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Batman Warehouse Fight Scene | Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Ultimate Edition Movie info: />Buy it on Blu-ray: /> Starring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Gal Gadot, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter -------------------------------------------------- ► Twitter: />► Facebook: />► Instagram: />► Google+: />-------------------------------------------------- *** TM & © Warner Bros. (2016) Monetized by owner/s. Their ads Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. *** Batman Warehouse Fight Scene 4K Ultra HD

Click here for Superman vs Batman Fight Scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYi5OPAoceA
This is the Batman we deserved from Justice League.
meifung liew
What if they make another batman solo movie with : 1.Tim Burton's Gotham scenery 2.Christopher Nolan's storyline 3.Zach Snyder's batman fighting scene
Dave Lospinoso
This Batman would have broke bane's back in about 22 seconds
buk lau
they were expecting superman, got something far worse
2016 : WB buffed Batman 2017 : WB nerfed Batman
The only scene I know of where one guy fighting 10+ opponents didn't look silly or ludicrous.
Mandeep Mann
This scene alone is better than entire Justice League movie...
Frank Castle
The dude with the flamethrower....you think he would've learned his lesson after getting his ass beat by Captain America in that elevator...or after getting killed by Ghost and Tommy in Power...
brandon pardoe
The Asian guy that Batman kills, if you watch the fight from the start he keeps coming at Batman and gets roasted, but stays in the fight, ends up stabbing the Bat. He was a pain in the ass but respect for the effort hahha
Taylor Donelson
I wouldnt even smoke a blunt in Gotham Sheesh!!!
Alexis Yañez
that good choreography and fights
Primordial Remnant
Snyder should be proud. There isn't a single action scene in any Marvel movie that stands up to this...
Nabil Semlali
Dammmmnnnn Bane will DIE if this Batman was in The dark Knight
Ethan Alderson
4:05 Could this be firefly?
Jack Attack
2:58 Dude that punch is terrifyingly good.
Kal-El fan 49
*Best Batman scene ever*
Nick Lee
If there had to be one thing BvS did right, it's this right here. Batman's fighting. And how they shot it.
Tubs Ord
Sigh... Where was this Batman in Justice League?
John Smith
This is the only thing the Nolan-Movies lacked: badass, well choreographed fight scenes that really show what the caped crusader is capable of.
That moment when Zack Snyder decided to adapt all the Arkham Videogames in one scene. This is the way to go.
Beautiful Soul
best batman "action " scene
Brown Sugar
4:02 this man was seriously holding an M60 with one arm, ABSOLUTE UNIT
This is how Batman supposed to be.... BADASS, SERIOUS, NO JOKE
Victor Taylor
Most realistic Batman yet, utilizing tactics, gadetry, and brutal no nonsense combat.great cheography
Why Is My Face So Ashy
One thing that makes this scene special is the realism. You actually believe he exists and isn’t just a cape and a mask. Very well choreographed. No cheesy dialogue, no time wasted. He had a mission and he carried it out in style. At this point he’s a well seasoned Batman with plenty of experience under his belt and it shows. Best on screen combat, hands down!
jefferson Uchiha
Best action scene of 2016
Sil3nt Kn1ght
Let's take a moment to appreciate the tactical BRILLANCE Batman showed here: he came in from below, where NO ONE would expect, took out most of their guns in one swoop, then, like a SURGEON, dismantled the lot of them, striking first and constantly moving so they couldn't gang up on him. Yeah, he took some hits, but in real life you take hits I'm a fight so I won't hold that against him. All in all, the PERFECT ambush.
This is how we want batman , brutal, merciless
Newgods 2019
I remember sitting in the movie theater when this first came out and when anatoly says"believe me I'll do it" I was sitting on the edge of my seat hoping batman would say" I believe you " and he did and this one of the best batman fight scenes of all time.
True batman tactics. Rage and skill
Danny Benhur
This is BRUTAL WAYNE as Batman....
3:38 God damn terrifying look...
Hbffccvg Khbbgcv
This scene has me confused on why this movie gets so much hate
Sandro Das
The perfect BATMAN.. forever..AND EVER.. BEN AFFLECK is and Always be the perfect BATMAN..to Ever portrayed on the silver screen..
Proud Kiwi
This is the greatest Batman fight scene in cinema history.
