Alex Jones (1st HOUR) Tuesday 3/13/18: News, Alerts, Headlines & Analysis

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• Infowars Live TV presents • • The Alex Jones Show • • Real News with David Knight • • War Room with Owen Shroyer • • HARD HITTING • NEWS • ANALYSIS • REPORTS • INTERVIEWS • • />• />• />• />• -- REAL NEWS Channel • />• -- WAR ROOM Channel • />• />• />• IMPORTANT: Bookmark /> Date: Tuesday March 13, 2018 Today on Infowars Live TV - The Alex Jones Show Tuesday, March 13th: Tillerson Out - President Trump is replacing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with Mike Pompeo. The president is also increasingly acting as his own chief-of-staff, running the White House on his own terms to avoid isolation. Commentator Brittany Pettibone explains her recent ban from the UK - and what it means for free speech worldwide. Don't miss this broadcast - tune in! INFOWARS PRIME YOUR FAST-TRACK APP WITH EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS, LIVE FEEDS, BEHIND THE SCENES ACTION AND INCREDIBLE INSIDER DEALS. Follow Alex on TWITTER - />Like Alex on FACEBOOK - />Infowars on G+ - /> The Alex Jones Show © copyright, Free Speech Systems .LLC 1995 - 2018 All Rights Reserved. May use for fair use and educational purposes Credit to videezy for backgrounds. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: /> :Web: /> /> /> /> :Subscribe and share your login with 20 friends: /> /> Visit to get the products Alex Jones and his family trust, while supporting the growth of our expanding media operation. [ True Whey Protein™ [ Starter Pack - Emric's Essentials™ [ Z-Shield™ [ Caveman True Paleo Formula™ [ Biome Defense™ [ Bio-True Selenium™ [ Vitamin Mineral Fusion™ [ Joint Formula™ [ Anthroplex™ [ Living Defense™ [ Deep Cleanse™ [ Knockout™ [ Brain Force™ [ Liver Shield™ [ ProstaGuard™ [ Child Ease™ [ WinterSunD3™ [ Ancient Defense™ [ Secret-12™ [ Oxy Powder™ [ Occu Power™ [ DNA Force™ [ X2 Survival Shield™ [ Super Female Vitality™ [ Lung Cleanse™ [ Silver-Bullet - Colloidal Silver™ [ Super Male Vitality™ [ Survival Shield - Nascent Iodine™ [ Patriot Blend 100% Organic Coffee™ [ Immune Support 100% Organic Coffee™ All available at - /> INFOWARS HEALTH - START GETTING HEALTHY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE - /> Newsletter Sign up / Infowars Underground Insider : /> Ron Gibson (3-13-18) YouTube: />Subscribe: />TWITTER: />FACEBOOK: /> Also Try These Shows On My Channel: Alex Jones Show Commercial Free Video Alex Jones Show AUDIO PODCAST REAL NEWS with David Knight The War Room Round Table Discussion INFOWARS Nightly News What Really Happened Radio Show with Michael Rivero (Mike Rivero) USA Prepares Radio Show with Vincent Finelli

Chris Palumbo
The video won’t play for me
Sean Tamke
GOD Bless the Infowars Team in JESUS Name. Don't worry GOD will get you guys through this, stay tough and Faithful.
Ray Bartee
The reason I ask is that I can click on any other videos and they load and play instantly, but your infowars vids just sit there with the loading circle and never play
I understand it's very important and ties into everything else but Infowars is now a show about lawsuits.
Strange thing is I've been watching random videos all kinds of stuff, mainly just funny random stuff all over YouTube in the same place I've been sitting out all morning at my desk. I start watching Infowars now all of a sudden I have absolutely no connection and I keep losing my connection I just keep getting a load up Circle. What's going on? This is getting a little ridiculous this happens every single day. And mainly just with Infowars.
Ray Bartee
Mr. Gibson. Are you going to start using the platform for you infowars vids? And thanks I've subscribed to your channel for years
Other YouTube videos play fine this Alex jones video isn’t playing at all for me 🤔
Mel G
Thank you Ron Thank you Alex may God bless you and may God bless America. Long Live Donald J Trump!
