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Batman Warehouse Fight Scene | Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Ultimate Edition Movie info: />Buy it on Blu-ray: /> Starring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Gal Gadot, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter -------------------------------------------------- ► Twitter: />► Facebook: />► Instagram: />► Google+: />-------------------------------------------------- *** TM & © Warner Bros. (2016) Monetized by owner/s. Their ads Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. *** Batman Warehouse Fight Scene 4K Ultra HD

Click here for Superman vs Batman Fight Scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYi5OPAoceA
This is the Batman we deserved from Justice League.
Optimus Prime
3:35 my reaction when someone tries to snoop my phone
Steven Watchorn
One of the best Batman fight scenes on film. The villains are well armed, they aren't stupid, they don't attack one-by-one, they try to shoot him point-blank multiple times, and it is a brutal, well choreographed bruiser. Well done!
Araditya Yp
Affleck's batman is actually batman who represent true terror and fear to his enemies. I personally like it. Don't know why people always complaining about him.
Batman done right in this film: Menacing, punishing, horrifying, animalistic. Instead I’m Justice league, they turned him into Tony Stark
The only scene I know of where one guy fighting 10+ opponents didn't look silly or ludicrous.
If I lived in Gotham and this was the Batman that goes around at night, I would shit bricks even thinking of being a criminal
Smrutik Sahu
If only we combined Nolan's interpretation of Batman and this scene's Snyder's brutal combat savage mode Batman, the entire universe would shit.
Explosive gel,grapple,gun disruptor,invert takedown,grapple takedown and the free flow.This remind me of the arkham series combo.
Bo Do
Enemies that actually try, very hard, to kill the hero. The hero noticeably damaged, but continuing to kick ass. Hero succeeds in his mission. One of the best superhero fights in any form of the medium.
jefferson Uchiha
Best action scene of 2016
Reginald Dove
Tom Hardy's Bane wouldn't stood a chance against this Batman!
This scene pisses me off. Like it really pisses me off. If this scene was mediocre, like the rest of the movie, I would have been fine with it. But no. For five minutes, this movie shows us what no other live action movie has shown. Batman. Straight from the comics and the lore. This scene is absolutely perfect and is by far the best hand to hand thug takedown scene in any superhero movie. And that's what pisses me off. This movie fucking teased me with how great the DCEU could have been. The potential that it had. All flushed down the toilet by a bunch of bad decisions! We could have gotten more of this Batman. But no. Now we can't because the rest of the movie sucks balls. And the rest of the DCEU movies suck as well. I hope in the future, when they inevitably reboot this piece of shit of a universe, they take this scene into consideration for the Batman movie and build on it with an amazing story to compliment the action. But for now, this is all that we diehard fans get. As a massive DC fan, I only have this to say. Fuck you WB. Fuck you.
whoever is the combat coreographer on this movie, I hope he got a raise. This scene alone is the reason why this movie is watchable.
Baki Hanma
This one scene is better than all the fights in all three bale Batman movies
i am a belieber
For me ben affleck is the best Batman and Bruce Wayne. Hit the👍if you are agree with me
Tristan Pearson
This is probably the best fight choreography I have ever seen in a superhero movie.
THORsonofodin- Naciri
2:00 "L1+ triangle"
Ryan La
Considering he just fought superman, Batman did fucking awesome here. Can only imagine what this Batman would be like in his prime...
Mandeep Mann
This scene is better than entire Justice League movie...
Danny Benhur
This is BRUTAL WAYNE as Batman....
Michael Lee
An R-rating would much better suit for Affleck's Batman. (Well at least the BvS version.) And not just for the sake of being rated R, but because an R rating would complement the storyline of how he became this version of Batman.
Mateo vazquez
I'll admit, wether he kills or not, I think Bats is scarier than the Punisher.
Joseph Stalin
Ben Affleck's stunt double (Richard Cetrone) did a very good job in this entire scene :-)
Ben Affleck completely understands the batman character.
Sputnik Aerials
A very great choreographed and shot fighting sequence. I actually like that fast paced comic-book-like editing. Applaud to the whole stunt team.
Long live Jerome
Why are people hating this batman he's the best batman
Jack Attack
2:58 Dude that punch is terrifyingly good.
My Perspective
Ben Affleck is the best batman ever.
Shawn DC
Batman was so weak in Justice League.