Abhishek kumar
The real batman we deserve , zack snyder really did a great job
Alek Blaylock
I’m one of the few people who actually didn’t have much of a problem with how Batman/Bruce Wayne was portrayed in Justice league. (Aside from a couple of out-of-character jokes) However, THIS is the Batman I want going forward. (Minus the killing) This is the film that sold me as Affleck Playing Batman, and he has SOOO much potential. Please, Ben, I hope you stay to give us that portrayal we all want and deserve, and please Matt reeves, keep him as your Batman.
Dave Mitch
Moral of the DC movie fiasco - Never listen to critics who've never read a single comic book but are suddenly "experts" in superhero movies, or fanboys who complain about everything even if what they're getting is something they've been asking for. Because these people don't know what they want. Unfortunately, Snyder did and look at the mess. If Nolan had listened to critics and fanboys after Batman Begins, he'd never have made anything close to TDK. It would probably be closer to a "Batman & Robin" kind of shit.
"I believe you" As a fan of the Frank Miller movie adaptation, I exclaimed out loud in the hall.
B Phyrose
Where was this Batman in Justice League?
Sputnik Aerials
A very great choreographed and shot fighting sequence. I actually like that fast paced comic-book-like editing. Applaud to the whole stunt team.
Vanchu Vega
This Is an angry Batman and i like it!
Tim White
This scene is so badass! This is the scene that convinced me I was completely wrong in thinking Ben Affleck was the wrong actor to play Batman.
mexican Loco
we need a batman arkham game where batman is brutal like this and kills people
eltoro gillz
finally a batman that can actually fight. dont get me wrong bale was fantastic but he had the best scripts and directors i feel like even a chair would have pulled it off. the fight scenes were shallow and average but affleck was just a beast as batman, brutal and hard just like the comics. only marvel fans pretending to be dc fan boys didnt like him
Vanshika Singh
For me ben affleck is the best Batman and Bruce Wayne. Hit the👍if you are agree with me
I like how he kept the guy that actually stabbed him until the end, that's exactly how I play the Arkham games. Leave the only one that got a hit on me until last.
Jason Jones
I have no clue why Snyder didn’t just make a Batman movie before bvs ... clearly the movie he wanted to make...
Andrew Markowitz
this is just me but i think this might be better than every Bale Batman fight scene, idk what it was but the Nolan fight scenes just can't compare to this
I don’t care what anyone says this is one of the best fight scenes in any superhero movie!!!!
wade wilson
Best scene in the movie
3.14159 1
I love Christian Bale but don't know he felt to scrawny for me the bad guys always got up after his hits and it took six hits to knock them out while Ben over here is knocking them out to the point they may never get back up. great fight scene
Stanley Wellman
Dang, christian bale aint got nothing on the batfleck 😎
That punch @ 2:57 is so satisfying to watch lol 🤯
clasher Vicky
Batman is Batman no words amazing
This has to be the scariest batman tbh
Jacques Rivette
Oh my Gosh the wearhouse scene never gets old !
vader lord03
Now this is batman
Richard lee
1:46 they still thought he was underneath! Batman is still a master of deception!
Chris Roy
HOW did we go from this version of Batman to the dipshit that shows up in Justice League?
John Woo
He’s the best Batman, And this was the best fight in any Batman movie. I have no idea why Hollywood wants him out. They’re crazy. He’s 6’3” and Jacked. That’s the way Batman should look; menacing.
that guy
1:46 press △ for inverted takedown Btw this scene made me feel like I'm on a freeflow combo in arkham games
Saif Elfoly
This is the best scene i saw for batman Ben affleck is most accurate batman/bruce wayne look more than bale and more terrifying This batman has the same look of many versions of games for batman Like batman arkham origins and arkham asylum and etc I dunno why ppl hate this movie but for me i see this movie epic and masterpiece and same for comicbooks I really hope to see ben affleck in the solo batman movie with this look this darkness and terror saving gotham from criminals
This whole scene is the most 'Batman' thing I've seen lmao. From the jumping to the fighting to the darkness
Steven Watchorn
One of the best Batman fight scenes on film. The villains are well armed, they aren't stupid, they don't attack one-by-one, they try to shoot him point-blank multiple times, and it is a brutal, well choreographed bruiser. Well done!