Scott Koningisor
Mike Pompeo is pure Missouri Mafia. He and his buttbuddies assassinated FDR and replaced him with Meyer Lansky's Missouri bag man. Tillerson was fired because he hasn't amputated a son's penis and raised him as a girl.
Don Cummings
You said it many times Alex, you know your over the target by the level of flak....keep fighting on...and keep up the good fight, just like Trump, you are a divine gift to Patriots
Doug Sheridan
Video quality won't go over 360p all-of-a-sudden!!! I usually watch in 480p because text is more clear. If I set it at 780p or above the video freezes up sometimes. There is something fishy going on with internet service recently and I don't like it.
Another thing these suits do, Alex, is bleed your cash pot, even if they get tossed out, obviously it's still costing you. AND it's also causing you to WASTE COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF TIME BABBLING ABOUT THEM when we need to hear real news! Btw, Alex, if you setup dedicated funds for ACTUAL LAW SUITS asking for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, I will drop some cash into that SPECIFIC POT. But I'm sorry, I won't donate to a do nothing legal fund that is not hitting back for actual damages. It's time to actually sue for actual money in an actual court of law...........NOW! Every show you keep telling us that your lawyers say you have solid cases and the opposition does not, but still, we see no law suits. SUE THEM!
Alon zoE
Behind my brother Alex and crew all the way! Praying for all of yall! Warrior Jones, Millie, Owen, Jake, Leanne, Roger, Paul, Rob, Zimmerman, and David!
Megan H.
There are more illegal Aliens in Texas and you don't need a driver's license to vote. That is what is affecting our elections in Texas!
Sue for CASH in an ACTUAL COURT, Alex. Don't send out " U Betta' Letta's ".
Chris Yancey
Someone has altered the likes and dislikes on this video. I got a screenshot of it, does anyone else see it?
Romeo Alpha
Great! Tillerson's out. What about SESSIONS??
CE5-Protocol Qanon
"The American people like to whine. Pretty soon we are going to give them something to whine about." -Gina Haspel in a recent CIA meeting with CSETI liasons
jarry Dee
Damn, an hour of you yapping about your lawsuits..ughhh
Dickon Nodnuts
Tommrow our children are being Politicize(Leftist agenda) i refuse to send my kid to school for a Political agenda
Jeb Stuart
What happened to protesting Google censorship at South by Southwest like Cernovich was talking about?
Jeb Stuart
Does anyone else think it's strange that an alternative media giant like Alex Jones hasn't challenged Google censorship in Federal court?
marcio noop
well, i guess we know what's on the show for the rest of the week
Troy vonklingler
rex tillerson is a crisis actor, now the CIA moves in.
Kathy Florcruz
Hello Infowarriors! 🇺🇸
Ferchrissakes WHY isn't InfoWars filing counter-suits if all these lawsuit attacks are getting tossed? Sounds like easy money to me.
Fredrick McDonald
VIDEO AINT WORKIN’ FOR ME . I closed all opened apps, restarted YouTube online, and yet the same thing. Clicked to see if any other vid works and boom !!!!. fully loaded and ready to watch clicked back over to this and got a spinning loading thing. God Bles you Alex be Easy
tbomas mullen
Infowars is gonna wipe the floor with these lawsuits, they have no traction whatsoever, they're just trying to slow down the growth and truth!! Glasgow here behind Alex all the way!!!
Six feet Under
Alex is a mess
David Lyon
The lawyers are responsible for the downfall of this country. That's a FACT!!! All the crooked scum politicians are lawyers. They pollute everything! The Universities in this country graduate educated derelicts. Police can't do their jobs because of lawyers. Doctors are scared to help,people because of lawyers. What a mess they've made of this country.
Randy Jones
watching this on iMac
Bobby Tee
Why doesn't "God" just bless everyone??? Why doesn't he fix the mess he made??? Why is he such a coward??? Why such a sadist???
