Motherlover (feat. Justin Timberlake)

Buy at iTunes: New album on sale now! /> Happy Mother's Day! Originally aired May 9, 2009 Footage courtesy of NBC Universal for promotional use only.

Trillion Sanjeev
0% fight 0% boringness 0% nudity 100% motherlove
Amélie Me
Andy: it would be an honor to be your new stepfather Justin: IIIT woUld bE aN hoNoUR tO be YouR NEw sTePfathErrrrrrr
Luke !
This is the best friend that Boyle can’t know about
María Sol
*freud has left the chat*
Gabriel Soares
That moment that you like a song but you can't share with any friend.
pretty money
While ur in my mother make me another brother While I'm in ur mother I'll NEVER USE A RUBBER 😂😂😂omg 😂
trashy person
name a more iconic duo,,, i’ll wait.
Dead Family
why does he know his moms fav position
a wild fuu
2:50 "this is the second best idea we ever had" *rlly makes you wonder what the first best one is*
I feel like "My dad can't satisfy my mom ever since he passed away" is really under appreciated.
2:15 I just wondering how many times they had to shoot this without laughing :) :) :)
Dragon Sage
Who's here in 2019?
Who listening to this in 2019 cuz it so lit lol
why the fuck my peepee hard
Bump this at my funeral
My music teacher allowed us to bring our own music for the classes, I'm from Argentina so we speak Spanish. Bringed this and me and other bilingual friends laughed our asses off
Neanderthal 119
I JUST understood why they were holding roast beef sandwiches
Eduardo M.
So wrong and so right in so many levels.
yorgdub aka yacquub
World's best duo andy samberg and justin timberlake #2019 new song by them plz
Willem Maas
These really made Justin Timberlake at least 10x cooler
Madeline Kaup
everytime I watch this or listen to it I'm BLOWN AWAY by how good these lyrics are. "it would be an HONOR, to be your new step father"
The Fringe
it's almost mothers day 2019 ... Don't forget a card.. Or Justin Timberlake will bang your mom .. 👀
Monica Rathbun
"we are so cool and thoughtful"
I wonder what the best idea they've ever had was.
juls 27
the funny part is the song is actually good
You know I wouldn't mind if my me and my bestfriend become each other step-father because we be more closer
Andres Molina
Without a doubt the best line: D-d-d-d-d-doggy style.
Peralta what are you doing?
Karan Arora
Lyrics [Andy Samberg:] Oh dang. [Justin Timberlake:] What is it dawg? [Andy Samberg:] I forgot it's Mother's Day. [Justin Timberlake:] Didn't get a gift for her. [Andy Samberg:] Other plans got in the way. She'll be so disappointed. [Justin Timberlake:] Damn I forgot it too. [Andy Samberg:] This could have been avoided. [Both:] What the hell are we gonna do? [Justin Timberlake:] My mom's been so alone ever since my daddy left. [Andy Samberg:] Cold. [Justin Timberlake:] No one to hold her tight. Life has put her to the test. [Andy Samberg:] I know just what you mean, my mom's been so sad and gray. [Justin Timberlake:] Word [Andy Samberg:] My dad can't satisfy her in the bedroom ever since he passed away. [Both:] Hold up! [Andy Samberg:] You thinking what I'm thinking? [Justin Timberlake:] I'm thinking I'm thinking too. [Both:] Slow up! [Andy Samberg:] What time is it dawg? [Justin Timberlake:] It's time for a switcharoo [Both:] We both love our moms, women with grown-women needs I say we break 'em off Show 'em how much they really mean, 'Cause... I'm a Mother Lover You're a Mother Lover We should fuck each other's mothers [Both:] Fuck each other's moms I'll push in that lady where you came out as a baby Ain't no doubt this shit is crazy [Both:] Fuckin' each other's moms 'Cause every Mother's Day needs a Mother's Night If doing it is wrong, I don't wanna be right I'm callin' on you 'cause I can't do it myself To me you're like a brother, so be my mother lover [Andy Samberg:] I'm laying in the cut waitin' for your mom clutchin' on this lube and roses [Justin Timberlake:] I got my digital camera, I'm gonna make your momma do a million poses [Andy Samberg:] They will be so surprised [Justin Timberlake:] We are so cool and thoughtful [Andy Samberg:] Can't wait to pork your mom [Justin Timberlake:] I'mma be the syrup, she can be my waffle [Both:] Show love! [Justin Timberlake:] My mama loves bubble bath with chamomile [Both:] Straight up! [Andy Samberg:] Give it to my mom d-d-d-d-d-d-doggy-style [Justin Timberlake:] This the perfect plan [Andy Samberg:] For a perfect Mother's Day [Justin Timberlake:] They'll have to rename this one [Both:] All up under the covers day Cause I'm a Mother Lover You're a Mother Lover We should fuck each other's mothers [Justin Timberlake:] Fuck each other's moms I'll push in that lady Where you came out as a baby Ain't no doubt this shit is crazy [Justin Timberlake:] Fuckin' each other's moms [Andy Samberg:] Break it down [Andy Samberg:] It would be my honor to be your new step-father [Justin Timberlake:] It would be my honor to be your new step-father [Andy Samberg:] While you're in my mother make me another brother. And while I'm in your mother I'll never use a rubber [Justin Timberlake:] OH! 'Cause every Mother's Day needs a Mother's Night If doing it is wrong, I don't wanna be right I'm calling on you cause I can't do it myself To me you're like a brother, so be my mother lover They blessed us both with the gift of life She brought you in this world so I'mma sex her right This is the second best idea that we've ever had The choice can be no other Be my mother lover [Andy Samberg:] Happy Mother's Day.
ak nature
this song is so fucked up..........but amazing at the same time.