Alexis Yañez
that good choreography and fights
Michael Gabriel Cruz
2:24 Batman just casually carrying a 175 lb. man on a floor crushing wrestling move. Geez, I wouldn't try to touch him in this fistfight lol
Many comments on the fight chorography and the brutality of this scene, all quite right. But as brutal as it is, this is also Bruce managing to be a hero again. Rather than roughing up small packs of criminals on the streets and branding them, he's facing well-armed mercenaries in their own den to save an innocent woman's life.
Kameron Owens
BvS is a masterpiece
Shantanu Mukherjee
Square square Square triangle, square Square Square traingle.. Only arkham fans will get this🤣
Kal-El fan 49
*Best Batman scene ever*
I will and always love this fight scene. It's how imagine Batman as a real person. He's basically one man encompassing a SWAT team. I wonder why people care how brutal he is when they're trying to kill him and an old lady. He's there to save her. Imagine if that was your Mom and you had his abilities. You would fucking destroy all of them. Batman held back. Especially if that was his mom. You have to think he's saving someone else's mom (Superman). They share the same name. It's literally Batman doing what he would've done to save his parents if he was Batman when his parents died. Redemption.
This Batman unfortunately wasn't appreciated because a lot of people were on the DC hate train because of Marvel. Which I hated because that led DC to try to brighten up their movies and add humor. They should have stayed the course and let Marvel do their thing. DC should have a dark.
2:21 When you do a blade dodge takedown.
The Man with no Name
This scene >>>>>>>>>>> Entire marvel cinematic universe
Beautiful Soul
best batman "action " scene
John Woo
He’s the best Batman, And this was the best fight in any Batman movie. I have no idea why Hollywood wants him out. They’re crazy. He’s 6’3” and Jacked. That’s the way Batman should look; menacing.
brandon pardoe
The Asian guy that Batman kills, if you watch the fight from the start he keeps coming at Batman and gets roasted, but stays in the fight, ends up stabbing the Bat. He was a pain in the ass but respect for the effort hahha
I love how rather than acting like Batman can straight up block every person's attack when he's in a 4v1, it shows Batman utilising his armour to prevent other blows from hitting him whilst he's fighting 2 at a time.
Enrique M.P.
This is .
This has to be the scariest batman tbh
Smithers Withers
This is how batman is suppose to be fighting using a every gadget he can to using his fists
Dave Mitch
Moral of the DC movie fiasco - Never listen to critics who've never read a single comic book but are suddenly "experts" in superhero movies, or fanboys who complain about everything even if what they're getting is something they've been asking for. Because these people don't know what they want. Unfortunately, Snyder did and look at the mess. If Nolan had listened to critics and fanboys after Batman Begins, he'd never have made anything close to TDK. It would probably be closer to a "Batman & Robin" kind of shit.
Nabil Semlali
Dammmmnnnn Bane will DIE if this Batman was in The dark Knight
JoSue DC
"Where is the Martha?" "Don't worry supermom, I'll be right there"
Abhishek kumar
The real batman we deserve , zack snyder really did a great job
Jason Jones
I have no clue why Snyder didn’t just make a Batman movie before bvs ... clearly the movie he wanted to make...
Marney Olson
Because Batman doesn’t kill right? 😑😑 This Batman is very Frank Miller if you ask me.
2:48 - 3:00 is better fight choreography than any super hero movie i’ve ever seen!!!
Beserk Cheeto
This whole scene is basically a middle finger to Batman's 'no kill' rule.
micheal Knight
Best scene in the movie
If only this sort of a fight scene happened in the dark knight, my god this darker version of batman would of gone so well with the darker universe of the Nolan trilogy
Frank Castle
The dude with the flamethrower....you think he would've learned his lesson after getting his beat by Captain America in that elevator....
As fight choreography goes, this scene is so addictive to watch! Hated that he killed but Ben Affleck smashed it as Batman in BVS.
if only The Dark Knight triliology had this type fight sequence, except the sence where Bane breaks Batman. That was lit 🔥. Affleck's Batman here was to the point but was ruined in Justice League.
pratik dodake
If this Batman were in dark knight rises,bane would've got a broken back
Geert Matthys
Much better than Nolan's shaky cam garbage with Bale the Midget
Luiz Fernando
I didn’t really like this movie, but this scene is awesome
Taylor Donelson
I wouldnt even smoke a blunt in Gotham Sheesh!!!
