Once Upon a Time 6x09 Promo "Changelings" (HD) Season 6 Episode 9 Promo

Once Upon a Time 6x09 "Changelings" Season 6 Episode 9 Promo - He's a beast who inflicts pain and revenge, but this time Rumplestiltskin has gone too far. Once Upon a Time returns in two weeks, Sunday November 27th, on ABC. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Once Upon a Time season 6 promos in HD! Once Upon a Time official website: />Watch more Once Upon a Time Season 6 videos: />Like Once Upon a Time on Facebook: />Follow Once Upon a Time on Twitter: />Follow Once Upon a Time on Instagram: /> Once Upon a Time 6x09 Promo/Preview "Changelings" Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 9 Promo Once Upon a Time 6x09 Promo "Changelings" (HD) » Watch Once Upon a Time Sundays at 8:00pm/7c on ABC » Starring: Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parilla, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Colin O'Donoghue, Robert Carlyle

Michelle Jackson
This is so annoying. We've already been down this road with Rumple. Many, many, many, many, many times. Don't the writers have any other tricks up their sleeves? Like possibly writing drama and angst that furthers the plot and builds character development rather than repeating yourself?
Maybe Zelena should have told Belle not to eat onion rings given by the Dark One.
Gotta admit he looks nice with the shorter hair
Al Heimlich
The man's a brilliant villain; but to be fair, I didn't start to hate him until he managed to regain his status as *The Dark One* - with the added bonus of all the powers of his predecessors.
Evybeth M
Of course the writers are going to officially kill Beauty and the Beast precisely the end of this year being the 25th anniversary of the movie, Very well done 😛.
Centurion Fragger
ok that's it, Rumple is certifiably insane
A1den PlayinAr0und
I get a feeling that Rumple got tired of trying to make Belle love him again, so now he's on a full offensive mode.
midnight blue
So seems like Belle gives birth to a dark one baby! Looks like Emma and Hook are helping her! And who knows better then Emma how it feels to have a baby on your own :( (I bet Hook probably went to Rumple to come to Belle or something as she is having the baby)
Persephone's Underworld
I gotta say though, Robert Carlyle is a brilliant performer. Where other villains fall flat in entire arcs (LOL the Dark Swan or Dark Hook), he TERRIFIES with just one glance, he doesn't even have to say a word. The problem is that that's also why they keep going back to him to get a villain with actual gravitas and destroy all the progress he has made.
Once Upon a Reaction
OMG! Poor Belle.. she doesn't deserve all of this, Rumple is worse than ever....He is taking out his inner beast I can't believe we have to wait two weeks for the next episode :( that's torture
Mohamed Alnoaimi
It's hard to root for Rumple anymore
Victoria ASMR
Holy shit! What is rumple doing? Has he gone mad? Why would he want to hurt Belle like this?
Kitty Kat
I'm done with rumple...I'm done...
Ericka Turner
I can't with him I just can't I'm over it he's done too much
OMG we've seen this before. everyone turning evil blah blah blah. i rly wanted more from this
Very happy that the show decided to embrace Rumple as a villain and stopped the attempts at redemption when it comes to him, I think it's a step in the right direction
Dat Tran
anyone please get rid of Rumple please!!! He's just too disgusting with EQ Really enjoy the Dragon part. HE HAD A DAUGHTER !!!! Probably Lily !!! Could be Mulan as well?
Elaini Young
Can't we just have one time were we watch the women carry the babies to full term, normally. And by normally, I mean we see the whole thing from start to actually finish, without any sort of speeding up process. Here's hoping for Captain Swan's baby.
Rachel Rooney
Rumple and Belle's relationship breaks my heart. And yes, he really has done too far this time. I feel so bad for Belle who is trying her best to protect her son.
0:21 That's like what happened really to Zelena in 5x08
Skittles Games
Am i the only one thats really bothered it comes out in two weeks 😭😭😞
maga Encina
I dont even watch this show anymore but some scenes on youtube and IM SO DONE over Rumple! Seriously HE WILL NOT CHANGE. I think and I FEEL they are taking his character to an end. Robert is amazing and Rumple is a BIG character and super entertaining but now, just let him go... at least for one season or something....
