ...and Priyanka did not win any awards...yet its an evergreen story that love is for everyone.
Venkatesh K
Ranbir proved he's one of the finest actor in Bollywood after SRK
Modern Era Guys
Who watching in new year of 2K19
Ashwin Baviskar
Starting new year with this beat ❤
SZ music
Papon's voice is best for this song!!
Arash Hashim
Reminds me of pune, india... I was doing my bachelor there, im from Afghanistan and i really miss india... My friends and college. I wish once again i get those days
Somnath Mondal
Great Movie,Great Darjeeling.
sanjay kushwaha
Our innocent India.....full of innocent feelings....full of innocent expressions....full of every innocent part of this universe.....🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Raju talukdar
2:29 awsme line love these line 2019😘❤❤
Dipak Singh
With all credit going to wonderful actors of the movie ...we should also give credit to Kolkata W.b (the city of joy) ponds...howrah bridge, hand pulled risksaw , trumways ..toy train I really miss my city !!!
Raj Kushwah
august 2018 anyone i love this movie
chandra ghimire
ii m from Nepal thank you Pritam da for u rgreat composition
Rabee Hussain
Ranbir kapoor is such a great actor yarr! But why is he so underrated?🤔😥
Ajay Chouhan
Papon is legend... He is greatest singer
Thē Gødfåthër
मिलते है यूँ हर एक डगर जाने क्यू कैसी यह धुन है अच्छा है बुरा क्या शगुन है बता कहाँ है तेरा गाओं रे चला जा संग बावरे LOVE THESE LINES❤
John Robert
anyone hearing 2019
No words to explain the beauty of this movie. How beautifully this is done. sometimes want to be a part of these types of movies..
Mothana Refai
wonderful film love from jordan
Zuair Azad
Ranbir !! My First love !! Still In Love with him !!
Vaibhav Bhumkar
Mind-blowing and such energetic song I listen ever in my life.....
রক্ত যোদ্ধা
Love for papon from Bangladesh ❤
Sree Chowdhary
Ranbir deserve Oscar for barfi, tamasha, Rockstar, Sanju.
Vileena Vinayan
1:00 music .....What a feel💕❤❤❤❤❤
sruti rao
missing these type of movies and songs
Sudipta Barman
That background music is so pure ☺ and the two pee scenes too😆
Suraj Sahu
Wow!....when he sat in the bus and she was running for him, looks like the scene of Titanic (when heroin jumped from a boat for hero!)...very emotional scene😞
Ritwik Ghosh
no one is praising pritam for giving wonderful songs in barfi
Gagana Shree
Ranbir has definitely stole d show in dis movie....❤️❤️😍😍😊😅...And priyanka superb performance..👌👌.....Toooo Cute,funny...😍
The supermodel channel
Every international fan of priyanka should watch this