Richard B
Simply the best live-action Batman moment ever put on film.
Robert G
This is how it feels when you get a good combo in Arkham games
Vanchu Vega
This Is an angry Batman and i like it!
James Poole
batman sure has come a long way since 1966
joey Ocean
Batman used his grappler gun to reel him in an hit, I've seen everything
Nida Hussain
I love you batman I wanted to be like you
J.D Manases
This is one of the dopest batman's. His dark side on full force.
2:26 that moment when you don't know what is, and is coming for you!
John Smith
This Batman vs 2008 Hulk. Would be badass and more competent than in the books.
Sharp Shooters
I love the fact that you can literally hear the guy trembling in fear at 3:41
Niset Pdach Snae
This is how Batman supposed to be.... BADASS, SERIOUS, NO JOKE
damn, even the henchmens were badasses in this scene, truly the peak of the dceu so far. I just hope they manage to get back the actors on deck,
Oscar The Grouch
I like the little details that the ultimate edition has that the theatrical didn’t, like the blood when the guy gets the crate thrown at him, or how the thug breaks the floor when punched into the ground, the brutal details just make the scene better
Cheng Xiong
The only time Batman actually fights and moves like Batman!
Jose Vener Elizaga
The Batman we all deserve
Man, this is an unbelievably good scene.
Runner High
Imagine thinking that Ben Affleck isn't the absolute best Batman... I grew up with Micheal Keaton's movies and he'll always have a big place in my Batman loving heart but goddamn man, Ben Affleck is fucking amazing. Justice League didn't happen, though.
This scene gave me chills when I first went to see it at the cinema especially when they're all waiting for him to come through the door and he grapples through the floor.
Peter Parker
Ok. This scene is badass. I love watching Batman use hand to hand combat.
Demon King Dabura
Where was this Batman in Justice League?
meifung liew
What if they make another batman solo movie with : 1.Tim Burton's Gotham scenery 2.Christopher Nolan's storyline 3.Zach Snyder's batman fighting scene
ბექა მჭედლიძე
I like the moment she says "i figured, the cape" and they both shake their heads, so funny.
He should of used that in justice league.
Nicolas the new 52 red Hood
Who else likes it when Batman breaks bones .
Chinook Animation
Take a shot every time Batman broke someone's arm
This Batman is great would’ve been cool to see a solo film to build character but dc had to rush things😩
Matthew Kelleher
3:08 when I show someone a picture on my phone and they start flicking through. This is one of the best Batman actions scenes in a film, if not the best. Putting aside the fact he’s killing people, I feel this is one of the most accurate, raw and brutal representations of Bats taking people down. This is the closest we have gotten to some Arkham series shit. The way he handles multiple combatants with speed and power is just too good to be true. This whole scene really demonstrates how Bats is the physical peak the human body can reach. He’s putting these fuckers through floors and walls. This motherfucker faceplanted a dude into the fucking ground with a single punch to the back of head. Another motherfucker got goddamn suplexed. My favourite part by far is where he shoves old mate's head into the fucking crate then flings that shit at other dude. Holy fuck that guy is gone, my guy is fucking down and out. Dude's nose gonna need some Bruce Wayne money for surgery to fix that. I could watch this over and over and never get bored. Not to mention, I think the soundtrack for this whole action sequence was absolutely perfect. Couldn’t ask for more.
Ivan Irodovsky
Still best comicbook film ever
3:41 This is why I prefer Affleck to Bale's Batman.
Michal Nguyen
There is a BIG difference between this Batman and the one from TJL. This is truly Batman from the Comics.
Chill-God Shady
this batman reminded me more of the arkham trilogy batman from the games which is good.
Ron Criswell
Still the best Batman fighting seen ever depicted on film..
Dylan Thobe
Batman may have killed a lot of the goons in this warrhouse, but I’m still not complaining! The choreography, sound effects, lack of cgi, and the fact Batman would endure all of this, for the man he almost killed. I’m not convinced he’s doing this because their mothers have the same names...well kinda, but also because Batman realized a god-like figure, such as Superman, has a high level of sympathy for another life.
When your film's choreography director is an Arkham fan.
Anthony Akers
Best hand to hand fight scene in any superhero movie to date. No constant jump cuts back and forth