Miranda Pereyra
I honestly feel like RUMPLE is going CRAZY GET HIM TO A HOSPITAL
OK this is what I think, so rumple and the evil queen are kind of a team, but i can not help my self but to say that maybe the evil is not as evil as I thought because she does care about Henry and zelina because when rumple asked the queen to kill her sister she had a shocked reaction and now rumple is after the baby and i thin that from episode 8 that we shall be seeing jefar coming out of the gene lamp and maybe him and queen will team up just like her and Hyde. But if the evil queen is the heart of the show so I really hope that she stays evil and on the show for longer!!!:):):):):):)
Ilana Friedman
I can't believe him... WHAT DID HE DO IS HE MAKING HER HAVE THE BB EARLY?? Her face makes tears shed down my face. Rumple such an idiot. He will never learn 🙄😡
Mel Bothe
I am so sad for Belle.. I mean she has spent so many years trying to see the best in Rumpled and now he is acting in a way that even we can't try to see the slightest good in him or try to see things the way he sees them
Emilie Kinney
Rumple is like a completely different character this season. Like 5 seasons of development out the window.
I wonder who's a better villian rumple or negan lol
Persephone's Underworld
The look on Belle's face during that elevator scene shatters me. She looks SO scared. This was the man she loved once, he saved her so many times and now she is terrified of him. Rumple, WTF are you doing? I just can't deal with his behavior anymore.
Carmody Thielen
and Emma helps belle give birth she helped Ashley now she is helping belle
Meagan Vogelsang
i am so done with Rumple... he's beyond the point of return... he's a pure psychopath
Hailey Gilligan
rumple... wyd... WTH ARE YOU DOING.
Golden Rose
Yup rumple is the most abusive bastard i have ever seen. Poor Belle. Can't believe i used to ship this...
Sevonne Robinson
here come the old rumpelstilitskin
Jonathan Lopez
I'm guessing a Zelena 2.0, sped up pregnancy
Roselia Angels
Guys make sure to watch this episode live if you want to support OUAT audiences rattings, OUAT deserve it. Can't wait to see it in 2 weeks . This season is getting better and better !!! :D
No wonder his son hates him.
OMG!!! Evil Rumple ... The world fall down in a darkness!!!
Everyone's complaining about how messed up Rumple is and I'm just sitting here like Emilie De Ravin is such a good actress 😆
Kee Leichtle
I thought the sped up pregnancy spell was a Dark Swan Emma exclusive lol
Gustavo Aguiar
This season is cool. Not season 1 and 2 cool, but definetly an improvement over last seasons. I'm enjoying it so far.
Evybeth M
OMG Are they planning to write Rumple off the show?? 😭😭😭😭😭 Noooooooooo, NONONONONONONONONONO a billion times NO
Sarah Bear
Rumple is such a great husband😭
dr. Light
Rumple: I love you, Belle. Also Rumple: *Cheating with the Evil Queen* I hate this dude
Mara K
The creators of that show should write a book next. I can even help with the name of that. Something like "how to destroy every single storyline that everyone loved in just 2 seasons" would totally work.
I am guessing they are going to kill Rumpelstiltskin this season because being self aware that he is unredeemable sounds like the last place to take the character and I think that is the right way to go.
Matt Thornton
One thing I keep pondering is that if Rumpelstiltskin pushes Belle too far, could she come into possession of the Dark One Dagger, suddenly snap and decide to stab him making her the new Dark One? That would be one interesting story where the roles become reversed. Granted, stabbing Rumple would kill him but there are always loopholes in Magic. Just ask Rumpelstiltskin.
Hannah Oden
Well crap. Rumple and Belle have been my favorite since season 1, and I've been hoping he would snap out of it and be a decent guy again, but he's officially past the point of no return.
Kim McNiel
Why two weeks?!?!?!
The Gecko 17
anyone else conflicted? I just have a funny feeling there's something morpheus is deliberately leaving out? Idk, it just felt off when he warned her.
A Damien Thorn is Belle's baby. Remember my words. On the other hand, I can't with Rumple. I can't. I hope someone else will kill him. He deserves a swimming in the river of the lost souls and be with his daddy for all eternity.
