Federer vs Agassi US Open 2001

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Roger Federer vs Andre Agassi, 4th round US Open 2001

which pixel is federer
I swear to the tennis gods,if aggasi was in his prime,nadal and nole fed would have maybe 9 slams max! he is very over rated!
Agassi was such a different player when he could still get around the court. When he played Roger a few years later, his lack of movement did him in. Still impressive getting there at age 35...
That last part about "he (Federer) should know well enough not to be trading groundstrokes with Agassi" via John McEnroe = haha. How times have changed....
It's okay, starting from 2004, Roger won the next 5 US Opens.
ليبرالي مصري
federer beats sampras in wimbledon 2001 in 5 sets then he lose vs agassi in us open 2001 in 3 sets thats clear that federer improve early in grass more than hard courts
0:50 Look at those career earnings already!!
Ben Price
Praise science that we got HD television just in time to savour most of Federer's career. 1998-2004 will sadly always be hazy...
Ajay Krishna
Look at baby Roger!! :D :D
Eric Shoff
Watch the 2005 federer Agassi match . Quite the turn of the tide
Matteo Utzeri
Federer, Greatest Ever
Sampras and Agassi would definitely smoke the current big 4 in their primes. Pete's movement was already in drastic decline in 2000 when Safin got him at the USO. Rafter the same year, was even able to stretch Pete at Wimbledon to 4 sets-Pete coming from behind[quite unusual in itself.] to win it. Fed beat Pete at Wimbledon in 2001 which at that time surprised a lot of people-but which was really inevitable considering his compromised quickness. Hewitt beat a gassed out Pete in 2001 USO
George Mavrides
Inexperienced 20yo Fed meeting Andre for the first time in a major and at Agassi's home ground. No chance for Fed.
Pablo Tupone
roger was just 1.78mts in 2001...now 1.85
Wow even Federer is no match for this Agassi...
Light 106 year
Federer was destroyed here , this was just before 9/11 , what a hot summer in New York
It's funny how he couldn't move.
Haven’t seen this one before but I was aware of that Roger lost his first 3 with Andre.. But looking at this, it is crazy how much he improved in only 2 years between 20 and 22.. I agree this Federer isn’t moving that well and the shots are not nearly as well struck either. But then 2003 came and the Wimbledon win but especially the WTF final against Agassi. To me the first time RF really showed the tennis world what was about to come for the next decade and a half and the day I became a Fed fan.
sameer sant
At 4.08, Agassi did a backspin that ball actually turned and returned to his side of court after bouncing on the other side, Federer completely stunned by the shot.
cee gee
that surface was too fast for federer, its as simple as that
Farid Damasio
Crazy that if Rogi had won this match we might have been gifted with a Sampras Federer rematch at the Us Open in 2001...too much good for the Universe
This is nice to watch esp bec 3 years later Roger improved substantially and Andre was about to retire when they met in QF classic.
4 08 perfect strike.
Like a big fan of Andre Agassi I will say, back at the time the competition was much stronger,now only few players are good...
Federer is/was a million times better than Agassi. He won more than twice as much slams. Agassi can never been compared to the goat.
I'll try to post the Agassi-Sampras quarterfinal in the next few weeks. Thanks
Sorry, this is all I have of the match. It got taped over.
Vitor Assis Santos
Classic matches channels like yours are, in my opinion, the best ones about tennis. But if you, somehow, are pretending to post any French Open match here, I advice you to do so in another channel, so that you don't need to take the risk of getting this channel deleted.
Vitor Assis Santos
Talking about this, now VoltagePurple you gotta post that entire quarter-final. Specially because the only video available on youtube is in Russian, and it's annoying to watch. And i am sure you have this match.
Vitor Assis Santos
It's funny because the match after this one here was that classic agassi-sampras, but it could have been another federer-sampras. In both cases it would have been a super match.
Vitor Assis Santos
Wow! I thought I would never see any image of this match, thank you!
Albert Pagès
Can you get the full match?