Jesi Appleface the Turtle
2:39 I still wheeze every time this part comes up 😂😭
Sofia Irurzun
*boyle has left the chat* 😂😂😂
" give it to my mom di, di di di di doggy style". LMFAO
Néstor Rocha
Now imagine Harry potter and Draco Malfoy singing this. Nightmare fuel.
Surprised Justin Timberlake hasn't made a cameo in Brooklyn 99 yet. Holy shit Justin's mom is Tammy One (Parks and Rec)
Blake Williams
How come these two characters weren't given a movie?
Richard Landgraf
That moment you realize Andy Samburg's mom also played his mom in That's My Boy.
Who’s here from Dick In a Box video being uploaded?
Kyle Fisher
Part with the framed picture is the cherry on top for me
Mark Hazleton
Andy Samberg isn't always funny, but he was obviously born to be a comedian. The guy is so likeable that he never annoys me. Plus I've grown to really respect Justin Timberlake for having a lot of humor. These two made something special here.
ThenWhat ?
i sent this to my mother and she blocked me :/
the milf anthem? XD
I wonder if it'd be kind of awkward when you're the step father of your step father, hahaha.
Steven Parada
I said the same thing but my friend got pissed what's his problem then
Cujo Reitzel
Good lord. Watched this when I was 15, and I realize now what the sloppy meat in the subs at 0:48 is supposed to represent 7 years later lmao
Wolf Streik
14k people couldn't think of a better mothers day gift
Valee •-•
It's 2019 and, honestly, this is one of the best videos I've seen to date. I have seen it more than 5 times and every time I see it again I agree more. Love u guys.
I almost forgot to listen to this today
this is the strangest thing this group has ever sang about and that is quite a feat
And can you believe he calls himself cop in the same city 😂
van Kahlert
THIS might be the funniest Thing on You Tube EVER
These videos are gold. True comedy never gets old. i was watching the Samuel L Jackson Beer commercial (Chappelle's Show) laughing as if it was the 1st time i saw it.
Ahmad Baalbaki
Raquel Robles
"Sure, I'll be in this video," said the two award-winning actresses. ... o.O
0:52 Those ham sandwiches. Holy shit.
Rebecca Love
😂 I was having a really shit day, randomly stumbled on this, thank u for a much needed giggle
Kira Pomysheva
Хованский feat. Маликов - Спроси у своей мамы...
Who’s here 2019!?
I need to stop singing this in public
Charles Boyle
Jake, how could you do this :'(
Kisu Bags
When he picks the picture back up 😂😂😂😂
Vermillion 303
Susan Sarandon is still hot.
J. Michael
We need Justin Timberlake at Brooklyn Nine Nine!
paul _
this is the best song of all time
will pugh
2019 and im still dying laughing to this
''digital camera'' FCKING HELL I'M OLD
pisces 22
Idc what anyone says Susan Surandon is just fine fine.
Raezon Thomas
Best part of this video, was when JT's mother turned his picture down, and he was like, Nahhhh. Let him watch xD
Iris 67
"This is the second best idea that we've ever had" The first is putting their d*** in a box
shout out to any viewers of thesyndicateproject's old twitch streams, brings me back😅
Bella Bella
[email protected]#$k each other's mother's lmfao!!
Bear-ly Andrej
I wonder if Justin ever regretted making this
Capn Evan
Best moment is when the mother puts down the picture of her son, and he's like "nuh uh" and puts it back up.
Luka Zarandia
Actually,this should be freud's favourite song
Evander Dornelles
i can't stop singing this, good thing i don't live in an english speaking country
Happy Mothers Day ♡
Best friends goals 👌
Nintendofiery1-up 1
Plot Twist they were switched at birth
Annie Zhiqian Yang
they're gonna be huge one day marc my words
Charles Robinson
This is an idea that 2 stupid high schoolers would come up with and I love it
Andy and Justin should be in a movie together <3 who else agrees?
Sterling Archer
best song of justin timberlake
Things I like
Just here for the yearly tradition
Jdogg Da Rula
Best of justin timberlake
Andreas Eriksson
”This is the second best idea that we’ve ever had..”
Ca-mo-mile D-DDoggy Style.
Ezekiel’s Brother
Literally can’t stop watch Justin’s eyebrows moving when he has closeups
Phillip Calvin McGraw
The official song of 7yo kids on Xbox
Charles Keefer
Mat dead needz
K0102 200
Never trust a man suspiciously holding a box against his crotch.
1.5k subscribers for a nutcracker
justin sounds like the guy from nsync :p r/woosh
Alistair Drennan
"My dad can't satisfy her in the bedroom ever since he passed away"
Harry Narayan
"Im pushing that lady where you came out as a baby"
Robert Nagy
There i get These clothes.🤣 Still listening in 2019 😄👍🏽
Tasha Clark
When he sits the picture frame back up of justin, oh you freaky freaky😂😂
Valentino Reid
Hilarious as hell love 💘 it!
Josie Brosnan
"we are so cool and thoughtful"
Guy Morris
Susan Sarandon ? Schwing boing !! Head man walking !
Jake Harrison
“Other plans got in the way” Being in jail an inconvenience, is it?
Aditya Jain
Weird flex but ok
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O___O This song is deeply concerning....