But... But... Rumple is only doing it out of love and it is Belle's fault for trying to set boundaries and get away from an abusive man that tries and control her every move. Belle is selfish for thinking about her child. How dare she not want her child around an abusive man. How dare she not want her child to be around an abusive, toxic environment. How dare she complain that Rumple trapped her on a ship, only for her to be in bigger danger. Rumple is the only one that can protect her, by putting her in harms way. Rumple's threats are only out of love. Belle just doesn't appreciate what Rumple does for her. And every other excuse for domestic abuse I can conjure up. I despise Rumple fans who defend abuse with every fiber of my being. And yes, I love the actor who plays Rumple very much and find him talented. People seem to be confusing the Robert's charisma with the actual character of Rumple.
Luís Dias
They ruined Rumpel. Constantly shifting him from good to evil because they needed a villain on the show, I mean his development is pretty bad. He hould have never become the dark one again, but then again Rumpel without powers is boring.
wallace wong
L hate rumple more now
Bek Bek™
I support Rumbelle no more. He has gone too far. He really is just a beast now. I'm done. I'm just done. I wouldn't even cared if he died. He should take Robin's place. 😡😤😒🖕💔
Latrae Osborne
I'm glad the dark one has returned
the show must go all over the place or something
I used to love Rumpelstiltskin. But he has gone too far.
Bella NG
2 weeks?!
Vlogger Megha
i hope real people can have this "pregnancy speeding spell" ;)
Oscar The Supreme
So much lovely darkness! The Dark One, Evil Queen and a Wicked Witch brewing; OH I LOVE IT!
Michelle Edwards
2 weeks?? idk how I'm going to survive 2 weeks with OUAT 😣😣
Kellie Burk
Predictable to quicken Belle's pregnancy.
Courtney Sheffield
I think it might be the Evil Queen' doing secretly because she loves Rumplestilskin and she doesn't want him to be with Belle ever again and have Belle Maurice and Morpheus away in New York or Brooklyn to be away from Rumplestilskin because he feels he can never be apart from his child those will be his exact words even if it means taking the baby.
I've just realized that most people don't really think deeper into the promo, I mean come on can't you guys tell it's not about rumple speeding up the pregnancy it's about what he is going to do about it because that is a major problem. What is rumple gonna do with the baby, cause he wants him and bell to share a life with the baby. then how is speeding up the pregnancy gonna help him. Cause you know he can't go back from that point. So basically WTF is rumple doing. he is so R - tarded. Congratulations Rumple you killed, no brutally murdered bell rumple.
Julia Śniegocka
I've been watching this serial for a long time and as far as the plot was moving I felt that I love Rumpel more and more. I was fastinated with his complicated character, his intelligence, his deals which had such good secret meanings. At first I liked him only for this. But then his past appeared and I was like: "OMG, It's just perfect for him." I wanted soooooo much to see Rumpel and Bell together, after watching amazing Bella's influence on him.I could forgive him EVERYTHING. I was crying when he couldn't fight his bad sight, and my eyes were full of tears when Bell with the dagger told him to go threw the barrier and never come back. My heart was totalny broken, I couldn't calm down for many days. Why it's so hard for me to accept this relaction which probably can't be fixed? Cause I don't fill like Rumpel is simple villiant, he thinks he is doing right thing, he's never done anything for himself but for people he loves. And even if he needs this love for himself- he's never got one. Obviously he puts his powers on the first place and I can't defend him at this point but I feel like he has lived too long with his magic. That's selfish but with it he feels he can protect prople he loves. He wanted his son be free from danger of war and that's what made him the Dark One. I thought I'll maybe let it go, that I won't care and I'll think about him as a bad character. But I can't. I just can't. I can't stop hoping that there will be some change. My heart is crushed. I almoust freeked out when I thought that Bella might see Rumpel's and Evil Queen's kisses because his affection is the most presious thing he has. I can see the ice in Bella's eyes and desperaction in Rumpel's look. He is catching every chance for returning old love. He is able to pay every cost ( isn't it always like that?) but I can see now he will really, really regret it. He is alone and desperated. I can't do anything with fact that I'll always love him, and I'll always cry if he falls.
What I hate most now, after every bit of character Rumple went through with Baelfire he is making the exact same mistakes. Baelfire died so his dad would remain a good man and what does Rumple do? He spat on Baelfire's memory a million times and went right back to the coward he is.