Timothy Hartman
To Sean Tamke, and the washed of brain programmed humans here: Your God Jesus has NO RELEVANCE to earthly affairs. We will get through this corrupt chaos this time on our own volition. There is no Rapture Sean, You and all the delusional naieve gullable, " *I am better than thou* do not have a free pass off the earth to some imaginary place..., You and anyone here having this silly insane notion that you are better or exempt from the Tribulation now in progress are no different from the cowardly weak-minded who sit on your ass waiting for the welfare check to save you. *YOU ARE ALL EACH ONE OF US RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN CONDITION* !! *No one, no god, no jesus is going to save you period*. !!!!
Gary Reed
I call them what they are. Satan's Army. Buckle up It's going to get real. Thank you Father for another day.
The World of Brian
Anybody else notice the skull?
The Holy Trinity
You have your churches open and everything is normal, there is no indication how quickly things will change. Just as a flash flood can instantly flood an area, so a flash flood of evil can overwhelm your churches as well. Today they are open, but in a short time many churches will be closed. Treasure your Masses now, because the evil ones will be closing your churches by order of your government. You will see how your hate crimes legislation will be used against your churches. The evil ones will fabricate charges against the churches to close them. When the churches are closed, you will have to have Masses in the homes and eventually at the refuges. You are about to see Jesus' Church persecuted in a way that you have never seen before. Pray for Jesus' help to protect you from the evil ones as the tribulation begins.
The Holy Trinity
Your society is becoming more corrupt in its morals. Gay marriage and living together in fornication are being accepted by more people in your society. Because Christians stand up against these sins vocally, you will see an increase in your persecution because these people do not want to be criticized for their sins. This is why hate crimes legislation and other laws as abortion laws, are being used to force a change in the original Christian morals to allow these sins as legal. Jesus' faithful need to pray and protest these sins and bad laws that are corrupting the morals of America.
Sean K
The Clintons started World War One from their bunker in the Antarctic. Gavrilo Princip was acting under direct orders from Karl Marx who on his deathbed told his brother Grucho to pay the Serbian terrorist, who in fact was an Albanian Mohammedan who wanted Sharia Law. We need Mueller to look into the Clinton's & Grucho's role in these events as US citizens. World War One never actually happened - it was staged on a sound set in Hollywood. I take all Alex's supplements and they have done wonders for my mental health.
Ray Miles
It's Challenged Vigil & Might Always a Reali(Stick)🚀Mistak
Ray Miles
A PointOnACurve
The spectacle of the suites will RedPill the World!!!!
Ray Miles
Cant loose ball 2 the seals
Daniel Zavala
having trouble getting the video to play
Ray Miles
Wisdom is
Ray Miles
I Like Alex
Just so you know me and my group are now being sued because we are forcing the name of California to be changed to FUCKTARDISTAN. Trump is going there now to see how much wall we need to cut off all the illegals and FUCKTARDS that are starting to overrun the country...
Amber H
Janet WE The people
Anyone having trouble viewing get the app on their website for droids.
Nonov Urbuzines
When you counter sue you wont need to sell toothpaste any more. Clean them out! Empty their pockets. Its the flat-earthers and the alien conspiracy groups that need to be shut down. Anti-gravity, perpetual motion etc, do need to be closed. Sick of lying terds.
Nonov Urbuzines
Hey Alex TFB the Ides of March 1 not March 2
Riki Graber
Please address what is going on in your home town Alex.
It appears the video had 3+ minutes edited out after its initial posting. This would cause playback issues.
Debbie Schooley
I can watch anything pretty much, but as soon as i try to watch info wars now, I get it cutting in and out. Why just this u tube?????
William Regal
Their are trying to stop PJW and the "French Curl" hair style from taking over, LOOK OUT, STOP HIM!!!!!!!!!   STOP HIM!!!!!!!!   hahahhahahahahah, nice Alex
Daddy The Deplorable Coon
By now Alex has to know they are suing him to distract him and keep him from reporting any real news. Why keep reacting to this?
Jan alien
gee, not the first time, only half my post was posted.
Jan alien
look, I went through ,8 years of Jesuit education. but they are just a front for the Zionists case closed.
Steve Schrock
Willl no play still
Bottle Washer
I need your help  Frank
Bottle Washer
The Jesuits MUST be dealt with.
Pauline Abbott
Video won't play
richard aurre
Make Amerika Neocon Again