People mocked the Martha scene, but it was well-written and got to the heart of both heroes in a way the rest of the movie didn't necessarily accomplish.
Technically, the Batman character started out as a killer way back in the 30's/40's. He was ret-conned in the 50's with a no kill rule,which is generally the Batman most people are familiar with to this day. Audiences wanted Batman to get back to his dark roots, but it's important to remember that those roots were stained with blood.
SpiderBoy 456
2:48 greatest way to stop 2 knife rather than moving away
I Need You
lol this is honestly the only version of Batman that I care for. This guy actually gets it--if you actually want criminals to be afraid, the very first thing you need to do is to start taking lives. People will probably say that I don't get Batman or whatever, but honestly, those people just don't get fear.
Peter Parker
Ok. This scene is badass. I love watching Batman use hand to hand combat.
Robert Fuller Jr
Not bad for a guy who isn't power enhanced......the way the BATMAN has always been a SUPER DETECTIVE and a SUPER FIGHTER .. BIG BEN is a beast too👊
Affleck is the perfect cast for DCEU's Batman. It's infuriating that Warner Brothers just had to butcher a great asset. I was disappointed that BvS' Batman never made it to Justice League, and there's still no official statement from Affleck about retaining his role as the Dark Knight. Well done, Warner Brothers, well f-cking done.
Jomari Christian Padullo
If you just rewatch BVS , the ultimate edition , you can really love this movie , no doubt this is the storyline of this is very accurate in the comics, with a lots of reference
Tahmid Buland Shantonu
By far the most aggressive batman ever
Cheng Xiong
The only time Batman actually fights and moves like Batman!
Jose Vener Elizaga
The Batman we all deserve
Chris Lewis
This is Batman at his very best.!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adi Khanna
Thanks to critics and rotten tomatoes especially that we got a Justice league movie which where producers gave such brilliant ideas that the movie was perfect.(sarcasm- for those who don't get it)
jamarr 27
Say what you want about the movie this scene is one of the best action sequences ever
joey Ocean
Batman used his grappler gun to reel him in an hit, I've seen everything
From awesome Batman of BvS to awful Batman of Justice League. I'm pretty sure this Batfleck and his raw Punching and Kicking power can put a hurt to those Paradaemons but it didn't happened.
Ko Ye
What happened to this Batman in justice league
g g
Nolan's movies didn't have fights like this one. They were hardly well executed at all. Burton's Batman fight scenes were even worse. This clip shows how a Batman fight should look.
Enrique M.P.
This is .
If I lived in Gotham and this was the Batman that goes around at night, I would shit bricks even thinking of being a criminal
Runner High
Imagine thinking that Ben Affleck isn't the absolute best Batman... I grew up with Micheal Keaton's movies and he'll always have a big place in my Batman loving heart but goddamn man, Ben Affleck is fucking amazing. Justice League didn't happen, though.
Major Marketing
This is a Batman after Robin is murdered. There was an extra seat in the Bat plane and Alfred had to be reminded to take control of the plane as if he doesn’t normally do it. Btw “Men are brave” is Batman refering to Robin’s death when he says that to Superman. I assume Robin died heriocly or maybe the Joker we seen so far is Robin while the real one is old in Arkam Asylum (where Lex was gonna be transfered to. Which Batman said he has friends there still). If correct, hope for surprise Mark Hamil Joker in there :P
Eddie Brock
This feeling ... usually I feel like this, when I'm on Pornhub
Fisher Theo
Why would this Not win an Oscar for Best Fighting Choreography?
Nicolas the new 52 red Hood
Who else likes it when Batman breaks bones .
I want a Zack Snyder Batman. Edit: Scott Adkins needs to be Batman
art studio udara
A rated-R Batman solo movie, with this kind of dark tone and Batfleck and Snyder onboard, he got so many cool ass villains and amazing story to work on. Come on WB make it happen. Day 1 I'll be there.
Slim shady
Ron Criswell
Still the best Batman fighting seen ever depicted on film..
pratik dodake
If this Batman were in dark knight rises,bane would've got a broken back
Dap Dap
Incase WB see this. Why you make him funny while he is cool? Make him intimidating again! He is not your friendly neighbourhood batman
Brandon Lizana
The best Batman ever is Batfleck!!!
Say what you want about Afleck as Batman, I only say this: "I don't want to be out there with that thing"...
Carter Anderson