Audriona Smith
They don't believe in a normal pregnancy on this show what so ever. And i really don't think that the Evil Queen would actually kill Zelena because she would really be contradicting herself. But most importantly I cannot deal with this Rumple/Evil Queen ship it kills my vibe 😑😂😂
Still not use to that hair xD
Daniel J Maximoff
About time that show jumped the shark.
Angela Truman
So the carpet on the floor where Belle is giving birth is very similar to the carpet in the dark castle... Interesting
BLUE'S BACKSTORY AND DARK FAIRY WILL BE FEATURE IN THIS EPISODE!!! After 6 years we finally got this untold story. I can't believe.
LaurensDisneyLife - QueenNala09
Poor belle :c
Katherine Gold
People can hate on Rumple as much as they want, but the other characters have all the same boring and fade personalities xP
Cool Girl
2 weeeeks no no no !!!!!
Cherry Rose Mararac
Idk the episode is titled "Changeling", so the Rumple attacking her might not be really him. But I'm kind of tired of him too, so he needs to die!
He sped up her pregnancy. Just when you think he can't go any lower.
Kelly White
If they kill off Rumple, I'm gonna be so upset!!!!
How do they expect us to wait 2 weeks after an episode like that?!
Rhys Dugmore
I am seriously thinking maybe this is Rumble's dark version like the evil queen and Regina and his good body is somewhere else, otherwise this is just character suicide
What a great husband Rumple is!
Fred West
2 weeks?! That's far too long!
Seeing Belle's terrified face made me feel terrified. What the hell is wrong with you Rumple!?
Chase Does Random Things
I feel like Carlyle's character (Rumple) had one of the most intresting and unique relation to the story. He is such a developed and complex character.
His hair is cut OMG!!!!
Courtney Sheffield
Rumplestilskin may be the cause of the rapid pregnancy of Belle but we just have to watch and sees what happens.
Catalina Marie
For some strange reason. I feel like either Regina or the evil queen is going to have a baby soon. If it's the evil queen it's with Rumple if it's Regina who knows.
Ginevra Tarascio
To everyone wishing that Rumple was dead...there is no Once without him. He's basically the only decent character left, Robert is the biggest actor in the cast. If they kill him, then this is the last season. Accept it. If Rumple dies, the show dies and there is no way that Craptain Swan can keep the ratings up. Hook fans should thank Robert everyday for making OUAT a decent show. So no, he won't die just NOW,and things are probably not what they seem since Rumple and Belle are together in 6x10.
Izzie Hufflepuff
poor belle, omg
I feel bad for Rumple's character or let's say feeling bad for Robert Carlyle. They are dragging his character really downhill, he is not likeable anymore. Sure he was always evil but at least you could still feel with him in the earlier seasons. But now, it is just a shame that he has no redeemable quality anymore.
Benning Charlotte
Can't wait for it! I hope Rumple won't hurt Belle. Yes, the real Dark One is back in town! But still, he loves Belle and his yet unborn child.
i can't wait no stinkin 2weeks. 1 whole week is bad enough already
Bronson Ferrigno
My god, he's flipped his lid... again again.
The show has progressed too far that nothing else is new. We already know everyone's back story plus this season's new characters aren't really part of the main plot(like Cora and Hook in SSN 2, Zelena and Pan in SSN 3, the Frozen storyline and the Queens of Darkness in SSN 4, Merlin, Dark Swan and the Dark One's origin plus Hades in SSN 5) that is why the show seems stagnant. The main plot this season, or at least till mid season is Emma's vision and the Evil Queen. The land of untold stories seems to have taken a rest or something.
Adrienne Palos
Are you kidding me, Belle's pregnancy got sped up and now she's going to have her son.
Lauren Matsuo
Oh man i kinda have a love hate relationship with Gold lol
I smell sped up pregnancy. And onion rings
I get this feeling Rumpelstiltskin may not be the main or only villain and threat in this coming episode. Because promo is always misleading. The direction this show is heading is really bad, if the "heroes" have their way and keep Belle and the baby away from Gold for this episode, then what? Keep him away for the rest of the eternity?
S117 Oracle
Two weeks!? NOOOOO
What about Mushu?? They just left him in the mirror world?! And is he the one who did it with Maleficent?! That'd be sick.